Thursday, April 20th

Open Phones: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. You're listening to rise guys morning you know maybe three boys read Atlantic route. Eleven. SI have a song about methamphetamine trillion bear has it's hour called methamphetamine Karl we're. That is had a great. Old crow medicine show there answers. He would remember now why are your greatest hits thing and already Vieira well maybe they went and albums primarily a lot of user can do that. A lot of transfer amount of three out of Australia to all of our GDP Ali entered years. There are bigger they're says singer and you don't have rarely has any of the will want some songs don't. Got anything to hide his singing voice he's been banned now mean they're now. Is there really include human unless your arm are that he would noon. I got heat let them that they they led Judy hair record their song parents sure. Good morning team is 420 Woody's finish that would Stoner jeopardy. Surgery paid a martyr border song is no word back a year later he ripped off for another Warner sergeant Cabrera and heal without paying import. Ritual and some some solar around some girl barrel down home. There homegrown home allegro bell curve isn't suited us are covered an old song called down home girl and then who lead the Surma. There are. Some girl being homegrown but he said it. He also home and Robert are the same case in I don't Dunst and you should damn home yet they did come. During the day but this wasn't covered his it was a rip offs to avoid paying royalties on Shane to John Moody revolve hours. Well as sons also did a blank on my side effect and that. Duke is it is at. Where does not phones now around out this south port twenty day 180774. To blow 93180774. Double food 93 anything you wanna talk about questions comments. I'd love to issue a challenge. Returns as I would like to issue a challenge to the other. Smokers and tell covers in jokers out there I would love to see who can beat nines. Monte. Wouldn't it concoction of no butter and jelly and Fruity Pebbles no one. Eco challenge no what about this I don't tell us and challenging these people. Are you a religious right without him butter and jelly three doubles sandwich and Cameron just bacon cheeseburger. Is that number of play can only you can only put one into the contest. How does if you timber and just may Jaber. Yeah yep I ordered the peanut butter and jelly bacon cheeseburger and a countersuit. This is ridiculous the Luther burger is on the glazed donut bunt. Pair of Orange jelly sandwich with a bacon cheeseburger already. More ridiculous than matched those of burger to meet knowing the consistency of the doughnut I don't need you don't have a med. Dough nut bagel kinda thing you. It's dead sheeting sending out an absorbed the Grayson not making great CR tell us why I got my underwear yeah. Our answer when he battery 77 affordable and and three by the way we talked about earlier how like. What do let what other day wasn't there was another special may have been for twenty million it would be silly and national blanket going days deploy national half are very high five pounds or as weak on national hot 99% of these other things happening on 4:20 am not making these up. In 19120420. Fenway Park opened. Up. In 1916. Also owns Ford twenty. Wrigley Field open and have him all the beginning of the season in 1950 NASA shut up. In 1959813. Year old Dolly pardon this is a refer to page released her first single. Owns 420 boo. In 1961. On 420. FM broadcasting was approved by the SEC low. Oh yeah winning. And finally. Happy birthday in the Maureen I'm born owns Ford twenty. Adolf Hitler there mr. Grayson I am 1880. Just those idiotic called in earlier stand up against the page pages booed him. You don't believe air. Wish him happy birthday together called an earlier as it was art alternate receiver that aren't off at all of a legend and his lesser known cousin or don't forget we're sure Carl murmurs. Also it was enforced when he's well Jesus it's that is. You know how to run a party thanks a lot. I'm gonna hide in the most of us it's got news and 1877. Ford below 93 yes seriously I would love to see who can who can beat ninths concoction of stone armor even when I'm you had that that would now be achieved you know lost couple hundred pans in the I zarrella. Long term I have made then Norman decade probably it has been awhile since I made one of those yeah how many how many of those 200 pounds well as I was saying we were those images would you minutes past our. Had a few of those ever in my life and this doesn't need a lot you know only weighed forty counties editor bail. Undermines obviously have a nanny that could cellophane that you could ordered and there's some pretty come on. Does their thing it has no married as well a lot of it it would appear better in everything's sound like hammonds has has in my quest. I even improper some is culinary skill thank you appreciate that. Isn't easy not gonna believe this member audio and had to do man contest and then category and Harriet Tubman one of the things. In 1853. On forged when he Harriet Tubman started underground railroad. Or a 16040. I am not kidding me I'm looking at all these these things happened today and always get a million bars so. I don't think she dug it all you sold crude onto workers this a worker provision that they weren't fit locker. Like sour cream potato chips he says Tom brands think he did so in Swiss miss hot chocolate. And got transmitter expert. Struggled around your birthday I'll. Swiss miss hot chocolate if I had 40 totally totally. William Perry doesn't phones 180774. Double on 931077. Affordable elementary light rain stress on the pizza and that he. And I'm now. Oriented now are you hire you a southern woman and ask paint I'm a big deal. Or man is it just doesn't like hasn't. Graham and everything more potential new tunnels. Skirted the phones and see who we have Colin Campbell and have an opinion article. My hauling grain boy model. Aren't. So. Under Kissinger from Tennessee through ratios are much religion and you all but I want to you know look Hawaii and whale song was written by a ball don't. The court area although we know we we just had such an ax to grind with. With Flutie had taken that song and and get more famous within old crow did. I don't. Artery all of the sudden it looked out yeah Florida that's C com. Protect your recorded on chemistry Al news outlet brought you down here you wanted to pay tax is a our. Yeah are at opal I'm sure Trotter a merger because my daughter Lou. Parents. Hey don't do what he had a lack girlfriend. Are not much here on the U. Environment as you look for women are seen these trucks are. Not okay I'm going to. Non while I take any information model and if you ever decide you and do the firemen. Our attention. About that editors here in the whole Mel. Well look for when this you know Colorado is signed page I went crazy and I were in here talking and why you don't learn in their you know for supplement each other in. You know what I got her talk in the Dylan not any time say now I anytime soon him. Coming soon. For the love page. Room growing more often than most not anytime soon. As she said she found. Chris in the she may fundamental. I just got to get government and swings of crying in inning you're a woman I'm removing it Henry this time and time again. I'm dragons but he was slow to manage those Mary's loss Monday morning. Good morning Larry Elder Quayle and he. I can't complain it started out the master builders overhead right now. Watt signal yes ma'am are there other they denied it your goal got that partly. Whether it allude to the loss is aware whereabouts are now. I does that mean very little bit ago belts. Umbrella group coming soon occasionally gets all the way down though the mall would they care so ambient chromium and. Alan you know. I know and I'm like I'm from that but I always had the best they know up there but I cut dot com Mike Bell Dell equipment arrived at all morning. And EMI and set it. Dial she got. Again did you give pat highly recommend getting I just got our Google play you can you can stream Strathairn anything you miss she'd go back in and podcasts and but this yes sloth man thank you sir thank you. WR. A better don't I think he's held in. Listen Sunday morning's incident team you know but the new wells or any you don't deserve better or not. And I read on how ball harbors no hard it right Raj bit ever regrets she lose a look at. I don't know what this means help page that I enjoy her photo of owner jeopardize our own. And staggering them owner jeopardize I don't know. He's an urgent out pew and it may be very big brown he went k.'s Max and green bowl cave man good morning. Payment pavement. Did Jeff put your name wrong. What's your name he in my abortion and amp. They are still terrorists. If necessary an it audit Kate no. I don't know. Some have any gamer and he's fallen not been able to get out. Corn markets. Only three kind of when someone. It man and a resident momentum going to this. Kids say they want to make a banana Hammond managed sandwich earlier fairway now banana hammock beach. Okay Manhattan. We come cave to cave man says that he had peanut butter and Mayo and hot salsa and which right now and he's lying lying and may only got to talk lymphoma is probably now. Drain cuisine an economist or how my camera system that's really stand rookie boon for. I'd that you later Burberry tartan part of me saying Richard. All I heard you ought not really that you can show you need to he hasn't addressed at all or since has taught him for his. Don't know I'll tell us later Summers and drones and Clinton and so Jeremy Miller demand high. Yeah. We did I the first one movie game and half of IE LEK okay kids who didn't. It is reversing our allies are illegal it's the only options we had a little symbolized how indicted. I personally writing because he's the only one is ought not. But it's so multi. And wild. If they fit never intended to talkies Jaffa now may have to communicate with people really failed in Salomon decent and you read the New Orleans early Jeff who Lola. Our it will be semi headlines with page and much much more different. Agents and enjoy. He 93 point period of planet dry. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're beatle who aren't headlines tonight and recommended staying on marrying a white kid and a mother had said to her son snake and choke her. Do you. Now. Up all the passion was ever. Justin Bieber. Yeah I have asked me how are they are really hurting and and emotions regarding. As Riordan. And 21 year old guy. From Michigan is in the car with this 41 year old mother. And seventeen year old sister and there's seventy year old grandmother on Saturday yeah. Age she's only sixty he. Win and Justin Bieber song came on the radio. And foresight and look through everything I can find the name of the song. So I story there's. No one gets so he's yet. Buddy buddy but I Cyrus social back now or human and I'm here now foreigner bananas. Now you're over his one that's who's been so you may earn him. A I was originally there was enough there. While Boeing for. Mom. And they started to argue. And it was getting very huge accident is pulling over a series and the guy actually is an attempt to mom. In the car. Over and Justin Bieber song. If you took your break in the middle of the lucky union Bergen is our bill. Man and then that and I just shot a big beaver is staged hey dad you know a top of the ballot having. Us he's popular there's any and all this is your phone along the end of the seventeen year old sister Mary Curtis what happened. Right maybe may not present Calero then does that 33 year old. Dudes are February 3 for a third. He's turned 35 or four. Unfortunately for Arafat. It further for march 31 are you army smaller bill. Even ask got a little for you and NSA on new computers final meant well and say you know about all the stuff. You reserves and as I don't mind you probably know them will be next here are better served if there are so embarrassing thing is landing in and a cop came after on the Afghan man I'm 36 you dumb stupid son Bob kids yeah. You really. I was six and early on 33. Now by the cops came and then your eyes aren't that different domestic assaults. Near the nines almost 3030 now. Important. I'm library and match Iraq. Really this led visual aid each other's guts and if this leads to a joking amongst family they've played each other already delivered any excuse. Any excuse to Joseph did you. I'd give man when my daddy would always call Michael Jackson wrestler. Then. It is good enough desire you didn't hit it in my. The music are him personally he thought he was in very. Live and love for lashing affirmative flamboyant. Are you love this kid be the best job ever first somebody here wants to be left alone there's a position in Austria for our permits. And greens hermit one and they're seeking a person at peace with himself. To live alone Aniston. Stunning cliff side hermitage all the assets egg cave dwelling sort of thing off a cliff where you're just greeting people and don't really have much of a job center. Herman did you got the myrtle breast doesn't say it's a golf course owners where are we is that what Armitage comes from some place where much people. Just go in and that's what that was like compound as Sarah and her to generals who were or Alice flag wherever order. Who's actually match game or the Spanish flag up the spill morals wrongs to. The only thing about this place in Austria is you should be independently wealthy because you're not can get paid for anything. So you have no ready to honor you use canola amendments this dwelling you have no running water. We have power. In. In the lead amid evidence you're looking basically a fair. And with that I have Internet now Internet I'll caskets. And a cable now. Network no to them pull everything no arrests mean there weren't no press honoring our rights and I corner and I BR conference Vista but he says just came your crib looking farnoosh ill. Powers I'm just so that wrecked and out. Man I would almost I certainly can do the rest my life I would love to go into a month somewhere like that. Just to see these and go crazier and our comeback. Enlightened leader. And a running water things really and suck so what does that pay off some amount of people and O'Malley the arm is. Via an avalanche of beauty and plus today means anything to eight inches. Cave dwelling. It's going to be am person and I capsule. And then there's a seventeen century chapel next Dorsey should be and while my guy for going to be up there at the chapel. And then other people that had the job before you would present monsters steal just. Buildings I don't I told. And I am as my best nine they don't believe so it. I have made but I like it buildings or buildings it just because god was air route yesterday don't mean he's a millionaire tomorrow. In that building. You don't have to get that building them being one would god it's like I don't go to my daddy's grave side because I don't feel anyone in this with the main player. Yeah it's symbolic. Or anger or place fill empty out. I mean really that's really ski that's not deceased he's I don't go to church I mean I really. I've been to. Yard sales with more soul and faith then I have some churches from eligibility you don't do. Ramona now purpose. I'm a junior at Jessica witnessed I'm not tasty not visitation room. He said he visitation in a while there are communities all on the online idea. And a. That's our administrative known to even their figures what he's doing is in his church for just an online photo shoot a little bit kimono. Irony. You know let me go we talk and they are. That sure yarder his sharp drama at. No he's usually in Asia are usually and mine are mine never Avian laden hill mr. non finally does offense which Williams is even though it went way. Which personal ego and try to see first. Didn't remained when you to hell by doing the taxes. Believe they'll probably Walt Disney for you math I don't know that on Disney room. Orson moon joke. Have been easing or something now witty and ironic I'm helping these dual boot her parents Pat Robertson OK you don't think. Further below. One of the Israeli Jimmy Swaggart. He's got a bit fares slightly track runner you only do radio and mail them to do a terrible for journalist and her whole contact kindergarten. Yeah Internet radio inhale my lord always before she wanted to Howard Stern's bill huh. I need to be there to maybe yours soon be their first tee shot seventy now. 30 have an official morning show anyways it was apparent he picked it out and be Allison Bradley. Well DO NN crew TE is. Kurt Tia yeah. Kirk Kirk Kirk yeah we tear gas you're as the marriage is there something that Wal-Mart is created in Asia your mispronouncing Croatia it is now Craig T act. It's a yeah anti TN and across faults. I. Let's hear somebody in this world his job is to put together two words to make cool new trend it would that I spend like a Croat nuts. It's paid out first time I heard that as like. Knew they had not it's. News there is she's said it recruiting sales before you scoff against and saying Montel makes don't mess up what starting working. It's a combination of across and a torn TN and at play here and binary than tortilla and it might be kid. All had the same points to to something in the now. And being fundamentally Wal-Mart on a country as soon Canada. Crew T yeah currency broke through Tia. Is this way to do remember that can do the Hillary or be ordered. Tor solve. A Charles. Ancestors are friends and members of tours only played just starlight cramping on the sheer size bag on honor and more normal and on. He has spirit certainly OK okay this. Non is that how you say it non. Non known I mean we are consistent in everything has flour and a terrace on a big mystery on how to and if I had did entry in. I'm whenever you want everything but I know one thing I. Really started looking that is they can dudes naked men make Internet this is huge person Lewis and exchange. And two days fruits and vegetables like where their. What country they were made in you know are made and yeah I'm grown and things like that. I'm I'm I'm trying to hide try to make sure that all the stuff that comes in the house is. Grown an American electorate that. Why would some of the stuff is out of season and you're not gonna get a well. If he's at a seasonally and can I gotta have a year round I went. Seasonally good thing you know you inches weight per year year pumpkin spice what really started and I'll just ice it almost on big strollers yeah that's very fair for also gonna Bieber before this error. Bikers to. I'm married yeah. On most things that I eat you know as I can get a within driving distance right here there's an answer you have here. Go to. Your. No I was trying to be serious and have for Lola patriotic PSA but his. That's one thing transcend the and in hindsight you know light bag into words Soria. At first I thought he was talking about Jeff when he said by America does they circuit. Crush I say he is in the whole thing. It was thrown into fame grows. By an American Jamie hadn't stepped all of his punchline even heard me say when he said by American anti Thomas G ask. The did you did say he no I'm not saying. Why your my former best friend's girl. Our best friend instead zero. A bit. And I had as a result. They're worried or any issue and it local if you can assure you really shared some local. The best stuff I shot logo I had the a Wal-Mart balls for a patient and he's OK. Okay now my little money and the premise here is really can't. He had his I'd love hate what you know what I had to give anymore credit because there he thinks he does everything that. Jimmy come out like roadside produce a sudden I had toll and I do as much as I can nominee has the best test programs for places like. He does he see it do that there's really count on that damn money. Yeah freshest apples from New Zealand when he gets here not. Can only remember who your real low water. How they get to be right at the same point like doesn't really red apples I always am curious about. Some green bananas in my house have been sitting there green gone three weeks you know from here now known again in the store. It's where I really think these things so earlier and they've been green at my house for like three weeks of dollars in two weeks for me get years they've been off the vine that long and not even close to right now. Confusion trying to break in Amsterdam ball room. I have a little. Plastic. On pins and he's your guys' mind. As guys into yeah. Three freedom it's leaks at this is the rise guys morning she 983 point three of the planet jacks or rock. Is there there it's. Not quite newspapers and do dollars and naming your hear the there was. Thank you everybody event at call him Facebook in nine integrate him into we didn't even snapped and maybe men drove all the way I mean from Mike wiley to hang on studio in this firm that goes all a lot of fund based owner jeopardy. The 2017 edition I'd agree there's a sort of Cezanne was Newt can't. If it comes down to hang out win. Folks who do drugs I'm gonna pick people who do weight all the time where okay. Over youth are obese is serves the code names or certainly if you mess. Anything and others. And and ask you please let me think I'm wouldn't think. Susan women on this fourth when he read. Solved lies he has no one should go but there are a year. What I say earlier on the show is my current favorite munchies food. My achievements that what you do that yourself. Quinlan. When we're gonna. Expression Carol out of every shot that number is 72341. Against the drain hole is I am planning on having guys are great gradually away. 93 minute nonstop rob blustery kickoff next page Iraqi where she did you thousand bucks at 11 AM we'll have a freeze in March sand and followed by the return of an all new free plug Friday and off. Campbell and thank you made that weren't what mama mama or 5 AM residents rely only 116 thank you for listening. Tough tough passive smoking if you get him to go again. Do you just it's. One of Honolulu and how can they say. Yeah. Maybe 3.3.