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What is the psychology behind male nudity?: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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I. Carolina rebellion tickets when gonna have a man about forty minutes or sounds. No you give or take care managers to run around meant he had nice kiss up question of the day good for all three days signature airliner rebellion will remain in today's spotlighted at my family is Chanel tumors said earlier with more details looked. It's about America. Blocked well you did this tournament and god what is it Melanie thank when I sat. Let me can salty Carolina Vanderbilt sex line 72341. Is the number of your order Texas 72341. Is that bad news at the US said let's give peace a chance knows what you're talking to Jeff well there are about wrestled. Yeah. We're to Margaret Collie a few minutes Daryn member. AM EM's annual review you in the room I hated mam just BMY are you care so much about great callies junk. And there's no there's there's one taxi sends another one you all the time. Talking about what wrestlers have big stuff this is interesting and not even looks in their spandex owned MTV. I Logan's I'm. Just as obvious and is true. White. Here always inched in some eyes package. They're growing gives us they obamas are a lot more specifically. A giants yet. I came through though you would sit there and more mull over the size and issues I remember when I went to New York WW he had put my hand in a you impression were underage I simply is yes and almost 'cause paints. So that means. If you're in a room where there's a giant. Yeah. I I would I would check in now are you automatically if you see it so there's some foot tall or enclosure or you are mentally thing about it is in naked. Yeah. Now all know they are running neck now I don't is that basketball player and did you see Somalia this you know. Even if disagree big fat guy want Alan Reynolds should count wanna know rules like tomorrow. Yeah it's there. Eight was eight Scarlett Johansson. Corn. Sex tape that was leaked and there was a Rosie O'Donnell. Guess which anomaly a play on first I didn't go to court and into this isn't right according curiosity or little Britain and you know just curiosity engine here. Maybe I'll look at an MM turned off. Mean probably not good news Dayton just like I mean that's even taken out. A scientific point 01. Seeds are remains pianist his army giant Meehan. In the world well you know look I we also. It would have been easy once walk Womack if no I don't know Aussie Elena taken again her family as well here and what have touched it I wouldn't have. On purpose I would've taken a panic. And I just would have had. All the Wal-Mart and accidentally brushed him. And they are out Michelle has gone on I'm here colleague and her. This al-Qaeda bearded fellow blogger who had. They're funny. They're great for Connolly Judy back well you sent me the fact that they are they're great for drowning their ridiculous. Page explained OK so let's say that the heat Chris Cornell Judah right right now. Trying to. He walks in the room make it pretty eyes got them. They don't go to the penis not not his friend at three places for against his pain his eyes. And think she doesn't disclose all very. Haven't asked my favorite part of a pull my pants all the way at all or care who hit job and you just just got that doesn't ask benefit. In his shoulder. Initial aren't just good at this is all very much on his. I know women graduates were like me and do it I don't biggest since you know as awful as image you believe it is. Now I don't think the women don't sit there and say OK let's say you major in a locker room is. Rosie O'Donnell and I would say page to check get a look at her privates. There's not even a training I don't I don't have an electric that I might like it or bad news. Alana it's curiosity. Curiosity I think that's why I'm the other direction and have to stare I don't wanna experienced a great colleague org says he's I actually any main. If you Walter that's cool I am I. Tell you what I love women men and women are and number one from this sort of semen that it. Yes just a curiosity you all why it's funny though because usually see a man naked in that context out. Sultans of funny is gonna come along with it he's joke and somebody whether hers is trying to do chew it fat boy Shaquille O'Neal has ever in the corner you can see him naked or Jirga or get an autographed basketball trumpeter. What are you doing. Let me indeed taken a look at the sat back you got to own I don't Miramar coroner Bob Dylan. The buyout program masses that are all British. Any day he's must. May get injured. You know notice in my group. There's I don't know why we're sever Alberto Del Rio or too cold scorpio. Seem to be you know packing heat in like yeah all. You are you did you say GMC Sierra. And you drive around town and as GMC Sierra you'll notice there's still. Diaz doesn't guys do man she's got a group of buddies you say you all roof. And it comes out wanted to he's got a hard they're all they're saying not a. Okay. He got here. This would dues gravitate to either the bush you because you got a dog Simi negative 200 pounds it's. I look at their pet. There aren't at first because I had to and I mean and I think you'll at a club in Florida asks how I get straighter straight session. Actually monitor have some fun and protects you about a problem the way I was the psychology behind. Likened junk. Animal lover because of fully. I don't do anything with a corporate parent letters and. I mean it's one of those things were like. It's like Jimmie just said you know you have an alchemy you know you see another welcoming you might see the gap cola and a key to you anyway here's your Meno and then you start talking now if he doesn't now reason you know even cares did you also have a coming. Yes so would this. Every dude. For the most part. Has it pains and they've just accurate. But don't he get out on the bed wake. You ought to be just eyes is the lies and now you say they are committing all the other modes you say and off they add John boat or. Late in the way his beach house her own son. President Barack. Yes that's for. Or is trying to explain how he thinks it's funny but it has ordered do anything when it. What you think Louie CK is funny advertising age are picky about him put him in your mouth it. I think that's the book but if you practice room right now fully naked dudes that's funny. I would laugh it's fun out there naked women I think gentlemen offended and you probably leave yeah. But that would be a great time in eleven game throngs chair here. So you're talking about it. I like all of boat near cutting. It's does that mean if you're in the locker undercutting other guys beings and so I'm curious I am yeah I'm sure survivor coveted at another man's penis oh yeah probably isn't. Now this. Is religious or not I I yeah. Well I don't know a lot of the federal witness I don't landed notice that I look at. I don't know a one man say to me my eyes are here I don't winning man. Man wouldn't you wouldn't notice penniless and Angelina did and did they give you our power when you realize that your bigger than someone announced that it. I mean that make you more than man because I'm not and I'm not I'm not comparing each so my. Up on line guys under the black compare. You won't I UN being displeased defying out of someone had a little one and you've done and they had a big right. It plays. There's no good news is it BC's money that our guys that don't suit dummy like apostle James Woods yeah Jim Hoss. You are becoming a little bit. Finally find a month. Old historic television like I always wonder when I'm in a room who's got the biggest one. Was that I'm in do you wonder that about this for him. They're actually yeah. I biggest I ever thought about them now we're kind of contest years ago we weren't at our next. This could be uncomfortable. With the flooding and her or is there ridiculous look and it doesn't look at riot you know I saw my alien. There wasn't any hits the yeah they are ready. I just. Yes first I'm his soul. In person. And I ask your age. Let's just say you're eighteen for fun it's eerie to me. Well one and prisoner land in Erica and her and her brother in and that doesn't really handle all of our kids how. Where little hints that's the life he's angered reports how. Startled by the first one you ever saw in person. There's cooler in your right now my hey day with he had remained here in Canada now and it. Those who are always in a locker room like you I never so much then they can. If Osama grandpa on native I become more underwear line you can't handle old underwear you see our an outline warned him but never like full solid. CD. CDC outlining. You sell. Arab American action and a draw my dad is right now for you is how I. I mean he didn't care he was like eat if he went Ted Ted shower and then went to their linen closet there was no towels there he would had no problem walk in the washroom. Get a towel there it says they're just like a grandfather clock walking through it and I do Nelson I'll think about it. Eat what you have a young south. Yeah you walk around him neck and this usually not a good thing among large circle around white sharks in the water pump it up and walking back and forth to the bathroom you're not making it overly taboo. To be entering your natural state as human being asked for I know our our our. If it didn't have a pit in one hand right now I did is standing ovation for a look at the locker room. Griffin finished him in my pants by the way policy not a needle Penn school. Yes he let them a look at the locker room from a to June the you know once I Muir again. Sue is going all we want it when you go to the gym or I guess there's nobody there that early user. No not relief but you know it only can zoom zoom all there's nobody told them we're gonna use is doing research moon is kinsey. Rule six there was like six barker from Quebec with Apollo. Well when you walk through the house naked and turn your new wife and son are you gyrating Gerd can icu is always in my case pull my finger. To recruit. You if you let it go and helicopters something yeah. Page he helicopters so hard I guess I got. If there's an edge as our commander mark show he's done a holiday I helicopter rides should play dollars I'll just more or would you review. Mr. George Cingular stores so they did they say it born yeah. Portland and east they're gonna help how helicopter actually and it r.s are in and all they did was I thought they flow around. Shortfall and they are brought it was. Murdered I'm sure it didn't show don't you know I drove me home. And a good few drove ideologically and as a center that we all think your dream is as much as this moment. William. In the end there's there's been photos of that I don't know what did them. I don't know what it is is one of the best that's one thing that we do not share with women women. Certainly talk. In perversion about sex the way we do know yet. By that I don't said they say nothing may ever said I went in the gym yesterday guess who's their pain and Catherine was. She got completely make it from me and you believe the size. Error of her welcome mat you're saying you're all in all it was yeah. When you do women take a look at XUL like you know touch each other's Bristol whatever at the callable win Amal are all ready show on the cross yeah I heard. Had discussions brain kind of learn length to. The waxing my kind of rough when he can get lax or something mister Pakistan about a year ago you don't realize Alex what a skirt and say look at my bikini line that. But I think he messed. Up did little to lose you do because. Number that's not allowing Jimmy that he wants him until it's the same member colony and your guns doesn't get the last both Christmas and Malia is that where your shoes. And she put it they shoot lower boobs out that she'd like. Presented them to wise up and said squeeze on tourism and less and went. I girlfriends that have implants and scar tissue or something and they won a few online to CF you know because mine area and see if there's a difference and our heads and a weird. And and. Owner not as a rock is very good is this gonna hit it in my head flew I wanted to actually you know do an amazing phenomenon called it a he worked for me the best us. You Wear green live food compare some angle I don't think it's a stops and when you see it in the NASA now I mean like I'll tell you this. And that's why did a great place to stop there are mapping system it's time. The time we were then they jam and we were shower and then Tim is entanglements and nine it was in the shower and a there re. Athletic. It. Well endowed black man walks up to six foot six to build all their Jason is Bob Dole or is set Kuerten is a curtain he pulls the curtain hero style for Merrill falls occurred because they aren't that bad that a story term what does. Eads before you pulled it out. He said. Okay yelling and they're washing he's completely neck I just turned off the water was good not permitted just turned water all had big man and a good bet Staal up. Paid big man's gonna saying let me get that stalled our current drilling not win but then it went shopping is just turnaround. Paul Kirk. Expect like a normal sized goalie here when current. Well as I don't know this Curtin who is a our man or a boarding air diggers going bowling. And I don't think I mean there's like six foot six and he's standing right against the curtain down quite a bit earlier in this all with me mayors were displaced and you can listen and again boring boring my card and aren't like you qualify as well endowed black man dislikes and cold winter today. So redundant we know they don't and that's thing to me that this sport for however probably would be a little less freaked out a little more life. We're under right now the only weird stuff and it probably would install it probably would punch you didn't know our president Al yeah homophobic as hard as I could almost vote. Yeah. Was trying to get its always me. I mean they're it was clear he would try it again Amy brilliant at salt tablets that bad so I can get out. That attitude has built the wall its original legal case. Much bigger and would have liked hung around in the shower I'll hello belt. Is 200 pounds again now the guy can gotten even get in there waiting now you're cherish and one again and maybe you could reduce your rent that. That means that seem best to think that guy just like he was a sash chain around that gym locker room like which goal when he was aka. I care and a marshal's badge in the old west where he just kaine we've discussed. When this occurs on any walks up barrels for the longer. Yeah you do we let me give that stall right there. That is just rural or or. I was frightened by. And true I thought it was a snake your first I guess couple slip. What do the disarmament of all time you know the new tell all the it went sour. It is in their local phone. Or does it. Or not. Mr. Steele wins pleasant Armenians yeah yeah. So anyway he answered the question do you do you are going all the mr. Barnicle how. You've got to hit it does yeah. We launch into an 83 minute run a lot right after the rise guys morning show. I rest testimony you know it's recalling during. The right guys headline is locked and let anybody come at a state armory in both your going through midlife crisis we've got something for you guys all the newest trends. Is flash freezing your junk so what are your details that are not zionist. When he did you straight NCA AJ some amount. And get arrested. I don't ever get any C a two on US Cole notorious single you have to get a response that offers that specifically. You want to make sure that power award that if I called let's sect called spot to recant what would SA are surely they advertised Leo for his service can I get a judge throws you out mom. Colleen Nelson your junkets frozen what they miss Maine out of liquid nitrogen. And so what is I mean is is cryogenic. You're not gonna kill you can't kill the guest list forever so what happens is that there's going to be asked. Rush of cold that gives your blood flowing down there. And it makes you kinda a little bit turned on so makes you eat the sex failed banner I don't know if you're gonna have sex after our. Time friendly so they're freezing and CBS and especially god I mean I'm good good Dorman has worked hard. Ball either either one and I Ghassan. There's kind of feelings down their women and men do you yeah as far as English or just me what are you sprang immediately and I wanna know the process. Did you know you seem these stand up kind of business people giving in the prison cells for like ten minutes that. Alia who did Jake Odom did that the other day somewhere he well he went into one of those things where it freezes you feel like minute present my guy. I think Americans like cover up my nibbles are ten minutes. Here's a process where is gonna make you look younger. I your brains can respond to the cold like I can constrict. And that's gonna booster collagen levels down there was makes you look better and take away their ankles. I don't Aaron Palin did always in there is very sharp and he's a how much is gonna set you back it takes about a half an hour cautious around sixty packs. Maybe weren't finished here different. You're embarrassed of your shower pan. Not the enemy is just natural ladies here have you know Barry. They look like your elbows as this animation and inside he knows that if they need to take your skin grafts for that they use that. Not giving you a true story with the use it ought to party tent city. That's all I. Hear all miners are now how great it is error. On the Internet says. The stuff they really spray you in the paper now is zero to 160 bola. I'm gonna Carolina paper mill in mid January to 160 degrees below zero tell. I don't see ala. How would that work forever or wrinkled face. As well or is it only for lightly because you know this scandal and each program is very thing I think you need to be careful with anything goes has mind's fine. Here because you don't wanna. Breaking cap Hillary's think. And that's very tender occasion breaks cap capillaries and then we have veterans like to. See you wanna go extreme hotter called on your face. Okay my Mikell who look normal. Our boys and I hadn't and undid that I'm fine I'm in I'm you know look. This what now I wouldn't wants when one phrase it mirror now. It'll all outside naked when it's stout but no we're just refined and precise treat it boy. There's no way there's just no way you want to freeze. In the last five months are pretty darn it let's just. It just fine. Yeah way and you mark. Well you know if you get better and Mary do you think that's what's holding you back now is probably personality as the thing is attached say yes. It is not. And that is the rest do you. Turkey right place so there. Well republic isn't mentioned in early different ways. Q. Fill the senate seat that was held by a Democrat by the name and Debbie Stabenow. Well she. It's going to be replaced insanity Republicans say they had their convention and and when it was brought forward with Chad easier to edit it. Hit it it was taller or shorter yesterday. And and then there's perhaps foreign is can Iraq. He might be running for that senate seat if he says yes because sound you know he's in the past few supported Mitt Romney and Donald Trump. Is he describes himself as more as a libertarian but he does have some conservative views. You know I voted for Bob Seger this year we wish you weren't there. And it limited cultural and I'll that is silver bullet band again a few more votes and fell eight dude it's a toll happened. Yeah rock is royalty in Michigan there ain't. And his name came out that the average but the Michigan Republican Party can mention last weekend so would he be considered the senator Barbara cheers senator senator rock. Well yes. Yeah senator rock. Fans in banking or consent or bad and the feature he can win. I don't think you would be that great of an idea guy I don't know I mean other then. Are we judging his music as now what he would do and aren't knows. But I'm Cheney can go all day long and say yeah you know what I asked for trump blah blah blah and then when they get NA do whatever you want to. There he knew better prepared to Britain carried. Or started what is marine version of the businesses trying to give people jobs he's a liar and I just probe. And I can't file there and as far as we know waiting isn't happening scandal Stastny. Except for marrying her he had really haley's father not a Michigan State and Sam sedar. When iron right or for wrestler river office in Michigan has lost Vick may need Arnie either that. 9909. And votes the winner got 181000 so he did all right well. Couldn't get a full thousand votes on 9909. And now there are discouraged you know who plays water fountain Blair fell. Well here's a fact for Thursday that he may not Arnie yeah. Pineapples or such a major status symbol in Europe and the seventeen hundreds you can read my hand. To take to a party by a violent inmate in their equivalent of today's dollars would be 8000 dollars career there are calm act c'mon I'm. Commodity this lease ghost borrowing was equivalent of 8000 dollars. Today give it they would they would carry it around they actually cut it they were read one that if you bought one I'd be like an 8000 dollar fine. Enjoy is always a sign of friendship beacon scene like down all furniture that's a lot of them have pineapple Farnham mast flying in his presidency and you can't go you gotta admit they are from the Caribbean or AC dad's a half pineapples on topping your thing complaining of them in the pineapple on top but that's why it. Because you know again from the islands and my. My grandma mom grandma mom mom I had a great aunt who. She decorated her living room and racism she had the hold all of us. Everywhere oral yeah my immediate and got into it now now she'd be she'd be quick and the mayor. Truly is she and it was weird. In this was like she died in the ninety's and are 9390. Just all those old. Satirical. Kind of character and products they sold by the end by boys and movie precious moments. You know AME dissident ridiculous stuff I don't he's gold in this before I even like I was aware of racism and all that look at that. What is the fascination with the toss she just collects them with some I guess its own tough. Oh yeah. Smuggled him there's two reasons mostly racist now can't put a well I don't know having male she nodded. Yeah I manage everything. Plus answers are there is a proper Apple's historically. Aren't you were there originally come from. Vegas Hawaii who's in Brazil. Does this give you who took him here in the first. Your mom hall. Geek. King George Christopher Columbus and a bit you know it's ever the first time. And an attorney grow pretty liberal big Groban these weird pits. They have fired that this would be more tropical the weather in the pit educate her about apples and England you know. There's there's more profit yes or they can't make it more tropical and they would have break. More kids sleep in a pit and Casey are engaged Karl finally somebody enters is part of crop. Any he's the best. You see I pineapple. Dorm rockers and stuff in there this really comes funny. I'm sorry again he's not present I'm fast. Can't I can't sorry you know a girl never produced anything about it Dorado look like a viable back big league staff. That's like bananas you know start off as a delicacy. Delta's. Thumb and it was where what what country you remember Jimmy nicaraguans and we're wants the result mercker yet and we patiently. Do you. Chiquita or is it dole dole Del Monte Del Monte their pets they went in and basically. Positioned to the government to have a coop so they can take over the government and give a man is instead of all over the world and aromatic. And learn the three is a result of Costa Rica yeah. They arranged eight big government coup to take over a banana. Up industry now you won't bananas are popular at their popular and has built a lark and. Okay good that we're gonna. Manufacturer and say gore simply get the man is he got a fancy editing who like to get to big is one downstairs holds similar accident that's even bananas to me I can't just show. Yeah green when I get man I'd can eat it now. I don't have the patience necessarily for Iraq greens hit. I can't come and and I hate taking it season and apparel from Matthew it's tough yeah aren't as aren't typical as well I'm maintenance your eyes as Emma. More of the rise guys morning show maybe it's only. Good morning to you it is what time. I'm 54 and figure might cause faced between did manage to Graham and snappy it'd journalism so yeah fun for us and today. Leading in the sag will hold that tomorrow. Until tomorrow rather. And then also would do the male sex and actually when I anniversary and I know grant or you had was going to do. Also the NFL last line triumphantly returns tomorrow. 8642414328. 86424143. To eighteen pissed off about some please call and then let us know what it is and we played on the radio tomorrow morning. Jamie yeah don't Wear a pair of Carolina revealing tickets rent let's give them. To solve. He lives he has no boys good golf but there a year. I get I enjoy it make it fat boy left I don't know what that is Christmas. When you when I'm making last I knew I feel a sense of accomplishments and you shouldn't you know. Renewed prelude to yourself I think he. Oh okay. There aren't criminals they got called RR OK as I ask it anyway play it as an intimate question and I didn't do her. What fake radio. OK okay. Our way come all I would we were basically has now come home every junior. I have a question that you were saying what was the same. Main human. That. Each. Any news good news listener he's great here. It was it was page in your mouth this morning what radio and I was pregnant you're mad at six and finish your Carolina personal tax number 72341. Again 72341. Not a third straight day goes Keller Betty how Brad nice you just answer. Not you. Know you are now Jackie Jackie. Ninety minute nonstop rob I'm gonna kick off next page Iraqi a work all bought whole fan boys yeah at 5 AM. Rise as reliance Morris tried him and vice trying to face to listen have you blessed they take it guys it's. Fewer Jermareo Jacqui Jacqui it. Between the years next on any street one.