72nd & Central

Is the musical vision of Chapman Suther (Facebook.com/ChapmanSutherMusic),
a musician who began playing live in Birmingham, AL in 2003,
and has carried his style through several bands and an extensive record of solo acoustic appearances, spanning from Atlanta, GA, to Knoxville, TN, Greenville, SC, and even Las Vegas, NV.

After a flurry of life changes, Suther brings forth his true vision:
[ 72nd and Central ]

Following in Suther's "Classic Alternative Indie Acoustic Metal Rock" theme, 72nd and Central combines the drive, angst, and power behind bands such as Nirvana and Tool, with the free-spirited folk-punk of Modest Mouse, the indie-style reminiscence of Brand New, and the pure-rock honesty of the Foo Fighters.

In just 4 months time, 72nd and Central has come a long way. They have played in Greenville, SC and Johnson City, TN. The month of April holds even more opportunity, with an upcoming show in Maryville, TN on 4/27, a show in Greenville, SC, and one in Spartanburg SC. They also have a scheduled feature appearance on the Upstate Unsigned radio program on 93.3 the X in Greenville, SC on 4/22.
 In addition, 72nd and Central are also working to book a summer tour, with a confirmed date at the Nick in Birmingham, AL in June. On that outing, they also hope to hit Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, and Asheville.

"I've been scrambling for years without a band to back me," says Suther. "Now that I have bandmates who want to play as badly as I do, things are moving really fast. I'm really just standing back and watching with amazement. I hope we can keep moving this fast, and make a name for ourselves out on the road. Thats where we want to be."

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