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Well, judging from the title, wanna guess what movies I saw this weekend?  Oh yeah and it was good!

Tessa and I went to catch the 8 pm showing of World War Z after I got off work on Thursday.  I gotta say it was good for a PG-13 rated zombie flick starring Brad Pitt.  I've heard how far it was off from the book but I've also heard the book was a bunch of individual stories that meet in the end which would have been a pain in the ass to follow in a two-hour film.  Besides I didn't read the book because I can't read.  I just write really well.  Or I use ghost writers for my blogs.  You be the judge.

Moving on!  Sunday Tessa and I made the trek to her hometown in Rutherford County to pick up her mom and take her out for her birthday.  We grabbed some quick lunch then went to see Monsters University, the prequel to Monsters, Inc. where our heroes Sully and Mike Wazowski meet for the first time and, surprisingly (or not surprisingly), do not hit it off right away.  It's a fun venture into the background of some contemporary classic Disney characters!  Definitely worth a look as I am sure Despicable Me 2 will be!  Can't wait!
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On Monday I was given the distinct pleasure of hosting Skillet in the Planet studios during my show.  I have been a die-hard fan of the band for the past six years starting when the band last came to Entercom Greenville to promote their single at the time "The Older I Get" from their Comatose album.  I was familiar with the band from their early days but wasn't real fond of what I had heard from their early sound but was quite impressed with how their sound had evolved on the Comatose record and even the album before it, Collide.  To this day, "Rebirthing" is one of my favorite all-time songs.

So, needless to say, I was 'geeking out' that they were coming on my show despite the fact that I had met the band numerous times from the even more numerous shows of theirs I had attended over the past six years not the least of which being the Planet's Birthday Bash back in 2010.

I have been a Panhead just about as long as I have been music director at 93.3 the Planet and, in that time, I had yet to receive a single gold or platinum record plaque from any of the bands that we have supported over the years.  I have a couple of plaques hanging in my office left by my predecessor but none that bear my name.  I know it sounds silly and selfish, but I have always coveted one.  Well, not only did I get my wish and not only did it come from a band I actually like, it was hand delivered by a band I love!  And that means more to me than words could ever express!

After the band presented me and Mark with our personalized platinum Skillet Awake plaques, they got set up for their acoustic performance.  Once they were set, we had our winners come in and they played their current single, "Sick of It" followed by the next single and title track of their new album (due out this Tuesday, June 25th), "Rise".


After their performance, they hung out for a while to take some pics and sign some autographs for the listeners and the staff.  And, yes, I snuck in yet another photo opp!


Along with having Corey Taylor and Clown from Slipknot invade my show several years ago, it was definitely one of my proudest moments in my radio career!  And you can bet yer arse that plaque is on my office wall this very moment as I am writing this!
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For over 30 years I have been waiting for Superman to return (pun intended).  That's a long damn time to wait with only a few disappointing films along the way (two horrible ones in the 80s and one that was not much better several years ago).  So, when I heard of this film being made that was cowritten by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy) and directed by Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) I was cautiously optimistic.

However, as I caught wind of some rumors that the filmmakers were taking great liberties with the character such as not wanting to actually refer to him as 'Superman' or taking away the implied patriotic nature of the character, I began to worry and grew skeptical.  Let me be the first to tell you that all my fears were silenced last night at the midnight screening at Hollywood 20 as I joined some of the good folks from Borderlands Comics and Games.

The film, in my opinion as a huge fan of the first two Christopher Reeve films from the late 70s, was very true to the character in terms of origin and I even thought Henry Cavill resembled Reeve in terms of his expressions of anger and desperation.  Granted the term 'Superman' was only used a couple of times and towards the end of the film but was to be expected in an origin story.

The main liberties I thought the film took were the deaths of both his earthly father, Jonathan Kent (played by Kevin Costner) and his biological Kryptonian father, Jor-El (played by Russell Crowe) which I will not give away but I thought both instances were minor and did not alter the storyline in any way.

And let me just say that I loved the film despite all my sketicism going into the screening!  It was absolutely and totally....SUPER!!!!  Finally someone made a Superman film worthy of today's big special effects-filled summer blockbusters without just churning out a big ol' polished up turd!  Heck, I even am starting to like the new symbol which I at first despised!

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Today's Motto; "Live By The Gun, Die By The Gun"

     I went to two Wal Mart's today and the computers were down, I actually got kicked out of one Wal Mart because they were closed, which I'm sure is the first time anybody has been kicked out of any Wal Mart EVER. So for breakfast I'm resorted to using the vending machine that procastronators here use when they are too late for work to go anywhere else. I remember once somebody saying, "We can't get any good breakfast, because places are not open when we have to come to work or the ones that are screw up orders and aren't good", to that person I say, get to work earlier James. Hope this isn't a sign of the times for the rest of the week. Sorry if you were expecting a Haiku Monday, I digress occasionally.
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Is this a real cat fight?

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Shark Tale

Mega-shark caught off the California coast!

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No More Bynes!

Amanda Bynes: gets a nose job, loses her apartment and calls her own Dad "Ugly"!  Haven't we heard enough of this crazy bitch?

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Diesel Interviews David Draiman

I had the opportunity to chat with Device / Disturbed front man David Draiman today.  Such a cool dude.  We chatted about making it in the modern world as a new band, about communication between band members, and about all of the opportunities that have arisen from the Disturbed hiatus.

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