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It's been a few years since HALESTORM first came to Greenville opening up for TRAPT and RED at the Handlebar.  Since then, the band has done more than just come into their own!  Hell, Lzzy Hale is pretty much a household name in the rock world and even has her own weekly segment ("Ask Lzzy") on Harddrive with Lou Brutus.  Saturday, they finally returned to the Handlebar bigger than ever with their continued success resulting from their powerful sophomore release The Strange Case of... which has not only successfully followed up their breakthrough self-titled debut but actually topped it!  And, despite all of their success, they still remain the ever so gracious and humble bunch that has earned my utmost respect for the band!  Well, that and the fact that Lzzy is EFFIN' HOT!!!!

I also hung out with Nine and some friends at the show and even managed to swing by my friend and fellow SLAVEDRIVER bandmate, Moon's birthday party!

On a sad note, I had to say goodbye to one of my beloved record reps as Ali O (now Ali WHOA! since she got married) is leaving Atlantic Records and was out for one last show in the Upstate.  We'll miss you Ali WHOA!

In other news, I'm not sure what's been with me lately, but I sure have been sleeping a lot.  The day of the HALESTORM show I managed to take in a two hour nap before going despite having had a decent night sleep the night before and even took a nap after church on Sunday.  Then last night I went to bed around 11:30 which is early for me and still had a hard time getting going this morning.  Maybe I'm getting old but I've always heard the older you get, the less you sleep!
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Friday night in Sparkle City

It's Friday evening in Spartanburg, if you hadn't already figured that out. After freezing rain and sleet all day, the roads are pretty bad in a lot of places and everyone is home trying to keep warm on the coldest day we've had all winter. It is what it is.
I left a bottle of Jack Daniels in the toolbox on my truck. I don't have much use for tools at the moment, but I have some ideas in mind for that bottle of whiskey.
There's only one thing that could get me out of this house right now and she ain't calling. Here's to the night, the ice and the smile on my face I can't quite explain. Y'all be careful. Stay safe. And Rob Ianuario has your back if it ever gets too hairy. He's good at that.
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Gun Control

To this point I've more  or less kept my mouth shut on the issue of the day...gun control.  Perhaps it's because I don't pretend to know everything, nor do I make rash decisions based on a small piece of information.

I'm in the studio right now doing the show and of course, CNN is covering the issue.  I'd like to applaud the team for making a very clear point I think most people don't know:  An assault weapon does not equal a machine gun (which have been illegal in this country since the 1930's).  An assault weapon is generally characterized as such based on it's features; i.e. tactical rails, upgraded sites, grips, etc.  One trigger pull = one round fired.  By that logic, an assault weapon is equally as deadly (or effective depending on your point of view) as a hand gun.  Again, as such an assault weapon ban doesn't make much sense at all.  At least with an assault weapon you can see if someone's got it because they're so big.

I don't think any new gun control is necessary.  We have thousands of gun laws on the books, and politics has neutered those laws.

In my opinion, we need to examine, overhaul, and streamline the laws we already have instead of making everything more convoluted.

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About this time last week, I went to Best Buy after work to pick up a Bose CineMate Series II Digital Home Theater System since I was tired of watching action movies and hearing only a staticky click whenever a gun or explosion went off.  Immediately after Tessa set it up (did you seriously think I would be able to install it?!) I tested it out with a few crucial films starting with the original 1978 Superman film starring Christopher Reeve primarily because of the swooshing opening credits combined with John Williams' unforgettable theme music.  Continuing in the vein of John Williams' epic themes, I naturally went with a Star Wars film choosing Episode III:  Revenge of the Sith because of the fantastic opening battle sequence over Coruscant.  Then I followed it up with a little Twister action!  I was loving it....too bad I can't say the same about Tessa or the dogs!


Tessa had to work over the weekend so that gave me ample time to enjoy the new home theater sound system without bothering her.  And what did I watch?  A bunch of crappy old horror flicks on Netflix like Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell and Zombiethon!  Both were chock full of clips and trailers from really bad 60s, 70s and 80s horror films - AND naked ladies from back in the day!  Speaking of which, porn sounds pretty damn good on my TV now!

Fast forward to today when I got to work, I was told by Roy at the front desk that I had a package.  It was an odd looking box riddled with eerily written things all over it.  When I opened it, I found THIS:


Apparently, it's a part of the promotions for the new Fox series The Following starring Kevin Bacon so I took a pic of it to post on Facebook then added it to my arsenal of unusual items in my office by placing it on the cabinet behind my desk next to my Jesse James Dupree autographed chainsaw and placed my hard hat on it!  It's days like these that reassure me that I went into the right profession!
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Is Manti an Evil Genius?

Huge news story today, it turns out the girlfriend of Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o never even existed.  All reports are saying now he was having a romantic relationship online with a woman he'd never met, and as it turns out it was someone posing as this woman.  Personally I believe that story.  He's a high profile athlete and I think someone was preying on that.  My caller, however believes it was all an elaborate hoax to help him gain sympathy votes so he could win the Heisman Trophy.  Listen to the full call here:

What do you think?
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Gun Control - Where's the discussion?

We are really, really dumb. It seems to me that America's primary forum for political discourse is now Facebook. It makes sense because dumb people are way more into politics than smart ones. The only smart people into politics are the politicians. Everybody with yard signs, car stickers and tooooo much time devoted to the cause...they just need a hobby. Especially the other 3 years of the cycle. Or maybe they just enjoy misery. I'm sure some of them just enjoy misery, but most of them need a hobby.
Facebook is where gun control is playing out! The argument! The argument where no one listens to the other side. Or responds to the other side. Or talks to the other side.
In case you're one of these people, I'll give an example of how a discussion goes.
You: Look, I feel this way about this.
Me: Well it is too bad you feel this way about this. Hopefully we can ease your fears and find some middle ground because I disagree with the way you feel about this.
You: I kinda think we should do this.
Me: I don't agree with that. I think we should do this.
You: Well I don't agree with that, but how about this?
Me: At least we're making progress. Not quite. How about this?
Eventually, you get a result out of that. Eventually you get results out of discussing anything. As long as you're an adult discussing something with an adult. Facebook gives us the opportunity to be mean and hateful and really lose the argument. So does Twitter. TV news. The internet in general.
Meanwhile, we are allowing politicians to do exactly as they wish because, as usual, they are smarter than the people they're playing like puppets.
I guess what I am getting at is pretty simple. Stop being childish and ignorant. If you see someone doing it, stop them from doing it too. Negativity only breeds more negativity. Remember that next time you're being a jerk just because he can't punch you over the internet.
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And, no, I'm NOT referring to my autographed Jesse James Dupree chainsaw but, speaking of which, here it is....AGAIN!

No, rather I am referring to the new movie Texas Chainsaw.  Since Tessa had the whole weekend off for a change, we decided to do a little shopping Friday night and took in a movie since we hadn't done so in a while.  Originally, she wanted to see the new Tarantino flick Django Unchained but changed her mind after hearing some negative reviews from some of her coworkers which was a wise move since she doesn't tend to care for the rather slow, dialogue intensive pace of his films.

We opted to go see a fun horror film that wouldn't require much thought.  And, boy, is that what we got!  As I said earlier today in a Facebook discussion with my cousin's husband, Soup, the film was riddled with terrible acting, lackluster special effects, weak ass story line chock full of holes and NO NUDITY!!!!  Granted I was not expecting Oscar worthy performances out of the actors but I was hoping for something along the lines of last year's Cabin in the Woods which was amazing despite the usual intentionally bad acting!  The big problem I had with the plot was that the main character is supposed to be the daughter of one of the members of the original Sawyer family that was executed shortly after the events of the original 1974 film.  This would make her older than I am as the townspeople who hunted down the family in the 70s, too, would have been significantly older in 2012 which is when this film is set.  The only thing the filmmakers did to 'fix' this problem was to obscure the date of the events following the original film by having grass or weeds cover gravestones and newspapers cropped out of camera view.  Don't worry, this isn't much of a spoiler as all of this is pretty transparent from the beginning of the film.

Needless to say I wouldn't recommend this film unless you thought Jason X was a masterpiece of horror!  I hope the remake of Evil Dead is MUCH better!
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Hope all of you reading this, two people including me, had a great weekend. Seeing how next Monday the 21st is a company holiday, I will still leave you with only one great Haiku this week and nothing next week. I know it's cruel but the world is a filthy bitch sometimes so enjoy.

I see your Mother
She smells like a fart.
Jeff is gay.
Now I know the last part doesn't meet the 5-7-5 requirement, but I thought I would throw that out there nonetheless to remind people of the AIDS epidemic that this country faces on a daily basis, especially at 25 Garlington Rd in Greenville. I tell Jeff just like the dude on the first Real World use to say, "I'm not a man dying from AIDS, I'm a man living with AIDS" . Glass half full everybody, half full.
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Death Pools!

Death pools are a pretty morbid concept. We brought ours back to the show this year and I enjoy it, but at the same time I realize what it is we are doing and I have some internal questions about it.
Then I thought about the texts people send us wishing death upon us when they've disagreed with us. Its a regular occurance at 72341 when we discuss certain things.
The only thing I can gather from this is that we are living in a negative time and place. Not really a mystery there if you ask most people.
Our death pool is just a reflection. Most anything we've ever done to offend anyone has been a reflection of the world in one way or another. It may be getting under some skin because the truth, or a vague reflection of it, can sometimes suck. So we root for old people to die?
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Well the madness of the holidays is over and the working world resumes it's usual daily grind.  I got to spend time with family and even got to see my best friend Kenny who was in town from Atlanta for Christmas.

I also managed to acquire some sort of bronchial funk that has me coughing up big clumps of phlegmy goo and even cost me my voice the day after New Year's Day!  If you were listening, you know!  Even though I'm really not a germophobe, I did take it upon myself to cleanse the studio mic of my disease-ridden saliva for Diesel!  Here's to a healthier 2013!


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