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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

she said turn it up!

The land of the offended.  That's what many people including me like to refer to America. 

I like a little bit of all musical genres.  As far as rap goes I really only care for the old school stuff, N.W.A., Biggie, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, etc.  I do think "Watch The Throne" by Jay-Z and Kanye is really good.  It's not your typical mainstream crap rap out there.  And I know many of you will argue that all rap is crap.  Well Curt Henning, that's neither here nor there.

The other day I went through a drive thru (shocker) and was listening to said CD.  One particuliar song had the N word a lot.  And it hit me if the lady getting me my food (who was black) heard it would she be offended?  I mean I'm not the one saying it, a black guy did.  I was just listening to him say it.  So should I turn it off?  I was next in line.  So I left it going.  Turns out she said turn it up!  I did and right then, boom!  N word really loud.  She didn't act differently.  As much as I am against everyone acting offended and people taking pre-emptive strikes in political correctness, there I was doing the same thing.  But she was down with Hova and Ye, we smiled, and my Whopper was pretty damn good that day.  Have a great day honkies!

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05/29/2012 4:49PM
she said tuen it up!
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