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NCDD's as we call is now going on at newrock933.com and I would love for you all to vote for me. Not only do I think I have the best bracket of "babes" but have you seen Paige's bracket? I mean GD, can't cuss on here, some of those chicks are dead and Queen Latifah isn't hot, she practically has a penis. I must say I don't understand how most of you vote, Elisha Cuthbert isn't as hot as Emanuelle Chriqri but you guys don't know who the latter is I imagine. Nonetheless I know it doesn't help that WEB NAZI put up horrible pictures of all of our candidates, I still want one of mine to win, bragging rights for the year baby, plus you may get a free lunch out of the deal. hahahahahahahha.

Don't forget to get me on Twitter @Fatboy933

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We got the NCDD's coming up soon, which is our babe bracket championship. I gotta say, I like my bracket, so I'm expecting mine to win, go check em out. Maybe we can have a party if mine win, lol, Bud Light Platinum everywhere. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @Fatboy933 and on Facebook search Fatboy. Let the voting begin.
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