Thursday, April 20th

Matt had a day dream he didn't like: Facebook Fussin


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. The rise guys morning. Yeah. It is a big day. Aren't just any day mind you Thursday Thursday. Yesterday as they are Jeff welcome. To enforce mornings on on my senators Sunday is like. Parents they always kids you know alcohol. As is thirsty Thursday roasters do not this one those from different. This is going to be out while cotton mouth did you because thirsty Thursday still narrowly defeated Al carton now though. In grainy faced both us and coming up. You shortly. Also. I counted about five more medicines to 1000 bucks slow boat. Remember the words. Nobody's Cleveland since a creed I know that Iraq no hidden secrets. I like other deodorant yeah Tara firma anime drone hit the Jeff the UN the keyword. Idea. Secret. Well. Little toll yet. And now in line in my strike inner. It might be fun thrill. By the way speaking of that win the Stoner jeopardy that's coming up next hour we have three to 43 contestants command. Jeff is one of them molested. Cisco has since dollars and possum I am glad to me hugs to pucks and Jack. Are close so so names are very you know Paul constant. Ashraf. Houston. These values and he ends up. HUGHSTOR. Austin. Or Houston residents are unionized city. I loved that. It. You know Don Williams on the list of things I can't talk about now good goal line that we will make every if we I wouldn't doubt it we're loan. Our list of everybody attitude we got to understand Jack Tyler and her statement. Good good or condolences and Alison bales much I motorsports that that's going to be a whole lot of fun and then out of your FaceBook fasten coming up here in just an hour. Measuring the U drained yet don't hear much during Hester noon dreams are very rare side who I slapped. May be our new husband it's when he meant paying and I don't work for me I changed. I just changed your sleeve NR. What are you managed to me is. Yeah I know the research on it don't tell me oh aren't apt. Buy it for me I can't do it there. Just that mores I had a late government and our analysts instantaneously had to drain. And are you like me when you have kind of an odd dream. You ever say. On our dream match. I why was that in my subconscious. Sometimes they don't want to them yeah of course yeah it's alarming yeah not bad it's and huge tree deeper meaning gives us all subjective DS are talking about light. I think about that person or what did I see that may MITRE think of that person this Nat. When this it's very very simple there is so one maybe two people that. Instigated this. Very lucid dream which is another thing caught me off guard it was almost in instantaneously. Absurd thing size through feet. And I'm I've been repeatedly asked. That's not what you bring Matt what are we absolutely none is now on the morning of well. Out in my drink probably through tomorrow that. And it never some positive towards Andrews they'd been catching nearly the attention every time that's why didn't work. So it is started holes live. Mark Hendricks our boss from another country neverland and Atlanta. Many panicked. He's he's on vacation any sent an email yesterday. He read very odd to me Aaron doesn't have Beirut this time of year Matt say yen president here and embarrassed I think I did that travel quite far this year there. My you know the locals call a bit severe hit a message and send email from mark which mark IE eight mark is so hip and cool. The notices Hendrix out. Doubt. Enough you know so Hendrix out and witness who says these guys at a town drew via if he knew remained about five. I'll be back in the office at 830 on Tuesday thank you. And good luck to. The of her hours and was thrown out. Numbers are still gonna hammer curveball and I certainly am I wrote him back. Jan homeless I'm Johnny on the spot almost instantaneously. In his response. Hello whale. I don't know. You'll be sorry we're in Newton where do damage left I wound up in recent value Milos and love I may results in cash scares me now ha ha Haas laugh out loud good luck and a. So. I just and it's our tech and lab may be disrobe good luck out of you know. He as he knows right CNN NE NN right so then as I'm sitting there fool around on snapped chat. I get a snap and I'll give a shout out from a young man by the name of Marcus. Shall stay you know. He's got him on the edge and you're in the bud Bundy. And yet they were posting well there are primarily related out. And every drone I am off to a man. Today is he's since he's beautiful picture among them is VA's say too much bad guys and and if you ask you talk about his stuff back. So it's beautiful picture on top of this mountain top prize in ahead that elevation on it I guess when the filters and only really really high up in the in another way and and he was did directly sentiments may ask where are you. Just take your where are you he says. I'm I'm up here in undisclosed location going through the translations. And then he sent a picture and eyeball. And how psyched. I don't know this is. So as I was there's a rap songs on my going through translations I don't know if has anything to do and and I said. Oh OK I just played well OK like the rap song and he says. No. There's nobody Italians and tell me about what inside sponsors to Miami in touch with me. And I said. OK I guess they have so I'm Fiat dealerships play in a long runs whenever he needs sentimental way so in my mind here's where the dream yes. And change. It was intolerance. And there was some kind of. Alien mill lane being the whatever ten times and ending ending of times this past. Not in times too great a newspaper about hotels. Thanks in Paris at the very always such spells out this hears about end. OK glad that's better I however if this dream. And tell me this can be major motion picture and injuring. Aliens. Heard coming down end. They're changing the language. Of the British Columbia one world language and tang. And they're coming and select few people almost like all these you know. Movies where they are 2012. Volleys movies where they told my entire insurance period yeah it was a it was homicide. If you're not on the list you would not. Be able to learn the new language and thus you'd be. SO oil and a so in this thing hidden tricks was no one hindrance is going to get the translations. You know meets on the new language. This. And I start to call people close to me. This is free agent and look talent Daniel DeMar he argues that most of you in a panic trying to get people's honest I was yeah because I thought of this is about to happen to costing those area there. Hendricks is gone he told us deadlock he knows I didn't get the invited you and a pieces like. Good luck with the rest of your life you're not gonna not a communique would anyone. I held Saudi Arabia I don't know how to talk. If you can barter can ask how much is it to supersize it and won't not a do or you and Arabs I was current terrorism or her courtroom so our thing. This is where you're you're being left out obviously here. He left behind this is going to be the next courier Kurt angle Kirk Cameron movie noon. Call nine. And the answer his phone and tell he's along he's you know moving in a vehicle and so oh. Says hey what's up he's like god just found love turnaround percent okay yeah on the road not he asked him where he had it. Hey hit this there is annual food drive up the mountains of southern mountains which one. He hangs up are we out and I called back John it's so this wasn't a drink and really have. Call travel. Sydney's reinforcement that always happens here on earth and I don't remember who else iPod called several other people they either were not available. Or they were very. If you called fat more on the phone you know it back. It was there ever is very ambiguous scenarios is already just hang him out our disk. A dual road trip and I think everybody. Was going sent me. I was not wanna go be taught to the new language from the aliens. That sucks for years dude it is sacks this stupid. Thing but it was so real well. Will the lose acidity. The vicinity and he's there right layered and act. That would Erica what did you take from it in Winston what I did a half from now when he getting out of this race entering. You're jealous in his arsenal vacation now or. And now Orion has more powerful than you did everybody dies. I don't know it's. Maybe it's me saying I wanna be. What I wanted to keep up the you know in sand like in many. I'm tile wall. See you werder new phrases sound and I think that urban dictionary I don't care if I have to admit there. And a steady day that's why the web sites there you know what the nation I now worry either probably does now I know now and edged. Did the research slice and him ready very similar you Billy you being left our left behind in some way or. If you you're just jealous because Marshall vacation annual take time off well I don't market sixteen weeks a year now he doesn't understand dot. I play international that are interplanetary trade agreements are. Do you agree though that the fact that it was so look lucid the fact it was that afternoon dream and is one of those I went apparently poet writing into Rem sleep. Immediately. Yes weird it's an investment Carter and I was. You were. Yeah worst ways the map well idea that's why haven't I haven't seen what did you do not need it it was terrifying I mean you screwed all come because he thought it was scary how I act as halted. Its it would lost to New York. Right side that was climate TO well OK I mean many. I didn't just your tax machinery yeah. Obviously end at times and they're not prepared and everybody else is and then now. You kind of have to scramble to get where you need to be just to survive as a member of the one movie there are trying to get them at the top of the mountain so the dam flood don't get in the white girls pregnant now. I don't we the Dreamweaver Rihanna and we were and says she's text and in this more and he's really maybe it means mad men is day. That's what she says about everything a lot of tests confirmed. Seats. While they're over Celanese is in morning. Yeah maybe in the extreme nine is declaring his independence from the uniqueness DC he's NN marry Sarah. Dissipated miner Mario that is something that toll could be true because in my most recent. Therapy sessions and I promise I wouldn't talk about my therapy sessions but nobody knows where I guess I don't matters I. Where you and everybody else is in on it because these aren't want him to be happily married thereafter even mark campaign. Well I thought about that you know because I had gentlemen but not be my best friend anymore just totally joking. Found. By you know now that he's engaged in the east at this you know this live in girlfriend lived an incentive on parents and going around doing all this stuff. Exactly I am being left behind you aren't you are left behind years ago. I remember whoever I was dating or whatever at the time we go to WW we are we do a concert or whatever. Order always have to get three tickets. As I wanted to make sure this young man Kia did get three tickets through. City did I imagine the cost me. I bag and I thought I lost 200 pounds sixteen years ago he was Manning out and pay your. I didn't Arab Wheeler all my stuff. Now that we would leave her home a lot of times I would leave her own. That region where where we went out for an entire weekend to wrestle your pricing examined Martin's controlling your dreams he's seeger losing unit. You know. All the people sons houses for it to us more work upper income Lucy Lawless medicine Najibullah TH Somalis are warrior princess. But. Yet Victor certainly page dead on about that is that's part of it because like you know like I ask you DNS and he would go down so and so am I can't me and Sarah gonna around armored. Earth fare whatever you buy your very norm Dillard's whatever is going to Dillard's and its richest man it's not bridges I'm back Jack and the third will now so maybe that's trying to maybe larger versions. Oh yeah and a new regulations. You know slowly shorts. I guess was shorts Suisse Hewlett swim suit George warrants until its original one for sure do derivative terminal. Or per. Then you know nobody was so I I don't I don't know if it means anything additional and share a view that I had the living crap stared at me it was there. Murder is it was sad gore or anything like that it wasn't being chased. I always. You European left I was chasing. Iowa is chasing if you work you were in pursuit of life of hope we don't know remain governor. A true friend. I think that's what little. I had and look into that special someone then call you don't. And all golf balls chipped it. I'd say it was weird that I had elusive dream in the know that day that is the czar is really never ever ever happen to me before dinner and it. Dismay my skin crawl it is just a whisk. I literally saw dust and anxiety type in my sleep. Like a similar agreement dreams. You buy that their candidate are gonna things pleasant now how my day. Might be ice to GB dream journal man. Now this kind of internal drama and higher and our entire. Sleep diary but things. Say you said that you called up a lot of other people in February may be fat boys. Leaving you out of some stuff to do it. My only view. I I don't know I'd better get going home staring at a wal now now I don't minimize sesame it'll get camaraderie I don't remember calling on rather. I would yeah. She's gonna have an regardless on where my name on Google page. Did not call plays I. Everything as a finance and I hope I know pages she's you know Stahl yeah. You learn the language English or Oscars so it's a Rosetta Stone is Dorgan on the English mission here to new alien and the impact of art in the order of ashes. I don't know what you speak I am and enough stream talks I thought it was scary they're the ones shame dream shaming now don't midrange and I'll dream candidate Boeing. I don't get better. When we come back we're gonna change some people anonymously of course things change to the innocent guilty Steve don't have fresh said. It's rise guys morning. I thought he 93 point three different. Planet rock. Yeah. Twelve probably do your soak up. Here is real. We'll FaceBook arguments messages and threads. Screen shot. And singer and anonymously. By U that he wants to us. Names changed to protect the innocent. Or guilty. Or stupid this is FaceBook process. Thank you for being here today. On this. For twenty. Seymour. And playing dual roles. Plane theory and brand. Mortally. Fat boy eight colonel how would you be both a man and a woman in your wife is in pale owns the Atlanta. Play in the Roland Joan me. Obviously freaking neat. Literal David. Will be nine. And play in the role of Barry wouldn't want our. Jerry mare mark is in Bahrain not a bird bar is savvy incomparable. The un understandable. Jeff Lewis in anti tax and. And yeah. Action obsessed. About it. Our guys wanna do is take some what do you do win and you wanna come over all of let me think about it no looped Elena. What I'm doing is the Avery do you actually hold conversely. I hear back girl store in my allow for a fair as these dummies don't get. If you dismal six entail me they'll try to play medium bowl blanked me just tell the truth. There's too scared to be rejected today just wanna play games all the damn time in the act all shocked when you don't play golf and put him in their place girl. As long as I got that little man down south run in the show. And that's all they want to think about that. Didn't sound as tag and move her and I've been done dirty too many times now they don't turn me savage and search Cryolife in the mood geez. I don't understand how some guzzle undervalued the importance of a woman's conversation. Over few quick moments of physical gratification. I know I wouldn't settle for less I would chairs the conversation. The world needs more why do you brand. Did. He turn this morning. Quick. Hello oil David Fisher seems like it donut while this or doing now David that are bureaucrats courses shivery but who knows doing it when your best they served. You all our calls calls. So whatever ends only I apologize on behalf of the men who do when your wrong in the past you obviously and nominee to run one. Are you guys good lungs brand. Yeah me out of breath from Jason blank here all day. Got to get asthma. Are you are about I haven't bought brand some bad terror and all you do lose trailer lot blind stabilized. Those mean and crazy guys AKA cross sides see who's sitting for mr. deeds says. I'm just your read comments. This about gay did ayalon. Excuse me better to do and oppose all the blank and messages the use say me that I haven't responded to. The sort of things entry boyfriends or belly shore blow me up again. Yes I was still imposed some. I felt sorry for the next guy you've got eight more biased or don't know what he's empower. Do you feel sorry for them do you. But dizzy dame shore trying to get that title west's enemy ten messages today are the. Well ever is so hard to say hi to some more personal while I saw outside and I'm very right here. Are you do as Jason blank you anywhere in your faith must serve jays now have blanking. Darted shows look around new footprint if you are coercion from blanking chase he's. Our attention to all. You're Angelo this chick look out she will throw stuff they use and accuse you still heard today amazed at night market. Look it's a boy. You've obviously been getting your information from someone whose blood her we broke up. The same person evidently got over the past few days because he won't quit blowing in my inbox say here's some advice play golf. What do you when your alligator would you like you came from the white and blue would do and asked Knowles somewhere else. I guess try to piece more than half a piece of string cheese I'd be mad at the world to. Don't look the blank out of somebody else's pace because I am trying to here at Ashe had blocked due I'm girl. You go to our does Jason blank do you mind is shaped and chasing the blank here around page sound eclectic mix right now. Marbury stuff faster. 63 to fifty. It seemed Tate. Playing the role of Elizabeth. Will be yours truly freaking me who has been playing the role of sunny. We'll be Jimmie JJ now McDonald's. Play in the role of kimono. On the last name one LA yeah well I know Jay asked the air out there and play in the role of Cain. Introducing fab boss who earn little firmer drag queen name mister Wallace and Jeremy Cox. A Jamaica. To meet our staffs. Oxfam everybody now loves. Everybody is playing its. Early get a larger group in Jamaica what's out beautiful. OK today and I don't pay eluded me Sonny nine kimono JFK's babble. And action. Also I guess holly unprofessional. And tacky for a wedding vendor to argue with you over a negative review in this all for you money in exchange take in the review down. I am beside myself to the point of sale and Har asked. I'm very embarrassed to say that I hired this person. This sensors to assist the page you're cake business is filled with complaints from people saying they're negative reviews were far with harassing messages. Form someone represent your business. Excuse me. Who don't pay program. Don't you. Someone who thinks his interest in that you're complaining about the same treatment you are. Someone ripped Satan he gave your customers I've noticed that there is page give fused. All from the complain about other businesses last week you with the complain about a restaurant. Are you doing his own purpose to get free stuff. I sang in the same thing. Will not have you call mountain home man business page and they end they and Croatian and then. The integrity. Of my business. Date lets all this money back at all. My size bed made cake was just a big black blob. Kinda looks like they've Frist altered. Its sucked if I complain on his page when you give me my money racked up. Apparently she whale. But only after a central harassing messages threatening do you. To read my son and in one case curry and harassing messages. Sounds like she's. Pretty good there OK okay ward done here our own band and I'm shad and page down. I would be satisfied. On the small business need gonna run me the hell out of town I was saying you Carly you move locker sample. You like to example a lot of your case I doubt you'll run anyway here today. Thank you ladies Playboy. Does this mean I'm arguing your refund on my bad amend or Turkey to the way your breath smells that church on Sundays it seems like you lead a few slices every day but breath. If. It was term of endearment my father would sometimes say to me soon. Matt Hagan Arizona senator Barbara oh Barbara or months and that's our narrow and it started out. It's sort of it's our burns did you notice the N theme there. I have is in charge to change in those names around so when all all rational RS. Seems five. Playing the role of macho man Randy said I'm kidding seems serious worry if you plan to roll a Deke. We'll be freaking me mountain playing the role must Carla. Of course will be nine play in a row it can't. We'll be flamboyant you playing the role of Jozy. Is Jeff Lewis Neil. And. I shouldn't. Nokia is like eighty some of the kind of small hard. But judge you Lang got blank not even a pot to do you see in her when to throw an ad. So I don't want to see it for Sal had no jockey lie. I've been mode you can buy herpes and those places are doing dutifully. I didn't can't this ain't no time for jammed some kind appears. If I had all their religion and burning your blisters in my 800 odd about it to shed light gut. So well I'm just kidding I am an oil. I UA got the ball to tag nobody made you didn't I don't know he was talking about me I knew you'd see it out you do is legit. Ace does golf day in any way that we take an yell even arguing that over will be limited in what did like you must go out there with clouds not baby out right. You keep it. The blind bat you know sale of the damned chalky law you may have me down clothes and wish she Al goes of them. It may give them bite you are stupid not blank. You are hateful cuts is that is all that blank belongs in my band yard sale. I gave it to you because masked by comparison you get into may yet do we had to bar it. My beef starlet can give DeDe had the money from sale in decline and. Have inhale all. Clothes on their money. My that's my money could you gave him vampires. Going to be the last Pam Pam I debut anything besides a broke man whose only tragic bridge tomorrow. Round here might just stop by your table Saturday morning and collect what's my time. If you don't won't pay up. I'll take it and you skinny nice gal pal Platt played it I name but I mean starlet just give her. And it on the glass that finds IR chip reviewing Judge Judy like the blind golf. Do realize this problem you are going to dollars in the Doug wheelock blows arguing over a. Mail now I think you're math Maalox shut the blank but can't nobody likes you can't please all black five dollar gamble is pretty. That's why should I. They were doing those. Not yet and so yeah Jackie. I was like yeah. Umbilical as a person that I still love the movies on voice and then I turned and Jack yeah. And as ornaments contractual. I was content that was fine weirdest thing I've heard the front and of yeah by the way. You know what you're doing a load bags searched on this the job he thought when that last one I realized there was a jockey live there are for real would love to go to the markets all over it is shocking Romeo and gave called jockey lives only one is actually branded search visually the nano priced as flea market minimize the barn doors just born artist neither flea market or. Yeah maybe it's a flea market with a name I call it. Have been under ten dollars yes. What you just heard was true. We'll FaceBook arguments. Tactics. And messages. Screen shot to the UP one it's insane and anonymously. And I mentioned. An advantage and really and you hurt me. Names changed to the innocent to guilty finished everything that. Was. I said it. Screaming and whispered away our yell and scream. He's Bosnian. Yeah always men men and I'm from the rise guys who gets what a great catch these bad flu. Fox sports time. Boy brings. Hey I'll listen exactly. And every. I'm sensitive keywords that you text. Word this happened. Random winner on the national interest is sure to watch tennis and serious beer money that's thousand box four times the.