Wednesday, January 11th

Lots of stuff going on this morning from a funny text story from Matt to sports memories from the past: Headlines.


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You radio station as dead. No helps radio station Wannstedt. The rise guys morning she Maggie 3.3 you don't plan. I'm surprised guy in soccer. And I don't think it's. No I. I'm Lauren and he. Okay. So good that I am. You all have an animal ready. Learn the English releasing this I guess later in. You may be light hell I don't mind what that is. Computer when you listen strike for questions. Which omitted due tomorrow room 63. Let's try it but today being. Wednesday. January 11 2017. Billion. I got 55900. Do you think the collection. It was like monster minutes fence but you name on the SAT at a hundred points today. Guarantee. You spell it right and he's still around. Anyway. How's it going and scoop. Is that why there is quite good it is good. I'll grant showers early cloudy this afternoon high as thin and right now it's cloudy. And 41 in Malden. Home of the man it's. Yeah. Did John McCain's your mask guy down there and malt and now I don't know it's happened in the mavs. The not the Dallas wants don't Dirk still pours ore. And how does he really mean this and that. Is to farewell season there's got to be in these awful. If there was ever a time or mirror. Karen Garnett was ordered by Mark Cuban leaders refused to your players for the mavericks. Kid and probably is due more to do it when he got to Boston what cagey spin. Who says no way you may be so we didn't win ten years in Minnesota. Yeah and it was all. They would beg him to personalize your attire and being employed months. Assume he retired as well you remember Ray Allen he still play he renewed dispute retired justice Pena Spencer our analysts say he had Kerry kittles. All we have bingo. Rebalancing you would come back and play for the books and some muddy hills with the volume came after. Toby retired in London and 9697. Plants can be retired AEI is retired and Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Yes he's been known. More birds poisons our enemies on the cliffs Lorenzen Wright is going. Duke enters these now with KG more glitches or click OK June borderline hall of Famer. But I agree Linda. Alone on KG is Demirel framers was therapy arm or more once I care that would probably be legit Tuesday night's thirty KG here. His stories about him or you. It is people who are intense when they've placed towards. And there's only wanted to camping yes there are people who are you're insane when they play sports and terrorism whereas once I got there. Like here meaning he just takes it way too seriously or he's like Peyton Manning right eat eats breathes and sleeps is for a little bit of growth. I forgot he was an effort to years of Paul Pierce failed Madison where people through Kevin Garnett mean about it. Did you you know we gave up a lot to get those who live in Mallorca and I had no cola so that is an jerseys that was in there suffer for males do it and you are seeing dirt wire. They are in which he Nowitzki Ana she's similar care well we don't get a little bit here Ali bombers manner. Yeah cheese burger king and and Swedish I was gonna it is an Indian princesses some rock era. Is illusory image yeah alleges may be so great points a game when he's not her. He looks like seriously bill while the news very. Es Salem bill one and him not just a little bit here a little longer mistakes Luke Walton for her car vs. What Luke is already a coach tabloid told me the other day and Arizona when they do lakers as weird as your coach. I am named all the niceties nice and class is young's condition India. Mean not all low moment. At that point thinking about SA Carrie kills us that a smile he walker or yeah he's an elf oil. Kind of flamed out really doing this I'll tell my hand just really weird. I can tell you like past the 97 NEA I did Tim Duncan I seven I get. Them prior to that prior to hit. Prior to pull listen to this here's what a moment beat Kevin Garnett is 9596. Who was the big. Rookie of 9394. Our. As last night on ATM eastern right after Shaq nice three honey for Chris where any. Pinning that was their queries BLU Chris Webber and then Grant Hill. There are aria as decoys that was and then just have known this fellow external come and go straight from hostile and crystal Parker get your scrolls are becoming an ad as Stevens got suck. Who's the other guy who went straight in Jordan's. Apprentice and the army ground out boil when Obama anger toward Jordan had consume you miss whose sense of revenue quipped yeah I actually was damn near depressed suicide he and his apprentice is like. You know I think that's what I told chamber as he's seen that Thomas admitted the pressure that was on your son junior junior or Griffey's hit and the fact that. Not only did he eclipsed Igor. Career. I think guys like. You know this is mount Rushmore baseball hat but when he people on it well that's my god he will be. They know. Or Kwame Brown he's 34 and out. If you lose Iron Man ever being in Jordan would be. Ross all of cigar smoke can degenerate gambler and and why girls you watch him or his millions and millions of dollars every hour replay dauphin underwent some back commenced armor and more cars there they're very they're very and then he's another one of those series. Psycho competitor yeah. Him evidently told him every day out bit sucks notion being in the league and he was eighteen times against him as a little while works in the military. Visuals are just shares set I would eventually really don't work out of that I. You're under the sun and who isn't there an extra volunteers. You know Jordan Barkley at each other now. Like in really as far as those to some kind of low media you know. Beach just to be funny what is currently under the Smart remarks to shave off his Taylor stashed a Barclays agreement shorn sucks as an owner in the corners are good now. It is kind of made him look better but he come off. More for him for instance I guerrilla. Why don't you let me just what does that mean each had eight mile to play in his golf tournaments and I don't talk. Barkley wants to you know be France again Jordan towards him. I Mandel told through this from the gentle Mozilla division of sports department local vote our correspondents everywhere. He told you that Jeff. The other name and his sense PR system is but that it's been the bug your house Pierre who watch out for Barack. A symbol. As Muslim rule while all eyes at all it's. True well you'll soon. I think we're Charles Barkley said the word herbal. One time a lot of impressions. Of Charles Barkley continue that owners like he's sure a lot more Hendrix wit it is good. It is good it is literally the only time he's really ever said that. Except for the fact it is in music it is good we isolated and used it now firm. Twelve years plus. Any said he wants there where he says his combative for blood now it's his it's his dollar in her answers cash for his her its city area is his side I also. The exits closed I'll be a minute lighten there. I should sling merged now. I don't assured mark mark was about margin MRSA. No sir and the way it is for England everybody needs a toilet plunger for their heads. How did she didn't say is somebody has insurance now. But the neutrino is adorable and leaders from private labeled build those are some reserves and murdered weren't very good they're ponderous is her bell restaurant group. Now he's permanent. He doesn't care he I don't know I think I think ray yeah the one where he said touching that again let's say thank you see him dispensers where she's had electricity. That's starting lawlessness Doris if there's a pitcher mark Paul like he's out communicating with the other side of the incident he made me take that picture. Police Annika panelist regarding will and believed to have ticket he when they're ready to do this a little boy it's just fix figured before on the I'll have our city's far on this shareware deal. He always have those are ye hear stories from people in our read about him where. A man nothing that ever happened to me. About texting show costs. I had one of those yesterday whenever. If you've seen on the challenge has an entire bit now where she data shows screen shots of autocratic said it and you know. Texting the wrong person analysts usually parents and things like that. And website as a reference or what. Is texting fails or mailing. Kids scream Sherron texts from their parents she's brilliant as much Q how YouTube is made zillions a dollars off everybody has his contact Ellen is doing the same thing she wants to. We can upload your own videos that's Bryant a bogey on the worst thing was built for Shirley cells under she sells element boxers and a very. So anyway. You know there's there's been things whereas accidentally texts to people but not to this degree so I had my phone call yesterday so. One of my. Came when members had sent me a text message barrels out mayor to harness that they have rules are mayors she doesn't text. At one time she technique in it was all it was fifteen words in one word unclear but I was able to decipher it. An elementary they'll. So really one of my family members and they're now not ever named them by name. Ximian texting was asking Rob Ferguson information bad. It was. It's a worthy. Did greatness or criminal or the holy Grail is that being kept there and it's not oak island tabloid owner who are wasting your time for. So she asked me out of baton the last inch. You know you know which one it is I don't Knesset owners are you know cement mix ark of the covenant. So I copied and pasted the information put it into the text in there scroll back up to the top of attacks. To right. Here you download them. Here yeah often did now I don't ever say here young yeah. The honor I would never say you get here and he would he would be a more about a biblical kind of pat Hawaii they're hearing he got English. Someplace here ya go aha three words. HER eighty. YAG. Yeah. A senate. And and that you ever imagine just read through the text at least another mission is to do it before but do you do it afterwards or some term cowboy the Horace. At the top five it's in my. Seventy year old family member who had so that kudos to our. It saves here yet 'cause. Embarrassed the address. Here you know hopefully now appears as saying I narrowed more than hero. Yes I did and I tell you our voice or outlook my phone last night and started putting and just phrases to see what the next word to pop up there was. Was insane are where was Merom pretty crazy man three out knowing your phone and Clinton beaten up and see what the hard part. So I did say yesterday so I was kind of conflicted because she seventy. Do I text her back when the Estrich. Wrote. Here ya know I correct myself at all. So I went to live there though I'm no expert. I thirteen year old I said look if you receive this is seven year old woman would you assume that. Your nephew called you how. She said no don't correct she probably won't just read it as here Yond. You're right when you're graded as a or think anything out this year has taught incorrect that I wasn't calling her house as far as I know she slept with the same man for the last fifteen years. Now is it I think there is any reason why here and may misinterpret that as you calling her how do you say is my yet. There's reason Reynolds and he throws making anything now it is if there were any reason why someone you know especially someone in your standard family may. Think that you were calling them you know. One Els night's practice it is you you're not enough that she thinks you might actually do it so much or she's not for thinking you did it. Frank Orioles nuts and I'll let entertained she has a life more power to ban any. An ally that whatever her name and can't say your name built in power and that's grace my headaches basement Abraham. Oh bad banana not a whole lot of cities and a yeah it's her and dragged it but. You know. I selectors should maybe give her call and say look this way you know something. I do not think fiercely very. I don't know anything about your past. Right is that I'd say EEU pal and done much lately at all. Earn. Here you go oh my god and that's an issue with senator Kearney transcribed it sure you know where where are Jimmy's car wall war re detects take them. Which is the only thing sucks about that is it because it doesn't read it known as the Israeli foreign accent car all day. He's card reader because it greens really slow death is really were meal with the it's a reading and I read Arabs and amusing to read to me so nice and easily borrower Byron Dorgan there. Stop by the grocery store and buy some chicken fat ice. Dot dot dot I eating chicken backs want you to press the good stuff dot dot dot. Here you have gotten my Mexican guys seem to be working on so it's. Rumor and he's still hungry to Zdeno meat on the bones. Ball yours or the fat little army our power to order Newton no real order from period familiar older than I was so I think for us and that's part of pin her down man it. As part legacy as part of the day's news and snapped. Do you allow a man I've never had. Pickled pig's feet pickled eggs or her career through Briggs or try to charm that was dreadful. Adam page. I've seen them and I would think why would anybody want to partake in some Mike Spann. And. And decline they have three or don't if that's when he won't take a look I certainly don't Warrick pickle now I don't worry they could not payrolls up 18 pickle and what kind of see what you need on a regular basis anyway. My own news campaign 2000. I bet there walking around and hand it doesn't sound like something you'd and when he first came to Washington and stuff they're literally children's. In the pedicure. Small cannon mountain and pig here and to mark hey somewhere tomorrow. I'm not doing too down on them to catch it anyway and I think we take off Brad and and really that would be a fun thing to watch as the ultimate work. You really never saw many fat farmers blown around chasing kids are a bit ahead remand. You can chickens in all kinds of stuff you know mail phrase. I'm teaching you and he had federal milk in the same that. So bizarre I'd seen him play twenty years but that is a bizarre thing isn't it strange thing to observe shaking its head cut off and just runs around. Forever island finally go on forever now not all it seems to be ours is just moments there and finally. Cops falls during have raised all our laziness whom Israel Peres and whether it be legitimate. Rumors there's some love cycle there sometimes they don't why never somebody's nuggets or wings has I was just after making your sisters would. Our news or you. Just Mineta had one blocked a road runner when times are gourmet ball. Our is always this go oh yeah her red scroll Ernie ball and he argued during immigrant. Well speak and have. Good luck. Allah about theft returns this registry now. A strategy in and there are no wonder my luck is such for years they're share here in Michigan and my iPod a friend of tennis stinking we have haren won the devious as a producer to. Seen here backstage Jett who I didn't. Gordon sugar group Stewart it was corn. Chicken heads down here at that somebody who was not down at that point moloch I didn't know that meant good chicken heads. Some oral sex things. Well thank you for. In my life and how much do I another reference for oral Charlotte and I know they should your good name god. Sewell conversation go all. You know as a project pet chicken head right now. Our Condo and complaint now. I can carry on their customized on graduation day. Perry and Arizona are very whether you're a dead chicken head or a or you're abstinent either way you're gonna have a chance to win a thousand bucks in right around 38 minutes percent. My math is right and you don't pay Altman and his drag. 7288. Warrants. That is the you do how IE I have heard this and this video sensors guesses instrument market. I don't mean anything they can beat us dirty words read it sometimes feels about her you know breath like thunder so does the baby is his custom. Death exam day. Channel sailor man is households and keeps more melt down and also little with frozen Warner. I think where they're at Fenway and he's never heard before our clinical it matter plan. You unveiled a 7 AM. I am going to tell you to discuss what would own plan ahead and stay on somewhat of a schedule to open phones right asked her. You hear the we haven't really does in any like major OP PG it. Now man for the new year a BP's other. Sage advice I think. Some of the. Don't want him much advice or runs. You're probably not true. Some things you did a good thing the only one who are Schumer us. Right and I and we prefaced most device segments wind that information there Brodeur and they were all night sir yes there are. Does fix your mind. Words you don't help other people weird and a personnel. Student. Gap a tragic Fahey saying that wrong. Can you tell that I'm looking for something and I told you know he can't tell don't always delivers around August. And in effect for thirty years. Yeah. And I had help with finances how he's always there are these guys out on paper it's. So timber ridge around you have to fail to volunteer in a muted in their own. Were her prayer so our survey authorities are round rather impatient edit your sacred dagger in my back scar Elena dagger. My 37. You you. You know you don't wanna pause here while working for a few words I'm as we sit here now you are the very assisted him and I got. National power spots so you can't really it was just this might end. Then easily anyway when relaunch literally and figure they're worried programs alpha switzer welcome fat boy if apple would help them out and control issues that suit your our family has had anyway since there would split the if we will tap their doors tomorrow. Keep Sonoma tunes. Praises her rumors early gang that's the ultimate. Matt Harrison may not be in a homicide science and health amount no man has ever said the woman. Now yes. And you release a scissor. They have the channel like I wish you and we justices are a good thing about that for a moment. Like when normal ball blank his feet during every dry. How to take a match I don't you say that nine that's not a narrow unions happy about it now is how am I just thought your health and out again felons or brand you don't know what it means we don't do it yeah especially everybody doing there are. Angelina and her nerve nobody believes you said he never know what it meant. Any need or want any stretch our sit up. He's the closest any time and apparently a few more opportune to DA. Also are gonna senator Sam. When we girls and interdiction and she's going to be stayed so Russian burns me. Off. Sammy etc. it's always a board right now now. It's an eye on days relies on billions Sean another girl's name Sean. Truth shall noon there dole. Shoe laces out so launch. His girlfriend is that. This Mandela announced Financial Times. PM Marino's flat alert oh boy oh exhilarated. Salons and what we need an anchor accessible. It's best of all of us out of trading role instead mettler. Statistical if they cannot really is it a disaster for her as best of the food or can it be a man policy may blitzer what's her name. A girl was earning just closer and made. Munter called Cerro Amanda's name down to pretend to be gay to appease paged him. You know. To pretend. Yeah. Now does he heard the officials say she's not calling anybody gave her. The third time you are different and that I hit us then in mid east and please. Understand me that's what it. If you want me to Allen's minutes. You're okay. Lawyer who are the man how many ball lands some hmmm imagine that Saturn Outlook could. RR RR yeah but want to. No I don't understand 108 yeah I'm manager of the matter and then it turns into ten minutes of paper only being just a senior good am yeah. Hey you own a day when Google. I'm mad mad and I definitely Anemia. Not a New Year's resolution because you can do this past fifth bag and made a resolution after yesterday's conversation to. Jeff plays off my radar today in a negative way. But a. You kind of blows I'll. Agree yeah. Well the White House. June gloom. All learned it was about just being chicken heads and say you're shooting eighty Isuzu is usually exactly yeah. Hence the name and a angry. And there's my whole. Starting at 6:30 today I am gonna have from 630 a 10 AM without holding any fun. And Jefferson. Louis Herman nail. It at the turn at 630 so I got like another manager and I have to talk crap you do gold bug as evidenced. Curtain hey you don't go to automated. Esther. No words and how are even told unmanned and can can mean complete bitch and said that your mother whose. Mother I suspect that's an analyst I was raised a little better than Matt thank you very much momentum doesn't say bad words. But those. Texas now among those silence you Susan walk him yeah. That's an important to my 11 o'clock every morning I'd custard that. Started earlier the muscle related as initials or that he TS. And I I hope I. If I am flatter and turn something inappropriate to my co workers employees take my sincere apology I sang and are joking that he might be homosexual. I'm feeling and I made a joke is this guy. Our farm please accept my. And share content because you don't mean you shouldn't I it rains and saying around accurate. Should you know. And colonists so passive aggressive this sense that yeah. Decide on new meaning to kiss him getting results yeah you. Can't. Good addition there are. Well look there's there's an arrogant and you'll have this distraction OK Jay York the Jeff took time and I think a large sock luge events in stoppage time Selig an extra two minutes. If you wanna make Jeff took. Now. I didn't see and enough that Israel and the it Tom. Does a lot. We have eighty if you're a bit and and it will get a brand new game on play today. That'd be a lot of fun to be your chance to win our last pair of tickets to see pop evils Maher not pledging to meet and greet passes and easy to meet and greet the main and pictures and autograph small stuff coast and yeah it is tonight and Wednesday and today is Wednesday and major all of our program and more. There are poppy hope. Yeah and we have a more open. Are well Roy slid LS Manning isn't supposed to be two clear brothel boy he always felt as though there. A rule like a wave to you when your page from your year old mark page as well same memoir how. I am I'm yeah actually I was aghast Billy and all of those things there are so we don't know who is so I play about you know who I'm looking at right now. The first thing Ames is agendas but last year's first thing he does now right you login as you'll ever giveaway. I don't know why should try it then I would have to ask Jeff and that creates and stimulate conversation you don't Hezbollah via. Well you look we ran a DMX rally and that is the you know they might already done you know buses in and cars and stuff so I think you know what we're jumping cars must. Yeah you don't get much yeah. That's right you want on the mall as try it would turn money and remind our next money right now for tomorrow. My that was was on turning to who have some fun today you can now Texas 7341. Quick homepage Maine and quit calling me how true that seems to be the things it could put your head right. Man I didn't. He did not say since things started. You can call us 180774. To blow a 93 smiling just solution will be there to take your call. Twitter Earnest Graham at the rise guys FaceBook dot com slash tries guys. Page what is going on in the plaque. Song I'm got some good news if you like the red dead redemption. I do. Yes I might be on the tiny when you can purchase fat Apollo Modi and is coming your way soon. This year that's when you made is to get back in the gaming world. As we can give me an. There who disappeared I'll leave the house much hibernate. Now are yeah sing. When he had many this year as well. As you know we'll find out next in Europe. Rise guys headlines good morning everybody we line. 93 minute ride lot right after the rise guys morning show us the rise guys morning. Thought he 93 point freedom for. Right guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who. I get my mind luck and men and I've come manage day armory. Well how about this. There's no official announcement yet and that red. The dead redemption to their release date possibly may have been revealed by a British retailer. Around all cry he yes. And it looks like you can be released this fall. It's hearsay or is the fall of Troy seven same note. May never come out and they're supposed to or whatever day we didn't reveal right now. Is almost certainly not when it will come out but right around when it will come out session we reveal. Yeah because Rangel that they'll come out you know maybe within a few weeks in yeah. When they make their official announcement and share their video especially big video games are big videogame releases may and they always move around a lot so I did this person you know it to read to leak. Well what they're doing is they've posted information pre orders of the game with an expected. Delivery date of October 7. October 2 runner. So. Bad day falls on a Monday and usually. You know things are released on Tuesdays or Friday down so that can be it. But the end. October is normally a slow released. Month rent on time for our you're telling me video games and maybe can be a November date that Intel they officially. Make their announcement mark into. It be speculation. And I think they'll release it or. By itself they won't release it when the other big Christmas for your name is not a huge. It's not his bigger Christmas game is it is. Dudes in their thirties and one out to buy it for themselves game yeah you know what I mean it's bird nest for us he should put it damn thing and release on the wars. They possible do people go out and fire what is the Russian made possible. I don't know pebble Louis your birth Mother's Day. October 21 now but Mother's Day a Sunday afternoon in the afternoon of Mother's Day you'll sell millions are confident that war. Yeah I can't wait. I really legit cannot. I may Rock Star Games gas only and set the best stuff they have I love best I loved. How odd game where you know some Beijing he says he didn't think an eye on the ride home may be you know are okay today and go here in a Monday visit tomorrow and finish that level in this Beijing just wanna sit there and this ride a horse around here on video game. And explore and I love it. Always get word about that woman with a broken down state coach every time and in New York. On a laggard here were never cheater. I think it's enemy and I camera Friday released Saturday came just in come out and then all weekend Hmong people will be playing and and be something signing then they're going to be on the team we're sort of call our work to play well but this football season with the. Just say we have no respect each other a little bit. Yeah December served. Very in her arms are you know who's the winner over border every knee jerk scorn for all right thank you. You can afford a little bit well I can't light and excited. Authentic guy trashed online you can name then girly stuff they wished they can zero says socially acceptable. So do you think about what you like to do on a regular basis that maybe you can see that your wife or girlfriend does and you wish that guys were able to do that as well. So here's the list. Carrier purse. So you don't have to keep everything in your pocket ever wish that there will be okay if he can carry a man first couple months so workers say that a bit. Oust him are not SN messenger bag I think I remember an embrace the fact that you avatars are work harder short. For treason just whereas Fanny pack you know as a wrestling reference I do not a yeah statistics but I don't avoid them. Don't mess megs and flip it well no fan Internet Fanny pack of any panic room I don't carry bag under Werner. Yeah guys don't I don't remember stuff. Couple extra pockets on the pants or jacket have beset. Says here gay Jimmie has any girls and used a sorry as a list of hobbies. Like facials and asks. You guys don't normally do that they should be changed to carry your skin and a you have it you just blows for racial. Are you are really moisturizes Baylor order fruity drinks at a bar without people just hanging out I don't know I don't so. I hate that. Healthy skin healthy complexion get rid of facial. No I haven't doesn't and I am we don't Kapler island Disney World spot vision we do liking. I don't know I think. The conversation went good he wasn't very nice to finally talk about much in an external created from Al cardinals got amenity pump in Atlanta and I'm back. Oh. Well men some of these would like to Wear Morin jewelry my bracelets rings are huge gemstones to feel like you're left out because you can Wear on them playing I mean. Who cares. How where our wives and two rings and had some comes to bracelets and always one bracelet. And you can Wear and carrying an art each ear and nobody cares anymore. Now no I'm on judging. It's I need jamming a car I don't look crack. New England and hearing even filed worm. The by eleven variety I would not I can't just don't look for a. If you can you Wear make up every day get rid of fears in dark circles under your eyes are on mission has dark circles under him he does from time to time. Well would you Wear maker bigger bump Powell preparation hates. Mean can't it's true that that that lady at this Tea Party Cher told means anybody in it is so true. It reduces bags and Yasser reduces the swelling would you like to Wear leggings are tight. Some compression transfer money where an ironic genes are cold day agreed same here how or where his. Compression and they do a word as. What about where Dresser stir when it's hot out I don't see why can't learn that I mean guys Wear kilts what's wrong with it. Or shorts. I don't mean to cut her crotch and ask my shorts America's skirt. Countries to take care of that for yeah there's still does what they're publicly worsens and more why don't look chrome and wise what I do I feel stupid Barnum is posted to Wear shorts and a more is more on the house that you know when he got a shirt is so long shorts are so little down on the slightly just Porky Pig and then Iran house. Mario Arnold tiny shorts aren't a big shorts for the church aisle low hurdles in my legs or by you know two inches long. A Lorca little. The whole music just in Portland wishing you look at Johnny lawless had said that the cartoon guy had a super huge body in a small portion of bar brawler Johnny broaden our bill or hear more Seward closed at the I didn't. Hey look. Is this sources interviewed you work is considered a Shaq or big share. You sure super long that tall you just kind of call mark goes so fast that if I Wear big. Urges why not tall this year Magnus as an awning. For it they're coming I'm not amazed the way where is is pay it so he has a longer course. He has to have Viet XLT shirts you know. Several of their exes and I can't Wear my pants around my ego like old men due in large weevils and is not an old man that is usually wait to where there's worry worries this blow out of here. And half and I can just raised is very Burton just under the belly button is where your boots Brodeur now. Along just under the belly button brother behind it you're hazard but we have a good this is exactly where I'm all like just under the belly button is still only thing your belly buttons and find the bubble in East Coast today shirt. It's just indeed. In an in India perpendicular wind belt parallel to the backs are your belly button arrow. Sure knows what are able to pull malice and wish easy chips. Now. Who is not enough he doesn't know and play an up front now do you normally you know how is probably a little bit I can and my middle yeah he's AM. You. Hello how are you MM multnomah. We'll have McDonald's yeah he's Mozilla yeah yeah when gene expert where you'll run alone so and yeah. Just a lot of mail about modeling Beaumont hangs over the past and all right now owning the and he does not only. But I okay in the same area as we know it's yeah. Spagnuolo the number it's it. Hey. Rick why even bother you guys so much I love we're also did blow my dog bowl. I just like the humor. Earlier about us Airways aircraft that we whereas it's the way you really comfortable I. I want yeah UBU fan boy where is his pants the way the guys from blue ridge where there have stuck on the how though haven't just local Montana on little. Is second layup on the top of the head in front always pulled down low lives kind of tilted. You got like this. His hands and sweater. Monta is that was your. Computer. And I think all those trailer really news. An injury here. That's at times to keep more.