Nights with Diesel
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Nine AKA "Jimmy" AKA "Uncle Ham" AKA "Electric Jimmy" AKA "The Next Mayor of Greenville" AKA "Maffew's right hand man" was born in December of 1984 and raised in Greenville, where he learned at an early age to appreciate the Clock. And Pete’s. And Capri’s. And Tito’s. And Dragon Den. And Monterrey. Nine is described by some as “the single greatest human being alive,” but more often as “fat.” Nine has a special condition that involves self medicating on the way in to work, on the way home from work, and when he gets home.

Ninnie loves the Braves, the Panthers and boxing, and he has an almost scary sort of infatuation with New York Jets QB Chad Pennington. He also enjoys internet sports gambling. He’s a Johnny Cash nut, but he also listens to a lot of Green Day, Chili Peppers and Motown. Nine also has a big 'ole semties.

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