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to the ugly ladies that read my blog

You probably heard us talking about going to the History 300 race in Charlotte.  We were guests of #51 Jeremy Clements.  He's a big P1 and all around good dude.  I'm not the biggest NASCAR fan out there but I enjoy going to see a live race.  We got to hang in the pits and the garage area.  Got to meet my boy "Smoke" Tony Stewart, even though Rob Ianuario cut me out of our picture with him.  We got to meet Rutledge from Top Gear, Kyle Petty, Carl Edwards, Joe Nemechek, Morgan Sheppard, and saw The King, Mr. "Yeah I Know" Richard Petty from a distance.  Tehn after the race, I saw her.


Yes, after the race.  And my lord, what a hideous looking troll.  We went 5 feet from her and I swear she is so hot on TV and in commercials and everything, but wow!  So to the ugly ladies who read my blog and listen to my show, there is hope for you!  Sorry you can't grow a huge beard like I did to hide my ugliness.  You on the other hand need to find out what makeup Danica Patrick uses and buy it.  All.  'Cause it works!

Here's me and Rob and Smoke, had Rob not cut me out...

matt man tony stewart


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05/29/2012 4:37PM
to the ugly ladies that read my blog
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03/14/2013 11:07AM
Does this work
Yes I have something to say. I'm getting uglier by the day and what is up with that? How can a person who produces food....or in a plane...or in a hotel....or in a school....get away with that? That is a major crime. And is there a time when the exponential ugliness stops?
03/14/2013 11:10AM
What else what else?
Make conversation about ugliness. Make conversation in general. It's very cold outside. My life is totally over. I look hideous beyond belief. If you are dirty? ....That's relevant to me. What is this? There's nothing to say about this.Major ugliness is major ugliness....
03/14/2013 11:13AM
What is the big mystery about looking more ugly than what you could stand to see.
Ugliness causes boredom Ugliness causes boredom Ugliness causes boredom Is there anything else you just had to learn about looking more ugly than what one could ever stand to look at? Because what I want to know is what did you just have to learn about ugliness what did you just have to know about it Ugliness is the worst That is the complete end of the story
03/14/2013 11:19AM
Ugliness 100
Ugliness causes boredom What did you have to learn about ugliness? What is your question about ugliness?
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