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Posts from August 2012

Video of the Day
Still not sure if this is real...because if you watch closely, the tire doesn't seem to go flat, but regardless the dude got OWNED.

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Hey Man, Can You Help Me Move?
It's that time again, if you live in an apartment you know it all too well...your lease is up and you have to beg your landlords for mercy, as they're trying to raise your rent some rediculous mine are doing right now.

Two years ago I took advantage of a really great move in special (and a managerial mistake) at a community in Greenville, and was put into a two bedroom apartment for the same rent as a one bedroom.  The first time my lease came up for renewal I talked them into just a slight bump in my rent....round 1 Diesel.  This time around they're out for blood, demanding a $200/month increase and they won't budge...knockout punch.

It's really gotten under my skin their complete unwillingness to work with me.  I offered to pay another small increase, but to no avail.  I understand how supply and demand works.  The housing market sucks, so people are moving families into apartments.  Demand goes up, supply stays the same, so price must go up, but to force a loyal, trouble free tennant out of their apartment just seems wrong.

Any thoughts or housing loopholes I can use here?
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Video of the Day
Angels outfielder accidentally kicks umpire in the face sliding into home.

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Video of the Day
HOLY EFF!!!  My palms are sweating just watching this...and why is it always the Russians who are crazy enough to do this?

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Video of the Day
Good lord his voice is penetrating...I mean piercing.  Gilbert Godfried reads '50 Shades of Grey'

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