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Video of the Day

I love trick shot videos.  The New York Jets suck so bad this season, this kicker's trick shot video earned him a tryout with the team.  Watch this:

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Santa on Shooms -- Seems Legit

We all know today's Christmas is nothing like Christmas in years gone past.  In the 17 and 1800's Christmas carolers used to knock on people's doors, sing songs, and demand alcohol and food (sounds like the aftermath of the Rise Guys Christmas Party).

An anthropologist from Sierra College in California thinks he's discovered the original roots of the Santa Claus "myth":

His theory on the origin of the Santa story comes from priests in the Arctic and Siberian region dropping hallucinogenic mushrooms into people's teepees in late December up until the 1700s.  He theorizes, "Until a few hundred years ago, these shamans or priests would collect the mushrooms, dry them, and then give them as gifts.  Because snow is usually blocking the doors, there was an opening in the roof, thus the chimney story."

That also helps explain the flying reindeer.  There are a ton of reindeer in Siberia.  They don't fly . . . but if everyone's tripping on shrooms, it's a lot easier to hallucinate and think they're flying.

Most of the rest of the modern Santa Claus story comes from "Twas the Night Before Christmas", which was published in 1823.

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I've been pulled over a few times in my life.  Luckly enough, never gotten a ticket for anything, but just about every time the officer has been MUCH ruder than he needed to be (you treat me with respect, I treat you with, but THIS is freaking ridiculous.  A Texas State Trooper pulled two women over after the driver flicked a cigarette butt out of the car window.  In the video, you can see the officer claims to smell a heavy odor of marijuana in the vehicle.  Apparently there were no visible signs of drugs in the car, nor did the driver or passenger show any signs of being on drugs.  But the officer pulled both people out of the car, where both were subjected to a road side cavity search WITH THE SAME PAIR OF GLOVES.  Gah this is gross.  Watch the video below, the search commences at around 2:50.

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Rock Star

Fifty Years of Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll!

Moves like Jagger!

Warhol Jagger


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The End of an Era

Just yesterday it was officially the end of an era.  Yesterday was my fathers last day on the job as a high school teacher.  Now I know many people would say "who cares" but theres alot more that goes into it than just him retiring.  There is alot more to the reason as to why he is not there anymore.  A couple of years ago my father was diagnosed with parkinsons disease. His hands shake uncontrollably and sometimes cant control any type of movement.  My father was given an ultimatum on his coaching career where he became the winningist coach in the schools history, either he can retire from coaching honorably or they can fire him and it will be an embarrassing situation for him.  So my father decided to do the right thing for himself and decide to retire honorably as he should.  The team that he coached hasnt been the same since.  I was asked if I would be interested in the position of coaching said team by the head of athletics there and a meeting was scheduled on a wednesday.  The next thursday was our meeting where I showed up early for our meeting and that person proceeded to stay on his cell phone talking about things that werent necessarily important like chat rooms, food, and rankings in other states.  While waiting for him to finish his conversation that lasted for 15 minutes with his assistant coach he  hangs up and asks me "how can I help you". Then says there is no position vailable after they asked me to come in for a meeting about said position.  So after that my father falls down stairs at his employment due to the parkinsons and got injured in the process having to miss 3 weeks of work.  He was told that he could file for workmans comp which he did and was granted the workmans comp.  Since that time my father wasnt treated fairly at all.  He went into work, did his job well, and was constantly bothered by the person in charge. Leading into the new year, my father asked people in charge if for the big fundraiser of the year if myself and Mattman   could come back to where we went and get people to come and donate for the cause and he was told "were not interested". My father who had accompolished so much as a coach there was outcasted. Leading into the holiday season my father was told that his contract wasnt going to be renewed, however my father got the last laugh when his doctor retired him cause of the disease.  In  a way my father went out in honor and not dishonor like these people tried to do.  To a man that coached me to 2 state wrestling titles, thank you so very much and your legacy as the best coach in that schools history ever will never be forgotten. And to the place that tried to get the last laugh, how does it feel to lose AGAIN?      
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blanking blank blanker

This is not the usual blog you would expect from me but I feel pretty strongly about it.  With all the bad, evil things that have happened in this country over the past few years I feel it's very important to remember something.  The good far outweighs the bad.  It really does.  So while everyone is down in the dumps and gloomy - do the unexpected.  Something nice.  Everyday.  One thing per day.  I realize this might sound cornball or Fatboy would call me gay or a blanking blank blanker, but it works.  And I'm not talking about for your wife or your husband.  Sure they deserve something nice too, but I'm refering more to people who you think need it.  For instance on Monday I paid for the lady behind me's lunch at McDonald's.  I didn't get to see her reaction, but hell it had to be happy.  Probably mad her day.  Today I went to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy (diabetic meds nothing good) and I got to do it again.  The girl working the window accidentally dropped a dollar out of the window handing it to the person in front of me in line.  The wind was blowing hard and the dollar was gone.  When I got to the window she was looking for it outside the window and I told her it was only a dollar and it blew across the parking lot.  Almost like I was saying "it's only a dollar, no big deal!"  I didn't mean it that way but I feel like it may have come out that way.  She says it was gonna come out of her paycheck and looked like that $1 would really make a difference.  So I gave her a dollar out of my pocket and she looked like she was gonna cry.  She thanked me like I gave her $100.  It doesn't have to be about money either.  Tell the frumpy girl at work she looks pretty every once in a while or she looks like she lost a pound or 2.  One thing per day.  It will make their day and yours too. 
I've opened a YouTube channel, check 'er out

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So, according to the Mayans (or according to senseless predictions based on the Mayan calendar), we are on the eve of global destruction by numerous equally ridiculous means.  If these predictions, as ludicrous as they may be, do prove to be true, then all this holiday cheer will quickly come to a screeching halt and all our holiday shopping will have been for naught.  Which sucks because I cannot wait for my fiancee to open her gifts on Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas cheer and shopping, Tessa and I did plenty of both this past weekend.  I went by Best Buy to pick up some holiday films including the Peanuts Holiday Collection and Scrooged starring Bill Murray since Tessa had never seen it.  We also hit up the Roper Mountain Holiday Lights and actually parked and walked it this year before driving the rest of the way through.


On Sunday we visited Mauldin United Methodist Church for the first time and caught their Christmas Cantata service.  After the service we wrapped up a majority of our Christmas shopping then caught the last half of the game where her Saints were completely shutting my Bucs out.  We then squeezed in a viewing of Scrooged then went to catch an evening showing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  We watched it in the High Frame Rate 3D and I honestly don't know how I feel about it.  I think Tessa really enjoyed it but I thought it looked like a high budget soap opera instead of a piece of cinema.  It looked too polished and pristine and not like real life - at least, not how I see real life.  However, it was a great film and I can't wait for The Desolation of Smaug!  If the world is still here to see it, that is!
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In a nutshell, that pretty much sums up my vacation.  That and a LOT of Christmas shopping which began on my second day off. My first day of vacation I spent resting at home with Tessa watching movies including The Dark Knight Rises since it dropped on Blu-ray the day before and we were too tired to watch it that night.

On Friday, Tessa and I dropped the dogs off at the vet to be boarded for the weekend so we could spend it in Charleston.  We left out after I got my oil changed and arrived at our hotel around mid-afternoon then I got us booked for a kickass ghost and graveyard tour for the evening.  Once we got to downtown Chuck Town, we grabbed some dinner at Hyman's Seafood Restaurant and sat at the same table where Anthony Hopkins and Samuel L. Jackson once ate.

The next morning we got some free breakfast at the hotel (which included some bangin' make-it-yourself blueberry waffles) before heading back to downtown Charleston for a carriage tour and some shopping.  While waiting on our carriage, we spotted none other than part-time Charleston resident Bill Murray!  I didn't want to bother him since he was supposedly only there to pick up his son from a basketball game but I am now kicking myself for not at least shaking the man's hand.  One moment of inconvenience for Mr. Murray would have been one moment I would remember for the rest of my life!

After the carriage tour of the town, we did some shopping up and down Market St. including the Old City Market itself.  We even managed to eliminate a couple of names off of our Christmas list and even get a killer pic!

When we got back into town, we met up with Mimi and Cheryl for some fine MIMI'S!  After dinner, we resumed the Harry Potter marathon we had begun before our mini trip.

We managed to finish the last of the Harry Potter films just in time to run to Best Buy and pick up a copy of Ted, the hilarious new comedy from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.  Unfortunately, this was my last day of vacation but now it's Friday already!  TGIF!!!!
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Best and Brightest

No one ever said you had to be brilliant to be in a fraternity.  As evidenced by this frat guy at S. Carolina who describes his house catching on fire with words like, "wooaah, there's like ceilings all on the ground covered in fire" and "It's just not frat at all".  Skip forward to about :32 to hear his take on what happened. - Columbia, South Carolina |
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Birthday at Christmas. Do you feel jipped?

Most people say that if theyre birthday is in the month of december they get jipped on both birthday and christmas.  Me being born on december 2 I have never been jipped on either one.  I was always told when I was a kid pick what you want for your birthday and what you want for christmas.  So my folks got a laundry list of things that I wanted for both.  However I know alot of people that get both presents on christmas and they certainly feel like they didnt get their just do.  Never ever could I ever jip someone or would I. And mainly cause I love getting presents for myself of course.  Selfish much?  Maybe so.
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