Wednesday, January 11th

What classic car, or cars not in production anymore, would you bring back?


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Here's your key line. And the day for our eyes and mornings yeah. My friend Travis wall had this the who was he had he had embargo. Alia the comeback kids Ford Bronco that you submit them back. All he'd cut off the year in the back of it so it was a convertible pin and I just remember. 1993. Trapped men down. It was rare good idea yeah it was did did their voices to bring about real through the bunker and didn't. We're in America wins. Is to this coming year maybe the year after it was announced whenever it cardinals coming year is 28 taking every 122 morning. Opponents won't hear what is Tulsa money you know Winston it's all been. Solid. Sorry I got you exempt it do you treasure garage and I'm sorry I didn't I don't you clearly are you know how he uses the Internet now like most people use in their collection informational tool like. I didn't know that this could you know not use the Internet as a dim weapon like his disposal to kill people with. It's funny yeah. I have learned wouldn't know anything wrestling for the elusive bush is going to be a big and then kind of legs off for now I don't like. It. I saw the horrible news I don't Waco to take your dog to read every energy inside all the web before and if you didn't think it it if the immediate nanny takes down in a dozen different. So that forward he's gonna bring back the bronco whoever makes. This form was. Now Obama continues now that's a big difference broader reportedly. Include the they're very Brock is around there also bring an act. The editor for Rangers that's a little break on the even realize threat or that there's some additional pilot for the fall. Now you know then no idea they've had pierce stepped up there and they're bringing back the white and here. I had lend an ear and out and a wagon here. I had 8484. Jeep grand wagon here had the wood grain finished. Had shag carpet. Swayze died ahead shag carpet did you drop some in the floorboards that was don't shag our thing yeah that's four yeah. Shagged not shag carpet now I know what you sent a couple of hundred of them it was truly are burnt orange fans they Carville yeah. As cream colored on the outside student. With a wood grain which the wood grain was a sticker. Asked hey you donated and Gail via your cereal anyway here in America. The bringing them back to what exactly is saying here I mean essentially the only ones that's exactly what might look like there as you're sorry ma'am tell us that he can't see you right now but the fact that this really cool. This makes things there that. Cars nowadays you don't I think what entered illegal equipment Altima as an embryo back ten years later do get excited about it. Yeah that's who best. That society has fashioned you know skinny jeans he'll be bell bottoms again and then they'll be skinny jeans again and then now you know all that. Sort of they did is they still have a personality Suze is going to be continuously bring him back the same ones rang out like Beatles and wagon ears and and different types of trucks and an SUV that vehicles Broncos itself or stuff like bachelor and they quit making jeeps for like ten years and in. Braugher bad. Man. Barrett is Obama's own people would flip the blank gal pad there. So here's the they've. 29 now I had to take exception when nine zug information on the blog are you literally on it's the bronco has a release date between ninety victorious when my hour here. Johnson didn't regardless look at those there's like an event that Nextel. Not a bad looking vehicle restaurant that asked will zoos come on the rim Smart purgatory simply don't have tumors 2019. Released it this way. Deer heads dot org says this amounts to anything yet that problems in the right way. Did that this can SJ the engine is the fronting a little like an old just do you think that the NSA agent. That that looks like the old style but he's got that. Art Deco bubble wrap for kinda look to it. Guess I don't think Alan there's exactly what it's gonna look like from some awards this year he's won it in and worst around when the store around since there's this little rounder. Most of look like that when this man this picture go around this is just now I don't look and writer and explorer as soon. Brandeis international scout that I was only an analyst on man that was real small bag bring back chaos. I want to Suzuki sidekick back oh yeah direct line what did you yeah it has every car you drive I. Why did Geo Metro dumb strategy mantra yeah. And I want they are on slow. Someone is using true. Who who always ask the girl that went to wade Hampton had more this instantly reminded me in this her name was. That are so I'll explain them and cares. I remember Brad Miller and email needs members sister. A home in a different counts yes yes just announced drove a white Isuzu Trooper on the glass windows god bless you I did I don't know what harm or hurt the car. The sportsman they came in mid ninety's were zoos are troopers were behind me it's for real they're American that was the popular fingered. Still that stuff was better back then start bikini top. I'm gonna passwords well on the Jesus Monty to contain the top softening and that's final time this summer. I'm kinda rag top yeah yes and should. There was also another car backing them. Late eighties early ninety's. That like Chevy sprint. Images did you just comment any the call on the policy would be they're coming back with a brand new forced us even then they're gonna drive to the beach and a wrap tiny that karma you know. It was it was a Jesse member Kevin Howard yeah I remember him he had yeah. Had to Alyssa what was it was a hatchback in the hit his lowered. And it was kind of like the bubble. This is like when when lowered and you know I neon art Kraft was in. Cut what it's call with the pacer. He sure that have the bubble went down and about now you're gonna wind swirled what was said who is it a Ford Escort. Would've been the it was popular. Are your wars have cowboys on the mile high school fans today. Chick and almost enormous what was that thing called it was it was a I don't know messenger of this book. What do they call. It would have been like 88. Early ninety's. It was it was a hatchback a must say it was a Ford Escort the head that it doesn't look right beyond Google. I'll attempt to model Ford didn't expect them. Pretty good in anything other years in this for a fourth straight ahead in this court. Saying it is an animal. We'll find out how true your fact source or a sense person messages your. It iPad may ban may be and he doesn't look right. Maybe it was. All those cars made in the wasn't when you said you did is is a trooper what about it did it uses her passport was news's major Xavier. She does anger problem that the Ford Taurus and the Mercury sable were the same exact car there. What was it they risen now the ones that would same exact vehicle just different bed badges on the front there was any errors in my favor warns the the Monte Carlo the grand national and the Buick regal was named the exact same thing ruined by you right here and they're always building GM cars and economic and saying the Monte Carlo was my personal picks. Yeah dozens have one round little kid I had to be black yes. Yes she had a great windows girl she had a great weren't just wanna Chris on what it out it was good it was like the black what was there SS Tim gray with the red and black aren't. All names dale. Yeah I see coming out of graduate did all the black ones claim they'll little louder now won't. To bail him out here to. Yeah. Establishing you bring back into what was your you dream. Well maybe not you dream ride that was that was. When it's when my right at east lake was your dream members of yourself Ford Focus I was manager test after government. And through my Carl order. And red Monte Carlo amended the only original comic Corel. It's an album I took a what do they bring these things and act like they've brought regularly Carlos for awhile there remember that yeah now early 2000 is yeah I hero I'll Google that for none. Cars there ever like you remember on the election they said you know I wanted it to eighty ZX and I was a kid if they brought that back now it would look like a you know land. Prius is something Wheeler there. I'll polling. Murray Carlo. You'll beat if you bring it back the these tires still put ballot is any shame our money colleague Liz aid is got to look like he'd cut rule wall like it's a very sharp looking car we weren't exactly like you did before. Yeah that's what people want from my. Are there Veronica isn't it a thunderbird they redid it let me exactly Zain where there are those the little. The verbal or dad 159 they redid it I think in nine knotty now the around fortieth anniversary. 2000. He's really got you I need your remarks to dress up like your grandma on the weekends. Oh god oh no he got more than thunderbirds and the nine. And say he's a producer this year radiation. It's. Management has a house not. He's five. So what what was your seed did you send Campbell no I mean noodles Harlem it's got to lose something you can't bring all these tours backed. The markets to crowd. Yeah well win means a lonely and they wouldn't commotion trades. I don't know and be fun cars to bring American Rebecca ranger to what is. The only if it was a good truck now I think rightly so much about that about six months and value did not even mention that they didn't lose her liver Brigham and Carter did you you want to do actually listen to it while I was nutritionally there. I sold for a promise it is. I like the fact that they're bringing back the small forward drive trucks nuclear intentions are you wanna small poor drive turn right I June and I can't. Is guess and mark book because he has lived and now all I actually think it's practical for someone that doesn't have to home lie and you just needed every once someone out yet. You know. We are here have been damaged gas into it or blanket to figure in your backyard. We need a home. They prince. You know Gary we no longer be easier to just like put the coolers and stuff from the Bakken trend dogs in the truck and that on up there yeah. Newsroom but my shot guy and Iraq back there I'd be I'd be ready to urea honorary. I'm ready to gab. Yeah well I was gonna camp lingering long lines for patent mood today. I three finger syndrome they can't. There it was a neat. It would the Mercury reprieve then had a mobile back when their religious like the most during. Mean do they report are cute concrete shoes it's complete and yeah. My mama and Evelyn AB due a boy you're absolutely right well okay point. God. I give that dog yeah cheated who had angst all the idea that they didn't somebody to sell a car designed to both companies. Rare for mergers and I already wearing. The Mercury are saying come to dislike VM is Chevrolet Buick probable. I don't goes in there at the ground they get a merger grim work easily takes a Carolina Taurus in the sable. They're grounded Torre and the grand marquis were the same also. Markieff marquis I university site in NCAA CF can never figure out who. GM and who has could not afford to buy out Carol thanks for the information sir have a good morning are brought all earned well. I don't know how much rockets brought her own party on and we might. And we were all so GM owns Chevy put the area GM is shedding Ford owned the Mercury there okay. There are Jackson's crazy about it look. If I had a Mercury actually what I did and a half step up waiting in Georgia if you were ruins your run into walls institute. A goat and a drab down the town about a Mercury or ten crazy about American or. Or money. I have heard me tell you what did you go by and are now down about murdering energy news Tracy about a Mercury and Mercury dental work and villages blankets and among the hopefuls slowly started Alia as having. If I had money until you an idea yeah armored courier to her. My Parker Lanka Fahad Mercury could tell you what it is then I'd go give me some big money or too crazy about money. Not meant to kill you just gotta do do it right you got an earlier this all. The I mean you look country might it seems she is right Mercury and Mercury blues by Allen's ads here. Mallon and sold some. Yeah I heard here today what our value around. Alan Jackson isn't a countrymen eagle Abbas some meat. They did to the Mercury dealership. Did you end if we hadn't you also might take him or his countrymen and publish his journey and he's a guy out orders are signed Iraq. Horse and then let's go in Charlotte. So the big man here that he's not always try. Our whose big. They may have still been some short not a threat. I nearly five saves for the Moscow homeowner normally logs and have Simone and men YouTube brand. That's okay. We retribution what we'll call this page I have my open. Me and. Comic view tennis great and are carrying. Hey I'm Mercury. And I'm all about how many Americans are you know. Rule. You know what I can now. If I'm wrong that I'm proud saved. Quiet I'm wrong I was wrong not wrong now let's throw me now I know of anyway and some money here in California Sunday. Part of our Mercury data makes more sad and then he injured his second personally drove into the Chattahoochee it is inserted the girl and had sex with Greg's program and oh yeah. As right as singing a song here and in the street who's gonna midnight and number he said he dropped girl opposite side of a mountain at the end Roy Pearson told tall trees and it's only moves about telling him reminder of the time should we do many whom to at a gas and strident and you don't care does Kalin put the pound boxes here. They don't re embarrassed bully was about her chest feels Jeff. He did he's aged yeah because. Pie guy see evidence nearly a moment where Gonzalez got to mimic. So where are you February. Where you. Allows young Q when you lose again blue balls and gently to the bottom god Blatter Mercury. I X. What's he doing and I could play. Plus it wasn't punchline now Hillary is and I was still unsolved peculiar. More than them that when you come home I'm sure you know. It was studio as a reporter oddly enough 99 a bit different kind of programming that's what it was. I have corporate power play here. Yet keep it here what Sharon is. Yeah. Well I think that it out there every day every sport. We.