Friday, May 19th

The P1 Dating Game with P1 Scrub Guy


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He's right guys I guess is powered by so these kids. Can travel. Know this he hears about steep morning radio there I am I strange now. If your going through. You're talking about memories. Of this before we lose. Do it and you know Jimmy. Brand new unit and are heard. Don't start Zelda. There're blood is Al that are there are areas where. You know. I think miss this for us in the timing is an old person because. And I realize you sent out of 32 years older not old well I feel like it because. I hear this right here and I remember that tiny low as sixteen bit. Leak you know Zelda and all that and then eight little is an eight bit aimed at Hillary Clinton well is John wanna had a gold. The bots whose goal there are actual cartridge. And down. Man Abu Ahmed things so much that I. I had the bottom of it there was no gold paint more resemble at all thrown there and probably don't really solid sheet shows and dampen. And that's what it's a matter of some. Lieberman. And Zell. And marketed primarily engineers are young old Nintendo and then wizard I don't think is 64 and stuff by his groin injury then. Well this thing is is that. I don't know where I was at. And my page I was picked out what Amanda best buyers of Martin and they they had been the demo out and it was in the new legend of Zelda there I'll. Light leak has its full linked. You know area is not the little short little thing you know looking and did the music's all like Final Fantasy sounding dramatic and everything channel like it does allow one person they could be too that a game genie and they seek to the wire wrap it with her new foreign idea that I using imaging for sure. Employees are starter aren't we don't talk to embark on how bright your power to laugh now. Does it back broad quart of mine and I used it in the backyard wrestling match and yeah. If you face the Taliban hurts sort of coal miners glove. As buries some you're doing their guns and wrestling match resumed. And at a wrestling and a generously meant to really like the when he used to buy dot com. Yeah yeah I'm drugs. The ugly duckling you have very rob children and garner yeah plans lists that they used they jump off the Topper. Does pull out Nintendo. Has issued an Oscar and they Sally app. Honestly I don't and it is well all. In the corner office. Others are doing what he wants rob got good morning good morning you're our resident nerd. Self confessed yes is well. What happened to make. Nerd he's dubious Lorena in a sense in practice in and now it's. It's beloved pets. Term of endearment here they don't realize long nerd yet like Eagles you hate the gestures they are coming in on your your nerd dom and at comic con world. It's because yours is basically they just watched the they're these days think on the big fan of it grew up with that it was game with a rail and skid came through hoops game in fair use American ninety's. Get closer and microphones that man the anime series to Kevin Conroy everybody knows that's the real bad man mean again Michael teen crescendo but if you watch. Ben Amos hears about me are two games. You know that's the real pain and into the Joker hard so I love Mark Campbell is that Hans solo noted some mark Killen was Luke Scott Walker who thought. Seattle Americans held girls is hung up. If you can wow now I don't want to play this game. And what would be the biggest identifier of he being a nerd in your mind. Is it video games his family looks just reading combos and misery eating and just knowing the senior citizens as. Going to be a plane into the against new 64 a placed our fox played. Super Mario everything and then when I got older gets Xbox halo series and now on the next our swarm with just. More halo and assesses treat their thing for the comic books decides a Walking Dead that are worth money besides like the old golden age stuff. Like gays. I have vengeance of Bain. Right yeah that half the graphic novel yet is that worth anything I mean you hear it's a common source Largo Columbia they'll tell you but I got laid death in the family are gone back to spawn that's when our. Not bad manner before anything is death zone when Robin Warren saved break in his bat maybe. Third period yes and late ninety's that's gonna happen that don't know alcohol and wow lord yeah I remember I I went around a ball assassin and IE I only around everywhere it's a copy of it I would buy it it's our bet is on album but. Everybody did casinos in det mat anyway he looked into laden was the last relationship period. Who's on somebody here again mean loses you know talking and then when she entered not really Alice has you know China some adamantly to redneck. Not really goes smoothly though class house trying to say in China real in there in August of that it is working on adding your lead in hot in this store in Hyannis well congratulations. Chinese or whoever GB to gain. We now know again Saturday it was done. So this is a sad part of the legend of Zelda song perfect timing all viewpoints. Hossa sex now and remind. Every one listening. You you're looking for love that you you had your your likes and dislikes the edges analysts and this is. That is very very average and hit it eight can be seen as discouraging. In India burgers kidnappers and Aaron. You don't settle there ball settled for house don't settle. Really SA ISL on Jamie come and did great move and I'd I am not settling and get exactly what I won't where I don't live in my storage unit it is this area isn't in Milan. Area TR maybe I don't know I haven't decide. You are still mr. Foreman yeah I mean and not enough shirts. And not enough parents com. She has to be a nerd she can be she's got no more than just you know. More than just one. Villain like Harley Quinn she's gotten past maybe like another war. In his attic and because a lot of your life. Is devoted see your nerd I'm meaning neither Adam for the playing the games a lie you're reading the books and she's got to realize that that's also that she sighed bitch writings then I guess he's like we done these things that you wanna do I mean will. Geiger the cows or just don't sit there awkwardly like get me out of here is look around so little bit you know you my thoughts in my life. Now we need to do you reciprocate that you go places are near national sooner yeah Allergan is he has more parlor do our thing and am really sorry we're done a series of Playboy she says I can't. I Q we view this week's crowd nuts ascribe guys out photos. One good eye Kia. You're like OK sure I can just go and hang out there you are doing an issue than having him like homeowners or congress or the school and then she says there awkwardly young's like Mona know people would give you held by taking a girl to a chick flick menu will get lead. Yeah errors. And this give you a hard time about any thing you do work him to the end result is that no look angle on only the my hand yeah sorry to disappoint you this. Just as trauma teams. Are remind me this 2130 is the age is correct correct our Jeff what else do we know about his likes and dislikes what else is he looking for. He has no kids he's never been married so that's my guess it's. The mine's kids and my kids at all actually just the guarding headliner for the senate is now I think you had a question notes we took down basing notes as far as knowing about it. Yeah put about a particular. Raise her hair color anything that you know these technologies. Yet again you'd take care of yourself that's what I lights it up in there. Meaning working out or don't be inside drink and all the time as Arian every now if we allow some are nice I was late tomorrow morning just in general humps and at least now you know where the top timid yes there there. Now a year sunset at that it for cost played in the bedroom any role playing enough. What is the difference is it cost play only at conventions or is it can you cost play in the bedroom waiting is as he hinted that that is really cost bridges are dressing cowboys are generally play were you playing the character you know early in your account Condoleezza just some sexy outfits are. There yeah. And dragon con did you mean Ali Al lost and I got stuck and elevate. With the blues Francisco Guerrero overall historian who zombie avengers or one point hand down and we're not nice people we were so into their costumes are great they are pursuing their own customs they are just told thanks everybody. I'm. Would you rather than any. Armored characters you especially. My actor made me through to play in the bedroom like half hour or what are sure Jeremy Irons mr. Jimmie our culture. I would definitely be down and you daredevil and the other day I'm gonna ask you she just doesn't punish your reliable route that I go brawl Fuhrman. Now. By the way we're gonna do when nerd dating game would he when scrub guy John from Lancaster North Carolina South Carolina south of Lancaster stopped there. Except com and you would you worked in the medical facility exactly what's your title or whatever or in the doors in his decision and so he ever have to wash seditious. And I learned that in a day in operating rooms the person they get stuck wash and all of a bloody. Devices everything is called washing the dishes page. Yeah I have to do you believe this. Now balls. Out of the dishwasher for us. Yeah they don't. Are you processing balance of instruments. Taken care of them somebody's got to get him I haircut like in the eighties they have a jar of Greece that they give them. Combs would be down in almost all of it. Next he indeed. Common my hair and stick to it and rarely call a smile. This FitzGerald isn't this really assays as bad barber shop probably. Well it was going browsers now there is that the dar Barbara salt instead of where your American. Are there really well I apologize in their design is that coma my head do you marry or some other movies or knew I tops Hillary wants rules you forgot one unity. Hope fiction ours rumor yeah there are various securities in our parents I've role played as they began in the basement literally half a and Alexandra. Ring ring data. I ask you look at bird girl key you not looking for a wise you're looking for somebody just seems to be your companion and occasionally you know. You went edited Garrett just see where again as united as you know Madden on Tony you know a lot of stars on down said yeah yeah. Seems like yesterday asked me if that was seven years ago they enjoy your sexual activity and we're going. But their nerves earlier ran the bottom of loan that act you act and get back into that SMU I wish I should realize that the girls sort of why. If there ended that or not. I mean hourlong. Counties has been a long time certain. And ask. Once it actually. Was it cold outside been. Are people I alliance and our presence isn't all. Sides on it. It does it start it yet I sent stocks here fury in the medical field making I know you might say you make good money. He traveled all these conventions and all that even try a lot of the disposable money. Good looking guy and in your noggin might reserve tax or the like balls a lot of those are a couple of dollars and anger or content. Long haired Dachshund and our little. While way to dogs. But I in my dream dollars million bats and that's my major during last week and yeah. They don't do anything and it's lay there and it is O. And now it's OK so would stay if you're a average female there who in the ages of 2130. What is the biggest city near Lancaster South Carolina Charlotte Charlotte so overall. Strong. As for the ball with Coke. Unit's call and who knows Coke 100. 774 double 9318077400. Very Bertrand you can also call and ask John questions you know maybe you're like OK I here's one. You know a lot of times it's are you Clemson or Carolina or Europe or South Carolina fan but I'm blessed that I can't face thinking. I thought here's the ultimate for nerds okay Superman or Batman. All the way to men because what I have no let me tell you what I'm not a guy you want me. Why he wanted to be a guy that just wants to Laramie that me and you know he went through seven Robbins the guy has literally. Our superpower she's got money but he's guy. You know all the technologies. And may just flies around just does is he's an alien these fights the same Villanova and over again Batman fights different parts of villain and he also pulls people he pretends to guide me this reporter earlier. Does own girlfriend Iraq at the beginning she didn't even use a liar even dating and online. South by yet eggs after he kicks ass of chronic ankle and then he goes and takes if you've held. None of them back dungeon. And can you know he's gonna kind of apparatuses. McCain thrusts are extraordinarily. Lips and Chang room content stuff mark Freeman maybe and you're you're OK I should've had a nine tales yeah. Us dollar this wonderful. That's wonderful and now we're gonna grab. That's. And then to let you know I don't have good females 21 to thirty EU isn't Lancaster north John which is near Charlayne see him make that work. He's a self confessed and Ernie loves video games he'll have one of the conventions he's and Matt feels he's got a good job makes good money and that's. Yeah yeah any ink well you know our. Close is South Carolina. Just bobsleigh in north and he had been near Charlotte many open minded view of the blogs and stuff yeah I'm I'm not like that and and that hey you don't loan anyway yeah. I. Well I Al lot of good gang of Matt Matt I can't yeah I think all my questions or comments that guy. Yeah ago also was letters nice to our top download limit you don't jump aboard reverend Trevor on the bridges are at 180774. To below 93 call and the played the the two run affiliates this. The rise guys morning. I thought he ninety's dream playing freedom play. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 833 is is our Friday it is. It is good how we're doing the UN are dating game again John here he wants for a guy he's a medical tech operation today because that is all that time he pays good money Orson operating room. Here is the surgical thing. Thank you know last. Sort of pools that you and good. Are yeah. I take my notes he. It would do in the PUN nerd dating game John is looking for a girl 21 to thirty. He lives in the Lancaster slash Charlotte area. And he's in the video games in. Dornin conventions and had a whole lot style pretty regulatory Lancaster north on. Wasn't the EU is in Lancaster north on that was what I said wrong. Yeah yeah. Everybody every night and all the path here you are for him oriented than. Yeah or to what about Robert Gibson you care about him and Holler about now are now. Is there and grasslands. Regional authorities are definitely this summer's okay yeah and I usually are wrestler who's a nerd like an original and Ono as its head. I would always watch like fuels an award like I was always like when to paint my face adults anyway right now my house CNET dislike him or I would. I'm doing now. Two years ago family devolved bashing bugger on a good day. And won't measure bloggers keep it and you are at 180774. Double 093180774. Double a nice three years old days so we'll take call me she'll ask questions you ask questions he wanna keep her on hold great. If you are not interested you say game over. She's editors who are you going to vote as they tell me you don't need to say the key is alleged mentality. Right through a true lets you end this we're gonna learn that we're gonna put together connection of love and manner it's. So we go first GP one Beckham pirate it. And Spartanburg morning. And I just say hello to John. File this may. The conversation or. Surgical tech Mecca. Do Jon any questions for America what would you like NASCAR and then maybe she has some three dozen times and nice guys out there Iowa one user. Warner's when he like. I'm. Going into account and I'm. Never in that. But you wanted to let me to be rounding up our act he could potentially. I want to share your. Arm but what I like getting people with a great interest and learning and we'll. So are you a nerd then Mecca. OK okay article at them the only question should jump. Not really cute on actual question I get more of like letting two people our conversation. Our great entry. Yes it must now be afraid to close to the I don't. I'm like secret you can. Korea won't play new games resume and I. Own well I grew up with this as easy source going back I have to say now I just play like hey Lou says his creed. Ben in art from series of course that and an industry sing I justices of it and nonstop plane that aren't. What do Beckel what about if there was down the road of course there is some role play with cost engine cost play in on this what would be your goatee. Com why currently haven't completed the couple got uniform. Content I get that. Yeah what did you say look I'm a couple pocket compared honored. I say this has some from Harry. I'm very honored and basically currently. Saturday. Your legislation you've been military potter basically. If we were in our. Case you are seeing Star Wars. I'd I'm not they haven't been holiday yet it. I don't. I am looking at a picture or do you just tells me that it you dressed as Darth Vader. I yet I ain't curve I'm petrified I get a scholarship or my ex I'm you go his. I hit our air can't contribute a couple of the first I'm. He's on the road America are a well yeah well now looking at that I'm I'm I'm taking like 38 double date. No it more like. Forty US. You shock. Doll I have I do you make Darth Vader good look black cat Molly slightly lower received are very yeah oh yeah and Darth Nader who almost really. While Curtis used just mark these guys would be. Page has had to be there every quick photo of her she's amassed that he can hear things that thing. Our current year isn't an issue. It does exactly fair that he is see photos of her not other's iPods and other Ernster and there are frozen eggs sure Gregory and your family now has to take a look. He's not a plane yeah I was lucky back on multi aren't that just stay on hold tank. You made it to level two. There already are cherished garner her brigadier unanswered arm Orleans are lawyers that was kind of thing laments that he never finished watching a convenient for them together like every single one you ask you your money manager. Did he say Luke I'm your father or not this Mandela say perhaps Nestle and the international expansion she's Lou time your father he said Luke. I am your father can't stand it he gonna want to impressionist and he's watching Luke I am your father argue and a the end he's a can they when he says no you kill my volley is no lose. I'm your newest burgeoning commercial center wrong was I remember commercial. I don't believe you're going to hold right now don't want your empire strikes back let's go overboard and oh yeah I know all the links animal yeah that is after. And apparently started. Good morning Harry here. Well say hello to John. Even and hurry don't you or you. Hello little quiet and. Why are you a nerd metal masters why would you say your nerd. Ram and hear them tell someone at the siren been thinking they are able. Meg geek flag flies away lately I've hit out of those twelve. I am very nice to eat it now I don't. Think we're pretty easy. Helped. Tens dragons and that park area and got the I'm. John what I asked and would you sit there just look around the comics orders would you prestigious pick up line and start asking questions about it Mike would you be interest in these comments. Oh yeah I got totally out probably actually pick up one and start reading only Chaka turned to be honest with you. Wow what and what are you with Superman man man where do you stand. That anger out. Holy cow there. Yeah I think that I eat and isn't really mystified me how there's so when you break in and out there and nobody has decided to come back now Mike let's put back. Stephen Hawking Ferraro a good question for air you DC or more involved. A UDC or marvel or which ones if you had achieved is that like SEC in game costs like you have to stay in a brand affiliation or PlayStation as mark yeah. Well for me I was fired comic. Terror on the PC girl but we aren't living in rural are very much on a plane repaired. Oh yeah wait marvels played better with the minerals and waste of money match you know I wouldn't say the those quality may be but yeah. I'm okay I'm thinking what about your age metal mistress can we SM. We examined. I just made the cut to you. Like to go on line. I am I think it's kind of a 5050 you know I feel like god I'm. Officials I'm a social purpose there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying very little. Okay one more question do you like horror movies a lot of girls other there are scared to UC Norman's nowadays. I'm I didn't feel like Gordon did I get scared but just like instead like little fury. Yeah yeah yeah it's like they always then in the coming might you might need a mind that he buddy Graham announcement. Yeah oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay now here's this is this is a married armrest. Oh is that and it is yeah it doesn't rain yeah let's bring back up back on let's bring on those girls are in a sudden death may be so what what's in my Mortal Kombat. Vernacular in a row re. No this is final final round like final right now. Now tell us their dream is to be sister lives with each other in him what his or like each other. Yeah any day Ali it's Darth Vader and I Harley Quinn together as one are going to be some. Okay in one final question is fine and I think we're gonna have to we're if you have any questions from all our budget for me. You're nervous of your Animal Planet metal masters Jimmy question should talk. Yeah how quick your favorite band. Of all time or you want classic rocker today's Iraq. Growing up closer up my data collections and again I go is. Series on disease it's harm don't trust him. Let's or some lawyers are cold. We organized. Effort going today I grow with hurled. Of course very humans in today's game shined them dine deceit and there comes Charlotte at the Fillmore Butler bass sound garden sound garden that was really hard when I got the news yesterday was network who originally. And it's very easy. I'm. It's easily the best the way apparently you're currently originally Seattle. OK I'm all right let's common sense I would answer minister Herrera and John OK yes. Now. Final riled Floyd's. Part of our question does not about the dating game and you seen in my get aroused your surgery. I don't think I don't shoot is it true that when you got to practice self is that true it's a subtle south. This. Is there's every one when I'm having surgery are generally speaking have a catheter in these. People for. Urged team before you came to the hospital. I don't remember oh yeah there's united you know the Blue Line. Morales is. Jerry is because they put an end to get out of the. Sleep but it's. I don't know what the other no doubt you'll pay the other and it was Malcolm take a picture I think. To blow it out. Did you have created and try to call and tell me that your opponent all hello. Did you know any bank. Okay. Who we have baca pirate shot he had his result Darth Vader she has a forty what was that door that molest. Yeah afternoon when the double left. House is one yeah. Gaza Leo. I'm and then metal masters of course we just talked to is she sounds like it. Well I'm not literally Jeanne it's so that two year you have a final question or anything before we ask you. You wanna date in the when her dating game if we are going to count time. Who would you dress up as no not not to. The Who Jessup as we go to come upon are character yeah just first web baca baca who would you dress up to go to the SB CC. Com. He recently other marvel to. It grows court. Even you ever have always been I don't wanna do my own personal charge each character. The Dragon Age. Conquer our. All right now I met a mistress you won the San Diego comic Con-way John and what we Ijaz says. I'm probably. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah Thomas on my. Allegiance as Luke. Well I'm are. But who's had not thought I'd try and can't I'm not Carlo series. You're there seeds Cilic I think it. You talk Asia. I do that studios seduce me if you want us like we're eases the entire load him here. The bad guys are pretty. Old boys she wears pants watching beyoncé. Her solely around and I mean it's one them one Z. On hand past nights aren't what is your professionally as well as your professional career in question what is your profession Banco what do you do for a living. All right now we're gonna Wear outfits that the patient and are currently in. I didn't rendered. Our rights and now metal masters what about you what he do for a living. I'm common medical laboratory technician. Some had a pregnancy talk about tech titan technical things okay. Medical laboratory technician. Yeah I know he's a surgical tank so look at all the tank job talk about a half. So so what do we did a year we can take into the all exports yes they love football Saturdays they think that means his roller. In centralized being Clemson well that's how you know five. This could lose some is some urgency. They actually have no use British sports ever present Marco. Now so maybe even when he girls and sports at all. Not really at all Hoosier Jeanne. Back to lose your genes. And I don't really care much sport currently have a news I'm not against watching it. Okay mirrors their metal masters sisters here's your game. Permit it didn't are talking about a bar hockey gods really hear it yeah I had. A. I. I and I have great that they and IE you have been patriots and earlier I'm Hillary believes. Toss Hillary our consumer is. Buried in the now without college shall Paul Pierce. Yeah. Proven winner can usually don't keep runner now little hand what you little nest chambers hearing your phone once. We've with only once it. And that is to attract okay thanks baseball basketball all. It's down to the wire we're in the final round where bother run out of energy our energy levels are low rates on these. Do we cheese baca. Are doing that would be when meddling. Metal masters it my what you announcer right now who used to select people and metal. He'll let. Patients congratulations to you. We get sick and I know. He has to say goodbye to our other contestant that was he went back a pirate Beck an article points lead it. Yeah well. Support will listen the same lease every important loser situation. Your zoo and she's on hole. This piece that he and she's always hung up her own back and a lot more UEU. Well they don't work out this time but back. Well look there's already guys say and bring back on it it is why did they do the the bachelorette pay 01 loses and they bring them back here then go would you be arrested and coming back in the show. How did you get our information our original hole and I say our condolences. And as sympathy Steve but the one metal masters congratulations again. John hole holing out on the date together. Congratulations. John I guess she won't do teller realize. What usual lately choice change numbers off the air force. Social media every Elena do and then now. Maybe like a wager so maybe Leo when they'll update the CEO when you'll get married to whatever. I'm very honored and thrilled that we do agree it's meter some allergies and asked how to follow this like a reality show a following Saturday at least twelve deficit here and tell me your take me to give us to Cecilia. I read that I thought today was found Allen really terrible and yeah if you're here number. Bottom among us 200. Yeah. Would take care of some YOK. A semi will take your congratulations metal masters you have found love you know and then we'll talk tees and tanks and don't pay Harry. Go down. And then back he'll be on now it's that on the road and to play the. It's called Star Wars dating game convention big occasion yes she needs to my Mac universe I think after those are some options down. John again congratulations pleasure to meet you thank you for being all technical in the operating room saying don't make me like other morning happy smile laugh and polio including nine beat them. There awesome Orbitz probably know his brother when they're carrying amount as a whole lot of fun and largest thing about whom people. Those funds is just there it really easy either actually wind blows out. What are you gonna I don't know. There was some valuable. Exports a rivalry or not that yet and he was like. They jones' one moment and next thing you know any ended like that house like this fool me well. Even on network whenever we were canceled as he hung up on me all the earth in that he was late. The outlines that alleged global measles this. We're erratic her phone number down wrong with Sheila Zach Miller does that recall and just hung up on what did you one assailant and hung up on all your house or our very. Our congratulations again we've made a lot of connections will be back I. Upgraded I got yeah I didn't really drugs that you cited what led for your Smartphone the must go a whole new level of planning and Taraji. Insider information. Love living planet at three in the yet still are an experience 93 point three the planet rocks like. Every war.