Tuesday, September 13th

Twisted Todd talks with 3 Doors Down rhythm guitarist, Chris Henderson about football, Metallica and their upcoming NC shows.


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Just was jogging after Arizona got a couple of North Carolina dates. Coming up in the next couple months and I actually talking with rhythm guitar player Chris rushing from the band crystal skull on them all. Here in what's going on with you all right now you Gaza torrent at the moment. Yes we are on the road really Baltimore going to do. Baltimore Ravens kick off party. No no kidding yeah man at port civic gets on then yes football season kicked off yesterday and of course. The and a guy and the Carolinas then disappointing turnout for that one. Rather you know you know first game on the road per game this season suit so little troll it's solid. And Denver's always does. Exactly yet missiles a bit of a rematch Ramallah. From the from Super Bowl so you know we're kind of hoping that in and managed to get that little bitter revenge in there but that didn't happen. Now you know what started early and she's out that you signed. Exactly and then what I do you have a particular uprooting people for Ella thanks very thorough and Carolina though okay. Barbara Barbara Barbara and Nigeria. And their brother of our great player Japanese Carolina Spanish from Nashville also you know it's it's on an excellent idea all the bust their proposed new union. You win or lose also brought good sport. My wife's the saints fences and allow out of work and beer if it's not too bad because I'm actually Mormon Tampa Bay sands so problem and I stayed an NFC yeah I know Earl NFC south man that's not the only team that I'm not fond of an NFC south is. Is the falcons last. Yep absolutely not crazy. Girl. Exactly and then yes some open up a look at Tampa Bay takes its Atlanta this Sunday on curriculum on curriculum so what happened Galilee say must first. My first big ski and take man that did not go so well so let's hope let's have this weekend turns out much better. Right now Monday need doctor Carolina both physical bit. Yeah work a lot of people did manned sound like ala. I don't feel so bad it. But it certainly quarterback out there you know he's he's unproven and really didn't expect big in my opinion of what's so Jerrold last minute effort Denver I think you look back you up okay look better but you know. That defense and shooter because Iraq. Yeah I only got to see like the last no editor so game play where you know they were trying to twist cans ankle loss then you know. Made helmet contact with them and then and then what killed me was when they called time on that. So gold cake man and he had just made that still go just is pretty big plays when they called time on it and then of course he comes back and didn't make it. My agent kicker manage it can it work. And yes it definitely does man that's exactly what they did but in my own eyes bad. That's crazy but. And you just get ready for this thirteenth Daniel a better life foundation concert. Yeah man now and November the Fulton Cherokee and Eric you know intricate work a lot of the look important going to be armed. Compare biggest one ever you know who can do it should be a fourteen year. Last year the thirteenth and nor Lebanon. It's a thirteen year student and there's going to be the biggest whenever we just moved to Annika the ship via the chair keep because the property bigger better and and we got cut out group the other place until bigger commented on going to be a whole we can pull a bit hopefully we get admin people out there. Ordered as we possibly can bell are cool stuff man on the Baylor is legit way. We gave ground so you will about the foundation no it's a foundation set up for the kids how how. How did this whole thing gets started. Well I mean it was just so while we wanted to get to give back a local community show we started you don't start the Foundation's scholar in dollar out just basically support children of women and children's charities alone should be Gulf Coast you know typically people won't be Actuate. Children's charity look at have a child that you know. Associated with that sort of Jerry you know remain in a lot of these junctures the target they count all the correctional. Support they need no special need homes and things like that. On. We don't order support a couple of those and and room. Over the years into the foundation again and being able to do so much good natured out there who could really make a difference. I'm not that it just made the foundation grow and that it is. Made it more motivating for us year after year. Absolutely and and and you know I got to save my hat's off to you guys because you guys are doing all this good in your gas and persevered. They're what's then. Is some tough years of past three years. There's been rough man but you know who's got a break. I keep moving on you've got to keep got to pick up and do that a lot alike column. Exactly. Exactly and I you know I hated Haiti got slushy bass player to say I'm a bass player my name's Todd as well so mean this is kind of als like I hate hated that happened that you know I mean it's it's. It's just one of those things and you know and then of course are scared about not just like us then what like a month or so ago. Yeah yeah it would it would not long at all. It's crazy and unlike dated since sounding audio on those bands and kind of had some tragedy hit that you know you gases have kept on going. And Knology keep on going your persevering and doing. Positive things you know and and not let it not let that. What what's the what's the word I'm trying to you know not let that discourage you. We can't know you've got to keep you got to keep doing manulife they know what happened and you know I liked goes on and we've learned that over the years you know people everything from band. You don't have control over everything that happened but when it does you just have to. Let's take it for what it is and and and don't know what they're gonna abandon the band bigger than we know what you and in. Exactly and and and yet we were talking about you know the Carolinas and everything it's it's great because you guys are actually even before. This that are left foundation concert you got dressed going to be. In the area again now playing Charlotte motor speedway next month. Yes sir are reported that men to hear it you're good brands. All of our all of our driver fruit and hopefully be back out a little bit but you know we know what they're busy mall or data that say that they could be on the same property. You know I mean you can go ha ha. Exactly known as creates crazy how many how many drivers are now rock fans because. I got CEO Metallica for the second time in Charlotte about all 67 years ago. And you know China worked out labeled the state I would've. Love to met. You know beloved and James hasn't. They'd bet all their mean greats were booked solid because all the drivers emirates out I'm like yes they did little or out. Little bit. A little bit of the passover meal on the island. Yeah it was. Ailes also get to see Metallica again in the hand and unloved in the fact they're back with us in new stuff and stuff just you know really gold had a similar roots of that was I'm I'm excited to hopefully catch him again on the road favorite. Well their way back here allowed that many. Sherman you know we have been looking he's been out in this metallic salt teenager and you know actually. Well we started out of the covered by an extra with the cover band just you know a couple years. Ago while we played a lot of Metallica and actually get a couple Metallica medley if you elect or public health on corn in the one. Which is a lot of funding and is always a challenge color in India and we get up enough madam acoustic to a lot of our current Telecom. That's awesome man doesn't answer some of polls not you know just. You balls also great to go and acoustic that when our own airport out on a side note unless you've seen it all over FaceBook you're here today that. And they've done another all those kids react videos. In the kids are reacting to the new Metallica's song and it's so crazy because and a half of these kids sounded like my elders when Alice first discovering heavy metal music they're like. I don't know assured us constitution's music I don't understand what they're saying I'm like Asian kids say and that about Metallica numbers like what's this World Cup group so far. If you get a chance he has to catch said video at seven minutes long that if you get you know 78 minutes on your day checked NL east. It's hilarious. I elder brother and I am glad. I was really glad to get chance to talk to you can't wait to see you Ameen hopes loud catch you if if I don't catch your Charlotte motor speedway. Jim Miller kitchen guys and a pair Shirokiya deathly got to catch. One of those shows since you're going to be. You know in town a couple times this. Amid a little bit different parts of the state but you know some really good stuff going on with you know you do in the Charlotte motor speedway thing in the of course would do in the better life foundation. I appreciate me it's going to be good comical portable chose to share absolutely brother you have a deal Manning. And the kickass day. I meant thank you to our brother where.