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Ever watch that Taboo series on National Geographic?  I've seen dudes with deformities get prostitutes, I've seen a woman fall in love with the Berlin wall, but THIS is just plain effed up.  I can't tell exactly where this is taking place, but there are quite a few Japanese speaking people, so let's assume Japan.  It's a process of injecting saline solution under the skin on your forehead, then pressing an indention into it, and calling yourself a "bagel head".  Just watch:

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Punk Rock Girl

I never got into boy bands or rap.  I always loved rock. When I was in High School,  I  would listened to punk rock. I really wasn't into anything mainstream.  We were latch key kids.  My Mom was a single parent. She worked long hours and traveled a lot with her job.  My Brother and I had to fend for ourselves. After school, we would hang out by the pool and listen to music. 

I got into the Grunge in the 90's.  I shopped at American Rag. I wore mini skirts with  Dr. Marten Boots.  So much fun!!

I still think  Henry Rollins is fine as hell.

Tuesday, I was able to get my punk fix with "UNO", the new Green Day release. I was pleasantly surprised.  It made me miss my days without Reality Television. In fact, I never watched TV back then.  Underground stuff was- cool.  I was for free speech and less Government.  I now have become everything I detested. I have become a bourgeois capitalist that drives a BMW.  I am a "sell-out." Maybe, it happens naturally when you grow up. 
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Why wouldn't I?  He's had not one, not two, but THREE hit blockbuster films this past summer all of which were released on Blu-ray and DVD in three consecutive weeks:  Snow White and the Huntsman on September 11th, Cabin in the Woods on September 18th and The Avengers on September 25th.  Did I mention I own all three?  Figures, right?!  Did I also mention my fiancee never tends to fall asleep during a movie if he's on the screen?  Yeah....

On the bright side, he is about to have Miley Cyrus as a sister-in-law which means he'll be adding good ol' Billy Ray Cyrus to his clan.  For THAT, I do NOT envy him but, hey, he's still THOR!!!!  If his ass ain't loaded then he needs to fire his agent!

Outside of buying a ton of Chris Hemsworth flicks on Blu-ray, Tessa and I went to get new phones Saturday after the Harley giveaway at Hooters of Greenville.  We both went with the new Droid Razr M and we are extremely satisfied with them thus far.

Early Sunday morning I woke up sick to my stomach with chills and a fever that stayed with me most of the day which added to the suckiness of watching my Bucs lose to the loathed Cowboys in Dallas.  To make matters worse, I have been in the Entercom Football Pool and had picked the Saints to take out the Chiefs down in New Orleans.  Granted they've had a rough hand dealt to them this season but I figured surely they could handle the Chiefs at home.  NOPE!!!!  

Tessa figures I had some sort of stomach virus that has slowly been working it's way out of my system.  The fever randomly hit me as I went on the air Monday and my stomach has been tempermental but what else is new?  I bet Chris Hemsworth doesn't have frequent tummy troubles....
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I saw yesterday where a friend made a Facebook post about having a mean old snake in her living room. I told her I was unimpressed by her snake-handling skills because I figured she wouldn't be the type to be afraid of a snake.
I am not afraid of snakes. Cautious for sure, but not afraid of them. I dig them. They interest me. So I armed myself with a bucket and a broom and a machete and went calling to see if I could remove the reptile.
The monster in question was approximately 18 inches long and about as big around as a dime at the fattest part. Also, it was already dead from an attack by the family cats. So I scooped a dead snake into a bucket with a broom and left that house a hero! I felt like St. Patrick, but less Irish and totally sober at the time.
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Kanye Twitty

I love Old Spice Swagger body wash, it is the best smelling stuff.  It makes me feel sexy and smell sexy.  Mmmm sexy.  Last night I switched off froma  bath to a shower, which Katie normally uses.  I didn't wanna get out once I was all naked and wet....mmmm naked and I used HER body wash.  Some kinda rasp berry scrub boocrap deal from You Know Who and Body Works.  I used it and it  smelled awesome.  I get into bed and she's like "Nooooo Uh Uh!"  Before I could make sweet love to her she made me go re-shower using my Swagger.  I come back, she's asleep.  I got worked because of my Swagger.  Ain't that a Kanye Twitty song?  Pissy.

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What a great weekend for Football. I went 7-4 for this week, not bad but not great; not where I aspire to be lol. I was really hoping Clemson would beat FSU, but we played a great game and though the defense needs work, I was happy overall. I counted FSU asa possible loss for us looking at the schedule, so it's not a huge suprise to me. I think Clemson bounces back against Boston College this weekend and hopefully runs the table. South Carolina on the other hand will beat Kentucky pretty bad this week and will set up a great matchup with Georgia in a couple weeks that will most likely be a #5 #6 matchup which will be exciting to watch. Monday night football tonight, Packers at Seahawks, I don't know what the spread is but give me Green Bay regardless, lol. I'm not exactly sold on the Seahawks yet.
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Well I finally got to take my very first cruise last week as Tessa, her grandmother, Aunt Cheryl and I all left for Florida a week ago last Friday.  We stopped around Jacksonville Friday night to catch a few hours sleep before making it into Fort Lauderdale to board Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas to cruise the Eastern Caribbean.  What a ship!

We set sail at 5 pm on Saturday and arrived at Nassau first thing Sunday morning.  We did some shopping in the Straw Market and visited the Pirate Museum before returning to the ship.


Sunday night was our first formal night at dinner.  Tessa, Mimi, Cheryl and I all dressed to the nines then made our way to the Royal Promenade area to have professional photos taken.  This was where Mimi, Cheryl and I had plotted for me to propose to Tessa.  Mimi had given me her old engagement ring to give Tessa which she strategically slipped to me at the perfect moment so not to arouse suspicion from my soon-to-be fiancee.  When the moment came, Tessa was completely taken by surprise and tearfully accepted my proposal.  All of this was caught on camera with both pictures and video to come!  Until then, here's the rock on my bride-to-be's finger:


Our first day as an engaged couple was spent at sea as we were making our way to St. Thomas so we took advantage of the day by booking excursions to take on the islands.  The first excursion was snorkling on St. John's Beach which we had to get to via ferry boat from the port at St. Thomas.  Being my first time snorkling, I was a little nervous since I'm a bit claustrophobic and had to get used to breathing through a small tube.  Once I did, it was on!  What a view there!


The next day we were at St. Maarten where our excursion was a nice air-conditioned bus ride from the Dutch side of the island to the French side and back with a shopping stop a la francais!  What a terrific island!


The next two days were spent at sea as we made our way back to Fort Lauderdale.  This gave us time to catch up on some rest and some onboard activities!  On Thursday, I signed up for an adult dodgeball tournament which was fun considering my team won and I got a Royal Caribbean 'crown and anchor' logoed gold medal.  Needless to say, being the short fat guy on the team, I was the weak link but NOT by being too slow to dodge a ball but rather by having my ball get caught nearly every damn time I threw it!  Oh well, I still got a gold medal for picking the winning team and then I ziplined afterwards to celebrate!

We made it back to Fort Lauderdale in the wee hours of Saturday morning so we got our bags together and waited our turn to go through customs then make our way back home.

We made really good time that day but decided to stop in Savannah for a break in the long haul.  We hit up River St. then I passed out early since I didn't get much sleep at all the night before.

Needless to say, my first experience going on a cruise was certainly a memorable one having come back engaged to my true love Tessa!  Then add in all the activities we experienced together during the trip not to mention all the fabulous shows and fantastic dining experiences we enjoyed!  I could write a lengthy blog on those alone!  Did I mention they were ALL inclusive and complimentary?!
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they rarely make sense

I've gotten a lot of emails and tweets and the occassional facebook post asking me if Paige is dyslexic, had a stroke, has a stroke daily, and/or swallowed her tongue.  I love Paige.  I've known her longer in radio than anymore.  She gets her news typically 30 minutes before we go live.  Sometimes she gets it 6 minutes before she reads it.  The problem is even if someone gave you a paper with words on it, wouldn't you read it with very little issues?  I read her tweets and they rarely make sense.  The English on her Facebook posts are like David Ortiz wrote them.  So I don't have the answer.  Maybe it's all of the above. 

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Drawing a winner out of a hat

If you've listened to our show for a while, you know I draw a college team from a hat each season as my official team to root for. I have a bit more fondness for the Gamecocks than for the Tigers, but I never swore allegiance to either because warring family (house divided, brother!) tugged at me to go both ways till I finally went neither way as a kid. That brings me to drawing it out of a hat!
Last year, Purdue. This year, Florida State. Years past, Presbyterian, UNC and a team or two I don't really recall.
With Purdue last year, I had a mediocre team struggling to go for .500. With FSU this year, I have almost a sure thing now that they've beaten Clemson. Looks like nobody else in the ACC is going to have much for them. Sadly. I like when it's interesting, like last year with Purdue. This year, it's just beating people up and it takes all the drama out of the wager between Maffew and myself.

I haven't heard much from FSU fans this year. I know they're out there. I know some of them, but man they don't socialize much with football fans as best I can tell.
The Purdue fans last year were super friendly. They'd go to Bailey's to watch all the games and they invited me out to watch with them. When I saw them out in public, they were friendly and excited and super nice. This year, FSU fans have been silent while they watched the Noles run up the polls and dominate everybody, including Clemson. I think a tradition of winning will do that to you. A tradition of mediocrity and struggle builds character. Winning too much robs you of it.
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What a game week this past weekend, NFL wise mostly. A lot of teams even the playing field by getting out of the 0-1 hole, except for the Browns and the Saints. Baltimore and Philly was a wild game. I picked the Eagles Friday but they didn't cover. Though both teams have great defenses, the QB left a lot to be desired. When is Flacco going to step up and take this team to the next level? We will see, still early in the season but I think my Philly vs Pittsburgh Superbowl pick may hold up.
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