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Big Opportunity

This saturday at The WNC Ag Center in Asheville,NC I will be wrestling for Ring of Honor.  My opponent, Charlie Haas.  Its been a while since ive been on the big stage to show my abilities and what ive got to a major wrestling company.  The pressure is on for sure but in a way I love that pressure only cause it makes me work harder to prove my point that I am that good at what I do.  Charlie Haas is definately one of the best wrestlers to ever be in the wrestling business.  Former all american at Seton Hall University, multi time WWE tag team champion along with my buddy Shelton Benjamin, multi time ROH World tag team champion, ive definately got my work cut out for me.  going in this match with some adversities happening in my life right now that ive had to battle but on saturday when I arrive at the building, I lace up the boots, and walk through that curtain to the wild ROH crowd with the ROH chants surfacing throughout the arena, you will definately see the best in JLN on saturday. ROH get ready, cause the door for my opportunity has already been kicked in, so let me introduce myself, hi im Jeff Lewis Neal and im here to rule this.  
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....this cat will go to his mom's and eat junk food!  And that's just what I did when Tessa went to Spartanburg for her best friend's bachelorette party last Saturday night!  I took the opportunity to bond with my mom who now lives alone after booting out her ex-fiance and we ate homemade chili burgers and brownies!  I'm not even gonna say how many I had but it was more than a couple and less than a dozen!

After gorging myself and watching a couple of movies with Mom, I went home and let the dogs out and played some video games and watched TV with my beloved mutts on the couch where I also slept for the night!

Tessa got home just before noon the next day and she brought with her a bag of Mickey D's dollar menu burgers and chicken sandwiches.  So we gorged ourselves and napped off and on the rest of the day.

Now THAT'S what I call a good weekend!
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Finally me and the boys of SLAVEDRIVER got to return to action for the first time since late September of last year.  We took nearly six months off so our drummer could prepare for his third child.  Now, for the first time in 2013, we returned to the stage at Ground Zero last Friday.  We were joined by RED SERIPH and ABSOULUTE CONVIXTION so the lineup was killer!  Unfortunately, the turnout wasn't what we had hoped but that didn't stop us from giving it all we had to enslave those who did come out to show support!  We also had our new banner and drum riser to make the stage look like a real band came to play!

After the show, it was our favorite time as musicians: packing up and loading in!  That's sarcasm, by the way!  By the time we got loaded up and got the equipment dropped off at the band room and I helped Ray drop off the trailer, it was 3 in the morning.  At that point I took Tessa home and went back to office to tie up some loose ends for the weekend.  By the time I got home, washed my sweaty ass and crawled up into bed, it was 6 am!

I had to get up a few hours later and get my car over to Big O Dodge for a routine oil change.  Tessa followed me so I could ride with her to get her car washed and to drop some money we had raised for St. Baldrick's the night before over to Borderlands since I was on their team.

We then went and picked up my car and ran by Family Video to rent a few movies and grabbed some pizza from Hungry Howie's next door and went home!  We spent the rest of the day napping, eating pizza, snoozing, watching movies and sleeping!  Did I mention we caught a few zzzzzzzz's?!

The next day was St. Baldrick's which actually fell on St. Patrick's Day this year!  As I said before, I was on Borderlands Comics' team but I was helping Stoneman from Rock 101 emcee the event so I did not get to shave my head with the rest of the team as can be seen in this photo!


Inspired by all the women that have shaved their heads over the past few years, Tessa has decided to shave next year!  And her hair is sooooo pretty!

After the event and my head was finally shaved, Tessa and I met up with other members of our team at Fitzpatrick's where we do our monthly geek trivia for some Irish chow!  As we were leaving, I had a guy dying to take my pic with all my festive wear and freshly shaved head so I obliged him!


It was a very exhaustive but great weekend!  Thank God I got some sleep on Saturday or I probably wouldn't have made it back this week!
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This One Time In Spartanburg

Always hearing about the crazy sh*t that goes down in the Sparkle City...last year a dude was selling wooden iPads outside a McDonalds, another guy I heard about was arrested driving around with a balloon of drugs up his b-hole.  Is everyone in that town nuts?  I wanted to hear your stories of "This One Time In Spartanburg..."



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Tessa and I got to be social for a change this weekend!  We started off Saturday having to rush to Rutherford County for Tessa's best friend, Krista's wedding shower because we had to wait on the Charter guy to take a look at our Internet connection.  Our connection kept going out on our new TV and DirecTV so, suspecting the wireless router,  we plugged Tessa's laptop directly into our modem but it was still being glitchy.  As it turns out, it was apparently our wireless router after all (even though the damn thing isn't even six months old) which doesn't explain the glitchiness of being plugged directly into the modem so who knows?

ANYWAYS, the guy got to our house just before noon and the shower was at 2 so that had us scrambling up the road around 1:30 or so.  Needless to say, we were a little late but that didn't stop Krista from breaking some fresh tears when she saw Tessa.  I got to meet some friends of Tessa's that I had not met before like Dawn and her husband Jerry both of whom are in this pic.  The one I look pregnant in.  Damn I've gotta lose some weight!

We had to rush back to Mauldin to grab some supplies to entertain some guests that evening and straighten up the house a bit before meeting at Copper River.  Tessa and I got to Copper River around 7:30 and put in for a booth (tables were gonna be a much longer wait) and then Blake and Stacy arrived shortly afterwards.  Rob and Michele got there closer to 8 because they had to close down the comic book store, Borderlands.

So the six of us squeezed into a booth and had dinner then went back to our house for some drinks and a few rounds of Apples to Apples.  Rob and Michele brought the game and it was the first time Blake, Stacy, Tessa or I had ever played so we had a lot of fun experiencing it for the first time!  During one of my turns as a 'judge', I had to excuse myself to the bathroom.  The key subject was 'hopeless' and when I came back from the bathroom, this is what I saw:


For anyone that has ever played the game, you should get this!  If not, I'm sure you get the idea!

Unfortunately, Tessa didn't get a lot of sleep that night since she had to get up early for work the next morning but it was well worth it!  While she was at work, Mom came over and we had brunch at Waffle House then watched Sinister since she had been wanting to see it.
After she left, I put on Inglourious Basterds and got to work on laundry and a few other things around the house including actually fixing some dinner for me and Tessa to eat once she got home!  And it wasn't bad for a guy lacking in culinary skills!
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Clements being Suspended

I can honestly say that a true friend of mine has been wronged in something.  Wronged by something he said. Heres the thing, jeremy is an all around great guy.  Wouldnt hurt anyone even if he tried.  Would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  For NASCAR to suspend him for something he said and for the "reporter" to try to throw him under the bus in order to kiss ass to try and get their place in the company or a spot with the company is rediculous.  Granted it happens alot in america, however when you take someone trying to make a name for themselves and with what went on in daytona for that happen is awful.  And for dale jr to say what he said is stupid in itself.  Like he hasnt done anything wrong in his life.  The only thing I can say to jugg is hang in there cause everything will work out in your favor. 
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