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Has anyone seen Twisted Todd? We haven't seen him in HOURS. He's out looking for his pen.

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HELLLLLLLLLO! Growing up in California, Paige always knew she wanted to be in the media. Before she got her start in radio, Paige worked in television with several FOX affiliates, and was "this close" to landing a job with CNN if she hadn't broken her leg.

Paige has a husband named Fireman AKA Chris. She used to be very secretive about him, but now he's even been on the show a lot of times! She's a music nut and can tell you who's gonna be in concert when or when a CD is coming out, but on the other hand doesn't even know what year it is.

Paige keeps a diary about her life that sometimes makes it's way on the air. Who could forget the entry about her naked Mexican neighbor letting the air out of her tires?

Paige is all woman (with her big 'ole Hoo-Ha's!) and is quick to tell the boys they are being pigs when it comes to how they treat women. In her single days a man who bought her a lobster dinner usually meant he was gonna get some!

She enjoys green tea, spouting off her liberal views, commenting on how hot everyman in Hollywood is, and reminding us Charles Bronson is dead.

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