Friday, June 16th

The FOF Hotline: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys I guess is powered by so these kids. Can travel. Guys morning's. Maybe three boys freed up planet wrapped. It's commences entrap addition memos are. I was art. I read my notes. Art it's modes aren't. Our. These are useful and mullah. You made out here to explain. But your travails. And drag queen no Maltese Maine a more travails and asks why are there and a it. It's a start up as a style of music track pass and often referred to a place where I drugs would be offered solicited you may notice a crack house they can be exchanged for money. Big corn. Or slow bobs. Back. Now the other thing is that trap music. Say is good basic southern rap. TI would be the godfather. Said movement Altria there answer is no carbonation I Democrat Barack. Apparently this thing says sick. It has a lot of double or triple time division how I had heavy kick girls so Roland TR 808 synthesizer. Layered synthesizers and cinematic strings like the first song on the need to Jane's album would be guitar might be John Mayer using it right there so it's those are all characteristics of trap music. Yeah oh yeah broke. Mr. if we're wrong place for just being literate a little while he will he win and that's what you hear from mr. Luke two of the official black got the show in the meantime we see anything wrong about that pot or. The hoodie to eat that's just not not coming might say oh you are asking. You're wrong we hear the answer Norris also were happy birthday to talk. Speed limit you gonna see them and I'll watch group and I'm I'm into the living room did last time I ever. Faster content. She hits endlessly and Nina mr. look as a minute mentioning. Shouldn't. Yeah now you really solution idea. Well I think you have a photo hey and then now I remember he took it yeah there are this is why my daddy don't make. Yeah cashiers there are those two chains a guy that's all mental and ignorance. Yes and haven't earned the ribs million output in your ribs parents out there consumer and the rib cage and I'll satellite. Pennant Elaine Iran's ordained and it was done well murdered her how to sharpen your page he should be answered pretty girls like trap music that's what has Greece and Russia mr. It's time. To get and Brad MI wrong when this isn't time is it determined we're gonna do that Israel is very immortal. Our guests and thank you can't soft effort that's ahead. I know at the last minute voting before we get and that's the last line for the it's your G Baghdad contests we've got tons and tons and tons and tons of nominations we will announce the winner by the end of the show. No call trying to would you attack 7341. Just put that I Preston's if you wanted to nominate. Darth Vader. Pretty crappy dead yeah architects bad bad Darth. 7341. Can go any general. Ordered room who fingered as a yes and what do you do mentally I'm more CF whatever you are calling the indicator is no brainer right. You don't wanna say good lord your dear friend and a big man iron. It what went on. This is still a lot this season. Who is on silicone months while what are the couple. Blogs is nothing more than eight had a Alaska don't show a couple months ago but not in the future ever gonna Washington and California girl Amanda and single bill. And is committed to it for Ted. SOS line 864. Q4 1432. At fifteen to 414328. Is amber and they gave up its money's phone number 1864241432. Instead the last time where you're able to your prayers. Give tech beat a bad anger out and call out some level we're done with the bad bed contest will give you a lot of outlets today for your anger and move. Here is called number one of this week's FO laugh line. And thickened. Had to work an enemy and the world I got an education at ten degrees a word get departed he can probably even harder adding happier. And but can you keep my AG Michigan or he didn't retire. You can give me a rape what the pay ladder are at the pay scale what does. One mile we're seeing coming to seriously again up at 121000 dollar a year aid to get a better job. And turn it down the I would big company and you can't even have a town nearer I ain't been flat have happened union. Red Hat and a heavier but all of up its act Eric. Wow well playing golf has been diabetic I managed hey don't usually to far right out of the but it isn't diabetic socks her boss's day Sarah. You know what if I was a woman dammit first of all. Likely candidates is I've sleeper and her little. But first off I would that. Mandy in hubs children have a toll so that way my diet yet I would totally feel that way absolutely there's. I would go to Palin would go to Washington when page it would march in the street yeah and your he would not Anderson smaller my foot ball off. Hey imagine having these three trying to get it in heels and you know you thought about women in Iowa guys to heaven muffin top must mushy you have a muffin. I would don't purchase that currently it would go my kid like a small birthday cake he needs and he's only SaaS go to weddings take a different section is going up a Martin might affect. FL in touchdown the called number two of this week's FL where fly. This look you're. Outta the women who played water not how much such steps are Joseph Gibbs. Actually didn't help that man that upset because you're holding up a severed that are trot. Oldest college. An aggregate data on the need an apology does your apology I'll stop and that the nearest airports. Even now it reached the end wrapped up. Is that how deep but it gave out the dirty work with the creative. I was taught them for a bad it was nominating himself for the Baghdad on this resident Estella narrows your editors please punch him in for haste ally please look at the past love. Does. Long walks on the beach. Like in baseball cards and object defying win they'll learn review and that guy is Jeff don't his ass all right. Coming into these guys to fight me for saying and then Jeff don't I jinx there sorry you don't you don't let me get Jeff have fun person. All right here Leo and it would have been sidelined three. And oppose every new word the point now to where you know the economy finance targets in the in the room walls and now. Is it me. I mean there is there's only one person nearly comes out unscathed she always does. OK. Now art call number three. Yeah I didn't get her off Matt nine and a boy and jetBlue list. And played fewer than headlines now shut the up I mean I don't. It won't repeat resolved. Hair cut they're all old and now black figure out if I would I would get up its act and I am worn out. I may come ball. Shut. Up. No he don't have facilities illness but. Iron. As you know if you watch the evening news Dorsey and mayors. I went up fifteen years doing comment on the news stories as we got right is gonna show its outset I'm sorry going to format on him he's still his name BR. Whom. He's called value generics don't your Marleau and in the yard and. Oh yeah I like to play feature you can major polls today as attorney down in pain he can end well gosh you guys heard what they're doing interior. Shall pay import so yeah both sides and for financing to us. And here is there should get more. I don't know they're the last bit then did it motivate you they take fair balanced from fox now I don't miss thing I think they had to trade that away when they gave meg and Kelly and NBC they said they may have that was part of the deal that is dimension here are. Here it's of this and I reporters to be named later this. Four borderline for senator called for a missile or slow man okay I've gone OK. Okay. He won on trash. Nine year the biggest that is. Why do little but to release smoke and bitch. You think you need to win every game the nature of the smartest by the a year old boy incident there which are just a little whiny bitch once you go live in a look at the rest of the bunch of hippies make your own. So you. Bad ass. I'm a great day. I ever heard Google is as good it smells good I'll burn it. And you don't. And they mix Google and cents isn't this the worst would you call Andre and rail on somebody and now you say stuff bolster that don't make no damn sense to make a moron yourself did you Chile's smoke. I think I'm sure is actually there I deuce no I give. No solutions and a burgers for Julian and gloom they'll they'll tell you her personal grooming an anger here. Come out and Hickey is animate a smaller Jeff Bridges yeah. Are really different kind of stinks. Islam and don't invest it. Jeff Bridges stinks. Well it did did your probably weren't easy Allah please suggest bridges and it was yeah. And yeah the and we've gotten some wonder your genes are Russ there's so much metal on when you watched him silent. But yeah. Must only in my jeans and a until you go onslaught of your burgers are staged a big Brett. Ellis he could and. Yeah and you know it was beautiful girl first gold and drew wrestler to thank god no offense they've it will Myers you've still been a bit. I'm residents should be all right now the student Poland. And how it's imaginative Matt is a little imagine a more insurance. This I don't know I gotta get mormons and once you're massage sounds. You want I'm there with a story about like you get here yeah how we both need you. Now I mean Jeff golf finale here we go the last month nears an 8642414328. Yet it's her fat lady Laura boy who apparently doesn't wanna be on radio what's it like Japanese sport. We can talk about that one wide receiver and nobody that no British Open and river who cares. Got there ever NBA while dog and NHL. Championships saw he got all alone on let's talk about wrestling arena bowl. I got nothing to do it more. Could not. Right it's all about matchup I'll like get there about Matt. Little lazy and it came. In one segment a day. He acts like he's so busy yet I seal on. Act that you laid there and don't let that guy doing about it. All you know much but hey Bob hey mama. Don't know I am planning. Kidney sport's sudden funny. Jeff let me just get some American ruin of our staff our show every. Day. And if I didn't know where they've written this lunar Mars Lander should change like that settlements while. Just. I don't care he didn't make any sense I don't do wrestled stories and their. Well. Learn how to hang up the damn phone I think news is being funny at the end of my. I you know I will say that. I think that. It's Friday to hell with our Kamal Al OK look. It's like this if we if we said hey we're gonna do any. A benchmark feature where once a week or once they wherever. We knew we wanted to pro wrestling segment would then do Woodley gets. Babel. No Kamal and negotiate. Would you go to Maine's senator you can get. You know you can beat the conflict of interest for him it was a much interest that you had. A comment I have father and all other interest sensitive at all. Do you love taking care myself alone working out a master literature during a pentagon. Many words small search for Ron and enjoy and think hey yourself. So let's say we wanted to do a Amanda escaping man grooming segment we'll digest. Partially what did you do a hair. The latest and we'd news. And Jennings are you wanna do you know how to make your sex life better. You had to you had he. So yeah I don't that's it fat boy knows sports and love sports and knows. Generally were to go with Jeff you're the guy I think it needs to be doing and it. That. Via the funny little quips within air guard. That I certainly do like a criminal Jabbar. He's got the Kenya. All that's. An investor pressure. No I don't want to say they did that Jeff and he's just tries to boutique like I'm. In and watch. But we don't want his usual scams. You be awful. And how that's okay. Yeah I think you know she wasn't predict what was the last name. And I remember Biden capsule. That is right and number eight we announced no way this violation you. On this scams you own all the ridiculous the stunts and all that. But man I really really really in just slide against you could have been singing your praises the sort. That I guess that was but then again it's that would as a wanna do it doesn't have a passion for it. Then there are some sort of assurance that it could. I lies. Isn't aren't the final thing we had. The only man I don't wanna do it and then it kind of can market lol Jo keep paying in yen. Not a slight against gee I don't know yet this was not certain issues certain things people learned. Her ex im govern and that border and have no clue. Charles if if if it does she did that you know he gets the green puts the podcast our biggest is do our one parent headlines. President sports with frat boy featuring fat boy storing fat boy yeah. But that's OK as an asset at accelerator plus it has podcaster script and how many times his name pops up out of someone's sadness and video yesterday while they were listening to the podcast in the nation does the screen soliciting a baby. Yesterday somebody's about it I subtleties in the current. You have gotten a start our our our one hour wind says. It is yesterday when I came in sick as a dog and just kind of like a bitch and whine complain like at a young child. The description says. Everybody hordes a little bit. Then this next when faced both us and now it's time we got to Gene Simmons stuff. Our three fat boy as a roommate pretty serious question also. Fat boy vs Jeff Lewis an ailing dad vs bad war and then our four. He won. Password with that Tami Chappell and Tammy vs team piston. Reenact them. Not saying yeah Jimmy you're our not on the show. But you're not here I don't. Jeff are the ones who appeared on the show at least according to the web sort yeah. 08 Wednesday June 14 amendment and there could be a lawsuit that this is an unofficial extra half out from last year's event. Hello World when you finished. It don't be honest. Sometimes I don't really. Cancel the conversation. In the beginning so we don't call so maybe I'll try to follow it online story. Ottawa maybe he but did then they'll port what was the cooperatives out of those airlines were more than people working there. There should he would have busting my balls that I build wind for twenty minutes about food group home and then an hour later I was like I'm fine now. And once you review last question room. I'm complimented you to times. Why yeah it is it twice. You but he had to say nine compliments fat boy there yeah. First. Q does put its fat boy gets a compliment for others on the show and programs. Don't wanna put me over boy he won't let himself over to avoid it may over you already did do. Thank you mid dance that's that's only arrest there is on Saturday night. A. Each in sample ID they're nice guys running the show 93 point three the plan at the drop. Right guys headlines with the page. And you're beatle who. Right guys headlines locked and loaded iPad meta state armory wasn't any news or Friday yeah. Well it's you escaped inmates from Georgia who killed his two prison guards have been captured. Thanks to a homeowner in Tennessee. Is alerted. That people or outside of a calm and nation men trying to steal a vehicle and he held the tunic and client with a neighbor and Selma authorities are and then. The rest of the matter that the joke former guess because there aren't a thing now so he must just call him off guard with a gone home. Did the other thing would. This you know would that would the cellphone South Asia boy I am yeah away when you got to look at a news story order to get down read comments of people. Apparently. And I don't know if it's like kissing North Carolina and Georgia but it's according to a bunch people are commenting on that that. Any male presence cell phones are like. Haven't Arab rolled column paid in other words it's. A new high end. And here's your pain again this is alleged and it's just off comments often a story through. Apparently a lot of that crooked correctional officers sales cell phones to be a president dear. They seldom and then they'd look they look the other way because what they don't have bus Sega does they sold them that phone. It's legendary ability sneak one in gives you did the problem he didn't follow proper channels to get your contraband. Old now yeah that's crazy details starlet over the fence are flooded and with a draw only come from some guy who worked and paid tribute tomorrow. And every one episode of oranges and new black I did see where it was hidden in the bathroom stall you. And that's silent and the American contraband can happening around chat page that's how they get their phone and I was Erica Noonan and. I know yeah. They killed in prison guards and then they they held a couple hostage at their home in Tennessee and iron out of there and New England still car and been moderately called class a regular married him. So much in the there was and 30000 dollar reward Brett. Yeah that Al main event that I'm sure don't get delicacy called himself I don't care about his sexuality and it won't announce he's getting unions the united. Those two guys used to from the neighbors are probably split that with information relating to their arrest so obviously that when they called they. That qualified for each ignoble war he provided information leading to the arrest he captured the lives episodes so doubled the reward Jeff if the reward is 130000. Dollars is currently ninth says double. What are they paying them. They are paying. 270000. Dollars. Rules Horry took him one more chance heart one more chance let's play if they're doubling now you're gonna double double. My main point. 90 okay. Duff and that that says the German suffix for two if you had to 400000. If you it's hoosiers are too small and you were meaningless and you don't WebMD every damn day but for the OK Doug can't let this go Kate said to have a 130000. Dollars and wanna double. Well I get is candid peninsula. I'm 30001. Double B doubled the reward. Let's pins over the police department accounting department will be sent right now the reward checks. Merger would what are you sign the check for this you don't. 309000. Every time every drug bust they say it's worth play eighteen billion dollars. You're definitely an element of hey Stewart Oliver said he was imprisoned for six months one time and Mabel we'd offered are all the winners of 2000 got a it sounds a charm passage Imus right. That's. Well here's some frightening stats Korea did you know. At 7% of Americans think that chocolate milk comes from around counts. No moral people how now brown child. Dreamed about stuff like this yesterday I saw that story I was reading about that and other things I saw in the USDA distrust studied when he hears again. And nearly 40% of Americans and the late ninety's did not know that hamburgers were made from beef from Cal's. You can well look it's because the stupid way ways it's caught hamburger now Linda let the Celtics Jeff and Hamburg hamburger amber it would be pork. Yeah I saw I understand it. And then 48% say they're not sure where chocolate milk comfort comes from my name is gonna come from and if so what are these people's Angel comes out of a white and a black kale. Great milk note. I. Wrote. Spot ups but maybe their ration Alice eggs captain in different colors are listening yeah. You know sure now maybe there. I'm mama brown to mama why it. Don't chocolate. Or chocolate now now now they're thinking that it comes out brown and main flavor it. I don't know I ravaged really lay eggs. Why can't learn it. Don't. You and bring it into our chocolate milk comes from the thing. And in the late nineties nearly 20% of people in this country had no idea. What are the hammer was made for me yeah I saw somewhere. There's a lot of things where people we just don't know what forty. Baghdad there was one guy quoted at one of these things say that kind of manner in the Belmont hall eat regularly sees kids who don't know. The French Fries or the titans. Hot stocks. Anymore. You don't make the is great is that positive store. The day before yesterday and that meant to produce area and I'm again to sign and it was apple on the payers I was behind that homeowner. And there is organic. You know where and I know the company that data provided them and they're clean and straight in the NIE got the the regular old pairs every year. And the organic or three times in now which is less payers who pay their pre bag. The story about that moment it's an organic the Colin conventional. Way. Conventional on an angle conventional for millions and millions here's what we now call or get arrows they're our era well. Refer messages can. Will pay three times for less but alleged bettered by a definite better quality here so I you know I see where people. Yeah we know that this is not so good for us but it's cheaper and Anna and I literally as that they're from an outside. My god that's that we we will go out and most at all you know world sure those Nikes are. Eight times matches as Wal-Mart and issues what I think he's yeah without question bill what I've already have food writers and and that's left. Eat healthy there can afford it that we. Fueled their run in this body of our while the Franklin the boys to an issue checks had no money no skis yeah you'll pay 200 dollars for keys. But we won't pay. Extra money if you like the grass fed me instead of the stuff that sort soy corn is you know is is poised and is as a damn this thing. While at the box office this weekend. And good movies out cars three. There's regular bomb. Yeah that was news James is like you say it's too light. Normally live good powerful franchise sequels they're you know not spend months expert and Adam did the bomb big time. And then a couple of NN Scranton Hansen there's a bond should talk. If you wanna see it just feel like bad moms club kid or probable sisters let me. Amy our power bridesmaids. Just to well men wait to easily is Cameron as their movie that started all this call that the sweetest thing. Any movie. That's when they lived a ball mark. Notice. And that's. Seeing where girls or not I NG gets stuck and let our apartment like 300 different people have to come try to figure out how to get unstuck. Most nodding Cameron Diaz and it melts in her mouth yes her ousted. No more terrorist are boy she did Karl mouth ever fire hydrant easing that doesn't mean they did it rather Hollywood environment. Anderson. The Tupac story. All eyes on me expert bunker really for Obama and I think he's putting this out people don't have good movies chicken yeah all eyes on the field surprised people make a little bit of money. That diet and seen the movie but that's seen us on the extended trailer that guy. Looks just like to god it sounds just like him everything eaten at AM start to wonder now. To me it's one of the greatest thing if he faked his death can I know we did molest or any state his dad. And then. What is it then now fifteen years. May not 96 as soon 21 year ago all of a mole. And then they do mosey and an end to end when he was to credits just to talk should tour has himself. Tom Wilson. Knowing the like an extended thing after the trailers running around it happened in Pakistan army and people are just crept in all of that to heart Marie. The guys to block was. It again rebel lack of better term he was a rebel and that he was like. Artistic and poetic is Blake in his private life but apparently the movies just all. Drugs and bullying and but soon nightmares. All the cliches but not actually about how. The interest dared to talk to us and Indian and his mama. And this is all like rat cliches. Yeah. Did any guide it's when he arrives early you can put his whole life and to our road are you saying down Garcia. Saying why are disintegrate the inner group apparently people is seeded like much and then get this bush because it could be really good thing. Who is. And another two parks record. By you know what I'm saying like someone who in the left this world really early but. Has that I mean to Todd will be. To follow Obama for a hundred years. There is stories set theory are there legend it's like I always say about like athletes. They Bruce will go on forever Joseph DiMaggio Mickey Mantle after baby boomers in this generation. They'll be in the record books and they won't be part of every day in discussions here. Earned every day legend. He's delivered forever Arnold thing is even Mohammad Ali's memories fading for people in your twenties now it certainly help you and how much can't I was a terrorist. I don't know how we did not allow. Here ask Victoria older Joseph Montana he can certainly looks like he would criminal modular and Joseph Montana from Wayne Gretzky I am campaign you know better. It lives forever Brit I don't I don't mean that about a. Hundred years that was what we get and we do the same thing with you know we always talk about great grandpa grades they're paid mayor just laid there is no I remember Zynga. This is not feasible to probably. Exceed I don't yeah Herm. No Jim Morrison does he was more of a drunken Dick. I can't Britain but I thought of Jimi Hendrix first also be Jimi Hendrix was it. Trying to change things are in error pegged at just publish an activist I mean he totally was. Trying to change things he just did his billionaire. On paint him as your as as ten month. Iraq is just take. That's an inch screen for you wanted your listeners. The rise guys morning show right reborn through the. Today was a whole lot of fun playing better and yesterday. Abbott's tomorrow as the demands that. Was to Weatherford Marc. Our population. Rwanda I look thank you Molly Wei and I mean most guys. The story Jesse grass anywhere as we get I know where this week in and I'm asking you don't adding that when I don't you do. There's sometimes where I need to just let my body wrist 87 of our poor decisions storms in the or just been resting since 6 AM Moody's agent name and it's Acer tomorrow with a 40% just Agence. What that means is 60% chance it won't rain yes. Think they're right call on FaceBook and waited. Najaf the scam was freaking gold again thank you. You know no. As I know when Jeff will I retired from radio. It will be at the same time after he leaves the funeral home after pompano about it. But but that's his career will be. You know and let's plot in recorded much bone scans when he's they would keep all of our time. Any and you outlive all of us guarantee. Tomorrow don't miss the worst of the rise sky six until ten this time hosted by a freak in. A hall of Famer forget Ricky Morton of the rock girl dressed hosting Temares worst of the rise guys. In the meantime before we announce the winner of the big contest this is time Virginia's question okay. Not all night tears over 100 Wimbledon this year. Question four ninths. And let's say. Here. I mean I was I was doing math sooner. Well hang on a turnaround when I was thinking. Pass. And NN that there. Don't girls that he burned out what China's golden girls that he burned out she called his moral grammar name or heard any burn down school level they know what type of school was. I'd fix the the answer to Carolina it will actually the number 7341. Against 72341. Let's see now that I have ads about distilled to a nice drum roll. Dear guests here part of this top three are getting worse. Add content that bedrock that's worth father and listening to her tears I don't consider it does have the number of these names got. Get your quest. Coming and it place the woods when you don't slash big. All of our I think that average that down early on as a winner that I am also I wrote down John I don't think we are single. Dominant. I don't want people noted widgets. Second place. Randy ran me Randy slash Randall 137 people's advantage thus it is Israel and I don't. And rusty the first things first the winner of the worst dad in the listening Jiri contest 343 nominations early. All kind of names at various levels we get a 143 people that's. Forward. But really retire that name for James. Slash GM slash Jimmy. That's you know hey I gotta give it to good. Hollywood moment. So congratulations. GM of Jimmy James. Jack that's another one Jackie Jackie is another one soon. All of you. From the Hollywood let me mother. Hurt us again. We're going to go home. Yes of course you're. Paid more Iraqi next where they work page must figure attorney will be that absolutely parents and then worsen rat's ass tomorrow. They say this week you will talk action Monday it is yeah. Controlling play early. My blood cheeks. Extradite the 83 point three numbers.