Wednesday, June 8th

Twisted Todd talks to dUg Pinnick, vocalist/bassist from one of his all-time favorite bands, King's X.  Be sure to catch them live at Amos' Southend this Friday night, June 10th!


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It's just not you know the guy who's really really really really really awkward with interference here's another edition of my really super awkward interviews as I am interviewing. A guy I've looked up to for many many years been a huge king's X fan all my life flash sure gets interview. Jerry the Jammer but right now. Bassist and vocalist Doug panic. Hey trusted target doesn't really go how are you sir I think I'm doing great it's a beautiful day out there cal. Oh it is less clear culled from California today Pierre schori also meant is that we live now hours yes. It is also somehow as well life. You know if this country and the world premiere means you don't get records in nerd. And there in the community. Who liberation. Need gas to get raided the hit the road again. Yeah tomorrow foreign down their lantern yeah a little too. After that it can determine between Danish and Leo another week or weekend. Help these. Yeah I think idea it's Charlotte you'll be yeah. Yup C will be in Charlotte on Friday march Columbus to make it national cellphone got to see you guys some for only like my second time last year Ed got racks in Greeneville. Well while. You missed it in the good days during the second day rude Erica. Our old man David Gergen noted crazy thing was and not what I got to interviewed Gerri before that show. I'm not told in the one show that on this that killed me. Which you gas play ground zero with galactic cowboys and I was this is not my senior year in college. In my car had just. Died I mean I had I had them. I had a piece of crap 81. Dinner brown Volvo. And that thing was dead as a door now and I could not get a ride for nothing to that show. Dropped oh man did you like did you know how to tell the guy yes you can fit a certain period. Low levels spells a show I really out regret. Missing actually got a seek buddy cowboys cut and a place called Jeremiah is in Charlotte. Here's years ago and well it's an all got a chance to see them one time. And not enough that the first time us all you guys. Was also in Spartanburg on the medic moonlight tour. That was Alston and then so I think. Oh yeah data out a minute teen sex and for two years meta titles go to you this morning. I had my. IPod on shuffle. In cigarettes came on als like I'll love it. Rule we're going to read you know the crazy thing was ALZA ALZA kings extent when the dog meant album drops. And I got to say at first I was not the biggest fan of it because it was the first album that really kind of took a departure from the early teens that sound very NL's kind of resistant to a little bit but looking back I'm like man. Some of the best stuff like cigarettes. Fly as a blue sky as one of the best. Vest tie solos on that song right there ever. He had controller to hurt. Not one and those summer land summer Linux absolutely some my favorite stuff or to met what do you guy has been up to Wheldon. You know besides that narrowed. I think everybody you've been doing known change very different this is old record. You out now on the need for a couple months now I guess so. You know you can't a lot of people playing her look it's pretty cool a lot of different from Billy Sheehan do. Little slick in people like very critical and not try different strapping together again merger work it will look good. In a record came out the American gate look at it. Yeah actually that's what he's been doing and have been here. Working on the next king I can't come record in the next Greg Blue record doing vocal fan base. Unleashed record now they'll be buried there can. In turn produce camera aboard Tammy Baldwin. You couldn't tell where you know based wind and so would you touch the real deal have been working hard earned premium of social and it's been really busy weather got into distribution record and a guy McCain in Britain who turned it can't get. Finalized within Hendrick people. Yeah and I imagine to say you know a lot of men's what's the component. From that camp you know as far as like kitten bio pics out there and everything and I'm here. You know I know there's been a lot of creative differences going home of that one so I'm sure that's meant keeping the Hendricks can't pretty busy. Murray had hair heard stories that are. So we probably in pretty good here and you know and then we get gay marriage want multiple. Do we care in the show to client and be sure so would we keep pretty beauty. Capsule in and invade major props to you for KX and the and that will assist state. That that I think nobody expected. You know when when you guys came Alan that's what you and Jeff lanchin and Jordan rejoice wasting your mum and yes. Bury it and they and they get them like this'll financing plays down the road called Jonas Brothers and. They're they're okay but Jerry leukemia are well world we're done a hundred you're doing vocal. Not halfway through and I think you know like this I hope so I think we we pushed the envelope a little bit more. We can't turn which we chat app called wanna. I got to meet ray with. At a corn show man indeed one of the sweetest guys he was just like you know. One of those guys like he he could have been another fan for all I would've known because he was Sierra says such a cool guy. Actually if you try to bear all the time you he'd never changed it's he seemed cordial he keeps stop treating you know criteria used wherever he'll hang out with here he's just good contract he's got a beautiful ceremony and Lugar are not. Natural tendency now confirmed. I know it's been awhile since. Aid is king's X Planon recording beginners it mostly to stolen out touring there. Well actually our commanders say that we need to discuss. When we're together next week or this weekend. I can see what the next step is we got democracy and record companies be you know we. Are and we've been talking about make war it's been eight years now lol lol yeah I think it's our first. Yeah it's it's been quite awhile and for the record I know I've heard different people say. XB fifteen. How how do you pronounce that. It is shifting. Yeah and we don't we can we don't know army records. That we hear that's stoking. Contribute an actual release troll we would have computer to do it didn't. That's still look at actual least who didn't know who used to track that the trick be to eat. Indeed leave it. We weren't sure naturally different metric called drinking that are that these two record but he used to call his team. Right and I think that's what confused natives arsenals like since fifteenth record start counting marvels like okay. I know Israel. Everybody here. Earth's. Water well or you can do that important record. It. Man is there any. Anything you look at Ford to hit the road this time around and anything you guys are planning on pullen out the champ pulled out awhile order. Now and I really if you com. We are partly to train wreck our own. We don't get a chance to rehearsal often commercial far away from each other and they're we have and any change to meet. To bring anything new in this into the air so it would be the fanfare will give our hearts and hopefully everybody will enjoy it. I've also noticed last Hamas saw you guys yelled out do a lot of the via tot Saber. With lead vocal Los songs much anymore. Yeah either ignored cute age you know. You're reluctant true wouldn't there wouldn't be saying well we can be throwing error orders during the oil you know kind of thing most this draft board he did say. Lester electronically. Connect kind of complainant who I need some help you until you reported and what the dark so we'll work on that. Also meant gal pals wondered out house open Ellen's gonna hit a touch said anything and if there was any kind of vocal problems her anything on heroism. Merrill has you know I'm always loved his voice dude is he brings a little bit of that. Beatles sort of on vocal. Yeah. Yes the band retain to ever look. It will absolutely and and you guys are of a grass to watch live man. It's like rock and roll royalty teaming and of the Carolina fan since I was in high school merely. Are from there are absolutely brother will listen and I hope I get to see you out open Charlotte's because and it's Friday night so gloomy one of the things like Charlie isn't. Horribly far from here it's like may be about Allen have drugs farmers all depends on. You know me getting out here in what's left to may wanna leave. I did actually well if you get terror. Onions are unique and okay lawyer Andrew baker the beer. Absolutely and and I very appreciate you taking the time to do this dugout at on the huge fan man I'm always on those yet you probably tell when you start talking enemy unlike. Among those guys I did this because I love doing it how much like with rate. An error and I'm here I'm just out your. Brother thank you very much and I appreciate the time today. Okay have a good. There are feared this show hopefully absolutes you have to Dillon Gary export.