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It's Time To "Get Diesel"

It's time!

Starting tomorrow I undertake a major challenge: to truly GET DIESEL!  You know me as the potty mouthed turn-anything-into-a-d*ck-joke night show host on the Planet.  I like shooting guns, 4 wheeling in the woods, and going to heavy metal shows.  All my life I've enjoyed working out.  I consider myself to be in decent shape.  I'm 6'0", 218 lbs, muscular build, but like most people work and life caught up with 4-5 day a week workout schedule fell to 2-3, my diet got worse (I mean come on, who doesn't love pizza and burgers) and I wasn't getting enough exercise to eat whatever I wanted anymore.

In high school I played sports.  I wasn't the biggest, fastest, or strongest player on the team but no matter what I never quit.  I can still remember running basketball suicides until I puked, then getting back out there and running some more.  I loved being pushed to a breaking point.  I've always believed that losing weight and getting fit cannot and will not come out of a bottle.  A pill or a powder is only a temporary pharmaceutical fix, and when I heard HPG's motto "there is no magic pill, hard work is the only way" I knew I'd crashed into the right people.

Which is why I'm so excited to have this opportunity to team up with Clay and Elizabeth Burwell at High Performance Gym in Greenville.  In my heart I knew what I needed to do, but didn't know how.  They are the how.  You may or may not have heard their radio commercials about them training celebrities like Matt Damon, Anna Paquin, and Bruce Springsteen.  Do you think Jason Bourne, Rogue, or 'The Boss' would hire Clay to travel the world with him if he wasn't legit?

What I want to gain from this 6 month run with HPG is both simple and complex.  Simply, I want to improve myself; but specifically I want to:

  • Improve my strength and stamina.
  • Change my diet -- there's a reason a majority of Americans are overweight and on medications -- we eat terribly.
  • Improve my mental and physical discipline.
  • Drop 10-15 lbs from my current weight of 218.
  • Regain that drive and addiction to working out I once had.
If any of those goals sound similar to goals you may have I invite you to follow along with my progress while I "Get Diesel".  I'll be posting videos and blogs regularly throughout.  Track me and take the challenge for yourself.  Workout videos will show you what happens inside the gym, my blogs, Facebook posts, and Tweets will track how I'm feeling mentally throughout.  I certainly look forward to your words of encouragement and your questions.  Of course you can reach out to the Burwells also, afterall they're the experts.

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Well, folks, it finally happened!  I am a married man and Tessa is now officially the Twisted Missus!  The ceremony was amazing and went much smoother than I had anticipated considering that the rehearsal the night before was a bit of a train wreck.  However, thanks to numerous friends and family members, it took off without a hitch!

My cousin Debra, despite it being the day after her 40th wedding anniversary, stepped up to lead the charge on coordinating the wedding and had lots of help from my Aunt Pat, my best man Kenny, my groomsmen, Tessa's maid of honor Krista, her bridesmaids, her cousins and others.  Krista's husband, Brandon ran the intro and outro music and Mike Burket played a killer interpretation of Pachelbel's Canon in D during the ceremony.  Troy, one of my groomsmen doubled as the DJ for the reception and belted out some killer 80s hit tunes including mine and Tessa's song "We Belong" by Pat Benatar which we danced to during the reception.

After the reception, we took off in a limo provided by the good folks at Celebrity Limousine and headed back to the Twisted Homestead to pack and head out to Port Everglades down in Fort Lauderdale, FL to catch a cruise to the Western Caribbean on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas.  More on that venture in Twisted Gets Hitched Volume 2: The Honeymoon....OF DOOM!!!!   Okay just  kidding about the doom part!  Here's just a few of the pics from the wedding with more to come on Facebook as well as honeymoon pics!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Twisted Todd

Twisted Todd and his bearded henchmen

Still a ladies man....

Love Never Dies

The Circle of Chucks

Fear the Chucks!

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OMG!  New Seether!

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Last night was date night for me....and BOOGER!  Since Tessa was working, we went to go see the new METALLICA concert film Through the Never in IMAX 3D at Regal Simpsonville Stadium 14 & IMAX.  The film was fantastic with great effects and an intriguing plot for the concept part of the film.  LED ZEPPELIN only wished they had the kind of toys METALLICA had to play with for The Song Remains the Same and it's the best musical concept film since PINK FLOYD's The Wall.

The film follows a roadie trying to take some fuel to a band truck that has run out of gas.  On his ill-fated journey to the stranded vehicle, his vehicle gets T-boned thus leaving him stranded on abandoned city streets that will soon lose their vacancy in a swell of turmoil that engulfs the city in mass rioting.

The only thing that could have improved the film would have been had it featured the band as they were over 20 years ago.  That being said, I highly recommend the film to any and all fans of the band.  You will not be disappointed!

METALLICA  Through the Never 4 1/2 Rocker Horns
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