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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

she was called "Turdlips"

Just when you think you have it bad, someone steps forward to prove someone else has it worse.

It was revealed through The Web Nazi's Rumor Mill on the show that I had the nickname of "Tackleberry" when I went to Cone Elementary School.  Well I have a mole right at the top of my buttcrack.  Nine calls it an assmole.  Any back when I was in elementary school my pants were hanging low as usual.  This kid (who's name I can't remember) saw it and thought it was something lingering from a trip to the bathroom (dingleberry) and because the movie Police Academy was popular and he was stuuuuuuuupid he called me Tackleberry.  He told other kids, they pointed at me all grossed out.  I tried to show them it was just a mole but for two years until I left for middle school they thought I didn't wipe well and called me Tackleberry.  Well this morning after I told the story a young lady texted in and told of having a huge brown mole sitting on top of her mouth and she was called "Turdlips" so clearly she had it worse than me.  She said she had since had it removed, but 'ole Tackleberry still has an assmole.


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01/13/2012 5:22PM
she was called "Turdlips"
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