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Why are we having a hard time finding guests for the 4/20 Stoner Jeopardy game?: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys I guess is powered by so these kids can travel. And I. During crawling through. Terms. Jimmy Jack Jackie Jerry Americans Mars big day yeah issues. By the way before you fully gets it that their own the asset jig and Steve vidro names. And the feud interject here. My friend Arlene on snapped it says there's a crappy drive and Williams and then turn. And yes it is trailer park walker. Yet ask yourself is Sarah Lleyton about hopefully hopefully from so when I. News. There is. Recently. Near crab address via an analyst who. He went JJ and says he's from Jersey and there is a shades of death road well traveled up and they have their own Wikipedia page for Thompson the locals just call Shea tread. It's called shades of death because it's the subject of folklore and numerous local legends. Now what I guess has stared predator bridge and Karen. They incidents and have finally PUN little polls is what is the lives on Boehner lake road in gas and and here you are doing it and man's jolly in and they haven't stock it would bar owners in years she says no brainer as to ends and then by the way and hum. Was the issue I won't back in on you how often and Carlson yeah. Well not what you usually did not medicine by naming your anger there was strong. Well you not do men not available tomorrow Aaron why Al there or is available remark and I am. Until the Marcum when he what was the great for twenty. Road trip. Yeah actually let's highlands unfortunately. Judy had to look for some furniture. No priorities here are gonna do is it was a sunny day here and there's not an open nothing going wrong wanna be in rooms yeah there's some rib shack that was open. Rated show and really pay bridges. When does any and everything just a question people won't motorcycles and traffic and we hung out the rivers and stuff all through the and that it was a fun day burning whale there would clear why I go to college and Hawaiian hospital voices how is what is it clear mountainous area ago and indeed this kind of thing. Is it just literally for enters everywhere. And the houses are native that's county is due mount original thoughts. Cars have supply is a place yet there is the furniture capital of the world as with the clearly that this would put on the stuff. Like all housed all my carpet capital unit of the world because they see anything getting your house your winner by George amount that's why. Well yes and obviously that's harbor or third quarter mile Romo and yeah. OK so at weightless. Is now these are probably their Arab Arab restaurants are for tomorrow. No no everything is finally that you weird so providing you weird smoke shops two locations to serve in favor of on them. In the in the mourns here there was there hasn't been sales were so that there's still provide the prize for all that but that the issue. And his words fell on your perturbed visions of finding enough contestants man. And general contestants had a hard time. I wonder is locked in new literary era he's he'll be here. At quarter to eight to mark to play jeopardy so. Natalie crap we only had one person hey yes of communism is falling people engine send a solo home. A couple of them were caught up on the fact it was a spell on me. Sir explain and those are still amazed erroneously taught it before Tori Spelling bee sports when he started jeopardy and that happens but I couldn't manage to explain to people that know no dude I can you spell for you often asked sure I was unable to explain it is not a spelling be is in fact jeopardy. Nominating give it. Different times to different people President Bush talking. And I'll put this in the form of the question WTF yeah. Well so what's the one with two what do what do we do. While also trying to does is it is asking him. So we need to we need to continue to people who can be here. And coordinate aid tomorrow more X quarter eight tomorrow won't you play jeopardy. Yeah. Yeah big tanks the basics are. Tom at all. Where you missed only the last visitors is CNN not a mess there this is why we won't be legal east. Hi heads are lazy good for nothing I'm dependable. Waste of space they are horrible employees and ruin the business world like people on food. Stamps day why go home compound can knocks homeland and Knoxville that is NSA's. Most people I've talked to just make it here often work nor do they can't get off work rights RBS girls earned that right. Graeme would they go to work tomorrow make probably a lot more money than her and reprisal Barbara ultimately would be working all your friends say you know they ran that circle with surgery and he can have your own young people coming here that's called collusion. It again. You were our work. Oh yeah. Everyone that I know is very functioning. Sir ma'am 865 area code please sign Tex when hiring me new winning tri band name. Yeah it's ridiculous every one I knows function I know more alcoholics in a non functioning yeah like I know people who literally. Can't function without alcohol I know pie heads. Simone beautiful 2 AM. Little yoga martial wrestler who's hitting. America. All the while I'm not a safety net sue the anonymity case. I mean like that's it's it's it's the probably Vinny saying. Eighty. This shows. Popularity. Means like you know you basically you'd coming out. And you are standing up and saying you know greater part of border water part. From argue we're oh yeah we should mention that there is surprising you have to get there and think about their motivation is to hear from. It is shaped like enemy no known as. Elmer currency act. And people have a good time in the coming here own or a little while they get AA is that look if you. We we we are in broadcasting and in the south and there's still that. EU say ma people who did literally still believe reefer madness was a real thing. So it's not that they don't necessarily wanna stand up for weed or admit to it. It's what would my mama think are we what would. Here is my opinion on it now chimney anywhere in the Bible that says not to do it okay. Find it. Bush people try to coerce words and and and they'd that you can't. Some. And you can't so deep you know people I'm sure people that do it. But I also believe in the good book and go to church they certainly could remember him come on to say yes I'd like to. Participating Stoner jeopardy on the show for an hour to win a water park. Understood and I think as some of you that. One or maybe get this thing passed get really realizes not be your way to. Come out or stand up. Stand up against the people who just don't understand what are you I don't lose there. Would you be a green letter eight somewhere else. Siri I don't think the people going to our Smartphone though. I get here reminding very he had all people. Who work for. Yeah big. New rage take you corporations are mad just leave his profile from yeah text and then about how they weren't there are nice everybody worker or does not. In he had the whole thing that the veterans and people would this degree in that armory in business owners and Procter and Merrill text and then. Saying that blank blank bag guy income Knoxville. Let's go to. Is I am and you know this thing is that jobs. Would now okay right. Judge Jack good morning. What are. Shorts and Jacqueline. That is cute now that's okay he utility you. I had government they have seen. I prefer what they're seeing magic Jack great temple. I'm Noah and the on I understand I like it here now and his widow on the scheduling end the day off. Now. You know I have. I tried to Jack not available. I see soccer has her mom are you calling to also say you pot people are mad. Oh touched our act now okay where UConn not U wanna play. Polity. I mean. Could join he. And I'm sick as sick until June 29 at oh yeah I just don't ask as a regime of Noriega's on the phone come okay east Lake Wylie a bit of the drive king you'd be here. By tomorrow morning. Bass and 45 AM. There and like Columbia grad who are Greensboro clean Dieldrin. Are very rare yeah I Greenbelt that Carolina right ES a science yet cat I doubt very academic. My ignored or its freedom. Not the kind of tournament. OK okay it's in the Summers are senator for an amateur okay all right Jack. We're gonna Terry on hold suing each information and we'll see tomorrow morning okay. I'm very well have a question he. What exactly consistent donor jeopardy but what are those going to the going to be after the I don't know well any elevate their. Yes it's like who and what we get aboard and here we have categories the whole nine yards like regular jeopardy except all the categories will be you know that funds donor stuff. I read the patient. The. Told them we knew that they can't contestants I like the name I've never heard of the girl named Jacqueline go by Jack I think that's that's hot Narnia mounds are. Schlessinger issue is forbidden Jeb degrees burrow before we set aside yells yeah Lejeune are harder than they are saying man I know they ruined. Palm. Will we allow a former champion to come back. Josh and Alan Ball most and I Josh. Joshua wanted to lead the couple years ago. Yeah under the rock and roll jeopardy. I try it. Oh yes yes your yes media that was two or three years ago level and you gonna come in and then defend your time. We are you being here SM 40000. Sure Ellen Mara how far away is that agreeable. It's ready Shelby North Carolina earning as far as I just I'm I'm coming after a twelve hour shift so I'll be there though for the best. Total home Josh. I have seen is his work in Syria jar ship potentially Jack. Potentially yes Jin man and I know her name and and mean it's sad diet. Said lord I do it I'll make plans for the weekends and show her. You know yeah I thought anybody do it doom as sometimes they get first it seems like a fun time. Yeah and then have to even pay a little bit yeah so far away it is up out of it yeah it's like my mind my nasty yeah. Knowing Errol birthday yeah. Is turning one on I'm sanity here. And the man this past weekend Durham North Shore where. Bishop had a last weekend when Gaza there. South convince them haven't held speaker is. Your year I just say anger isn't it any better from the middle of the whole party to the upstate leave early he didn't do three dollars and you have a mama. Yeah they're from an ally via missing her fellowship launcher trio. I should be loves. We reserve is Texas 7234. Well. How many guys Tyler Greene. Well I imagine there's also you could simply. By saying top. Lord and her. That's me is does he or replaced George are really is supposed to come in there. This is your message broccoli and mortar as natural for us to dislike about how I saw red on the back and they miss school bus even as a kid didn't. And you know Lyndon punctuation makes it again I'm not and sign it soon. Raise hailed. We'll intimidated in this is what he's saying no my school bus seat on the bank he said ray's tail blank and Andy and Mike. Louis Gomez. What. Received you know his buddies are what are you doing so you know boy can they do they even use a common. Right as what it yet these years later RI were I realize a slight raise hell. I can say did another blanket and a duty is going to say do. At all Paul by the association. Oh boy here we go cross in Blacksburg. Patriots. Q I used to bury it signed. Thank you big swing get to eagle and taken to task. What are our assets are you think your big swig of the table for you taken to task. OK let's go. So last Victor a marijuana and the Bob go ahead. Art dealer video about a Genesis chapter one the first 29. Page more isolation has pretty much say god give us. Albany actual seat very quiet and herb street youth. So if you read it that way eventually the Bible garnered a robot. That's the book and also says don't lose my number. So let's not get it that's a joke plotted out. Less certain that that it just between night Eds correct if I'm wrong but that's where they talk about like. Hi a day it's like they put the word high end there Jim Sorgi to have high days and yeah I agree what I did it take you guys have a good morning till tiger ever. In a lot of bubbles font from the else I would and in. Because you can always count. I mean like you know if you doubt about how we'll for the first eighteen years and I think this is the racial problem somebody can always trump each other with the passage. Because you. Yeah that's why interpretations might well aren't like what we said with the big kiss thing then rock and roll hall. Also are used to roll over Errol Louis from brown in answer to the day I take it is. Have sex and that does sleep a page to get as some kind of that tricky to TJ doll. Here's our tires are very real to slime or Jesus was not even around the Genesis of sports. Yeah we did he come in and say that's when the one who loses interest and the other tests new. The latter or okay same event became. Is sequel. He's a man and a pre. Lou nanny do we need other contestants. Mandalit we have two maybe three different he's won one. Local group we earlier third confirmed. I think what I had to buy drugs I think of one town. I live near Spartanburg breaks and get into a. We are it is good Houston is that the waited to spell your name and just miss bella. HO UST you know just. It's like a city. In the minors whose name like that Hillary Rabbani the UGH is steal yeah. You say are sympathetic to the Houston we have a problem but I Hamas not dumb ass yeah. Has amassed only goes so do all the Yankees. Your friend named Houston the it hasn't always used in these fields top shape fitness nothing gringo and he's always a bit Ahmed G denounced him as bill of those is the worst moment in mind. Was absolutely yeah I didn't think he felt like Houston Texas even the porn star he stood his ground and pound yesterday. Hundred ripping me up and get out and getting her through anyway and are used to in Spartanburg. Looks so. Don't really know recruit and I had definitely wants you in here now waving her. Arms and a black pastor in here and hot. How are they entertain at least. Higher per holder. Hall or in her. Home has about it on. The there are reliable. Show. Barney Dino like the CA DR I know. I tell you I'd almost a matter almost pay him to be here today there was an ad in the pocket and then. I colors lingering the last one we gonna have their power these well I candidates. And NATO are guys that does that I from the takes flying here are driving value assessment. Dollars a call and play the game you win comments are held it. I'm going eight. The F led do you name your piece I care here you're gimmick the have a name for like nine east have Villa highly. Michael. No I've got certainly had that rare these cars as this. It's like many we have like let's let's say you got. Who area where pro about a router at home here. And not spill won't hear TI EL Liu wore nice to have an era. Okay enduring greatness when Ellie we pretty much count on you to be here sim 47 more. Are her aren't home or Israel or father's firm anyway lawnmower. Now organ. Hugs to the reader is sure I'll hit it ethic narrator now. I'll miss this one as nicely wouldn't help his talent and promise just a fun thing. I'm just spells a name and then we all try to guess what name is there element us and headlines. I mean and they had this thing is I am. I will let take a break and we do you ever feel right now we do you ever feel yeah we have contestants for now what are people dropped nearly always I'm glad that's my alternates yeah. It ends lazier in North Carolina when it lies somewhere all the way as far as liars you know railway age somewhere like that pricey for a drive we meet somewhere you local probably within the right note and over Rory the national police now please now are paint would be so much handle any and he's right after this. PG then door I 93 pointer in Atlanta and rob. Right guys headlines we need and you're beatle who. Oxygenated best managed state armory about how the guy goes from being in the full uncle for the loser uncle and the ones they know what in the world and I was from his radio this smell. Hey guys you passes over in the middle has. More demands for example 120 degrees at room temperature is really does yeah it's meant. I got comment that. Comment you have pulling collar. The meetings. That's exactly it my mama everything you can and can't. Say you can't get on your grade on Gordon I'm the best uncle ever when he did it again. I buy the well you know lose a little what are. Oh yeah yeah I would I listen I. The best they had to do then yeah. They just played like yeah I know only too well. Oh well mammoth. You. Yeah. I. He's been in the room to continue on in winless against. You know he's tainted or did this. They laughed and stole the last. Hugs and you stole my I'm glad are you know is that there's lines right here. Are you. I O'Hara. Gives these these hey you're own. HD. The same time. Sounded like the Nazis and they're there there that are creeping Hudson's all filled Firestone. I was there anything. Now back to story of the story. About does do that went from being coached in a laser over to happen and now it's like to Sheikh. Not she barely nowhere else from Palin you trap heat and she too. This fight knowing that well this is turning nine year old Lawrence jocks. There's dozens jocks can pay Larry jocks. Tripe. We had Easter with his dinner on. I'm in general and the other side. You're only Vermont city automatic handguns that were to look for Wragge yeah. He can ill people Afflalo. And pay. The green industry and I don't amount amount. I said the other day and Wednesday and should present as a member of the pitches the ball and yeah I don't think it is the. There is story he need math math Jeff Kinney and he units. And closer. He's asked mouth right now closers and guys that it plans to do that in my back. No matter whether you're tired and so decided okay. He is not right here. Nephew to movie on that night and Sunday don't worry jocks or vector dinner let's get your movie. But in the middle of it he walked out of the theater but never came back and that's the kid there by himself. Well purpose. He had. Ulterior motives and I'll tell you about their next move so that employees. Called the cops because the kid did no worry landings only nine he doesn't know movie theater perhaps timing he doesn't he get near Orange County home playing in them. And so they ended up finding now Larry. And other theater in the same complex the one these sort next hole. All where I would ever as a whole lot okay. It'll be well it's turn around and he had gone and the other theater to Dubai it's apparent. He suggests. But he wasn't watching trainspotting he should have been a movie is intact. And again as we moment. It's got to be one that nobody's going to save that he can go I mean heroin stinks right. The I don't nobody lost on average no way no way I don't know Honeywell index it to be here I don't. Well it passed out with the speed up on the chair and the cops found haren and the Serbs fringe on him. Here and Rosenberg who is there but we'll try to figure advertisement. You know assembly there that movie theater off heroin circle in as former. In my view shoot it in my being parents is zero there's front edges or before after midnight. There's not a good theater just before 12 AM. I'm who's the nine year old was by himself against his movie must have been overwhelmed now he's like you can finally half marathon. I'm looking at the movies that play by play line. You can see the balls maybe 89 mornings prior beauty in the big east at 940 I'm Libby mine. My guess is not. So Merv since nine fist things currently you know sort of that you're trying to sign I wanna know which one bad snap tinted automobiles watch call uncle I only started all ships due when and when a plan that we're now nobody's saying that yeah it is bad movies here in Vermont see what. Sean now he's facing charges for possession and cruelty to a child and his son bail was set at a thousand dollars. They ordered him to stay away from his nephew and a theater where happen snapped. It'll be gone there many times and yet I would I would think if you DJ called Dylan heroin in a movie theater here on trespass notice yeah you and thank news. Not an ideal movie she had just put a hair went down in the popcorn and people disclose that was just like. Forsberg knew about or hear one no Wilson who know LA I hero intern who organization that I guess here with sliders every year they're only nine. I thought a ball around dollars he. Here's a crazy story always getting out I don't really demonstrate. I don't know I don't know I don't know if I. Here's the crazy story out of Texas where firefighters had to break something to free a woman's arm and her and her hips. The typical. Yeah. Yeah oh yeah it. In various things you really wanted to be an intro course this Texas woman who attempted to fix a torn clogged. By using her hand and an end up happening to call the firefighters to break they managed to free yourself harm that was like she didn't wanna get them. Yeah to call rotor Rooter and not just fire department allies she didn't have a plunger and she didn't wanna shell. The money for a plumber says he she thought she can reach an end. Pull some paper out but were hands you'll like symbolizes gotten stuck comes something and it was stuck inside the toilet there. Are so they had to listen up free at and carried outside and then they broke the toilet with a slight him earn her her moments priests and how should America Merrill now she doesn't now as tiger being you know an Indian home now but at least you have some. It would be kind of painful stuck in a hole about. Where you do any Indian home the easier seek to set up. I don't remember Ben Gordon come onto once and a hole in sports are not manager I remember ended any Murray's home and had a hole in the floor. And amending in the places were leading men all in all four bloody of those men drug and many of them can't. Mysterious plague you. You know they put a piece carpet and Heidi that is already there in the dark instead minutes yet exhaust I wouldn't even in Baby Jessica. Did he show you. Lol mono let's oil. The that it had a hot responders are jobs I. As my guide and air the way now guys know why let me out. I am going to be in racist I'm seeing a lot of people out of Australian vs Boehner and other countries might be and other countries that Chilean miners turns it zoo. Where you usually in martyrs are racist I'm saying mayor races and they are adulterers you've seen the movie and other adulterers and he's one behind on aids. Does your guys have much. The rise guys morning shelves anytime anywhere. Download a free ad is bad enough agents at all. 3.3 don't plan as. Playing Santa he came right back judge Perry can do it. Far at all you know a lot of drag queens Jimmy and little rusty drier and Vijay says. Can universe and everything you're uncertain that only goes. For all of her look at this picture of prince you know you know even Britney what he isn't. It spears right. He knows the leaders like the pickles number he's been OK. Yeah. Oh money Allen told media that not a snort is the ultimate compliment you can pay comedian. That's when you just lose all control. Mean that's the ultimately you've been serious for a snore and yes that was it could be huge if you're asking for her camera just does make so against a pitcher and America okay yeah away he's eaten did that thing recall CBO yeah yeah I that narrow generally some yeah. It was a nine drag queens I noticed Lisa's family's picture or Britney and I'm looking and omelets and as I. I think in a south she is looking good. Fifth six and you know she. There are playing nice Michael burying the parent out there iron in there and barely she's been a half hour you once or roof fall in the is that trying to isn't it. Which means it's our own share for more on leniency towards. You save in forty minutes in the district's athletic enough oil here so whenever I'm out Jimmy Jack. The idea of dope wars. No but we are you don't lose. A colleague about men everywhere apparently. This peaches Christ are real drag queen or not his peaches Christ a real drag queen. Tex then answered Carolina liberal sex line number is 72341. Again 72341. They deny any third correct answer to win tickets to rocket rabble. Next weekend goes Z rock and roller recused Tribune why. Members and four for him. How I hit measurement nonstop rob blogging Google finance page Iraqi were bring FaceBook ponson tomorrow and fat boy and a five cameras are. Rebounded 116 thank you for list and had a blast. People like me still a guy's guy. My blood kicks up next plus 93 point three number.