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Broken Nose Prank!

This sounds so real!

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The new album from Avenged Sevenfold, Hail to the King dropped in stores yesterday and I managed to score a copy (gotta love my job)!  Overall, it's a really strong record for the band with just a couple of major weaknesses.

The album starts strong with the track "Shepherd of Fire" followed by the powerfully defining title cut.  The operatic acapella at the beginning of "Requiem" is a bit awkward and falls flat from it seemingly intended and the ballads on the album ("Crimson Day" and "Acid Rain") are simply awful.  Their ballads are prime examples of where they could have taken better notes from bands like Metallica who were masters of power ballads.  As I stated yesterday on Facebook, I fear the art of writing killer power ballads is forever lost.

Speaking of Metallica, I hear a lot of comparisons of Avenged Sevenfold to Metallica which I don't think is such a bad thing being a fan of some good old school Metallica.  I also heard similarities to some mid 90's Megadeth in the song called "Heretic".  Again, it's not so much a criticism as it is an observation because, like I said at the beginning of this review, I think the album is a really strong record for the band and would highly recommend it to fans of the band as well as folks who are on the fence about the band.  I'm not going to try and sway the haters.  We all know they're gonna hate!

AVENGED SEVENFOLD  Hail to the King  3 1/2 Rocker Horns
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Video of the Day - AC/DC...the C Stands for Chest

Lets run down her abilities:

Looks - CHECK

Cleavage - CHECK

Guitar playing - CHECK

Singing - You be the judge.

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Pearl Jam VIdeo

Mind Your Manners!

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Same Love

"Same Love" with Bert and Ernie

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Reliving The Glory Days

So I recently moved and while I was moving I came across some of my old plaques, medals and newspaper articles from when I didnt just win in wrestling, but I DOMINATED the competition. I started reliving the glory days with my lovely fiancee bethany to the point to where she is tired of hearing it.  The thrill I got when I stepped on the wrestling mat and won the matches to the point to where my senior season I went undefeated with a 40-0 record, compiled a overall record of 139-15 in 4 years, out of 139 wins, I pinned 107 of them.  Won 2 state titles, 2 Upperstate titles, 3 Region titles, a Greenville County title, among other awards over the years from wrestling.  It was a very fun ride and reliving those days had me lost in my own thoughts.  Have you the P1's ever had the same thing happen? I know it sure happened to me. And thats through the eyes of lewis.
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THE DARK SIDE OF VACATION.... all the work that goes into getting a week off around here and being too broke to go anywhere!  However, I did get to do some really cool stuff on a budget like going to MonsterCon!  Granted I had a media pass to get in!

While I was there, I got to meet Chris Sarandon ("Jerry Dandrige" in the original Fright Night, "Humperdinck" in The Princess Bride and the voice of "Jack Skellington" in The Nightmare Before Christmas among many other impressive roles like being Susan Sarandon's first husband!) and got an autograph for Tessa!

Not only did I also get to meet David Prowse, the man behind the mask of "Darth Vader" in the original Stars Wars trilogy, I also got his autograph as well AND did a video interview with the man behind the legend!  And, yes, I was a total bumbling starstruck idiot once again!

Over the couse of the week, I worked in the yard, got things ready for the wedding like getting our marriage license and mailing out invitations and managed to have an X-Men marathon which led up to me and Tessa taking her mom out to see The Wolverine.  Surprisingly, I was disappointed with this one but the scene after the credits more than made up for it!  Tessa was even jumping up and down in the theater she was so excited by what was revealed in the scene that will surely lead into the next installment, X-Men: Days of Future Past which will once again be directed by Bryan Singer who directed the first two films but abandoned the third to go make a piece of crap Superman movie that we will NOT be discussing.

Last Saturday night we went out to the Ultimate Basement up in Rutherford County, NC to help raise money for the owner, Gerb so that he can keep the place running for the youth in an area where there's not a lot going on leading many kids to get into drugs and other troubling activities.  I have always been impressed with what he has been doing in Tessa's hometown since my old band Dethro Tull played the first of our only two shows there three years ago.  God willing I will one day be able to return to the venue with a band once again!
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