Friday, February 17th

The #FOF Hotline returns: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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Guys morning okay maybe three boys read Atlantic route. It is Friday and this all started there was started a couple years ago but this is brought back because. A G1 phone call that we've got a guy called me and help this even matter about your member of or augment those too graphic about. Miles while he was good gasoline gripe about the guys from Jersey girls there's you know speckled toad are the consequences because he had then. The hot artist girlfriend after he ordered quit smoking pot. And he was like man you don't realize what you've got half Aurora is mad at him tea and Lebanon. Is an FO last line is back that's phone number. Is 8642414328. You know you know you know you know you know you know. 1 AMR she's an 8864. To look for wine. 4328. That's the last line is when you pissed off you need to vent to somebody. Can do this anonymously of course. Eaton 'cause by the belief that they're insured you won't say what you want about who you want so call that saving your phone when you get mad at JBoss are. You doll good our new neighbors dog cracking yarn again. I mean Newman that nearly ruined him but it helped on grass grow it will Manzi knew it was sort of performance point. You'll remember that and Center City now I am not trying to thing I think is only five easily from a management. It's 8642414328. And a speed balm buy know what all you guys know what I'd. Aren't earned lessons people I don't know. All that they are trying to do which means don't you mean dogs is Chihuahua born at the hall took the Americas leg or he's healthy again feeling. A's still as death whiskers he comes little hole bottom fizzle tickets while still comes in my backyard cries easily eat one day yeah these are going to be eaten and well attacked let's let's not only yeah and then my neighbors are callable apply Obama don't speak at bat here it is call numero uno. Our sale of your dad ever you Jeff Lewis Leo yeah. Well Paul blank you. Wasn't that we you and obliques not really put them all these gas. It flipped it out there but most of these are the letter of the word that was played. We lose an FO. Oh was it like it is it therefore they can be used as a verb or is it is slur at Ford. You can use it either way but in the worst therefore do you think of those once angered when I don't attack. 8642401. And 4328. It is blank off Friday the FO AFLAC. It must pay one elevator got what he gave a big eat Mac and you're weird ass pretty install on what you are turning the session is a little. I'm not upset when the bank GAAP per year to sell off blocks of that bank around. I don't know I don't know what he's a yes I think Angela primary campaign. So it would pay one elevator got my game a big eat Mac and an order we are asked Arenas out. Venus got up he won't play in even Venus Serena. Venus at. There are these guys are mirrored. I I won't not to there's more passionate Stephen that's just I didn't even ask him if he ever looks at any there. Fighters. Penises in the locker room really ask him that I. Jim Tressel the great telly last weekend the guys simply it's 5500. Pounds he's a legitimate jives with the giants is among mean all your everything. I just did you get a peek at it because I was being manager curiosity I would have to look at that tea I wouldn't accept it from him as he offered by the curiosity have vowed. I would look at the big show yes I would've it's not again the backstage in the eighties look at Andre Indy John Stuckey is now an insane hands and feet Roth Saturdays. Yeah and then. Right and a president trump told me that. Are you shouldn't. I would always look at that a matter of fact again I would get the -- it's I would have did you I had curiosity man who will take my bat. People oh. See the word it's a library and I would I'm. I don't know X I don't know when your eye is main lines a charity that region and it obviously you know little on the end. You know different than they can't examine looking at what kind of can she's a land where I was. This is don't arm what I call before purposely started this morning our alternate rapper and the manager has Basil yeah he's good finisher Greg and now we have no material needs to in his shirt Randy. Embarrassed as. He's gonna call SOS funding Swedish and ninety's had made in a bathroom habits and it 8642414328. The F the last line. This is. Shot David Spiegel our team. I. We met your. Well I'll jump on old lady at blood or am I getting lost the op. Okay that that's sounds like gang rape and I are in Ireland. Are all gonna jump on her. Necessarily this year he thinks the right of women news. People able ya. I'm not sure if his opinion women are human being people yes she's gotten heat can't jump on our our our. It reminded me. French I was I had. Ask around like a blunt no past blitzer I mean it's not like we're livestock he can't I don't mess. BC and. We do that at and there are whites is he's learned Panetta and I'm right here pay no. Yeah I mean. Let's face it they can't onus really I was sort of my program here formerly joked yeah. Carolina farm released joke yeah. The bids are really engineers and pictures of Iran from the sixties. Is beautiful everybody was Aaron likes to sing do it like here. He did right earbud they had little darker skin can't that your senior one where they show like a dad is like a courtyard and that downtown somewhere and I ran into the women are there whether clutch purses and had no Katzen. And after 1979 it started to look exactly like it does now can you see the pictures of that same square now and like. How long did you see everybody learn it head to toe black clothes. How is con backwards. The world is going backwards and yes progressing and then keep in response to your questions Stephen the fee. Looks out yeah PS is he says. They'll know. I mean even as some wanna do that would definitely start a fight with a locker room full of high testosterone do it's yeah Lester they're ruined after UN want to start that out okay tsunami that and melanoma and I'm just like how I would put a video camera and I'm discovering fortunately your own pleasure like Iran. Yeah. SE one I'm a fighter. Makes the other guys Jones was fortified. I wouldn't happen well which is especially also might (%expletive) off a man you don't buy him his hair cut in his truck his car his wife his kids. You talk about the size in his junk yeah who will fight he is assistant general look as. Once they think there's do they play halo. He and Mountain Dew bottle that two point Blair gaming you kill somebody. Eagle over the years it gets like squad of top blood but opponents put them on the guy whose shot only yeah that I. I knew to do Joan Baez and I think people and they split hail that was the things are. Apparently the majority amid all over the world they're obsessed with that kind of stuff did show dominance I guess if nothing else won't cave man. That's where dogs happy tenor better man and a woman sexes. Dominance. I'll tell you guys do the same thing you just animal swarm of yellow really run it you'll run it to let that we have good credit cards these all are in the business that will accept the credit coroner happened commodity that you want and we can play you. And we can you know raise or lower the prices are marketing willingly tell vote me you found out only Cecil well guarded secret that I may only colleagues in the mystery schools and all the women know that they can really run the world did anybody say let me ask Jeff a question about. And the smallest Celeste and down man reduce spread his arms around because I mean the biggest one has produced a little guy. Only I'm. How does this for zarrella for us all that. Guy Paulo and is probably at. And Jeff are explaining from them and also probably got changing your towel which is what about the senate wrestler. I guess I surge much. The younger generation don't walk around neck and they'll change under a towel or go to bathroom or some to change his CJ snagged note and a they usually are using it to. So I feel that if you had area you know yeah you're zero yeah Sarah and they feed down UConn and alma hit on Monday you don't have it. Is that you don't wanna embarrass anybody else in the locker room to play vehicles on the road isn't picking cotton pants right I think I again ask you can't make it drink yeah. Overall I'm sure at a police. The same logic yeah but I at least four trails in this thing but I mean it would be kind of hard to live up to someone who's a legend in Maine and you'll never aspired to be many here. Call number five I think. I'll always keep enough at this point she's export to for a 14328. The FOF a lie. Almost reward short time. Like the ticket Thomas Caldwell which played well parcel. Bombs still boost also does it. Going deals. News you know we're yet you know geezer and peace. I knew I HER two major from here goes the lower wage jobs not being worked. I'm glad you got it back on other you don't play. Alto. I'm glad whereas there's grass to Hillary in order blamed guns is only BS were given out and now pieces and sex ever notice that no money and say your bag of gas or you're. Handful asks during his role as sack of it or a piece of your record big container of a bushel of blight can lose a you're fielder and a gallon may ask any submits a Baker's dozen of a school is one little weird here as full of it yeah. And I don't think that's the way we dole it out there he got. Let her piece of basing your ocean full rip your notion evil thing I always measured at zero fill up fast steely stare Billy Ocean goes. The FO -- line 8642414328. EU via and we make fun of it. I thought so someone's some talk mop up. You again call number or whatever. I'm tired RD. I am stop the blood bank I. It all this. Yeah I have a bold. It don't need the opportunity out there playing and cleaning up. G adding ever gonna get at least in our luck. Got a clue now I understood ass screen entertainment there are no immediate investment banker. I'm kidding I was gonna stay young and again that you know you might try to decipher more time yeah I'm sorry I had no clue what he sent. And almost. I need to I'll just let me on the planet yeah you're planning a Chiang ever gonna get a pretty good luck. The last hour. The game inside already given him this there's some for everybody. We can't put it ends on it sounded a bit as lousy job right now meth forward. In Monday unless the opposite argument and we heard some NC a piece indeed. He's now oh yeah did that she's never been this or that there's also pays a whole plan. Patton hall. That's the economy around your kids see you kidding I thought I had a they don't summon bucket. Budget sags and these younger I'd imagine a at 864241432. Late it is to Ethel Klein you go ahead and call and get ready for next week in the meantime there's this. There is threat drama. Route. Com our own lust or girlfriend Smart and too much lead your government data tomorrow I really love the way I want you used to. These are. You aren't able to bring your state that you psyched up. Arm and am now from America how are you. Sort of guy where he. I'm Margaret Berger. Smug when he was right now basically off all around. Now I'm married got to be repeated and accurately anymore it's like you buy it now these chalk on the band and I. There are started every single always been about that today about me and I don't enter Afghanistan. Yeah getting him more jazzier good deed did. There is hurt them our roots. Com our Washburn girlfriend Smart intellectually. Sound and greater priority. And they play or not. Greater greater greater. So but there are a lot when you break now today we're now I buried her there. The question. Yeah going and political influence how I gee I wonder if the Herring when these I swear for a minute I thought that same Dallas on three and calls. And I think I McCain it's. There's. When you drunk killed yeah. I thought everyday then bendable no let AC 1441432886424143281. Of two remaining here we get them. Kyle riot guys aren't about my cousin and we've only been married about eight years now Arnie guiding me in pain. It caught Italy bitch and the like every day. He's mad about and I've been about gun and I mean I had bury so it got our our heads and eat Carl Elliott bus and I don't want or bad and and hand and patted me today. A mother in law by their hook yet I had to deal car every day I mean. Come on and where did I get my L bank Canucks I don't know how to get out of it can't let that now I don't know what appear right guy I need your help. In my mind I mean would you want my grandma ever everything at that remind you every single. Can't wait they eat it for the day. I don't get 39. Yeah and worried you do do you see yeah I'll do whatever I want to start Grant Hackett besides. Our I know it is a major threat voicing her favorite there's lead in the same thing you are now I'm out our three kids and me is because once this. Well he should've thought about that Torre got involved there and poor thing excuse and we got together. Since they've added they weren't born when you should win and now. No wonder he's mad you know regions that have definitely been together yeah. Sure is not a case now O Sergio called I want for us now happily. He's digs for what that's what it's orange somebody you know page history off again marijuana on him I want to 8642414328. The last and final. SOS this week. Almost our last plan can manage huge. Fan you are actually are they here lately man. Is gap and Boren on the team hey I made the Levi is was in my dear us. Tolerated nor his current phone cost. Editors ground are. Grassland and I are against our flat and they ran up I had netstat malicious stop. Bitch and a man Michael this seed. Induced Johnny would go. Indeed good girl and then it ends new journey with a new garden still part of our college down Michael. I'm merit then. And lore now learn off site that I don't. We're so boring he resorted to the needles. Lorraine. It sounds I notice not only as of June you're hitting a million endlessly uses. I'm not saying you're in Ralph. And let you run out of Barcelona and you'll learn new things all your fans are being. They know these houses or being junior hit a mouthful I. I'm only. I culminating in the last month old not obese and who isn't much you like about wrestling. Icon Manny among likely wants. Lou why. It's an announcer I saw myself on the ordinary income. I don't think Jeb Bush leaves very eager when I want to do business they're playing longer is an opponent and I lose my room. No sleep. Where are the blue and around miles I'm born. Timonen brilliant or well here's the deal. Japanese meal stand this week London so on next week out and I thought what am I. I'm on the same. Team would you share. Policy guy I also won here Johnny with a deed that Wayne. Just. The will not he won't do it. What are the damages suggested. Johnny with a blank NG. I believe I am an ordinary day when they're asking you name it it it and I know notoriety spell and people that's with a blank NG. I urge you guys may like you know boos and my crew guys and thank all the. Somebody else or are now boom and all you know I'm an OK that's enough good you have a rickshaw all and I Ohno got us. Should do them plays that moment counts. You do it. You hate Hillary Scansource did you do it because so I know have a family doesn't wanna bring anything to the table but he feels it's funny because he is scared of the room. I understand it. When I do a conspiracy mystery I'm like pins and needles. Because I might. I think this is interest think my fall flat doll like it might go flat not only would 640 some thousand people but with four people in the room that I'm gonna have to look at why talk about. Yeah I'm getting brick at you you're willing to court it is won't thank. Now I'm willing gable are alert ready Powell Powell talked frat boy injure and I think. No it. Resist headlines three times a day did Sox again like in the as the audience and what we gonna say balls on her source is that she is. About a thousand times more man in front or is because she's a thousand headlines as he's done one post game. Go to doll couple talking to a men's room start dropping drone will marlin moon playing golf. Well I don't have those who you are to let me let my it sounds like Sony to get. They said the job that page is doing is very good job that night and I am and doing her aren't you bound but until you are dropping. Rare moments and you know it's just I don't persecution of the ocean this I'm version of the bill I don't know how we monitor. You're not either and I they're major Brad Darren Manning who we should do things. Have always the executive producer Jesse is sister produced here every Friday we should do producer in the week. You can shoot Augusta the show that week who is the producer of the week when I reflect in my pay a bonus for executives from the islands that. I don't minute ace. Since the fall quarter 241432. Lago is that you thought I must say one more time so. When you get all angry this week and pissed off at page. Or whoever maybe it's that once in a blue eye injuries anger and anger so that I angry used. He should call in and let us know 864241. 4328. Pages Pasadena said her and she hasn't had lines to do is we need to do at 7 o'clock hour on. Johnson grizzly and is now. And nine TSL question of the day must origin. I rescue has morning you know nine is recalling during. Right guys had mice locked and loaded by palmetto state arm brain well. President Donald Trump held a press conference yesterday and everybody's to think in about that NN. Here's a question that was brought up does Donald charm thank all black people know each other. Why I didn't hear it well that's because a black reporter named April Ryan asks. The president if he would include the Congressional Black Caucus. And his inner city agenda black hawk down and I think we have to sell my ten. I knew what they include the CB CMR president in your conversations with. You're you're urban agenda you're intercity agenda as well and Mike and I think it's my new one includes the Congressional Black Caucus and the congressional I could I do I do what is an honor meeting you want to set up the meeting not enough I by the Brazilian. Organized set up I know some of them but I'm sure that our setup a meeting I would love to. It with a black caucus I think it's great to Congressional Black Caucus I think it's great. Why is there one. Why is there a congressional. Is there a congressional. Hispanic boy Hispanic. I mean like I I'm not even night trying to do that old movie JYAWET. That none of that Beth. But it's it's it's a common man Ted the talk about politics. Andrew being congressional umbrella why would there be a black caucus. Age played its image is that I'm not saying that with the any kind of looking for a fight and I think this 45. Years ago over fifty years ago rather. Civil rights was a new thing in America and we may need some like that if these people going to elected offices and a fifty years ago we certainly did he think we still I mean is it needed to make it as I don't a lot of summer court Jesus from the angle book cents a month or machinery of candles there's part of the black community don't you know some money. Now and that's what a way he says when he takes a crowd went out that's quite hit some nerves a tape doesn't like you were some it's not sure why people in person. Because but I tell you this I want people I won't go out to a store or whatever and a black gal walks box. And another black person does say it was some ant like. Rebate by dual speak to each other we await the Whipple and turn our heads avoid weight and somebody and I were all waiting to be spoken kid. Oh yes we want to talk to people we just so the first word I waved at everybody must have vision and his way back I and I love to see if they wait baton. Wrong but it Carson is 8% black America's population is. Thirteen on percent black so it's not fair or accurate representation of the population isn't. Now. Humana airmen are. Always their numbers. Isn't eating should be set up. And instead of saying dean knows somebody in that community I think maybe people are thinking he should've said. This is what I plan to do with that that situation our answer the question. Or because what she asked maybe she I may be trump thought she was representing them may be said OK can you set it up she said. There's no meeting with congress. I don't know and as we know he can hit it well it will go to the black caucus. It's yeah yeah the pro you probably a meeting with anybody in congress he wanted to avoid about the white guys or did they not get an immediate. Tell me. I want to touch them and cool and hip bone towed to an instantly couldn't believe he age. Omar favorites from news like one million in Yahoo! talking Jose in the try to sneak in a question. It's how all all things went Yemen do you think you I love this dumb man I'm. I'm sure a funny fellow. They didn't even with a kitrey NATO Deming man semi the other nature of lights and fans and everybody there. Everybody's there is smiling looking undignified and he's got this table is that like. No oh my god. I am so excited kinda damp and added is that Ben. His handshake you've become mean there's when he was shaken hands with the that the prime minister of Japan it sheen's so I'll let you nailed it it was. Everybody busts on short term small hands remembered cowboy so this early and small Japanese man. Would not let don't let handshake could trump had a much larger hand yeah but he wouldn't let go he's trying to jerk his arm around the socket ever since then. All of his handshakes just figuring it met. All the trouble is they just don't like. Yeah he's got ran do you squeeze huge eagle let go to your own credible way it'll pull you back gate agent when he palm guy your finger at DePaul is worried allegedly showed massages won't do it when you when you say to. Hand what kind of like let's say you meet let's say I am pat Paxton intercom higher ranking official we are back. I met checked my hand I you just met him I say let you do not trough here. Our death. Say I act like he got I have a little bit of grip on it and gutsy bat Breslin handshake void that when this every time I wrestlers page when you until locker room and arrests and rescue team has to go around it speaks everybody it's just the bird is that he had etiquette it's your brother and you do the show your response to grip the okay. Trying to hurt your I don't want that I want like this it with the with the song yeah. Hello there for firm Israel is your judgment and that's why didn't enjoy life to. Okay that I was here Alley I was always taught by Brodie chase when I first broke in. There's no secret handshake. EU these jazz and they wanna say a whole it's like a secret handshake when he's like no shake my hand out. Yet these other things that they're like OK if I do it this way that means I'm too light. Glorified go like this means and you stiff but it's like dude as does hurt your underage yeah ice laziness I look just just shake my hand the thought it was good or want to I adore him. Yeah path. Paul smack now you got a handshake like this Jimmy. Don't don't even say what I'm doing them. If we get that all that's weird yeah this weird Barrett there's shouldn't. This is cigarette and says Bostonians and in a voice instant now and then made a promise and I can't Harlem Giuliani what I did where you're there. Aisles and checking this whole process actually this week. I he allowed. Matt. You need to know we'll get into when you shake a hand in ending this guy and what it ain't your Brothers and that's may be well on the back. And a fabulous Larry Mason this sneaky camera boy is a free Mason. Is in that bill number probably heard it was furries are. You know when it's Indy what India had on sale may senator Claire myself some very nice for you didn't name you are more not to buy one get when three nice and net on the race. He's a bogus crap. Well Allen's back amending this Ellen DeGeneres won a court case against de Georgia are realists are I think very unfortunate name pity for years. TT peers. Yet she said the other little princesses are meant. While that's that was the whole video with. The name and everything BN on Allah and the reason why she's there realtor artist lady say it was because you know she was defamed and it could affect her business as a real estate HM when people are calling her. She say Melanie man. Yeah. The billboards they are crazy guess whatever I called and I said this when it happened before that. If that was my name even if it's my name was TT Pearson. I am going mice. My logo is going to be a scuba pierced nipple into my head are sadly it's not act. It's what is going to be won those Porsche tests if mile I have pierced and I thought now that's a crescent moon. Over a hill symbolizing we try to get out over the kill a hardship and America. But when you get everything hill I was just straight down mountain I want the struggle going up the heel of the nipple just borrow after the drug store to own Q career going. Now in the sense throughout the day saying quote the letter I in the English language can be different announced in several ways tea. And mom TT cheeses sermon per announced her name with an. Demonstrably false and pronouncing it with a nine as Ellen DeGeneres did on her dad you know it when it. He didn't say we're Sheila Bailey has soured the pierced hood was you know everybody loves them and I think people take all you're not she is eighty. She's a sexual being at this point yes I mean she's like she does and identified by either one. She's just Alan Boss she made it to other people don't identify her as I see here is kind of a deity lets you very big she might identify herself probably is as a woman Maria you know another two grooming she's totally because this is an Angel. Monty is now at least. One and a five people have never claimed their adult toys. I mean 57% of the men and 7% of the women clean them every time they use cinnamon then there's the other press people that refused. To clean them. And GA bush is still feels like Nino applaud purge or molasses. And I wasn't very. The you put in the dishwasher right he can't. If they have now hard I saw some that you had to play the microwave your solar glass once yup they don't want to but Marco way for women Martin's. Yeah I mean or microwave and freezers at the freezer when I'd be afraid that you know like the tone didn't start into the thing and much. It what do you do while you allowed to trigger when I go to the emergency room now. I sit there and had to wait until it stops him. And even more seizing an F 5% and men have had sex with a vacuum cleaner power play. 5% of its. When asked how many GA tour and she doesn't audiences using men mentors whose earlier now. So let's let's say 400000. Dude it's and then 25% of that is about twenty fouls from the 1000 men have had sex with vacuums are listening to us same one. How they differ one you know dirt out those eureka is all us boomers are the best ran us allies and expensive BJ around. Hello I'm. And. I don't know that I deserve real clear in my early and yeah just the study also found that 4% of women have had sex with a low dollar and 2% have gone down with the high end sex stop. Whatever that is real little stuff high cost yeah there's thousands. Dollar's moves there yes I have a the troops the real sex now did I tell me there's guys who doesn't pull filter them. A sentence then does her head stories about them you bring you stories about that a municipal well about that one guy that was how he's having sex with a dart vacillating got stuck in Maine out in the Atlanta has really not very easily and by the way it was a travel versions it I was jumbos as. Isn't normally my daddy's takes the global race at not ground. I don't know god we don't normally do celebrity birthdays that there's a big win today. Michael Jordan come pay all Bahrain. Whole again we're gonna get ahold Michael Jordan I know how else and I'm going to tell you that the man's 54 years old and god man I want to meet him. Also I. I know I'm leading guided everybody has always told you did ya want that because they've always said that about me and I think we can kinda understand yeah. He cares to understand you or anybody else you know much heavier grant. Heard anybody say Alderman George. Seminars arts and plenty of women have told me that. Moon or via the usually white girls that halts. PAW geez they all they always come back when my report pretty asked why Roger I they always come back with a nice reports about him today but the guys there somebody going to drag. Are you think settle things well happy birthday TV greatest. Goat. The Babe Ruth Friedkin. Atlantis and Jordan in Charlotte we got Shaq in Atlanta knew we can give you want him in here I don't I don't you don't. I'd love me chat yeah I check over Jordan. All day loan assets for a positive experience with Shaq would all day long trump a negative experience of Michael Jordan introduce. Progress laughed at some funny movies are so many of Jordan as the greatest you know I've ever sing. Shaq is still the most dominant I've ever seen it's different. Well I'll take either one. Helping him earn. Enjoy those incidents if I could planet not insane like arms borrowers from a list of people like I just basketball players or rather meet in Jordan I. Tim Duncan check. Charles Barkley and everybody hates now Kurt Rambis yes. Yeah Luc Longley Kirk plot a diva always yes yes my country my limits struck my dream every time I did to a taxi is he's gonna be driving it we would help her if we went ahead Coby. It's line a diva and come to town very near Kobe had wanted to come malware Gordon in Laguna over the weekend Tony is on mourning the agent we have a lot eighty dollar. Right now or you love Kobe do you want to meet him so he can be maintained. You and remain as wants to say to be injured anyone down. Down totally well I was really hoping when the I think he's had long he met him our wallets now. We're supposed to go watch some. 600 genre piece it every peers and I was really sick owner every every other lakers game shortly. So you can absolutely. Happened I'm sorry diarrhea low this year. All movies out this weekend fistfights rated. Oceania. Down today he's at Oregon who is in Norris from breaking bad. Christina hand these scenes I can't say another. Is kind of cop out not cop out that Brad. I'm with me it was a movie Paramount which brought along panel are scared like just a thorough way move your right I guess just a throwaway. And manic. Controversial may have been a great law. Others are dealing with Matt Damon. It's David that's going to be the boy image and even what what does this is it about immigration not. Finally market gonzo type creature out on the other important lost China all I thought was seed in the east it controversial I thought it was going to be well all it was because he is a Caucasian. And you bias and he should have been summoned from China he's very Smart person lever this script and somehow agreed to do it. So I really is a look harsher Sammy and he did well would the Manchester by the seat thing but that's still it's one of those movies you've heard never Saul are probably won't. Page a nice girl woman. I am I saw some of that I had I can watch and monuments men whose group the good. Black more corners resonate with people had some sort of between wanting to Clooney and Goodman I never saw everyday hey it's her or Sheboygan. And then everything it was awful. I do and I'm painting him as it has its and a. Just loved him loaded. 3.3 don't plan in Barack's. I'm just ahead I'm misses we don't miss the Gaylord is out of place kind of non. Good falls. We thank you in the Thompson Steven wonder boy Thompson ray Thompson mr. upstate karate you can follow Stephen on Twitter Earnest Graham Atkinson. Wonder boy MMA. We cannot following amounts that Chad has us on the DO. Although we just followed me and I found in back yards and him. We're gonna exchange newsletter there and you re not seeing them do random review due from. I am still doing. Com. OK I just you wrestle anyway this weekend not this weekend the weekend off AM eastern destroying the great colleagues that they had to chop the tree down. If you get up early in the morning and are just going home late. The worst of the rise guys 6 until 10 tomorrow morning hate is there robs you at work right now though. When in my opinion on Iraq by the department towards Iran has. Thanks for listening. There have Mercedes and a blessed weekend in Cleveland ask this is the. Well state troopers. They I'll listen to the rise guys morning show. Maybe 3.3 don't planet Iraq's.