Thursday, September 15th

Twisted Todd, who is a Panhead, talks with Skillet frontman/bassist John Cooper about the new album, new tour and even new basses!


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It was thought anybody knows me knows I'm a huge pent head and my claim to fame. My fifteen minutes of fame was more or less. And it's a famous I got to share the stage. With skillet two years ago at birthday bash and for the first time since then I am once again talking to. Skillet from men and bassist John Cooper so you can say. Thank you mr. Kerr. Absolutely I'd do it man I'm good yourself you have doing jets aren't rated chat with you against them. Changed your major appearance onstage. And it's not seasons. And it's crazy when it. In a witness in light not a long while ago in an in another way in like ten years ago. Yeah it is it is kind of crazy because the great thing with FaceBook these days is you know they'll always lets you know memories per day is so mean. It was really easy pinpoint the two years to the day because FaceBook you know brings it up and l.s like. You know of course obliged to go and share once again. You know the crazy thing as many as I was still rock and four strings that bend being a lefty and everything. And since that I'm actually playing in a band that the guitars start both seven strings side now picked up a couple five string basses myself. Well that's cool that's. So going deep. DA indeed man. In the brown noticed they call. That's a. That's exactly right except as well. Man what's going on you guy has got the new album coming out which by the way. The new album came out one day after my fortieth birthday. Well Luke. Actually go to bed net debt. You know helped send the pain of getting no just a little bit. Yet does men it definitely kinda help me a little bit I got to huddled in skillet music for my birthday weekend. I have looked. All of the mayor and as fast as. Absolutely does get raided a crank up the tour for at. He has been disclosed so busy man. Is it really an incredible love probably. Maybe like the best month or Korea or really. And yet wreckage and now as you said. Able to for your forty payday before actually forty. Dead before our non soared today after. They after there has a case so yeah eighty up until about a month ago and that his bloody feud two weeks some exciting things happened that. The album was the number one rock album and thirteen different countries. All around the world it was it was it that's ever happened for us you know so it was a really incredible time event. I'll Allred you know. Placements for the song not heard the song and on the opening of inept LC that last week on the Broncos came out to charge tingle you Interpol on. It's that theme song for the ECD division of college football but they played every game that. There's so much crazy stuff happened has just been really been tested my. Those crazy and I remember a couple albums back a member hero being. Thrown around some NFL Promos is well. He had actually the most the most place that we ever had since there. I am. You know you kind of don't ever expect that sort of thing to happen and and then when the stars don't expect it to happen again. So it's spent and he really he had try to field a little bit like getting a second bite the apple brand occurred. You know the deal late graduate hero and monster got a lot of play a sport and at a popular it will repeating that a little bit dead but but maybe even more border and Major League Baseball has picked up as well so. It's just they had extraordinary it's going really well and enjoy it and have a more on this car makers. Stop and go to enjoy it or not stressed out and get. Enjoyed playing at its banned singing the song that's what it's all about you won't. Absolutely and if I imagine they're using Phil invincible because that just. That is has that it has that push that that really well it's a song called Phil invincible it's a great song to go infer like you know. Yeah athletic competition. Yeah eight they are united this from the get the other player right now. Of course it's testing goes well the approaching it but it does you know what I wrote it. And their motive and they were thinking actually it sounds like speculative shorts on you know it wasn't why we wrote it. But it definitely has that now I've been told people they don't. I have the record they learn all the records sound like it's a really could work out apple announced. That what we aim to do on this record are you know I wanna make a record it's just. You can stick it on an Erin go for a run or less and all the way through and eventually eat out. I love work Japanese expel. It it's kind of our best work out regularly that they. Yet and it's very diverse album as well. Yeah I had a lot of people been saying that renowned. I'm glad that you're Beckett. I mean their skill has always been known for that you know we we have a lot of different. You know they even and that's skillet no pun intended love the different. You know weapon in the arsenal I guess clr different sounds and things that we enjoy doing and I like the next without a have a little fun with it maybe do something that no it never expect that out of my favorite song or new element called out of hell and it's safe car most kinda. I call light metals saw we've ever done this you really get to implode if it's kind of got a little bit about spiking their best bunch meets. I'm a bit instead unfold kind of saying to her than. Iron Maiden you know guitar solo on it it was just really. And we do something like that the business that targets we've ever brought to us down that road and it was so much fun to make. And so much stronger play lives and it's just it's it's an enjoyable saw. Yeah I'm I'm meg gonna back from the dead no undefeated as well. Oh he had thank you very much yeah I assume back from the dead we will be effective single I don't know that trust act but it. They tried it feels like it should be and so I'll bet that the fund what does that play lied to and of course good. President likes that little ball that you don't want to know what to hurt the terrorists or sing along to it after the first course you can get a you know. Right and you're talking about it up a lot of stuff happened a few guys man. Korean SaaS being in guitar world Matalin picked up the a copy. Yes pretty cool right you know it's funny because. Oh it I don't really know why but. We have witnessed really gotten a lot of La. And those kinds you know attributes. And I don't really know why. Why that is exactly. In fact I was as Hugo. I was endorsed by by trade and bassist. You know that because UV light trade and so much Eric at two other which is very little at saint cried exactly. And yeah and you're trying to basically get that question through BC rich. And so dude try to look currently aware I was basically under the whole company and about two years ago I just lost my conduct and I think all of you rich. They wouldn't come back you know I think the skill under a lot bigger than. But most of the band they endorse that I can't believe I guess I'll call back. Until finally it just says screw them you know so I thought you'd been out beat beat beat you reg. Literally couldn't get a phone calls but finally get through to somebody they've settled a large extent that the EPK. I don't eat in K I do like. Nobody unity PGA bit like a regular Internet Google my band we've sold twelve million record. You know what's wrong with you so I got here and they just really baby bat and and I got a call from Michael delegates or. And they say they watered they're very want to get in the debate business and they want it they'll be a prototype. And the funny thing is they're the guy that they are Michael Kelly guitar is that creator train bassist. And so. He's sent out like decree you base is so anyway I've got the very first ever Michael Kelley based. It's based like my education that they're gonna release of next year which is I political space and so anyway. That's a long story just got intimate yet they get upset. There were not on the air and I do you could. You're the only people I know who actually cared about bass guitarist. Exactly and hey man if if they do any lefties man let me know because you know I actually had to go away from Trayvon to do five string because of just availability of low. You know five strings for left and the players. Her yeah I actually had I had to go with. Love of god and ESP LTD. In just recently got an a Warrick a few weeks ago. Well while all of book yet get a light. The level that they cleared in the world and there I don't know a lot of lefty big players in the World Cup at. In PR I know and unfortunately this years ago only lost one with Paul gray passing on men are yeah. Brighter note though I have got just one personal question for you John. Did you. John caper. Play Pokemon go out there not. I. They're I think that Pokemon must've been. It would have been like a little after my time because. I thought that like. I heard of it here in the Coca Monaco is something like that kid dead and then all of a sudden they come back out there every car go for a run. I'd bet you know run around all these people walking around like com become a bug that might move out of the way you're you're in the way. I'm getting a run on a delegate I gotta get this either man. All that thought that it diet may get better at it at Oakmont Spain occurred. Then people might get mad at me when I'm in the way of their goals on the open yet. I blame my life I Pokemon was after months on two and then my wife got me on it. Yeah you know I've got a lot of friends on it you know and that fact one of my guys that worked for me about Greg manager that end it on you can eat all the that I have. All right what you'd do they do you wouldn't have war that there may have we got a wee bit late supper here. You know people love that man. People who are very target whatever give the other health walking around we get it because bank but. I'd love to run road runner like my eight Smart Alec less stress reliever you know. They need to look crazy I just need a break and it's about time. I got fired my big cocaine and headphones are an embassy in the palace ATP steal whatever. Built for Iran and then that can make so old they'd better. You know I'm glad you mention Metallica man I've got to ask what do you think about the new one. They actually had to be 100% honest yeah look what is out there I'd love an amazing day that your. I haven't really heard it and then that completely lame. Except the record came out and light today epic true ballot they interviewed and were hurtful. I've just been so busy I heard at one time and honestly I mutual have been in doubt as something out I enjoyed listening to it but I couldn't. Although I really remember about it the introduction you know. I contempt Darden conducted Arafat our loved Metallica and that alcoholic apparently ear. So that that's lame but I thought excited they have some pig out and I mean I'll I'll the F. I'm proud of stand strong likes you know so. Anyway others live in my truth on the bachelor. Well next time you get chance was still Manuel probably pick up the fact that you can definitely hear semi. Some risk seeing reminiscent of kill mall so they're really go on old school there. Well great well. Our time here you know the crazy thing is what they actually. Get onto our I'll have more time there over the promo leading up to the two have because you were Purcell and promo. Is probably more involved fingered actually cook and cook a don't let them get on the road I'll have a little bit more time download your music here and and go go for a ride. We lead neck Wednesday for the to a. There what are we watching the analogy needs some Metallica's some dates with Metallica that would be absolutely fantastic. All gosh come on man I'd be stick. Internal affairs would like it's all that much less a problem let. Hey it would be it would begin a bit crazy show that really would. Bad luck yeah I mean are always. Always going to be good you know that Melbourne of all time. Indeed well John while we got to do now is we got to get Johnson dates a little bit closer to well dribble South Carolina. I'm Taliban maybe that we make this happen upper Obama. Absolutely brother will best blood semen and can't wait I hope both. Well the unleashed tour makes it to Greeneville and you know who knows I got a five string now so we'll have to tone nets in down my. Might ease strained to like I don't know love and 1010 steps down. I think yeah that's right yeah yeah world will do it again man will do it again. Absolutely brother hey great it's not too early man always love talking lead John. Look like side YouTube and I would say final thanks to all the listener of all the people out there are so important that's in the end rocket and hanging out fuel but it looks and the good rock music spectrum. Do what you do and and that keep up the straight man. Absolutely brother you take it easy and hey similar of to the rest of the skill like her leg Jenin. Korean Seth. I actually will until he's certain day. Shouldn't there all right later you wouldn't you do it.