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If you had a bathroom playlist at work, what songs would be on it?: Nine's Best Damn Audio: Headlines


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He's right guys I guess is powered by so these kids. You can travel. And I. Recalling. It is dead rise guys morning show good morning. It is 705. It is. June 19 and Monday Tuesday Eads to speed up. We didn't do this earlier we're going to be snap callers later on the 'cause it is it is Monday Tuesday if yes. And I owe it to say down. It's it's fun doing this and all back and forth there that day we get a decent and different to abnormalities sees an hour so I am their ideas and tourism circled and circled must AJ you know. There it is. It's far. All I wanna do it was Saddam's part I have. Or your guns to back again here this. And if you realize this or not it. Jeff played gone on the song did you that's when I'm credited. How it got on the song right Billy legs got the flu so. What do we know look competition today we did this way back when that was a whole lot of fun. So why don't we see between. You and I do in the snap hollers and foot if you can get the most new ads. And legit give out whether it doesn't matter our cal. Our act we will look at each other is that Indonesia and there was regular does that chat. At at this I think pleasure before business now. All right so you can snap me on sat chat that whole match feel that it's a new HM eight FFE. Debian. 08 HM AF FEW. I will follow you back on Mondays because that's today whenever I need sliced a spark. And what better story can be following you back us. Are you that now everybody says jet all the time. I'm which means I hear I don't look at my timeline that much causes some of two minutes also you're conversations bog down your phones soon if you clean those out once so late yesterday do you after it does bog you down. You can't me nine from DRG guys in high in Heathrow DRG. If you do we Nikkei all the time Omar's yeah pretty much for some sleeper melanoma phone so what's the bet. We need you need a moment think about it a whole matter whether. Yahoo! colleges wouldn't get the most news followed gay don't nobody is that karma. A while and you've got what are you were young and things in the Vietnam because until he could. Aux Littleton and we don't. Which who Amphenol what are you all I guess I'm on it. As usual some smaller got a film I was going to go for you know like tanks are you get used to call are located at. There's whatever. Word Tiger Woods. Allow. I wish I had my age that headliners. Blink you money that would come in here in Tokyo. And some get me into what the richest in Ireland. Is worth about 48 grand his last name is fried potato Jeff look at remember his name Boehner is that I imagine. So what potato and things drunken potato potato tomato name last. Now. Woolsey or whatever that is some good team not just pay for lunch you know there are some iron there. Many issues that no I'm from DRG when your read is Leo yeah well order. Though as that's nice if you snapped a mass he would those advice is hit. Snaps as well that's a way to make SS feed into any from puritan broccoli spell it that's based on for dear do. Are much. No story here today what we really missed the boat on this and that and maybe we didn't as we can do it now but. You know the story pasted in headlines yet today it was about the the school over ensure reading actually mean there is some I guess. Parents or whatever came to the principal and said hey our kids the most we need some help. And their or how little we know what's the problem. Well apparently the kid like makes a lot and always swimming and the matter. Is due. A lot of us do most of us do I actually got to saucer pass I don't care. Yeah at Everett had PSA. Is that it backroom if that's who can't. Com. So NATO lord what do we do we get a pled you know. Some kind of walls in there that will keep that that sounds down version so they decided we're kind of pipe music in there. His kids are are in their starting and they named. All kinds of sounds sounds like trumpet sometimes about the lord has kind of died yesterday of a knowledgeable Johnny down their government is so. Says there is how often you hear music in public bathrooms yeah like fairly often especially busy when it seems like you'll hear some music or has some moron. There's nothing more embarrassing and then being end public. Using the restroom. And I'm gonna indoors you know this is really bad if you're outdoors in public is in the back there aren't. That's the one that's the worst that shortstop must that a couple weeks ago where there was. Horse stalls. Many of three other guys. Cipro or a pin drop silent in this room. I'm sitting there listening to everybody else breed will everything else is going wrong and out here nobody breathing so. These are here that I want to hear. Muzak. Well yeah I wonder now what it was that for just some kind of entertainment or where were they ahead of their time as far as drowning out Luke noises. That's what it is nobody gets embarrassed about the way isn't very loudly I would imagine does die the same one I know now it's extra gloves that more than a lawyer. Don't have voice thing in the morning as he goes down there in the bathroom. It's a music. I can. Doral hear him bloated out there I'll laugh after that I think is hilarious if it yoga that GE is in their loan you're not in their winning. Shut the door. A 1 I am more as they can music is very powerful I'm wondering gives. Music if you focus on the music. This you'll get your sense is right you focus on the music era you futures. He set it straight on that tall huge shocker is going to be nice relaxing tunes or George it would. Take away the smell them concentrate on the music and here I have read it if you're after there's going to be. Right yes. I know you have to relax. I think you need to be relaxed as to the point where you said Downey does fall trying to. Yeah you know I did that say about the you do save the environment on eases my papers have a conversation about food it makes you hunger. Oh goodness and send me your note that was torn about this new worst part of aiding the actors are rare and under and Megan and the united moon saying. Alf right gentlemen I have a four out stake left every night Jimmy have Tammy aunt hammy ounces in gitmo he gets to this right. Teaching math. So I guess State's running water make she peace and I and has a theory about. Mr. Elliott does but if you're like waiting in line inside the restaurant and they're all full and that music is playing. Well kind of waters on the facts well. I mean you aren't growing fears of a clown man she loves you yeah yeah yeah I want to make she BP isn't pages point maybe partly in my heart senate veteran athletes at best I won't listen to. I have Soledad is we should put together a playlist for the eighth. If we can convince management here at Entercom treasury for the upstairs men's room I careless that downstairs men's room. I'll use that when I'm leaving and realize that the room. When you can piping thing in there anyway. It's a two radio in hours not Nelson downstairs career I always have a radio and hours so I think we should put together playlist for. This could be revolutionary everyone Sweden may have started a trend here. You understand what I'm saying yes now I knew I'd say it was Padilla is playlist for same came to mind for me was not available on the Internet. But it's by Garth Brooks. And I just think then there right there is just. So symbolically let. I would begin hey. It's not creating very 30 in the morning and or anything like that the council on site now. And South Bend it rounds with city isn't him I guess to. Dam between us. They have written a whole song yeah we can't do that and dizzy we can't play Garth Brooks no Kara Garth Brooks is the can you say that guy's name. Garth Brooks is it has a lot of lawyers learn things and you can't find cars grows on you too is there any industry and services. O'Neal almost it's that into account not Cracker Barrel no offense and is that. Jimmy you have a do you have any ideas for the playlist anybody. Anybody hey you listening to right now until about a hour's specifically with all the hail we have to deal with the lord knows you've I have to do way that your place to. So that's 18774. To below 93. Man there's so many so many can be here. I'm just good for for that. Is in terms it's all you know yeah there's literally about your million and a half and it. Where again. Page already has won a minute page page all I think if you're having problems you and when mr. Rainsy you'd want something completely relaxing. Yeah in Kenya that knowledge and I. Just a problem at hand out cleaning about how yeah yeah yeah okay. You know if you had a rough time you know right there or maybe year or some occasion as a golfer like. I'm only everywhere ray by ourselves. All was done just a minute manager garbage garbage sorting garbage. Yeah. I'm always happy Libya that's good PO com. Where her over weirdness on. Well here's one I know we have its violent or scattered. Oh we get all this let's see how does that always have boys going through the winners Kennard do you discard your C right now on the computer. What do what song when I want to be on the inner calm men's bathroom playlist. Yes okay yeah that's right I was going to get a free speech that. Ooh that smell it around this malice or round. And Taylor Swift to a record this entire year that's now or else. They Ellen Page chocolate rain. So hooray allow one we don't have access to that certainly K sign that it. Taser on their lives are committed to rooted it at a darker period. Unlike per hour and I don't act at. Or some other ones to be on the air travel here and there isn't it a I asked. SR for me to focus on the music is this reminds me of an issue cardinal. Way it was here issue. We remember when you have the viewed the appeal in the despair decision Ilia yeah. When I go. Is like him smell and there was smell before I don't know where it is a smoke like when you. Pretty much when you get that you entirely Jimmy I think Jimmy is embarrassment and left their cigarette or number 2000 doing this in bathrooms budget that gestation really. Smells like we now know why don't smoke what have you eaten. Is it is and he felt golf anyway easy crazy. Lou will be over the weekend July headed to exit their Long Island. In his corner so nicely and you an animal in the realise possibly go more toward a few weeks. The genuine damage his number two smelled like pot if you eat a pot brown caring Ghana as some people say that but it was more seniors if you don't. And I don't smell that don't use any is no where there are figure out what that would be enough. So let me get something internal bleeding may say Mika. Try now organization at 430 about thirty fat whatever. Jeff. You're in that bathroom a lot as well yeah matters right I would say two out of three times I'm in there you're in there as well memories. Oh man what would be on the inner calm of stairs men's room playlist to Sweden is pump and and music in their kids' schools restaurants because the kids your embarrassed to have. How loud there proved shark. Maybe under pressure. Under pressure by David bode well for math yeah. Sure no need to. Did you did you Google's own the patent number Tuesday that and that's great the inspiration for assets maybe Newton and in the end undated and them. The happy. Let's kick it. Or shocked many people ask that question of the fat boy just had on the Internet really shocked like why does not personal Eileen yeah I was answered the oldie it's an epidemic most obvious thing just charge you weapons of mass destruction restaurant. There are those obvious aging water. I know her Ellie and I only do leader dead ball well you're badly dehydrated. Start rapid amount sound on the table go ahead pays out. Sir mix A lot and probes and even plan. Sir mix a lot he did maybe got. Powell that went down Manning and yes I thought it got an app there's Judy seeing how many would this sometime ago. Out the box outside the box here one minute Johnny Cash song about. Flushing your from the soul LaMont told Reuters stumped and oh man I don't know maybe if there is a not. It's an. Page I think you're saws more for menstrual cycle you know our hands of are. Would jewels are considered publishers some Ahmad jetlag black rapper Jim yeah. So what do. So why the bathroom so we don't care you find that is Johnny Cash flashy flush them you from the bathroom in my soul yes okay. It say it's a rare one and may or may not be in their but it it's one of those it's one of those things where if you play a game it was this a real country song. You might not think it but it is. That the typical. I'll get to live version skull plus from the toilet or. Apple Terry I just it. Especially June Carter Cash on the fourths. Added that it. When I am I going wrong ugly dresses she still where did Holliman and I'm convinced that was Willie Nelson and dragged all those years. Convinced of Willey and her as Lily who was in June Carter Cash there was no June Carter Cash who really just shaved the beard off when it was found to be June 5. Just of that payment Johnny ruling called talent I don't want to get anything summing Garth. Were Johnny and June seem to have a real love and relationship. If they hole no useless yes he thinks that is like Jon shave the mustache probably. I think he's tired. Well it started barrel gain whenever I have a colleague bombers part we're gonna celebrate because Jimmy's always see or hear cancer of these excited about the nine's best M audio announced or he's getting in the bathroom. We'll find out together men. Let's catch morning you know 93 clean you're OK okay. Oh I know you're at the Pentagon that what a good. But I didn't spend less coordinates. This narrowed to open it's best done importing old you know. It is read out. Inside. 4321. Now exhale. I think I've figured out. All of the owner has not yet no known enlisted the clue you gave me earlier about this nine testimony and letter day. The letter. It's not Daria is not Daria just. I'd like to see what twins have to announce. It was interesting little and change now you know who's a promotion and now he's all right well over do you Jim. Or did that show from a in my childhood is coming back this year but first I'm. News is they're mr. around Bill Cosby case. You may have seen that and maybe not we don't want spot news us to them George clear mistrial on the sex assault case on Friday the jury was deadlocked. Now they're going to reach our Bill Cosby and here's something firmly during the quarter of Bill Cosby again man I. Bond menus and Twitter here manner it's a Bay Area proceeds from the courtroom where. It is Siena corporate side of course are just there outside the courthouse after the mistrial. We don't know really well we're seeing out there. We. That's pretty good about gritty. And yeah. As you know I noticed they got sick. When I must say are paid to be there is then I don't it was worth their very souls. The end daily current going rate for those. Is usually about fifty dollars and a box lunch and a bus ride may have actually want to yeah I don't wanna do this summer gets in part time work probably a protester remember assault of a. These weird el Nino the jury come accident we can make your decision so the justice and try again try again try again are okay we can do it. And the prosecutor says we'll try again like there were come hell or how water gonna find guilty or not. You ain't you know what is its. It's a bad position to be and is a juror thing but it is what it is. I think you should know met Jerry you're like c'mon mr. did some stuff this dude is guilty of some stuff. But there's a reasonable doubt been raised in court and we can't convict him but he's guilty all we know he's guilty but still you can't convict him if there's a reasonable doubt. Last Hamas sent on jury I'd go to the daughters my momma and bring don't always know I never found it. The chain smokers are probably the most popular musical act on her friend now one of I tell you what I think they they set up the show would just like. A U haul him in how they felt they do exist in a bit DJ. Yeah and they get there and do my hands on her scratching and everything you that they do all those songs with three honor. And other girls who sound exactly like Rihanna on every song distant issued are from US chain smokers. Birthday some advice from a so rock and roll royalty. Recently. You say that was sarcasm or you you believe it. Star. Back gave James Baker's advice on how to handle being one of the world's most hated musical acts. Told Google yourself. Yeah. I mean. I never look at crass I never look at. Comments on many things that reform it it if you if you're looking for the negativity. It's easy to find so hot I'm a big fan of just like. I don't care I really keep you doesn't affect if you keep playing. You're playing shows and people come to your shows. Just you're you're up you're playing for people that do you think might like your music played defense death and and just pick and this. Educated people don't like your friends. Kind of not why you're there. OK thank you William Shatner. All those times is you gross about neglect sucks they didn't even read it. Sage you're wasting your time and now failings are all those billions and billions of wasted tweets about how nickel back sucked as they look at Adam. Yeah I'd say again I saw you two tweeting with the Seth Rogen not dropping names that I played with Seth Rogen over the weekend. And the reason you guys talking within this has. Rob Schneider blocked him on Twitter yes or yours and is so you know we had our run as a rob Schneider's at Jamey Carroll there's certainly that is set for a minute to go back and forth and everything and just wondering like the people do not know of the new option on Twitter why why is my dissatisfaction of letting them know you got then so much as to block them. If you mean you don't they don't realize it but she never seen neither aircraft. Has a lot of people that don't know that I'm pot and there are immune table and a bank in many noble are they. Really all our own earned it I blotted and Alex mused as an order Hertz person Herman yeah hurt their feeling much better. And what they ignored them. I'm Lauren they're cartoon the one from I believe they you know 1987. I figured it out. Is it my little pony this. It's they not be the one touchdowns in my little Dionne now owns about a young man's blue ridge there are single mom. Know it's there. Isn't it instant. Uncle. Trying to raise his three nephews. Debt scrutiny. President ass. Holes oh totals one word got tails cut no more blue. Yeah they're they're bringing this bag has been an issue even in doing yeah they're only there to want to believe launched the launch pad a plaque will be there also. We're robo got fat boy it'll be playing one of the nephews this year still get to know the name that doing an excellent that's. There are. The sincerely. I'm really not a singular series. I'm one option at this. Here is this if they read in the same as every good thing I don't mainly bike rode a whole new one I mean they certainly don't what did you. They're recorded like. One of those old boy bands that would let the Scooby Doo and who did that on both pursued for somebody in this is his own. I'll have lawyers some people who they got on the cheap to do the details things on. Behavior. News. Trevor Hewitt will be performing this at your reception possibly have and when we both love dovetails. Our debt tales blew. The game at southern grit and dovetails blue. I want to say this woman is valid Brian McKnight I mean this afternoon. Really easing branding and oh yeah oh yeah and then come to the hotel room after the hour reception it's obvious story last week funny story pretty bright. Good talent on the air some families are back on wasn't sure he will be because he's right and solves Russia is really care about top he's on that matter it's obvious story about wanted to be Jews anniversary amusement. Sing a song karaoke for his life. So are doing this karaoke bar. And consider everybody there is black and he wants to sing Brian McKnight so everybody's Israel's video of this or why is anniversary. He's got a burly bearded you know I'm real. You know white son Redmond mammoth that we give me chin and there. He's eager ten daughter just got silent when Brian McKnight started loyal people around it. Don't think bronze tonight ha. They'll announce an NWA and then of course because there were beauty knocked him out of Lincoln Park and had his own fan club you body of this snow well known but no man until the story and you'll sing rendering aren't. At some point. Nine's best damn stories. He's taken Hernandez got well even he got me often are all on a tangent. Almost like Michael once. And should. There dark tales come back I've seen. Dave Grohl has an eight year old daughter named harper. Does start tour. When I'm like lost gang. Palin did gonna start she's thirty and Iceland playing drums on the map as many kids an area. My daughters yeah. I wanna play the. I. Then the. I have said. You wanna get up in front of 20000 people of Iceland would play. Welcome the next generation. There's another rule that moves them. It. Bush is great but that's where. Do always. Perilous stage today sewage and let you know what do you say growing his kids are using I think I won't let policy eight. There are I'm 36 and I'll tell you something I play a much better ballet than she does. Yeah prop jobs. Now that was ever heard them people syndrome mourner who sing in a matter reserve Taylor Hawkins the drummer I literally got on the single map for her. Great race as fun sharing your hero is an eight year old play drums and would be software. Good time if you wanna season might play with the mentality and a girl playing drums legacy Motley crew performed pinch. There's he's dumber and you look Symbian and I'm behind mark or at least Steven are smarter ones are down there. This next video is in Spanish. People who speaks Spanish fairly well obviously have a pretty good idea what's happening Mayhew the rest of us have no idea what this woman is reacting to compare our original listen and tell me what this woman is watching go down glad to. Would you get that was from the movie death just a bailout Leonard bear day also known as monitoring to know how. Now better not now. Encourage them very very good day again guess I don't Reggie against. Is that Debbie does Dallas on the way over the border now steadily casinos in order to lose. What is it. It's actually. Inclined she is a rent a video on her phone. Wants in this showdown and I'll pose this video bowler and Perasa guys social media is your answer today. Caesar what she's my she's a ball. Running through the streets all I check your motorcycle it's ignoring a motorcycle. M I'll I got a big actually mean look at runaway bull. Industries to Spain Nora beaten up motorcycles and cars and whoever else is on the road is that racing with the bulls what it's. Motorcycle doing out there anyway. Yeah you just part. Now universally rally cry I don't think the bike survived but the lady was freed in the Blake considering the she was a safe distance away. She's got a thing for bulls side that sounded like she was really into that like she was scared mission is the real by the scare there who is our roller coaster level it's a thing for bulls just yet Bill Cartwright on the phone dialing all right. He still living and I my enemy and whenever that lands like now my guys. Mama may end that's that's that's the kind. We yeah I'm. It's time to figure out what you've been summoned Spanish ballot bowl white other matters are real polling hours rarely lives and yeah it can. A hero not the best Mario. Wrap written word 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show okay my. Guys headlines we need. And you're beatle who strike guys headlines months demanding that's how many stayed honoring. Well what I think I do at a Walgreens when he can get is. Underwear off. I ask is washed to help lessen in a really bad problem that he had some Dugard go out there and re going parking lot. Get the description of it say we have to bring my gym bag and yours aren't changed clothes please sir sounds familiar. Hey Gary and AAA enrichment. Well. Find out what if you didn't have my word you're traveling along they need you know a bad accident made the chick filet bathroom. Would you grab yourself until paper more now looking like a moment. In our lives or money to go and gas stations and police go and see. Air blew it is somebody just balled up and left there yeah. Hit it mummy a similar event like holy crap they. Tell us. I. Didn't think it was like he had just triggered a backlog of rules bigger smaller blame. I think Gilbert Grape mullah within the manager Kahan Paul. Well in our story this happened and it won't do it in Modesto. A 45 young man named and did she always upbeat. Walgreens and instant on Saturday morning and he went into the bathroom and somehow he can't hit his underwear off isn't good. He didn't get to get him off a hard hole is closing where Chester and now I really was in distress she need to remember are under pants and. And I don't where Matt highlight I felt like. Yeah yeah yeah regain rating get down and need to pants off and they need is diesel simulated Gibson making box just along. Page image that. Sounds and I love them. Human history don't matter tonight shake him a martyr out. And you wonder worries the idea. It sounds. It sounds like somebody does dropping a much of stuff follow wants. Well let's let's let our seconds later bit slower touchdown. An amputee hills world he had a disaster. Are brewing and his pants so yeah. At stake there for sure in the next logical thing he tried to burn them up as how I learned what Chernobyl was my daddy said that's what I turner bathroom into I. I. In his that is underwear on fire with a lighter and then somehow he was able to pull them off may mean the flames constant fear and employee. Madrid amendment Thailand which put out the flames that the smoke filled us about Samantha Walgreens and the whole storm has evacuated the out. It was a is charged with arson. Because the Pam and the cops believed his story that he needed to burn off as stuck underwear story. I mean happened to this certainly isn't general. Now burner error in jail or on drugs. Turned out that. What do you see the other you did have two outstanding felony warrants series arrested on this anyway all carries or longer than them you know and and I will more than that tied down I was just like does he get them off me and I've never had that problem. I had a problem in small school in a moment here now. Mussina videos of the girls put known that really tight jeans and they're jumping surrogate ever that big culpable but. I guess idea. Sometimes it's reliant not a great idea if you're going out in public and something's waiting tied. It's him the zip around pants sometimes they go out. Yeah that was Mike you like those reverse currency act that I want to. Maybe kind of well now have a one. Well I rubber sheets hit Petra. Barrel order there a man and a konduz slimmest. Yeah has to turn the page you don't know the front nine I don't want to ask talked a minute as long read my lips. Ari Ben asked its lies Kansas attack ad is a smiley pants. RA then well. Here's a story if you can get something some movie that you love would you purchases and be kids. There's a website called natural when Maris. And they're selling products may influence from the actual tree from Shawshank redemption. I'm waiting. And you can buy Kokomo. And balls. And reminds Ramallah street I. All our. Intern you learn this eighties comedy. Trade their legendary trader could sit there and they're going to have. Adult products and this is this legendary trio Nike cape key chains for forty dollars emboldened bottle opener this is. Our 130 dollars while. That's down. Actor you really know them you can buy like the upper deck these baseball card company that ball there's the hole that the babe Ruth's bat and then makes. Cut it down and put pieces of it on the card. And they ended collecting hobby were all lost their minds is that your take net away from. Some millionaire and are instead of giving old but I ads they can. He bats can I mean how many slivers of Lloyd can they get out of that I'm saying it could be any would. You know what I mean. It can be Iran would from the Dan Rowan stone's throw Alina yes. Well this is the tree from Shawshank and you can even get them and table that's over 2000 dollars made from tree mile pricey. Now how take the muffler from the Delorean plays a LA Cruz werder you trust gap. He has to Jeff let's try again Josh redemption hinder. Local regional cold brew. Of life and I. Our anywhere in the court records for them and they just pays that much attention to movies as we think he now lives in this. Get him trying to bring Georgia goes here's informality. Who has a global boot and eat it. Let's listen there's going to be. The most and hum face and eyes yeah. It was yeah. Show tickets. Just for another extreme drought over the next week's draft. Many three point range. This planet.