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933theplanet: Time marches on and so does @twistedtodd who's in next with another chance for you to win $1000 coming up at 2pm!
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Welcome to the Rise Guys Morning Show!  Mattman, Nine, Fatboy and Paige get your morning kicked in with great music, great musings and entertainment... the Rise Guys Way!  Turn in for Truth or Consequences, War, P1 Open Phones, Dirty Thursdays, and lots more.  Listen for some of their signature events like Golf Outings, the Birthday Bash and the 28 Hour Broadcast.  It's the Rise Guys!  Tickle It!
MATT - Host/Local Legend
Maffew was born on October 28th 1975 (remember that date, he'll expect you to tell him Happy Birfday!) After receiving his first hunting rifle at the tender age of 3 from Diddy, many figured Maffew would wind up a celebrated hunter or fisherman. Who knew he would end up with a job where he could wear camo to work everyday that wouldn't involve a gun or fishing pole.

NINE - The Next Mayor of Greenville/The Upstate's Tommy Chong
Nine AKA "Jimmy" AKA "Uncle Ham" AKA "Electric Jimmy" AKA "The Next Mayor of Greenville" was born in December of 1984 and raised in Greenville, where he learned at an early age to appreciate the Clock. And Pete’s. And Capri’s. And Tito’s. And Dragon Den. And Monterrey.

PAIGE - TRG News Director
HELLLLLLLLLO! Growing up in California, Paige always knew she wanted to be in the media. Before she got her start in radio, Paige worked in television with several FOX affiliates, and was "this close" to landing a job with CNN if she hadn't broken her leg.

FATBOY - Producer of TRG
Fatboy AKA Jerry Larry is the assistant producer of The Rise Guys.  Yes, he is Nine's assistant.  He definitely puts the "fun" in dysfunctional.  He's in his mid 20's married to a woman almost double his age.  He's a Grandfather and went to high school with his step daughter.  He doesn't have anything to do with his Mom and Dad and down deep we don't know why.


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