Friday, May 19th

The FOF Hotline is back: Matt So Horny returns for NASCAR All-Star Race tickets: Headlines


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Rise guys morning continues. 3.3 Beltran. I am. We're a. We rule yeah. Yeah. Max Payne you. Yeah. It's. New machine. Remember you saying hey Zach is gaining good ran. Aid teams. Online and. Boy yeah. And even get me out on. Obama rise guys morning show good morning at seven or six leaving it made up of social media by. Probably not even people cared but just as at another reason just to spur around within throwing. Mama I'm being beat up by you know you'll like Mark David Chapman is here. That's out there are a lot nicer than they used to be. I know it you know that's all there is just and on CA is on the Wii music didn't beat up I think. Fifteen years ago you got beat up over everything all the time. People are nice and Allen used to be really. Our. In ways that are. There are marketed did you talk more about Giuliani mayor. But there are likely to do it directly to you well. A lot of jokes about fat boy to me. Barrel they make them any to him. So they're cowards. In the national kind of aggravates me. A search has tags zero has been. So you'll have people that war there will take a picture with them but we'll use the castle like you know they did him a favor by taking the picture. And all this happened look at our rain insert. If you wanted to take a picture of me. I think they're I think their Disney and sarcastic. You know how people more. All the communities. Who are Iranians who can tell you know one I swear to god I wonder how many. Probably older women older guys. Would see him. Now with a mustache. Maybe throw malls but I gonna think. Older people pricey and say. In that actor with a sister near. Are you high fuel settlement that he has come on now you know it is. Even if you watched football you know who it is one photographer and is well. Aron if you are great if you're listening in. Mean you know loose you could be could be a car and it's listen by the way fear whether shuttle's shuttle drivers in your. Turn us on in the background and you know. What is so her brother anyway. No they're not even a reply now. No matter what he wanted and lazy you're fat you're like have a booty call. You use a Twitter ship and never turned into a he's lucky cat finished. No loner elements of last. The show catfish now luck pal a warm argument you know if it's followed. I hope will last forever. Well. Again thank you subway's now friends who have Aaron Hernandez gay lovers always were common problem that I'm working on that interview maybe next week. Rest in peace may be now actually no be the gala. He still available. Skills. I agree today there's so my descent face I think it's funny here that fat boy didn't get Aaron Rodgers on had you interviewed him it would have been over in ten minutes this is lasted three days are little illness and use them more on. Was this thing. Has not signed. They gonna happen. Well he called me yesterday family did all excited and like I never heard a guy excited he said you just get off the phone. With his publicist. And Monday at 810. He said we're going to be talking NFL legend Dick Butkus did but I can slide our national right. Now but. Side latest on downs this is great number fifty watch I'm a bit the economy back on distraught at a news group. Pass and oh god what happened. He said well that was a publicist for porn star date but kissed her so put it. I know I can't say hey good to him like it I know. Say you didn't get the joke you know I know let's not real. We news that I called you. As a lawyer and human consider start video aired a status that yeah I only based on Newton. Aaron Rodgers taser officer eight earnings per hour well he's got till 9 o'clock or helps that's all I can say throw real upright now in the continental breakfast now. Well our order a EG if you're agents may or July 8 o'clock or whatever make sure YouTube bacon at 9 o'clock because he has called energy Arab swung by there. That or else will come to for which of them are right all right restaurant. Now they Ethel flock. That's a way to get all led oh what does anybody did you anybody called this week and Indian business and I don't up. And worst from those Muslims share this firm. I think Jeff get divorced last week I felt very offered listening to that and I felt really bad. I bid legit pass that was really awkward. Things for the first time this week collectively as a whole we got it and I don't know how we. Is that it was out of our control. Those guys I'll I can imagine our owner became a single. 864241. 43288642414328. Best SOS line here's call number one. Although they go off commodity. Bird. Quite. I'll blow my. Are the only guy out brought down the road and at an air pocket are better at no load it. What don't they bought a flat. Ball. It but I noticed yesterday I had already out after a big thank. Part of our. Bird. Got to take off. Shipments. It always is signaled little better now has great the pro reserves as phone. Well yes but. You had to have and he wants Jimmy wants to hear this third parameters of the birds that are up for him and a juicy role examiner gave bribery now. Hello are you surprised because obviously got banged. Count and I miss and why I'll say everything. Are people hears everything not everything. Oh man residents and counselors place. Called number two SOS line 8642414328. Geese scampered. Abigail jacket my hair and a lot. It's should be allowed to eat where it is just an appearance Walt and say. He's got a huge table B and Brett well and that's what parents are not speak cheered. You have no idea what they're going to be an air and you obviously don't look college or stupid ass with a child two at one point people like you. Don't deserve my oxygen. And really really somebody come and senator that they table what. Brett you know some little kid which is down two dollar real stupid. Colonel how they feel jiggy with an outlet regardless sound a little 2000 weird call do is it is very very management. Tell that Angel yesterday she still hasn't went back and listen to it she said burns she she doesn't remember a time when she's been that angry not at her husband there's Brower. And our fire. Asked everything you send Matt thank. If they don't have a kids' menus probably you know a place former. I can't say plus my its way to me that they say did you let's see if they are kids menu and you know what I went back and they don't so. They are great here but they still what did you do reservations against India or any children. The number there and then the call now. Oh what do equality. For. Every why why don't people only get the discounts. At retail stores on Wednesday this. Why zig kids. Help your parents get a better parking some grocery stores players look at. But about a year bearing you can have a kid. You don't get good park community here in myrtle Craig should chairs and a moral can adopt zero socks and mr. Number threes that were wrapped caught a 3-D F the last line. You chip almost an objective that perhaps there are dark carjacker at your blood disorder straight to your brave. Our. Not where arm would today I usually get it collectively. You'll see get a car yet it's a I'm gonna last night in trouble with the law earlier they would take isn't summer and Nolan do. This is all Fontana goes on. Well that was your own solved and he says and number we have we don't know where where harassment is as a marine Google Earth could. I don't I'm not an alliance and you the fully heal and get behind the idea he'll. Do the phone apparently. And they don't come he'll call a number. Do you want gold quite often give a big youth to old got told my left forward. How much is this who agrees there have been helped by all the Europeans would. Your point about that you can't go around here that's Washington I hope but I have more than forty bird game. Big my act and all content and they won't even light metal leg and they're well haven't you know he thought they have Archie but. You read ever had they're neutral or your life. Dollar great special more technical demo won't work now agree without yelling at someone and had held their own bitter people so my aunt mobile. I. Know are my view is he mad as getting them one of us knows a guy call last week you know. Cinemas and bought a chance to look edible agree all of this. Is what your column route to. Lay's death. It's about an AL IB also by Obama's time needed to use a net that. And we'll battle it seems to vary some evil gets incentivizes others age this will go on and on and mountain engineers only. I'm also and is still want to compliment that we continue to get the most time I I am a pattern after pattern. Missiles longer. Either find your rock to hide under. What did it to me all legit. Every day I'm Morley. 86 or excuse for line portrait today. Yeah I just flew you don't hear from bill. They are getting a reason before. Larry I am I hey I'll I hear about the route because it's. Apple have slot. Okay the FO apple I woke up nobody you are shell bitch. Any. Speaker. Would spend too. Jet about Jamal sure bitch about track record I am. OK we understand but all right I got bird is how people like Jennifer how people like let are people like him. Oh. I think you're somebody bitch about something besides you'd but we can't okay just around does look eight. There's. Oh. That's a it's fun while lovely anger more people end their bosses. Do and their families are there are certain greater yeah. Error burger. Yeah and in many are far more refineries signature. Yeah on Friday and that I mean there's no political realm artists we could I mean I think they enjoy them more because they don't meet. I Anchorage into anything you pissed off about the call and then go off point but. If if it's about us bin itself in the air right listening panic and get our understand or agree wit. Do you have whereas when I read the balls they had to file a crappy Boston we Alcan. I don't know he's yeah hundred and Ellis until they could that present when pay all. Really who are resident and UN Lance Armstrong about it. The ball solid small office 864241432. Late yet don't call about it's called the people in the money. So are martyrs. All the travel public Jeff hang up on their ruling yesterday cut them all about pace for getting were she was calling other people. Don't call them anything. 8642414328. We're gonna take a break we're gonna come back we tickets to the NASCAR all star race tomorrow with free race concert tickets that they just our. Right after this. It's like to ask this morning you know is recalling. Right next morning show morning CA us. Strips and thirty need to sunny Friday in the Carolinas and Georgia wherever you are naming names on them. There's not a hill here and that's where we are not to pale. It's an oxymoron. Good point. Aaron Rodgers you have an hour and a half ninety minutes. Or else you're up our sleeve tee off. An hour have heroes well what's more important fronts. Files are saved charities. What are the most importantly they're gonna get their regardless. Thou he's gonna get players are right there and get their heroes where he hit any balls are there and if he doesn't that the caller come and by 9 o'clock he's only hints. Or else. A Saul says about that. Com Wendy's nab hollers later on finest hours so if you are saying Haiti on the radio host Matt chat. You can snap Miette oh Matthews that is OH AMA asked as he Debian. So H and A asked as he dead yet because while everybody back on Friday followed by Friday or are there is that your your Burroughs. Yes well doubtful when you do it again union new people insane immunities are Garros Arnold do it and some of those headphones. No knowledge Bo Jackson volume shoes some shoes I'm not a semi needs to tiger to make firm. Colonel Tom who can shoot and I wrestling bright brass like amateur wrestling GE's annual Raza a black bear if you don't think my parents offer amount due. What's that for your muscle massive bill checkpoint after this game. Whenever you angry at me is that Jana nine frontier RG that's if I need frontier energy. Allied to have it while we say and watching this. Pour and that's the best sudden John cog in some escalade was that NG time period Lester Holler extra hours. We have tickets to tomorrow's NASCAR all star race at the Charlotte motor speedway you get to go to the race you also get to go to the pre. Race concerts. With country phenom. Justin Moore. Now we send to call and if you wanna play only just say you had to be. In a vehicle M. Because it's time to play game we've only played one other time matters it was so long ago I wrote. We can't find the original things of that way to reproduce it speak at least did Imus out of vehicle would win it down remote assured me let me just near one you need access to. Play what. Match. And yeah. That's right the triumphant return of matzo warning. Understand and analyze Honda down there isn't room there and we've ever played. The talent what a talent right if there was some. Game show for. People driving their cars onto the stage he would they're back in the car and we got back of the car. And then they blow the horn honked without even looking. I can tell you make and model vehicle you based on the sound the horn OK now I've done this one other time why haven't I done it more. I don't I don't attempts myself I am really get out and I don't wanna have any. Any losses in this case a farm undefeated. And I don't know I can't explain it ninth call amazes. Last all of whom dealership bought new vehicle. I said don't you tell me a blow the horn. Was our right you work it wasn't 2000. Seventeen of them. Toyota. Mom miles Roddick Gaza Friday. Look but I don't know what's draft is just seventeen and Toyota's. It isn't here to tell everybody how to Corbett. This affiliate accord that Brandan some are at 10774. To below 93. Jeff do you have gotten some folks on the phone who. Want to play matzo warning. That is okay. I'm that we call my. Are you look I'm so morning and how it lest he give you these tickets to the NASCAR all star race tomorrow you got plans tomorrow. No sir are very are you in the car right now are they truck. Our current okay are obese be safe okay. I'd like are used to we'll have complete silence any silence in the room please as I tell. Luke what do you look right Luke Luke what vehicle he's driving based only on the sound of his Warren. Our. We are pleased. I came here again and he gets a phone closed her attorney horn out earlier mountains. Former. I. Doubt you're gonna work very hard armor bit. Are the Abbie Hoffman ever done I ambivalence I didn't hear the first thing the nine years. I look you ready. All. Do it again. I did and always playing around or what I did and that's what he was running through cholera or. Do it on her own while I heard a horn too but he's not there. And on the. Don't. Jeff we'll probably have your. I think Opel GD purse and stop saying that this at a local business. And great daddy it's called Jay and Greenville page games. What are merit and so warning Elena dvds tickets to the NASCAR race tomorrow. Well we'll know the biggest fan fare. Okay. Complete sounds in the round there on your side as well James are going and look you're born and so morning. Yes. Well I know it's a the one more time. Yeah. Believe that could be a work truck specifically. I hear Peter bill Peter for your. Eggs or abdomen. You got you're. It at the list you can see. You go to coding Piedmont. Tony good morning. Mourners are Easter. Ordinarily do and don't goody or be able to get this race tomorrow should he win the tickets. Yes sir I am telling you this is corneas that are bent and it's also are you ready for the slowdown in order. Artery herb. Need again. Interior yeah. Earl Morton. Here are. Does anybody else they have the hearing problems at its very early today as me try one more time please company. I am not sure. If you. That would be a Ford F 160. Yes sir thank you sir and good morning it. The truck well maybe it's not gonna say what I know that by saying ended Truckee did you include that's illegals a car truck because it makes it a lot easier nears. And to a couple more. Do brand agreeing to a brand. Are you in her near your vehicle. Or indeed have no plans to more. Auto guys in no one has plans to more. And are constantly get Brad please salads and know that Barack. So according you yet already. I. Jeep Patriot I believe either A no later no 09. It is a deep stage that we're at about eleven. Are highlighted that are here now and I again how in the world. I tell you then China magicians page I don't him ask him had any pull a rabbit out of his mind or whatever they do I don't. Count because I can identify. And I. Time police headlights in the rear view mirror yeah I thought I had it now again I know what those look like them like 500 yards behind me he hates he hates white Nissan moron as would London's Rex yeah I did well. All these issues these are playing. Short station wagons and still investigation when I asked. So then why cars they don't luggage rags in the W luggage ranks the more so coming over a hill in the distance at the top car while Earl little they already dolls Lexus barrels exit a Lexus suvs and now they're they're moron knows. I saw a convertible Murano and yet there are so I was one down weird look big bottle top us evil. Convertible station and it's about to lose here her arm which again you wanna let your man in losing streaks of ball springs tailor treatment. Or rural you don't answer. All are interviewed G it is India plans more it is good to follow on order we're hopefully sour at that complete silence in the room and wins. Let your man blow that Morton. Dodge Ram. There it is yes. Supported acts discipline and I need to do it. You just go through listen in traffic I'll tell you off there that you get a promised not ever say it on the air. Local news and get editing tool more through more houses do one. Tell me here they did well somebody's gotta be time keeper O'Toole but he's funny and we're just that that's what he wants later Kenton. Hater good morning. Aren't already. And good I Medigap plans Smart SY Colin. I. We're playing matzo warning is a blow your horn I'm gonna tell you what kind of vehicle your blow and I. Ford Ranger. A witness. Who must long with the character did you tune. Us. Along to help tell them you know like at. Are you you you tell me do we have time for one more or net new world where these fast aren't. Do. Who in we do. You want pony boy Rutherford pony boy good morning. Good morning are you sir. A lot of good and good last chance for you to win the last Israel and the witness the last call of matzo morning. Cholera. Here. I'm ready. One more time please. No exit strongly and I know it's a truck that has. It's got a hydraulic pumps on I know that. Right. Yeah. It which include one more time please. It. Is it. Eight keynote straight truck. You know really not. They are there is no it is not as they are new car chart shook. Kind. Dubai trash. It was a hydraulics that toll threw me off. Credit. Hole so I am TNN one now and do it anymore. Yeah blame. Will pony boy I need it and you. Yeah did you say you're an uncanny ability I should've left the game forever like Jim Brown bear that. Our Mary Sanders did know where he was either page I'm Indian horse a pony boy well congratulations you broke my heart but you going to the race those negative officials think. Our congratulations you want more employees and ask our all star break. I don't just in Morris tomorrow Charlotte motor speedway congratulations sir. Then thank you are hauled down and dabbling and just I'm trash yes. A fresh trash or regular political clan structure although Jerome. Are you had. Then again it's a new laws to log in season when he went on that little injured when I was. It involves. Brands and trash trucks on her brand name makers soared. The pair are actually never played again garbage men in their full of course it I thought it was cute thanks page I think UT TE IKEA decent headlines right after this. Just the rest guys are mobile. This saviors of upstate morning. Radio we met. Engage in central LA the rise gangs and 83 point three the plan. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're big Gulu. Surprise headlines logged in noted but how mad those data are married I'll be on the lookout for a person and a dinosaur costume it. He's due to carry each of courses. Named yogi and boom boom. The driver of the carriages OK this all went down in Charleston. Here's. It was someone in a dinosaur costume yes we sure it wasn't just John boy. That I don't know. Yeah yeah yeah. Well the driver always taken at the hospital after a person. NA orange dinosaur cost and spit divorces. And of course if he cannot be handsome horses are living in a document dump. You never. Seriously. Have you ridden a horse Spanish. As many. Gore shares or Carol horse. I'm never ridden a cowboy. But there's always hurts to. My farm you've written a cowboy. And did you guys ready to Canada at one time you know. Jeff who was right authorities Jeff and I can't lose 41 same thing part of religious group. A while. Just it and give us a commercial almost Matt every spiritually you watch and so nice story there is no no put and sponsored does snap them twins always a dinosaur suit. How often think. Oh god it's not about to be anti all its commercial round and I'm so disappointed that we didn't do well authorities say this course is began backing up and struck. And on occupied car and a driver at the cared slots bounced off the carriage and was run over by the carrots but he's okay. So is anybody at fault. The personnel when happens don't. The carriage. Horses. To stay administered mezzaluna where does not you don't do that horse there we've seen him before arena. Many people pay money. We now know not to mess look like on to do that horses. Are really don't think many people would be aware that can create problems. Do you know better horses. It's always hear what am mole did what and would you give bugged by yours ago Jim I get the mule. I mean who. EJ Manuel back numb my daddy did. All now play a good dad and of course they'd be open mule whose kick me on a new. Are you worried they're mills isn't real stuff are together or did he said there and kick con jackass. I don't remember probably not much has ordered jackass is is when their their meals is being in that are bringing additional attitude I don't know my daddy go to Ramallah blogger. Yeah when models to let the horse named mr. Really in all of August. It was it was a good god if I'm not gonna vote counted and how does it do it could have dealt with the gala held and I had both shoes was a Gelman from Regis and Kelly I've gotten. Aren't and where a lot of questions I now need to go to farm and answer them many cubic. Cheri do all. Yesterday of course everything was about. Aaron Rodgers. Should have been but it was about sound garden and Chris Cornell. And one of the topics on Twitter away this is Eddie better than Betty right of grants. Because he's the only one left according to what most people are saying and and here's the theory behind them. Chris I was blankets. Who is the hole. Isn't golden girls their annuity or. Golden girls brunch I don't know all survivors we got voyage we gat. The mom though Tommy Dorsey is no authorities daughter since Essen and mom Somalia. So via simple coveted by name the people and you can fill in the blanks okay RA I love nothing more that I loved and filling in blanks. I can't well the people that are gone Kurt Cobain. Alana and Layne Staley Shannon hasn't really. I'm on back there and your would have a mother love down. I he's not on the golden. And I and I he's now he's he's Stanley's board MacKey asked if you any daylight. While Blind Melon titled are you know aunt she loves him early. But there's four golden girls yes. And we're not talking golden palace say there there's no Don Cheadle pared earlier and why it is and a better yeah means that ask don't get any as Kurt Cobain. Bea Arthur is Layne Staley and Florida. Allen well Marianne. I've got enough golden girls girls who are you got out while in his blankets because he was a war for drugs and why and yeah it was a guy that creditor dams and extremists are hurt your brain would be that. The youngest one I feel like but at the same time it's kind of ironic that he'd be play in the old is character writers editors don't get it but he said that's it get a base runners. And then Dorsey who is really it's all in and for us. My only has never saudis not dead yet Sharon Shanahan hasn't done Shannon to fight every tiny ball. I don't know I know yeah you want a guy. You're saying here's where you included saying it any better is his Betty White is a stupid statement on any level no matter how we try to interpret because there's way or their grandkids and there are. Golden girl and he's gonna get a reality show on March 30 years. Probably saving and he. It is funny stuff here she's pretty hot Noel Whelan over the taken. And hey hey Bobbie can I doubt you are funny how the war. Well you can get ready geared towards because there's a new invention. Used to average arts. I don't Obama wherever weren't Arab world Carter shorts are now. Well now there's an item for you that's going to be released today it's only gonna cost you 425. Bucks. Petty cash for you right Matthew. Sure yeah. Yeah. It is head manager mark I know yeah. Yeah it did. Teens. Are now able to convert to Jean shorts and they're gonna cost you 425 bucks. We say any cash for rat out here as kids he has that much. In General Mills with Richard Petty space exhibit president blowing out I know yeah block. I had Adam Petty cash. I don't care not a whole lot in there. I'm the only problem there only women's. It's not many yet it's. A detachable. Good for diabetic. It may advance flags yeah you Disney doors into the swimming showed pant materials that stuff like Magellan and stuff. Of that sort where you can live off with the knees and have you pants and shorts. I had some velcro on time and they wouldn't it answered few washes you now though Curtis doesn't velcro anymore and side. It would does weird. Am glad warmer as it comes separated. Is better as it like semi. Cut off part of my parents but they're still attached to imagine my least favorite cannot lost one albums and one leg a little costs. He's very people we ever usually new man he's to be a big fan of those that are. Cork drew outdoor pants zipped over the needs used to Wear more and never liked him does that do deer are real impact implants and a few Arkin I probably do it. Alia. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. And the only thing that I would make sense is that fewer hiking hot like he's culled and warnings we have longer pants and and take half. Never. I don't I mean they got that's so absurd motorcycle ladies. And yeah. Bailey did restless jets and what does that mean they have treated like AM they are like I BS pro owners and that meant. You know needed for earth like if you fall. To protect yourself from falling after I from road rash checks aren't ask your snow creed it talks they are he knows got a great chance conservative some horns and move our man bill. On page measure and as hemlines.