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The Mail Sack: Open Phones: R.I.P. Chris Cornell


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel. Nice guys doing. Joining us. 3.3 dollars. The end. San. I cannot. Really don't sit. I would imagine this is a staff and I'm holding my hand here just lie there and do fly paper. The rise guys and AOL dot com. It's you can't get through on the phone G podcasts in wanna make your points get a point across whatever. I always email us. Astaro for this one. As amounted to zero a nimble Paulus who. This one. Your family please leave me death alone Aaron Rodgers. That's not true. Apple left on the rise guys. It is completely blanked up the fat boy screwed up there Aaron Rodgers interview and there are zero talk of punishment. The B tip is that about Jeff had done the same exact thing he'd beaten rat polite and open meaning cash and play give. Just pointed out because it's true love the show he won the is say so does dazzle an easy days DL as soon as they sell. These aren't safe zone as nasal that's good my marriage is amazing what they still. This fall and would then sell. There's carriage and then there's what sort of a second demon from some movie always say it's in the it's the one that Israel. Notice this is hazel from all within Zell bid demon that sings The Rolling Stones and Denzel all the time and is trying to kill him. Now and then moving I admit I know that I am asked him one time this guy put Casey Jones in the whole lives are moving. Also a need character in X-Men liars periods. According to us and immigrant experience and also in the Bob was agreements. Thank you that they they agnostic cause no viable career. Oh. Email members at 30 by the way at the screwed up earlier and seriously kudos once again to our. Or musical. Member. Chelsea is why she did there Whitney Houston song I'll always love you Aaron Rodgers and well there's an island. Whoa this right here so this is how it. Talented this couple hood is. Our. This happened on the show yesterday and already they've reported it he nodded to listen here it is a brand new song. About fat boy is relationship with Aaron Rodgers from Brad and Chelsea. Okay. I own so. Oh yeah. The. It's time. Non. Oh my god regularly. And then I'm going to get them. To run all day. Rev James citizens with a beautiful thing an emergency thing Els and become song I think your love of the Aaron Aaron Rodgers essentially spy stuff Brad Chelsea's our relationship. And they get together and make music about your values she has all day and yes national. Believe that out next time. I still affect you all your mind's a muscle cars through the natural gas reserves are part of the borrower where we're happy that they're Rogers made for a more crime. Now I'm not happy about that hadn't been an easy to see him shed tears but I bet he did instead they've established Alabama he's not here. If family returned to his high school for the first time and cried. He cried when when no Aaron Rodgers no shares yesterday. In allegedly led that would really is not even here meanwhile is here the whole time the room. Terms and conditions. And a New Jersey doesn't want a just a picture or an autograph is there myself how do you don't want them to show you don't have Bubba newsman. I boy wants a look at timeframe are you looking. What Miller half hour time. Ten minutes and returned in the one now. I easy would be able to tell himself away that I tomorrow Amanda's tee off times when I'm told into. Friend Alia talking in my friend wasn't chairman Tim Bowman Jeremy hello Paul who's a natural. I think is to make a wish them Hussein anything yeah yeah. Immediately respond. Oh man that ensued illness that's all right owners and I mean it it sucks. I've been there before our promise I'll tell you to tell you something listen to this and I'm not gonna say that the name of the genial key right it's. I want Ginny and I this several years ago were invited to a restaurant to come and then. Try afternoon and yeah. They said bring your entire family oral what are we want everything's on my house. So wonderful this is set up through salesman. And as I want upon told then it got everybody together I think even marry was there is like come all we're going to this place where he'd prefer. They know I'm come and go and then ask for the manager he had no idea Matt Val Lehman who was on. Yeah. I don't think there's been given us. But hey it's. What is surely have been greeted with open arm all you want Hezbollah brings wasn't so nice and so anyway Tamara my whole family say no we're gonna get traded Bob Bob why they know where comment I'd pay full price and I felt this small. And I'm actually this well yeah I. I you know what I mean it was so I get it it's embarrassing and there are. And get it low Obama. No mountains and. Not only from veterans only president yeah. EXP and then seldom come here and you think he likes that I think is going to be is gonna Wear them to worry monarch comment I don't like David did downtown agreeable seen people who ruled to stalk him and harass him in the fact that. He will be able apart without me in front page news for the X rated for one thing else I had a we'll turn him off the fact that man is still look like mayberry but they sure as well acted like it when I was there are normal. Tabloids are artists. I over the bears. No god dot com you don't dug in and out there falling prices. Arise guys. I think they should change the name a wade Hampton high school based on the fact that he was involved in civil war. A girl from Richmond Virginia I can never understand what peoples to fly the confederate flag or why we honor those who fall for slavery I understand that is all god I don't want to read this now. Is now it's like it's turning into a political thing. Well there's there's a whole two minutes alternative some that we would need a semester of school that is. Holloway at Maine and the edges this day is that back up an area just as soldiers are illuminating and in this semester. High school to get hurt but that is the civil war is not fighting for slavery and element. It was an element. But that's like saying the war on drugs are really the war on drugs we are here I would do is it it was it is well. A lot of things by the way History Channel this weekend's a miniseries about the war on drugs. Earner history out here. You imagine a wonderful mood he keeps and a bad manners you know we've. I'm pretty I'm pretty anonymously abounded many series Italy mainstream name but they're they're talking about CIA do and I'll let you know. Let numbering the token in the country and all that that's a governmental body brain. Don't coming up and I don't already know whenever you see this thing about it is that most of that went wow. All you're a veteran of the war on drugs is more to documentaries they probably are resisting the people who were alive then watching it on newsreel you don't. Yeah property do you get a game for being a veteran in the war on drugs do their part part of veterans return home from us yes you are still anybody's stolen valor. Can't warms again they'd knock it would talk about anything but. It's a big body I put this thing yesterday on Twitter and it was then picture of this Saddam Hussein's statue getting torn down by day. Our Marines. Back in I Iraq and in the flag flying and then. Wrapped inside a posted pictures of them taken down one of the confederate soldiers is regularly to scare words you keep Brent let's say your method. At the I'm open in the can warm bodies just open and it's ironic that we we we your. It's it's it's still freedom of speech can steal history yeah. And this it was a doll that was just it was a moment they poetic moment because showed it. Mission accomplished here this right here is just rip and a part. I don't have to say Iraq care Iraq. He's. Cool statue of yours yeah I mean you can't do what do you barely let it bother anybody. I know. Now. No prize as a Steward has a waitress in several different places what I was told is that if you're not make him at least minimum wage at the end of the pay the company is supposed to legally. Cover that at least make it to where you're making minimum wage pay at the matter suggest that they're better pay and jobs I see people. Don't really want to tip and a lot of cases don't have the money detail but would still like VoIP Ricky. I don't think I think I've never heard in my life I think that might be set that individual restaurant did I wish Ford. Other minimum wage they their space they don't make it in tips the company is supposed to match. At least minimum went. Yeah there's a poster. Ferreira and some of them do willingly years similar yeah are supposed to that I can't slow. It seems maybe they are supposed to and has an actual law or just some a lot of places do workers here must wisdom general wage higher here now. Out. What is sustained by our national. Hasn't animal there is but there's also states consider themselves. Are after the federal minimum way. A new one more to affect hey dudes why does that game. Why is that dude get a hand on the net nerd dating game I've tried like twelve different times to get on the Dayton gaming you never know for me. Why does he give it back caked. Anyway and get married now CEO nine. Oh well. Give me your wedding her cuts and you're getting deals all of her trauma happen and you details collar town because of the show LOL wrote it with some blank since I never got to do the damn dating game. He won move Foss is ghost. They really should get married now he is married now know he's he's married and Eric. Yet and getting married now twice in match. There's so you're certainly drew threw him and everybody else all real quick what is the latest on the is that still happening on Friday just. I'll have a one contestant Morton has just wondering will I thought the thought was we gave him an and then we just take calls and Ledell. Made their free approved her range sort of find I think we still do it we can Beverly we can find some people he's determined there's always interest. Windows well we're 11 girl all the villages will do here until we here's outside his age range to hold button. Thirty team. Owner. Again. Areas we're just record from there are no hookups. Wedding Leland to get married no there there's no such thing is a deal. There's no such thing as a hook up. Well I know look at where and as sure there's and they also let me keep running and adding on Larry here's here's the thing there. I'm going to mention a place I'm not going to mention a vendor I'm not going to mention anything about anyone to Iran I'm not going to take pictures with wit with. Your stuff I. I'm not going to publicize the where's the loser of the wants a bit at all would you like to see pictures of myself and our latest pictures. Of the wedding ceremony and other recession bit. Is angered tiger's name I don't know olive branch extending and then arena weddings because they they simply don't have to. And they all types trying to get a deal first zero OK again I'm not gonna put any on him over at all. Let me say words that ring I'm telling the photographers you'll also bend me over you took one picture of any signings or anything like that right I don't want. I anything and nobody liked it and you show up. To my wedding. Wearing some kind of logo for company you work for. You take it off makes a look decent martian winter Wear plaid shirt soaked you did. Five college athlete melt. I saw this man says you need a mariner. Into the company would like to sponsor that meanwhile Aaron Rodgers should come and an end. They wish they would pay to think about that if he came in its its web page offer fee they're big dudes everything says you know what let's get married today in life yellow girl. He can go and get free wedding it's it's a tricky spot though because. I have a lot of people on social media and stuff and these pictures via direct via. So. It places don't all of your money and then why are you happen to have a huge following of people on social media service. Umpteen thousands of people see these and are all from the area right. So I'm kind of forced into possession of man I can't give that away for free to people are taking all the money. Right now are you an impulse makes clear yeah. I free advertiser Omar in my social media and all the money turn as Susan's pint his firing him money. And the bank money hey here's the money somebody so expect a Michelle Bernard McCullough knows two million dollars I mean it. No I don't have any new meaning maybe September and you legit normal place and our place lined up and you're going to monitor all that. I'm not just immigrant point of people think we get hooked on our Internet catalogs and plan a mini ocean and now on all our own wedding now nobody nobody in this town conclude upon wedding present. We need more plugs frumpy ones and we do national. Yeah I'm trying to calm. Other. Aren't less you enlighten you a pause and then heard a pause in the we do you won't traditionally a lot of them are. Bottom about your wedding Jimmie and I I thought he tends to want to talk about some. Of the art and investment. And I don't know. I'll show eight email I didn't mean I know I aren't sure I don't I'm not suggesting anything. I'm gonna wind are you not know he's just too heavy damp and the dogs in May be ready to do all suit and then over your heroism are older white suit. I mean Wear fur coat them never noticed and tuxedo and Brandel yeah that's where raw offers up a stint the car. I keep well it well maybe yeah I want to be recession gives us on and how we care. I mean negative yardage doesn't need to stand their old jokes or you got more. Home. And you got all day I'm busy day. OK okay I'm halogen and get married again has been sweating at the bar to our programs are open larger our day and it doesn't. Com aren't war break bear by the way a lot of people texting again said and umpteen times and it will have tickets on the rise guys. And then seven fold and bowl beat. That. Suntrust park and alama and you get the bus ride down imagine that's reduced to show and all that would do that the 9 o'clock hour I'm will be back right after this. It's the rise guys morning yeah. He 93 point three the plan. Planet Iraq. Rise guys morning show good morning. We'll do an open phone 180774. Now below 93180774. Double on 93. Make sure you here at 9 o'clock hour we have tickets aboard the rise guys. And then seven OM a bowl beat. He can also register for those by texting my main talent that's what month it is dammit. There is made salad here M a YET a LL I CK. And Tex had a 7341. You can also get registered for the tickets as well. Where else can have tickets to the NASCAR all star race Powell made it rains it pours Paulus Brendan. Kyle play. Don't open phones now. Scope to room. Catherine incense and bills hey Catherine. Are you. You. Did. What's Wasilla the. Speed nervous. Oh. I am not married. And that's what they don't. Want you call. Jeff passer and that his knowledge on the race yeah there's going to be around me let's go to he won AKA in Spartanburg BNP what I K good morning. I got the morning every. I'm doing great until an eye on the ring only end but delays and years. I have actually been on Andre get settled for a I can hear Apatow he's yeah. If you by the way do we want them on the year terms of the room. Yeah I've just sit there and answer phone calls for original board writes a complex guy. So AJ what's the what's the issue. Well it darling it's huge kind of play and he meant I. Al Gore got a two hour classless is kind of armor by other than that. I start work. Yeah that by 1130 and I didn't need some advice just a word it was simply I'd. Bouts. About having just get through that two hour class have left. Now and an where. It but first they don't adopt. Oh there are okay to have an industry don't say the place or location what type of job. Are honored to. He distorting pages kids. Right now on it and then insert. The school that I'm going do you. Yes I'm down actor Eddie really get pictures and and cat and have jitters about it out. Don't take pictures of the prince Bluetooth yeah. Pale it's. Not a seems like the most bizarre if he takes place in the post or a return on as to yeah. And pitcher's stuff. I've how urgent. No I think yards I think you right now now let's let's let's be Sears and you're looking at a from more reported you have like get along with co workers are making good impression on. Yeah I am I owed it. I'm twenty. Yet and I mean I've been taking pictures there is gone back and think adds that I've got out advocate by. It is like one of the biggest job is at very cotton and I know I'm it's really an area I just wanna do you Keolalai. That's that's yeah yeah. Ocean get a good advice this president's Roberts the job of bill. Motion and as so yeah you guys. Are you are you going to go in and kill today are you to go ahead take the best pictures and impress everybody and you're gonna go into making an impression right. Yeah okay there yeah there like I've used it's well I was probably as you and it's so simplistic it's been said for thousands and thousands thousands of years. See yourself where you wanna be work you way back like you have to freak and. See it you have to almost live life like you already done it again. Just people eat the whole thing gives you make you think that's for material things expert you know looming the car winning how she can't afford this match yeah but. We need you live like you've already done it. Actually when I was only take about as I was delivering pornography to gas stations dropped around with a notebook rat right stupid radio ideas down. Consider mama that's like you know what I'm not gonna have a morning show our ID yes you know. Just aren't that yourself. Don't have to invest a best advice you and you are gonna go and you gonna kill they're gonna think you're the best employee hammering you you won't take real pretty take. Pattern and you guys even if you don't kill it even if they don't think you're the best ever while you'll be good yeah the Arab. You'd probably go until they probably will think you're the best error I think it's a problem. Com thank you guys. LA had a plan that they I wouldn't be our opponents and the every morning and make it a much better out thank you got your very. Nutritious meal listening NASA policies and us so well in the bathtub I think you AK have well worn 1 I am but toy out I had that good morning. C and we turn that into some more and there he went day Walker's lingering blows this girl and the war dude I don't do the forbidden. 08. Tell you aren't you. Also. We don't we just thought I envy your voice is very. These. We are sound young men to Bluetooth. Are loving you how this yeah. It did blue tees should be okay. After all these are my relatives and so loud but I thought when I want upon upon our boot to this celebration scream it out volatile she is no doubt that our life here Doug young told her. So is what what is your comment on your question. There was some about yes sir and you guys are just let the girls Soledad about tipped and in this and in I've worked in the industry before it. This thing is what you have to do you have been great. Edit these kids are there go along with the you know I have kids so we aren't chips are that we are there but. It is. If you would just get loose and I thought. Play with the first fact you talk to the chip or whatever. You don't think that that parents get out. Actually you're gonna get a better job I mean. Give you just don't let it play out get out just. Don't be mad that they're trying to have a different. Dinner that I. Here's a thing though when you when he I don't restaurant and you get a server. Yeah you're giving someone to bring you food and drink immunology for baby sitter pastor. I totally sorted. I think that that's true absolutely but it certainly gives you want to thank for that kid. That can only batter Ford. There's hundreds can't go above and beyond what the nature of your job you shouldn't bank do better to yeah yeah like today. It extends. You're gonna get that 10% pitcher not gonna get that shipped anyway. And district murderers only the issue better tips to help. Oh yeah yeah yeah and I'll tend to stand out is going to theology. Stripper Joba go only needing. Food and his credit he's let's sit down they. And I think no doubt about it was their job. Well and they still. Room. Exactly this reason I do appreciate you guys been yeah I just wanted to make a little comment. It's 8 day walk every morning sir I was going to say walker page how can come to some will you now. He pretty much runs like connection say that he I. You know I. If you are good. Server restaurant. And you follow me home in open bring me stuff there to review and integrate tea hey kid. Job now know why I even the. You know there's certain restaurants where he admit you know Porsche Anderson left and what would you like to take that then to go 11. And then they bring out bid them to go thing and H. They wanna put it in the same for Al idea I don't know why I don't why that I don't like that fancy leader than an hour and I was about. They take your played away from the table and return it in a ball like that banner. It's package they take it away and then bring scandal and a Muslim none though but just I don't have. Am a stupid and weird and nothing makes it but I you're taking it to bury your. No oral once you throw away yeah. I was waiting to birdsaw have more and more ready for. Only bomb we're the worst is somebody. Three quarters of their fruit left. You're take it to Europe and I'd like to waste stuff for no reason still working on that NASA has done it is a waste here's a here's a comment firm mail servers Collie big man her boss manner big guy or big haul anything that has anything to do with my size whether it be late are hot. Or at least close and then the only thing that might be somebody CB handle hardly tying him commie big pop. Comic big peppy tell all I'll slam Ali sir that's the worst. I it's all nine turn fifty shades Iran had one day when some might call him tiny. This was 200 pounds of our our men does winning GAAP. I would not give me a tip if you're that enemy we're spring usually usually that's because you tiger being mean but I. I don't know I mean it really does he need to get another job a few want to put people down right back Q were afterward that's fine mess up our product is tracked and I'm going to unveil on the bill. Yeah yeah and dozens created. I got this. They can whether they're there was pretty heavily on time at the last minute. There is it. There's an email from signify there was an email from wired data that was when I mentioned. I read to hold instrument guy too so point that out is basically just say and that because I called that lady and its two days ago. Basically say and even I have said there's no excuse upon woman a bitch. But about that but did I ask for permission page. This idea. As to his okay about quarter of this lesbian life yet you colder once I can't accent and Morse probably called earth. Save more and I don't think I can't yeah. Has saved up so. If we ask permission from hey we guess in and we won't ST well I stern has Robin on the air tank he had to do some you know I was method McKeon I needed to she was buried. I mean that's the did that lady was beat. Tell me a better definition of bitch. If you are a little. I is probably a Null or may end a bitch and I have one main problem here and I've probably called more straight guys racial slurs and and I have never colony. Lou that we're in the south end the federal what town near and around here Aaliyah arm sending 5% of women as soon take bitch is a compliment. Yeah appearances on T shirts and key chains from that things will bake sale Joaquin runner ups based hello mosques. That's so old and. That's awful I want him Delta Burke for a lot of merit the yes web designing women yeah. That's why isn't it she's asks her phrase in my mind everytime I hear lots of big to settle my I did see her face she's I don't blame or asked for all of that. Garber does its eight you know that when met the whole changing of the mother changing of the guard but. Women were like going in the management and becoming CEOs and all that. And I think what happened is. A lot of Monroe books ended speaking engagements and they were like. Listen ladies if you wanna get anywhere in this world you have to be a bitch. Always true beat you BO dean. Just what's the goal and role I have no idea up to one others properly do wanna only day this. Those kids. Behind the manic meltdown of meals a book ever more you ask you may do you know it. Clinton's use of the 500 dollars a year Christian and nine Nigeria and when you die you don't want people to say I was one. Like that it. Right so money you need to do it right at the time now. I. OK it will balance Alabama's Jeff I believe passer and Els is on the view and it breaks about Chris Cornell are here in the bright and it will be back righteous Wheldon. Arrest. Just. It's an inch screen for you want to you listen to the right next morning she 3.3 the rise guys morning show morning NCA it is. 850. I'll tell you this. Mark Hendricks says that made the decision. To. Fire just. Construction Marquez made the decision Killington Marquez made the decision that today on the free form watching it will be a Chris Cornell. Concert just some a lot of tracked some lives tracks are opposed Todd goes one on newsstands on core dual channel germ. Won't get a lot of calls from PeopleSoft take it cost him plan that the caller or turn the page will be crying believe parallel only bridge. Please play Jesus Christ rose form. Of access. I'll see you in a contained area there's a branch England's Howard yeah. So Chris Cornell. Found dead today at age 52 years old. Indeed short after a share of the fox theater with sound garden last practice play there just played and they got a day he's missing or go to the hotel room and the doors laws they break in and they found him dead now. I'll tell you the effort it is in the math there's according to they were right represented for the Detroit police there investigating this as a suicide. Where is doesn't mean it is or is not I don't do that stupid famers. You just automatically assume that is what happened because that's not necessarily what happened is our investigation it begins at ten. I that they Reyes would announce that I why did they need to know how they're being a wise it being investigated. As is why would we need to know that murders of 5 o'clock in the morning in the short time every news media. How would on earth started blowing them up now. And now police spokesman released a statement saying that tad there investigating the death as as as a possible suicide but. They noted that they were basic things observed at the scene. So that's why they're investigating him as a suicide. They didn't give further details about the basic things that were found maybe you know would serve some pronouncement backing and a well. Yes see that's that's the thing it's likely that there is and there's bat. Quote and then variety which I mean Fridays at it well mound and entertainment side and yet there in the paper. They say that they got a representative of the Detroit police say that the singer was found with a band around his neck. We are there aren't. Aren't. Possibly. Does it tell you what they what they are reporting. This earlier. I can say in response are you have possibly Alvaro I can't say yeah error now Chrysler possibly. Eli SunGard data. He's demonstrated they have some great songs and also a lot of is our a lot of starters. There and owners are here and talk about a harder just died there. It's because I wasn't the biggest sound garden for and the meaning inspires him. I liked him but yeah in an amount as last week Detroit high back Iraq city hash tag no more bull blinked. Not messing around with C ever. Vivienne issues when that amendment cherry had. He's demons that only panacea burn in battery and then. A less opiates you injury answers don't normally read your career and how this how loudly he passed. Well since we were in fifty years wasn't shifting now. Hussein lived so as for his for his term voted for her and we would like beat people need devastated and and rarely happens anymore where. Rock stars pop stars in in majors you know musicians die in their twenties or thirties. You know that was that was hand and a good bit for awhile and that's good and certainly. Wholly her. While. Or if you well could impart ad. I can't deal with the guy that I can't do it too much news. I don't know are you go to an. And with it and it's bigger that's confirmed hazards. I now okay Roger miles an hour from Fox News he passed away as well. O'Reilly has some new and then just nonsense former Fox News senior he died today I had I had that poem I'm afraid you asked he said he's amid a third must have more. You said it. Air targets accounts. I was disappointed now only slightly bigger. Aggressor Jimmy what was though this does sound garden thing you're talking about. Chris Cornell grad few text for this weren't throughout the more terrorist record in their much too boring here. Chris Cornell do a little bit into action in O'Connor song prince for a nothing compares to you their stories there Chris Cornell do an MA's domestic money a couple of years ago. Course I do a sit in February again. Yeah. I am. Okay. I. Do. And I she's. I mean my. Okay. It's. Okay guys. Out of peavy upstaged local morning show this is the right yeah. Days I'm ready 3.3 21.