Friday, May 19th

Open Phones: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by Sunnis can't do travel while. You're listening to the rise guys morning you know. Maybe three boys read Atlantic route. Even. Yeah. Slinky. Me. Yeah. Please. News good news the new trend. They come that close watch in new. As well. Fast car accidents killed BAT's. Who goes easy. See the ranking god can't explain that Lewis monsoon here. KFC. Is laying new home there. 08. So. Say there's no. Let's stop kings. As need be or else was taken away about management because. We didn't need to go home Happy Gilmore the golf tournament this morning. And they need to tell you buddy those mentioned paparazzi kind of cool good. Jamie. Maybe you weren't today is Busan is meant to. What would you do to. Dump pull back a little cuts they want happened. If you channel it and I'm not involve known and if I see here. And us all mine so I left for about ten minutes now so creepy guys in and score still I got McNamee got out and listened to credence in the car. Since then attend weekly he didn't beat me mister McCrery and Oak Creek began to ever greater than being. Premium for a period were. We're gonna do tsunami. Open phones before we get out of here 180774. And a below 93180774. To blow my three anything you wanna talk about I was kind of curious if anyone else that I've not heard about one Chipper Jones on. Citing colonel Warren. Like he did he show up he's here I hate seeing him or heard her talk about him and I think all the other guys don't look kinda and recognize maybe. Peterman here every year right here I did Larry the Cable Guy. May have led to present the video was doing just that yesterday nobody's making a big deal about. There's several Josh. They're very Josh Beckett what super knows where I've run in those false positive here employee did towards renders your point is blends then he's got a damn planet. And if I got a smile like him Biden is either Peter brought some moonshine has Sony's big drink beer plus. Edward return for sure Burberry is it'd have to fifty which ones yeah did you find. So anybody that. Or how about this and Jeff and take chances he'd earlier about Jeff hanging up on our callers yesterday on her show with the Chris Cornell concert. This is shares are there Roger's probably calling Jeff Arnold or. I just sontag who urges them. What does she do and he's mad at me and a slight hasn't answered your well so deem him now and say look we have a problematic. Co worker. And I'm think it may be easier it is I know your manager word so I bet he hung up on the Anderson now Andy and I we have 47 minutes a show left so. However some personality tennis itself a happy ending at least at this hour between rolls right. It and in between you know the golf course and stunt men are 18077. 93 Warren go first to. It's cold and a pull how dare I'm. Well Barack. Most news. And now. Can I get all caught up talking and forget sort of assessment. Moved. Well this is strapped college right now there's we certainly will serve we're all these names are renowned for. UK and snap me up dollar buyback on Fridays you can stand me at oh man I feel that OHM a FFE Debian Abu page in aid and ask. Was set to. Burton beastly AKP one big daddy. But I want it but like what are the group's. They've been doing likewise if also holly and her fiance destined still in bed listening to the share. I Endesa and hit. I know that they should have picture on the cover are probably active in the background bad. There are saying in any way guys man you know Massey. I think DRG and I in each frontier RG has nine yards the hours while people back it is going into the government timeline go his way too much stuff on it. I was up more and woody. Fuel and demon king. Oh blanking Janet long electorate their employ on this more and rumblings on each other. You are equality shame. And have you learned Jimmy with a big. End. He's had talks aren't there elements. That's all courtesy of nine frontier RG onset chance aren't so there we gap let's go to choose. News Stacy and Seneca online when they stay. O Eric. You can earn their apparently there are barely got there are out eternal. He. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah Eric anchors aren't actually you know I'll Ali particularly Eric yeah. Are very loud at slash you know her collection chaos or use our church therapeutic. Our elderly our goal area usually you're. Thank you are transferred. Ask yourself with a paper to people still get the paper I mean obviously yes she ever out by. All we are asked here are from our hurdle easily irritated and range. I I'm actually shirt. Wow I while that we appreciate that our. I hope that that continues a young people drop. Yelling at her aren't they here now well well very. I'm on it started in the Sunday paper just for you ought to keep jobs that senator. Needlessly you laugh but now I don't I don't do a lot of bill pay anymore because I found that there's I don't mail in checks postman will lose job yeah it's. This is going to O'Donnell she's a lot of very. And yourself both Arnell bearish a lot of now lack so. I'll OK I just don't pay him makes cents analysts are. They still call my my voicemail on the office and drummers four Stacy thank you and if newspapers Trevor thank you ma'am have you more. I had to learn out. Birdie if there's a big change our digital brand and com. You think. They're never hospital bills in the futures and Europe's Ireland there's no later revenues from our former I'm just a bail and didn't. Yeah GA I think they see people in my papers in terms his. So Arnold Sotomayor they seem to get them late start I had some fun and Saturday nights and papers as about 930 amount and I'm looking forward. On the and I still like the paper pencils there early but anyway Vieira is their drive and and he's always got his girlfriend against all all ladies how life. In her job is to throw the news. Futures. She isn't throwers or two person team to get Craig is that chance eased to do bicycle. Rouse they'd have to hold yeah I am handlebars slang yeah it's talent they never made it important channel of you try to do that don't. When a militant and a lot of brilliant I was in I was did leave then though from Lebanon Wesley business plan that I was really is somewhere isn't Spartanburg real and I got my Huntsman is doing a paper route whatever. And I'll put NA they get out of newspaper gun. There are only issued reputation and gone. So I thought is a real gun Spartanburg yes farmers there really are. It was about his favorite competitor you regiment is. Here this idea now sort. There's to. Have to buy it and here's your Friday and I do you. I'm aware of the piper drain and you. I heard hits how I'll record is it. Why don't blame off I hear of coming down the road. Where is Paris. Yes save a Miley narrowed died and left out of this on reasonable buy anymore is Ari enabled by Mort and I hate to save for that has the look. My mom and it's and that's the first damn section she goes to his obituaries and momma she's too much younger and with the wedding announcements that people my age and get. Better days Barack. Now that's the sad part. Let's go to. Chris lingering bull. Patriots. Every. Mario well thank you were doing before. A lot of daily that girl goes on earlier that didn't get a date. Oh man she had forty double asked. Holy crap yeah. I mean it's. And she's wearing a was wearing a Darth Vader outfit so imagine the plant there. As a lot of lot of older he after so you are you nerd are you do isn't it like girls did gigantic who push. But the I don't know but I ordered. The movers and well good win we get ready to do the that data I don't know Logitech are scheduled to Chris we going to transfer. All right are you single. Okay this nation will lose his main sure aren't I think I am now and aren't sure how I. Senator mark. It is very careful of the newspaper or lower dollar while you regard immigrants Rosalynn my newspapers. Did the news every issue would be better all pitted transition into me and my. FaceBook for old people but a newspaper so imagine if you momma can just. In the newspaper write all her daughter appointments would be and there are certain she could look concealer. When all her friends got to go to the doctor FC west section my own union there I don't. Arnold and I love that we know each other the wind went. When Susan to order Gardner went. The doctor but I I Madison today and I would just say daughter point that I just. It'd be easier for Israel calls towards does that dimension yeah old people are important announcements there are other a lot more pages but it. Wow it sells papers. Our staff says maybe this yeah. Aren't there more things to talk about can say damn who had play and doctor noble but yeah I mean. Oh yeah you paper. Only do these problems. As a discount anything paper is not bad that I am more ailing on this minds is who you Rhode nominee you know it's anything paper maps. I'm watching Sharjah given anything in particular it is not needed to meet its go home you Bartlett and yeah. Yeah could. 'cause had you noticed fine yeah. The province and sort of paper autorads on the Obama with a lot of up and you know what I'm. She'll take the heart and nodded off. Still the newspaper straight to white ceramic stores does that say always wrap up ceramics and everything inadequate advertising on and he's reading elect local paper you global Susie do you bigs against like the secretary of the paper. If I am. He's you know umbrella now that was Charlie winner who. They fostered if you get eight stickers be damned phone strawberry and tossed a yellow stickers yeah. We see you know it is business as days go home all. Try harder stay semi and I had to. You want you all your eagle cue ball what's up. I'm not I don't know I. I got got a whole week except that I care schedule their local home holiday it. I guess it bounced and well I had so you're saying maybe you were disconnected. And not call I'll explain. About slow count on the other day. Almost all of the domestic push just how much and I guess he edited the golf. But. I wouldn't have middle Obama this jobs and that this girl. And what percent. I'll. The track to track in front of me and actually that would let them get to clean her loaded or not healed. I almost got my. Who would you have there's still. So okay so you are doing it call ends and SOS lined it just Massa had a boy a girl pageant well. Ego Ukraine and outside the road and that's why your cousin so much. Yeah. How much I almost every Kurt. Caller yeah how many birds here. Where she really players well. How can someone that he does she really program that was negative the car gears. How are you get a trip on Hamilton you know. It's a little bit. CEO gets that it was handcuffed and we don't have a lot I don't know. He's OK Avery called it's it's very difficult fine but yet do you basically con and say you don't. You were screaming and cussing for your life not you won't have always to end. I'll pretty much I didn't question from Natasha from actually last CL McDonald I'm getting me a lot record. And that's the unpalatable. That was almost like the closest contact so. Yeah really yeah I do most of the. Did you wanna have them and I would call back in after that. And medically you know appropriate or not cannot trucks. Accept the ticket because especially don't know I don't know if you want to put it there's can't stop that put men coming up that you and I'll let me. I may when I start following mouse ball for ten minutes sometimes that they can get help. How does he know what Amy does here at a refrains and is the best I think this is pretty Jirga. After apple I don't wanna play Matt at now and a bit about you know are all about you now the spam out. Now on to build off all. All the house O'Donnell I accept them podcast but now I showed. Norma. L crazy modest. Not on speculators he's. Brace all of them greased altered slightly I like you got a current podcasts. Out IQ you're he had ranking it. I don't want a Barry Cohen each. Farm. Ahmad a year yeah. Oh I don't true. Who is Doris yeah. The only show on Israeli. I'll get on them and am not missile on Thursday for. Wow oh wow I don't. Logan I started and happened to totally change until I just having a meltdown about frat boy yeah. Isn't it gives you wouldn't tell them. I can't. Help distract you guys you meet so many. And what some are young. What are what about the popular triathlon don't know a lot parliament top pop art so that aren't big belt that's. The notion that. Cute she's got a lot of tomato and let me tell you what. And I don't. Doesn't JW bill without at all. Yeah I'll hold of them and sure enough hard as Schuler who did not. So I don't I. Want to know what happened. Let nominee since now I love and you call me. And you shouldn't have shot her a better tomorrow and animals aren't. Big time. But he got back out there. There was lawyer twirls a lot of cousin that would have been just a long. Yeah I think it almost got a forgot about being on the call extra you know again have to man and I guess. Atlanta oh yeah we got the call will not tolerate we little well. A few times. There's just thank you Matt Harris Q Barbara good morning sir. It's Ebert and his party you've apologized on the agrees ball in and he meant that partner I was reading or products from these terms features you need one moment. Aren't well very got to that was open phone sure this week will go on decent headlines still nine TSL question of the day on the way as well much much more. Its morning show all music is very boring it's also great. Maybe three minutes. Each and centralize their eyes guys warnings now 93 point three the planet. You rise guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who spread good headlines a lot thinner. Stay on the page drives guys headlines exclusive. And breaking news. Well I tasted good breaking news about you did your Diem thing. Oh. You're gonna bet you're stroke yeah all right he should do it's gonna DM passage same prayer and then that whole breaking news thing. All man. My new missile would have thought I just kind of answered diplomatically. Restaurant. I don't wanna chill a screw up like your lunchtime meeting with a garage letter a big a full blown Aaron Rodgers this one's a plumber from Kentucky. No it's not wrestled. It's Israel more rare. Not now. Nelson and alma is humble and played over and we'll. Here's. A big boo boo your twelfth heroes and wishing you and well how about this man had SR 22 of us about it Steve. Hargreaves ex wife who is suing him for. Murdering her soul. And that's not the only thing she's complaining about this is Steve's second wife Mary Shackelford. They got divorced and now five after nine years and married since she's still playing in the aftermath twelve years later. She's suing Steve first sixteen million dollars. Planning a long list of offenses in her souls only worth sixteen mill and there's a list of other things including murdering her salt. Play dead child endangerment. Torture conspiracy. Against right intentional infliction of emotional distress breach of contract. And of course the soul murder and I'm just called me married. Decision Larry for sole murderer not burning sooner I don't have to consult. An attorney on the him panels divorced. Just of their money back guarantee when you soldiers out Nigeria that I have no idea there. Mean. On employment and marriage divorce was very nasty and she's spoken for claiming that state had many mr. since during their marriage including. This economy. Cedric the Entertainer. His current wife Marjorie now Carter the morning was segregated area considered boring bunker her whole column. Mr. extra. You know. He's done a good job of hiding the fact that he is a day. I mean really. The easier in the memo from earlier in every. Maybe eight kids. Opinion you know he I don't think a lot of people walk around and say they are wrong and centers don't have cued an hour and a. And I am now please like you become and why he still is that it but. He was. He was that I feel like they were. Kind of shaping him into the next Bill Cosby and by that I mean mainstream. Black guy hosting shows blue because nick or Nick Cannon yeah fired he's gonna get harder and harder he's also not. I thought I went pretty safe Wayne Brady started and all the cracked stuff on the the end Dave Chappelle show and you lose. He's. Well yeah he's been. Due to say why wouldn't really matter to talk about it just Steve Murray is it. He is an incredibly driven individual. And then now he's more than a million dollars rivers still works all the Tom or any team never TV shows it in time. And some man he is not happy obviously because he is running real hard and real fan orders evidently from what we're hearing the media and from some. Personally running from something he's hiding from somebody's trying to. What it is is plaguing him he's trying to escape and some. It's why he can't just sit back and chill a little bit contagious one is scared a hundred million dollars and enjoy life. You know you or you know technology. Hollywood media or he's on. Nonunion diamond in Annan met him and doesn't seem very nice in Hanson. He's only ever met the man nobody else Imus frowned and and I've never met the man I don't know we met him in Los Angeles and millionaire Adam Harrell logo. Why do you own musical illustrate. Sanders was also the school five minutes. Of stuff they only he would be like a good friend to have necessarily you know early. Eminem have fun laughing early talks when it suits and say hey. Mario's. I mean really it'll look I thought how what I saw it. Deion Sanders wearing his say it's and then I saw Steve Harvey wearing his big old suit him. I thought Tyler period option that dumb and dumber. Of whatever you call those things dynasty here franchise that's it RK I got to where he went. All right Hillary. Faster for the week. Time could handle it well. A woman finds out her hotel manager fiance. Is cheating. It's you wouldn't believe how she found out this current craziness as a 41 year old woman named. Melanie sheared from Don casting England Q Charlotte she whenever they tasted the State's Turkey you know. Back in Maine and 2014. And she met a 300. Hotel manager name pop land Keith James and my. They hit it off started getting on how to get time. She'd go back to Turkey to see and then eventually he proposed to. The other man's friends there she thought it. But since you call her you call her thought. They are you know she. That he loved her fat. I was assistant at the last minute. But sits. She had a lot of money and he didn't. She paid for her an engagement ring. Bought hammer she didn't care of them because they ran the parents are impaired for the wedding faced tradition which I think it's great you know rice will not. Certain times. Well a few months ago she was reading trip advisor reviews on his hotel now. And she noticed something honest reviews and several more talking about how they got it on the the manager. And tip until you can either about that manager and her fiance the manager. She tracked down some of those women on face Beckett and they all confirmed the colts and the hotel manager. Had sex with them and his name is pop plan. Thank god say not yes MA dollars in Turkey again now says she dumped them. She says since he never thought that trip advisor would be where it should go to find out their partner was being unfaithful. That's. Well. That's crazy. She sure you just weren't from the money now no one syllable that's wrong. I think all. So vote now let's I remember from Mayo and made history so doubles and a syllable of money. Syllable. Mama. On the mine was for me is knows it may Maria was married and. Up Yahoo! nodding yeah air shaft there Arnie then. The Chinese hero yet there are no plan yeah Nancy I got a JJ. But my old. Oh yeah Schoonover got no girl on Pablo is back I've. It's shiny out this weekend alien covenant. Or. Arian and owns the only trailer image shown only competing. Any and they don't show Danny McBride anymore which I think he should they are going to be some comic elements to it but they're trying to shy away from that they want. You and they were almost horror would that. Franchise harassing them in the Michael EC here and who's always so. All alien. They're large TV for free rent. While we don't all have gimmick fire stinks I fab. Yeah it does box Darrell Saturday afternoon movie in 1993. Silver books how to vote. I just ran a mark in Stratford carries a strong effort cash trying to constantly. But Chinese also out this weekend PG movies you know I think the kids to something diary of a wimpy. Long haul. Because they don't seem PG music was made and our Jeff and Sonja is out of pocket bug. And as you're right I'm. She and uncanny resemblance knowing. The best today you're the best didn't seem to photograph is yeah life angst and they would they will. Martin debit your thing is where you say and I have never understood it do you say you sit down there he does like. Waylon Jennings had sex wins. Dairy Jeter and had a kid which is not possible but I see this bear little Waylon Jennings and their Jeter Arlen Laguna. Nothing now. And now. It's been through you know blood and implicit in the league alone say did did did. The air Rogers thing did happen but boy there's a lot of fun with sing songs made for that one little thing. 60 yeah all I need better parents as great I hate them they're gone away two crucial player yeah. And they explain whether brown and I'm sure they'll come back next year there's room. I am I holding a figure by called and FaceBook the tweet didn't snatch and all that stuff don't forget worsen the rise guys to Mars six until 108. The right now this right here. Lives he has no one. No but there are a year. Dora ballroom. Our prayers are Carolina beds and old that signing and text that answer the Carolina vapor real excellent. Then every 78341. That 72341. For the Carolina paper mill tax line not third correct answer go to be a winner. Good deal that gives you every county line music vast lobby in person this weekend and try joins. Monday nine's best damn audio and fan boy has had told me yes definitely confirmed it does your race July early Saturday on the show on my day people you'll actually ended a move on the whole general. Whole general. Beds oh and thorough oh. This game. Countrymen nonstop route by their kickoff next page Iraqi weren't paying union floods have more of our home all. Are you do not kind of like you like things are listening you have you we can't be said god bless today's. Just a new wow. On Wednesday. But he three point trading flat yeah titles.