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What did everybody on the show do for Father's Day? Matt ate a big ass steak: Headlines: Sports


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Arise guy so I can. Good guidance. Was illustrated just started. Opt out. What a good morning and good morning good gracious I leave fry and you do well good. As your mama and AM. Monsoons are how far do you several times and worked on over. There are two ways there's. Global term gain in which he's been eating dinner our she's entered my. Wrist on Saturday saying. Is that wrong or hear about it probably about Sunday. Weaning her rent there. How it IC tell you essentially comes due and there's problems. And brown eyes and see if some happens irreparably found out about it when Jimmy the rent. I say. Many dinner call apparently just a caller using me as sound board of her now she's good at ground now. I think we have the we have wouldn't have any Clinton is doing and even have a son. Coleman is isn't. Yet has faced on. It's your last catalog in my knowledge in God's honest sucks or forgot my password now here I am es name and make this change and every he had ninety days. Is it to keep the Taliban out. It's for security purposes yes and then this so secure IQ you get into it now. Grandma cellphone counts the same lines in his era has happened. And I don't know somebody trainer pat myself down I guess. I didn't I have an email saying hey got a call us to him alleged but I can't so that's usually afforded passcode. I never used it one time ever so I have no idea what is backing him. To do what it would be needed it. Hey bill. Billboards they males like cal can't do very now. Luckily they let me use my card to pay my bill in my name wow I guess that at least they figure if you're enterprise if I'm someone who stole my identity. Really candidates managed I'm not let my credit no merit I wouldn't have it then that's familiar there's so many guys that these band. I don't know angry at the world millionaire soon and they go and they still a bunch people's credit. They make it may make you better yeah amended credit. Inside guys who based the modern day Robin Hood men strike. Sure you know an honest to get into drinking if they wanted to and while lucky if you don't go after one section of the PP after everybody okay anger and you're you're after all freedom yeah. When that begin 10 what an EE don't know it's beginning. They're obviously it's standing. I. Gil when they take all these people are destitute they still their credit. I don't know Jason McKinney destitute zoo and care. Need to be argued them. Yeah like and you know a mom and dad my two kids and they're working their butts off but still just can't get them back home the credit score sucks. The net and they cry about every night air credits or Barack you are uniform hundreds well. These guys coming and they have come. If that happened then they were just that much harder but how else. In reality the movie is great but it didn't happen in the real world page at Marty getting rave reviews you know that's our image. Remember it is. It totally alone again I shuttle I was like man and I think somebody horror movie. I had a time stamped. Own did you nineteenth at 6 o'clock hour. Iraq as one among she asked him go after them do it maps for terror higher on the after the Easter holiday afternoon Michelle if you. Howard goes when you have that's a project terror Heidi that's from your heart yeah so what you gotta do is do some studio projects makes money. And you gotta be what she gets in soiree in Hollywood. Then then you make terror hot guy that's that's a labor of love. Terror ties and I'm not hell or high terrible that was sounds so might he didn't try on the bed is a that's the best man this in the days are here. Do. What are. By the way congratulations again Ito just get one congratulations Aramis congratulations again to the winner of the bad dad contests for 2017. Back on Friday that was Jane. Congratulations Jane good. All all of whom are all a lot from none of Paul's cash. So as you may slash can slash. Would we go further in the like hi Amy. Said that would such a Jewish homes in my whole experiment in their Latina. Hiring. To a BB James sure. This earlier so it learns. And then maybe Jack's in an ambulance or Jack in there man nines mom to us. Yeah only person ever known very very and they either. Don't know me you did Jack off my list. Aren't the death. Jack off that list Garnett right now all I don't try to. These are farm would always want now now everything. Is. I'm going to be the well the only other known bad in the room. Fab why I was Father's Day I was commitment wasn't meant wasn't bad it was good line. Bennett real today but who would you do so far in the count Sunday and moon when McDonald's balls body once once it. Don't mater what. Big Mac bonds you ever heard of this. That's the cigarettes cost gap. This big mass bonds learned the strategy shaped like grimaced for a Coke that's that's that's a women and UN ball bath wash a little sort of bright kid mark. And now looks like is you know it's a little hill. So what it was longer in a didn't go. At mediating the answer anything. And it can be really. Mormon trumps. Well well those are big actually vacationing on the penalty if I think one no problem think one this year we're sort of Olympic trials on moment to swim in Florida some did some Wal-Mart as we mentioned Alina. Which once you get it because that's Americans are saying Karen galaxy we'll move on let us and our orange. Blackened during okay good or better get the same ones in the navy blue and orange and don't think and I wish you. I guess the American flag when so they set their black to white I'll know what that means about my patriotism. I like the design Yang nine did that poignant memory in his orange trunks and he had that yeah. Separately they were purchased and we showed that same event when this same exact slimmest sharks don't we got a bear Fat Albert common sharks yet and there's so Iceland and pants and there's little or maybe somebody eighties I'll be all right so women clam digger and they were there and Iceland a caprice well let's just say food and don't mind is Siemens stock. I. Those are showed they work. So little sounded really Fat Albert Mora but does that sound worth a damn now now I don't know very early or you aren't the only person in the history of the world's you had to have. Him swimming trunks yeah. One of its. Springs opened pockets is certain closed her cells that stuff you have given draft. I'm wondering if that was silica in your. And Albert pants now Manning had been rookies have been have been a free gift with purchase from the Cox. He get all pumped. Well one dollar and zero in your retry and not about the trial how we were yeah I came off forty times good forty instances in retry him. When I had a great Father's Day thanks for asking what would you. I'm not even aware which what where I woke the two day. I don't wanna name the names here and welcome to an arrangement of edible fruits are all. Shape a duque are bouquets of flowers now of animals are we not not not not animals animals out there. I sent you leave. Food cats rearrangement of truth here editor reserves represent talking duque there are seen as a delicious too is great great. And then from there. Went downtown. And eight and they'll state. Number. Sixteen as revered him I brought 4 ounces this morning group here and I was not cut in half and only eat. Patch there of but I hate. Yet if it was sixteen ounces and mom and I brought four ounces and today. What percentages stay the night last night near eight ounces. Eight ounces per cent an hour sorry. Iso sixteen ounce steak abroad for our Suzanne today you are in twelve ounces what percentage it's very very. Malls so if our percent of my. Columbia had first part is tricky though once we had a number items through if you're out front again bag and then I had some. Lobster macaroni and see your favorite thing about not being like extraordinarily. Morbidly obese fat is it. And I leftovers. Regularly and I love that yeah. What part of never being I always eat it all how in the restaurant how Internet giant plate of food. Most of the eagle I can hardly more art car beside their present your competition to say yes yes I have to official who's now my American takes in this home immediately here yeah it'll still do. Yeah I got to remember that I didn't back in those days have taken to go bags when they were you have still saying Arista when we would use them manned are paid on the way home Euro era. As I do dessert as there is pestered does. When you sad you just a moment some weird things to do with two yeah I'll. Lesson as elementary and middle school entered the rectangle pizza I would've told you I would take the cheese layer often roll it out Michael cheese steak Canadian. And then I would take that nice and would scrape the salts often would lick it off couldn't. In an order rolled the rest of the quote dumb luck. The crust and and needed to Indonesia last much longer. He's just an absolute hell yeah your may seem like you're even more than you really get in and that is an organ is much you won't. Half the size and an embargo a bag of weed centenarian looking for the roaches they left to smoke now. Aaron. Jim did you ever the you know even some tight. Best any kind of thing or whatever and. Weird page and. There's been people eating fast food going down the road before it really rural route had a horrible accident. Because they got so excited to find an extra Brian bag or an engineering here aren't your bonus and hearing you get so excited trying to grab the bag you serve someone actually need to get a guardrail and a tree line passing and earnings in the things that you need you never order but when they give you one for free it just makes your day news just should remember that your union lines this morning -- make a lot of people happy when answering him you know. I think so I don't have to me because in on his command to viewers and as good as the ones from any of the clocks. Yet caught on caution I'm just throw one down there. Parsley or whatever they'll make a you know if you lower half and half dozen places of learning are your hobbies and he's just great fun and there's a date. No way I went did concede this weekend went and Knoxville wasn't hostile. Well I only ever see it's it's here I there com name. Didn't see Cain he's wearing his privacy as did have a deadline always had nowadays and on and when I got a brochure. What are you and you're not. Our triggered by some that stand on the Internet and I'll be weighed cheaper for me to go get it into. New one of them chipping. Deeds now we're here now so I'm pretty sizable gas are okay different tour. Scope ally telescope and it went in there and hung out for the day and everything just him. A very bad place and I can festivals going on downtown and walk us foreign they have this one that green boasted that they they build this big part of one of its big fence around okay. At first I thought it was jail. And then I saw food trucks start to enter it in the food trucks lined the perimeter. Food sized beer trucks there and they charge you like. I don't know whatever to get in immediate spike said Massoud then all the beer herb and then. As I can successfully do I with smoked their. Foreign sounds front yeah it's I think contained festival era. How are stragglers just walk in there. All vessels they're built for stragglers the walk and how I like that in any stragglers I don't like looking down the road of mainstream CN 50000 people ahead of me. Amateurs 49000 dummy spent an Adamo nine. Ottawa and homeowner makes them on the house. You know they do something similar in the west in on ordinance. To Abu Bonser threw drugs the most lesbians when music really trying to revitalize the west and we just got a cracker Jack and everything browsers is not really revitalized. Just listen to them I mean you walk down the street there it's a come a long way that you walk around that street yeah and you couldn't before. Basically my entire life you couldn't walk down that street. I know I never did it and and now you can search alone mean I get bigger walked on the sidewalks now I don't. I was coming along it's come along I mean this case came already. Sunny dodge. In downtown Centre right. Absolutely yeah I mean it really has opinion who should be probably feeling really good about it is army navy store. Are we have after they would close that would always be the corner for the ladies and not the man and all from that point on down all the way down why Morse road from there was just load and that's not stop. Homer against galas I was gonna say just slightly man got lost. And Saint Louis on the way to Wally world I was just what it was lied to my daddy used to be the night watchman at the whole Pendleton street Baptist Church she's via from the barely torrent down recently he's given baseball stadium yeah. Then neighborhood used to be so bad that they hired my daddy and it convicted felons. Women with that as a murder charge that would ultimately drops of defense. An arena they hired those in Greenville Maine that guy to be there's security that's abandoning her voice but we see a hardened criminal to watch out this church at night if he ever did gentle into a game no no we are German shepherd walk around them honest we learned there German Sheppard member generally really helped noble I dealt our man. Our man a man that was fine times. Jamie yet the your best M audio force today. In media he had this man lots of fun surprises and I am today and man I tell you are my favorite TV shows from my youth is coming back. And there are still another golden girls known I don't know it has a lot no. Arjun column. Arm. Harmed us girls know no older men Cheever also got her not. I mean acute care. But I think this kid is so bad as did the bad as mine trends and accused. Might or might be more bad ass and you are here. And Lorton. GM. And programs yeah I know. Jose and pussycat and don't at a moment. Wonder warm no. Canadian initials. I argument away then it probably will Obama oh boy and a DD. Yeah. Tina yeah me they were one word. Yeah. How thing was it was an air in this country you know younger wasn't aired Vietnam. I didn't probably withdraw all America. Okay. Well man he got mad I don't know wasting more time last I say who favored for the next couple is very very popular rated debuted in 1987. Had multiple spin offs is massive success. I know. I stated we got to go music I don't know what it is now it's quiet. You got to lose now and exempt fund when it more you know what it is unfortunate I thought it was Dragonball that's two words into. Person calls pregnancy and disease later proved so we had just Camry premieres today as well little another solid home Ryan. Solid home run without one. And will do snaps I don't understand jet because so the talking about it because I'm an idea. At the bed and mine. Jones and gamble and aria yeah RS are seeing don't revolt drag race. My Australian read any thing at a wrestler. He did Texas 7341. Or you can call the entire time we wanna hear from you 180774. Below 93180774. Bit below 93 maybe you're rested by man's father back in the day amounts. Ready restive. Mayors and there's a good interview with him twist to follow its own social media at the rise guys will do some headlines next. With Paige good morning it is good. See you then go away. He 93 going through the planet dry. Right guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who. Right guys headlines lies and many banks have men and state armory flounder. From animal house had died I'll come home oh sorry. Others hit the Marlins spent actor Stephen first pass to land Friday due to complications from diabetes he was 63. And. And they needed to be more specific with complications of diabetes. Can be any number of things yeah. I don't. I need to know more reasons MI got in the future. My home Stephen was best known for playing flounder an animal house that also plays doctor Axel Iran's rhymed on saint elsewhere. I forget about. And Birkhead and I Madeleine fund. Even we are paid tribute to flounder for a my animal house is there as well import license to play yeah. Charge us. Your duty Kroger you're dealt out to our aim is. Us conduct but to accept or not. So what's my delta town hanging. Dorfman. To do this a lot of thought. And aren't. Spinning is flown. Hard. You don't love them house's. Push email Jesse at aria. He called members entertain different animal house named some cotton there we have flounder sure didn't. I think he's eleven that there isn't as sun servers there was complications from barbies are typical stuff with. Yeah if anything or is it specifically what exactly where the son Todd was reached or there. Well director Kevin Smith tweeting Croat and as an awkward ram can't fly underway as the delta I messed iPad I went. He helped shaped who I am. Shaped the bad shape or drowned and whose. I would want that to save your life they Demi and he was kind of just you know bill do boy the one made Osama and so follow time yeah I don't take the LA in the movie. I didn't wanna get a steady girlfriend Barack. Over in movie. There it it was great in the motel to ask you to speak at the end phenom now account I. That's part of the movie ever to senators he recently passed away it was the best part of moving in the movie itself exactly everybody Raymond about it and then now and finally Watson is a German mark on. We abetted by the time you already had all these it'd already been Smart so much yeah he's exiting come out yeah I just guys I ask not what I was a kid pork Keyes was the that pedestal movie that was there had always say cost of one mom today senate at a talent or whatever I'm watching them. Getting checks still stands. Among. Sad part about Portuguese there's more naked man in the first one and they are ladies and this is our ally that aha. Oh and such trials and if I didn't find you know I'd anti Muslim men and BP lately we yeah. Our country. Yeah it didn't SOI alert to identify with him Kevin Smith yeah in the end we need guys let me know tunnels under the U those birdies at me. Now she. Now but the gas for bash are part yes. And then some. Well here's can rival he might like. Snort of chocolate because I arrived in America. Issa rust it's processed cocoa powder. That's you start. Zappa has been around awhile and that was a big problem in clubs up north those teen clubs still can't have candy cigarettes and who the hair snort this doesn't chocolate Coke or get down and started this we may get a brutal so we call it crack cocaine. In this is not a talker has been around in Europe for awhile. And it's a product called Coke logo. This cocaine. Now. Tracked by the other candies like the bugger sugar. Is chocolate and our stimulant chocolate to stimulus isn't that how does that not mean that. I snorted call here the weekend if you re for a gay latest sound and sort of sir sorry. My story really. I'm like this hey wait cocaine. Story and certainly not the only thing that. I wanted to know about this is calories. Of course you yes. Eking get the benefits of dark chocolate without any calories. But then again. Might get a defense sinus infection from morning Chapman. I don't think so and I have never forget to come as a unit chocolate on chocolate cupcake era when my buddy said some funny and that's shot out my nose. And I swear in my snot was brown for two week isn't enough. He hit it means you that you know look like a semi rural smoker who has constipated it was getting now one way or the other. It has a marketer out programs that rely pattern has all day. The browns are necessary to run out of your early call and stuff so my daddy used to call how iris. Milloy is because there is awful it's that. There's this navel waiting for an animus pace I know and has come out Ali now chocolate venom serum calorie free and fun but I want to why talk to you know maintain your high maintenance me. I'm paying that this hiccup is guys MI. It's. Task. 3.3. Right guys sports with the that's cool and jazz. We're trying to sell the news. I have co anchors a sports Jerry all right so markets wreck vacation. If it and let's get an a list. You know Michael Phelps story three time gold medalist. He has twice three gold medals probably consider one of the most decorated olympians of all time he's got one more race he's got a race religion. Definitely affirmatively is the most decorated Olympian of all fountain. But on Sunday July 23 is the first day a short week. And that's right as he's got everything. He's gonna be erasing the great white shark also be the one new thing liberal shark week doing all the credits fifteen years old insure every year has truly it's called her. They're calling it great gold. Vs great white. So these don't know. What what is it they're gonna time him and then time the shark. All there's no deep tells us how the race will be set up king he'll be racists are out and now side by side. So I wanna look out for him in that aspect. He does know that you know Yahoo! you know and you know car McGregor former Alexandria. I felt weird talk about that this shark cardinal to wealth the race. Was just filled in South Africa. And Michael posted a photo of a shark. And caption it quote I was able to do something that I have always wanted to do believe cage and dive with great white's great whites. McNeil well lose Schneider says that grant and men and there is everything's okay him. Well yes and take its going to be bait and switch is like everything he had no other crap since it is he's going to be looked. And if he's going to take on an eighty a massive creditor why not bill 'cause we Villa rally to our fellow. Well who knows what it was busy very the other ones are a lot of returns a lot of street and so we saw on Sunday July 20 third's first day shark week he concede the race and how went down. Ha. And he ultimately disappointed the bus was impossible. Obviously six Mayweather McGregor is gonna happen. So via odds you wonder. What are the odds when there's no point put money on why what happened did our jerseys that. Brown how that's far all. I started there I tabloid Carner no point putting money domain whether Americans. Well. You have to. Well you put a hundred bucks only one season 600 you get onto. If you go to hunter looks McGregor yeah 400 books as the odds stand right now. We're up to raise them. Those are should not be that tight. The nation of Ireland who's drunk and spending money. There's big the odds sugar and no man Floyd should be minus a thousand all day long haul things only the loss on eight yeah most definitely. Yes absolutely anybody any sense things that we are very Floyd Mayweather Myers at 1000 bet on him. Well Richard couldn't bet on who's calling the match. Please call on the magnolia or does it mean to us not to begin Joe Buck the odds are booked. Entity. Yeah yeah morrow a lot of no way all moderate. Smack down flat Luna. Oh bipolar and a oceans showtime boxing curtain. And Foreman is fourth starter Tom Phillips call her your Jim Ross yes I call when he about the slobbering rocker and don't have an important. Well speaking of UFC fighters you know Matt Hughes his fault in the USC since 2011. Or on Friday Dana White announced that. Hughes was involved in the collision with a moving train. Near his home in Illinois are the train who want well apparently the train one because Hughes suffered some degree of head trauma and was airlifted to the hospital. That happened was in his walk in the track side arm according to reports. The a truck was traveling east on dealers trail when it crossed the center railroad tracks directly in front of the train. Instruct him on the passenger sigh way or however reports say. That he is quote awake and responsive. However his eyes still closed but he can squeeze the saints. Yeah I'm slogans just as of right now he's okay. He's okay travel ever alright the situation did you Monica and say a pretty tabloid. And and that's how you know no idea that lawyer is now overheat and for our division is no way what do you squeezing hands yeah he's not awake and woke up yet aka. He's going into his life. Let me no worries is squeezing glands and a clearer who earn some money not so lucky is a former Yossi fighter teammate. You got knocked out the box and Manson aren't used her brain at all homeland always yes. And there was a can summer. Who's trying to occupy a region that Betty is that OS five and I and they Edmonton 33 years old Vancouver man. Missile Manitoba record edit show where you consider that what they do vacation but with a con air shot stumbled multiple times now. Only con air shot and indicates that hundred of the most radical and arrows and Rembrandt and deadlines. It is tailback fugitive all right well if people and figure forced them as tough fighter but will Paul George. He's told Indiana Pacers is gonna lead the franchise to via free agency after the 20172018. Season. All he requested a trade before he can opt out this 20182019. Contract. But did have his agent tell. Indiana Pacers. President of basketball operations Kevin Pritchard that he wanted to be forthright. On his plans and spare the franchise any confusion about his intentions. You reminded treated now. Not to go two months he never achieved. I'm the united I had aria are you ready removes the my death inspecting fat board. On a whim immersing in a situation data collision. There are whom are Cleveland yeah. But he also played the lakers is little girl's soccer authorities like to lose or until it's my Jeanne good. Keydets wasn't good for your message you know it's tough to employer while. Google Google lawful. Miss stay up and players don't think he's going to be a top ten player for very long window of time was twenty sevens and I'll compliment three years or you're right and playing 827. Your careers but never. What she played tennis it would be Aurora. On the decline for sure yeah. A little hot dudes out there playing tennis or want old man like McEnroe. I did Roger Federer I mean he's good enough of an elderly and they didn't drag wade beat by all failed and all he's in the any security one bit. Didn't even slump much juice here is ranked as an easement is these brand. His last name bothers an ass so I gave when they were right so I'm census playback when his family they just couldn't speak for a so what's a lesser known candidates to error error error. I'll talk you talk about Nadal is nobody can agree on Nancy this person is Natal Rafa awful. You'll fun sort. Oh baseball stored I think it's so valuable our Jeff Nelson level of ninety are different from all the weeks pleas of Greensboro grasshoppers. These bands agreed to do in the month of June wise is as big story doesn't Wear a batting gloves put monorail would queen wears crosses into the next blows. Tillman workflow are good. Wow protect in the hands. Of the bat how does he is somebody a they're wearing sting mechanics gloves and that degrading to black ball that he didn't meet our system and ordering any again it was like something that you know. Try to Sacramento were recommended Olson Laura it would be Detroit Tigers Indians order and that allows her. All Lyles and Oliver and remorse that solute. Oh points to salary Embraer hopeless and burned about those goods there could well there are more aware of us who doesn't ask any he had alum Vera. Yeah I understand strike. That's what. Tickets last story. Our. Ally and we'll take you to France the guys know who Ivan and Dino is tomorrow he's bullfighter. And he died on Saturday after being gored to death by Ole girl named Burt. Since the birth. As the name Daniel RP BURP. At the created this beta test. And southern France obese over punctures of his heart lungs and kidneys right here is pictures. Of the actual here are pictures yes. You English teacher basically what ended up avenue was when turnovers on Kate yeah major. Nerves aren't you see him slip right here are always rolling here. Drones have been hired help educate. So yeah there as Saturday and a timer has her first bull fighting death in France since 1921. 'cause. I've won in a catalytic you know they have a story yeah I don't have lawyers. Junior resume budget. But he did quit. Fighting quit retire mine now okay he's Joseph Bob Dole on enough. So Brooks can't go won the US open over the weekend so when you win you know you got a girl and you go make out with whatever the total book. On his current girlfriend kick this current girlfriend by his ex girlfriends and no boy no way at a different girl with a social media guys. Lines and impairments. And the senate embody available. That it legs almost item to a close now to drive your passport. Point three don't plan plays. The rise guys morning SNL V three good web blogs all day freaking rocks man.