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Last Tuesday after work, Tessa and I went to Bon Secours Wellness Arena for the final tour of Motley Crue with Alice Cooper.  After Alice's set, we got to go backstage and meet the man himself.

After meeting Alice, we went back to our seats and caught part of Motley Crue's set including the drum solo which Tommy Lee did on his new drum roller coaster.

Friday after work, we had Tessa's best friend, Krista and her husband, Brandon meet us at our house to head down to Atlanta for Cirque du Soleil and Netherworld.  We got up rather early Saturday morning and went shopping down in Atlantic Station.  We got there before any of the shops opened so we went and got some drinks at Starbucks.  I had them make me a Butterbeer Frappuccino from the Starbucks secret menu which, of course, is inspired by the fictional beverage from the Harry Potter books and films.

After shopping, we grabbed some lunch at the Varsity before making our way back to the hotel to get ready for the 4:30 performance of Cirque du Soleil's show, Amaluna.

The show was quite good although the girls are more into that sort of thing than I am.  However, there were some performances that were fascinating like the woman who built this boatlike skeletal structure while balancing it and not allowing it to touch the ground at any time.  Had to be seen to be believed.

After Cirque, the one and only Jesse James Dupree invited us out to a swanky joint for a fancy dinner.  That's right, boys and girls, I wined and dined with the chainsaw-wielding Jackyl frontman!  And just days after meeting Alice Cooper!

After dinner, we made our way out to Netherworld Haunted House and met up with my best friend, Kenny.  The line was insane so we all decided to pay extra and get the speed pass and bypass the crazy ass lines!

After the long walk back to my car, we were beat so we went back to the hotel and quickly passed out.

On Sunday, we checked out and made our way to the Mall of Georgia for some more shopping before making our way home.  It was a fun trip but I'm ready for a weekend at home!

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Corey Taylor

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Foo Fighters

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This weekend was my first wedding anniversary.  So Tessa and I were busy!  Friday after work, we went up to her hometown of Spindale, NC to attend the roast of David Weisberger, the owner of the Ultimate Basement which is due to close the first of next month.  We enjoyed some great live bands including one killer band from Brazil called Livin Garden.  After the bands played, Gerb was sent on an errand so the roast could be set up without him being aware.  I was asked to join the roast, but I honestly could not find it in me to say anything negative about the man who has done so much for bands and for the youth of the community.  I did, however, manage to interrupt his speech at the end of the roast with my favorite viral vulgar verbage!

The next night we went down to Anderson to check out Sweet Dreams Scare House which the station is sponsoring.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and found it to be easily one of the better local haunted houses and the best one affiliated with the station!  Check out all the details right here!

We followed that up with the midnight performance of Evil Dead the Musical at The Warehouse Theatre.  The play was absolutely amazing - especially since I am not a big fan of musicals in the first place so that's saying something!  The story craftfully blends elements from all three films in the original Evil Dead trilogy.  The stage was incredible and the performers were so good I had a hard time believing this was a local production!  And I wasn't upset in the slightest when the lead actress was stripped down to her skivvies!

Yup, that's a deadite moose head!

After all the excitement on Friday and Saturday night, we decided to lay low and celebrate our actual anniversary at home.  Pizza, cake, football and horror movies!  We both love this time of year and now we have yet one more great reason to do so!

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New Nickelback

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The Walking Drunk

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Check out this these videos!

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If I had just one word to describe this past week, it would have to be INTENSE!!!!  Tessa and I took some vacation time to go up to Indiana to visit her long lost brother, Jason and his fiancee, Ashlyn.  On Monday, we took a train to Chicago since neither of us have ever been.  Since we had skipped breakfast, we were starving so we decided to get a couple of genuine Chicago hot dogs as soon as we arrived in the city.  

We wanted to get the most out of our short visit, so we decided to each get a CityPASS which allowed us to visit five of the biggest attractions in the city.  We started with the Shedd Aquarium which was great!  Unfortunately, when we finished the aquarium, a nasty storm was rolling in off of Lake Michigan.  Having a lot left to do in a very limited amount of time, we braved the elements and got soaked on the way to the Adler Planetarium.  I was freaking balls because of the lightning that was in the vicinity.

Too bad the planetarium was not worth the trek through the monsoon.  We had to skip the two free films due to time constraints and were unimpressed with the exhibits which sucked because I'm usually big on space exploration.

We made it out quickly and hit the Field Museum which was much better.  The only downside was that it was very similar to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC which we had just visited back in March.  We ended up skimming some of the museum then hailed a cab to take us down to the Museum of Science and Industry which was easily the coolest of the museums and rivaled the aquarium!  The neatest part of the museum was the science of storms section complete with a 40-foot vapor vortex!  What sucked was that we were running out of time as they were closing in just over an hour from the time we arrived.  However, we managed to speed through most of the museum spending a few extra minutes at the cooler exhibits.

When we were done, we took another cab over to Chicago's Hard Rock Cafe because that is another requirement of ours if we are near a location we have yet to go to (with the one in St. Maarten being the only known exception since we were pressed for time at port on our cruise of engagement).

After dinner, we took yet another cab to Willis Tower for the last of our five destinations on our CityPASSes, Skydeck Chicago!  We took the elevator 103 stories up and walked out onto the Ledge, a glass balcony extending four feet and dangling over 1300 feet off the streets of Chicago!  Ironically, Tessa had to pull my ass out onto the balcony because that was scary even for me and I don't normally mind heights that much as long as I am on stable ground and secure.


Once we made our descent to wear sane people dwell, we took one final cab (yeah, we spent a small fortune on cab fares) to get us back to the Museum Campus train station.  However, our cab driver had no idea where the train station was so we got out next to the Field Museum since that was the first place we had approached from the train station earlier in the day.  We ended up on the wrong side of the ginormous museum so I pulled up the Google Maps app and eventually made it to the station in time to take the next eastbound train on the South Shore Line.  Unfortunately, I didn't read the timetable right and consequently failed to realize that the last train back to South Bend Airport had departed an hour and a half earlier.  So we had to get Ashlyn and her mom to pick us up at the eastmost train station in Michigan City and take us back to our car at South Bend Airport.

We stayed in Indiana a couple more days then made our way back home Thursday morning in order to get back in time for Birthday Bash 2014.  Mark had me broadcasting live from the show during my usual on air hours.  He also had me booked solid with interviews including the one and only John Cooper from SKILLET!  During the interview, I mentioned that I have seen them so many times that I had lost count after a dozen times and that I should be their touring bass player since John occasionally likes to put down his bass to focus on just being a frontman.  His response was to ask me if I knew how to play "Monster" (which I did not) but, being on the spot, I, of course, said that I did.  He then invited me to come on stage and play it with the band later that evening and pointed out that he was making it official since we were on the air and not just saying it in passing.

When the interview was over, I asked him off the air if he was serious and he confirmed that he was.  I then explained to him my dilemma of being a lefty to which Tessa stepped in and volunteered to go home and grab my bass in order for me to step up to the challenge.  John agreed and the game was on!

About 30 minutes before SKILLET's set, Tessa and I went backstage to get my bass tuned to accommodate for the tunings of a five string since I play a four.  After their tech got me tuned, I went back to their dressing room to go over the tune with John.  I continued to go over the tune over and over again during most of the band's set.  Then the tour manager escorted me back to the tech to retune and get powered up for my performance.  Then John called me out on stage and my three minutes of fame began!



As I sit here writing this, I cannot say with any assurance that the fact this actually went down has fully registered with me.  It still feels like a surreal dream experience even though more than 50 hours has passed.  I have done nothing in my life to have deserved such a truly rare privilege and honor of such an experience with a band I greatly admire.  I am just so thankful for the chance and glad I didn't screw it up too badly and managed to put on as much of a show as I can with the physical limitations of being out of shape and overweight!  This is going to be extremely difficult to top!  EVER!!!!
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