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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

If I was a hot chick, I'd have AIDS

Well hello deh- I feel bad for the Mexicans.  Mi familia really gets a bad wrap.  Gringos always say "Oh you don't know the language, come back from where you came, ya hear?"  And I agree with those comments from Papa Neal.  But if I could, play Oprah's Advocate.  Damn, English is tough to learn!  I mean holy Clear Channel!  And here's why I say this.  Many of you know I have a seven (almost eight) year old daughter named Grace whom is the reason I am alive today.  (I was choking on a hot dog, she punched me in the nuts, I coughed in pain and the dog popped out of my mouth.  And in true Naked Gun fashion it popped over into my Aunt Fuzzy's mouth)  Back to the foreigners and my kid.  My child and I argued for 45 minutes today about footprints.  We were walking out back by our creek in the sand.  She said, "Look at our feetprints Daddy!"  And it began.  "But Daddy, if it's more than one foot it's feet, right?"  "Yes, Grace"  "So, it's feetprints!"  And this continued, even while I was taking a leak in the woods.  Friends, the point here is this.  Yes, foreigners should learn English if they plan on really making it in this country.  Only make sense.  But good Mattman almighty, it's gotta be soooooooooo hard.  Well goodbye deh, -Maffew DeadLindsayLohan.com

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11/15/2010 5:57PM
If I was a hot chick, I'd have AIDS
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11/15/2010 6:31PM
this is in response to your homeless man blog.... Quite Frankly Ive never been so enraged at the homeless until i started working off of woodruff rd... everyday i get off of the exit and its merely a tag team...ive seen these muthafuckers in the rain and in the heat of a bloody summer and when they're walking back to their hole under that exact bridge with bags full of beer. they work together to thrive off of dumbasses that continue to support their littering habit. i have put a bill collector on hold to roll the window down to tell them to clean up their fuckin mess. its a disgrace, that they could feed off of such ignorance in the greenville area. i am an avid listener of your station...however i dont go to work everyday to watch these muthafuckers literally liter greenville with their pathetic dirty signs when all they want is a beer to get to the next day... instead of using the sharpie to "make a sign" how bout fill out a job application or do something for yourself.. and get the fuck off our streets! please DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO GREENVILLE TRASH!
11/25/2010 6:24PM
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