Monday, June 19th

Anybody interested in Coke tan?: Jeff's Candid Phone Scam Re-Premiere: Matt might not be able to go back to the state of Tennessee


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. You can travel. Stuart dear old news for the rest. And each 93 point three for my car. Drinking. I clean. Great. And NB anatomy this week yeah. First ever rise guys. Dragged. Beauty pageant she. Has tried sending this way. I have some critics Bertram into the system to strike them embryonic and yes they gave Derek wow wouldn't. Seattle and asked Gary why he didn't go away is but Veronica. A well can I ask Mariano why. Derek didn't go away like Vienna. I think you got to stay would the same suspects or even the same letter and then they should be gay roles. You ru Paul whose given name is group all. That's fine Sarah Palin may just be Jimmie when you're out there and I don't care enough. Whatever you wanna do our analyst attention turns out I'm working on a bailout bills far from their normal nine. OK you know I want my favorite stood drag queens Bianca don't re. Is it they're never Roy hey lock. They Roy. After only able would you deals that mean results and a actually I'm just roll well that that will be out later on this week yeah. Are also coming Howard to just those new phone scam re premiere of I don't Wear his grandpa got mad at his grandpa. Saying grandpa yeah there's plenty in here that make a lot of sense when we put him. Now easyJet and I different snaps. Okay so we're doing snap callers today as we always do on Monday Tuesday. And September not bored with it but it's like oh yeah we say and we get followers and all that stuff and communicate within yes but like. Is what can we didn't what is the what is so the competition we have well how. We're we're not adding anybody who wouldn't keep track of all morning bright and growing in the NC who got more on each other's between nine from DRG and Matthew. That's O Matthew LA Jimmy FF EW and a nine from URGNINE. From your engine that's right page I don't be just one half an hour. There are rules you've got mower ads today more new followers yeah I was what's did the baton to be Al Lendl. I don't lose your designated does Brady earns them our next hour. And Friday so if you get more today we all normal practice. SL IEE might try to do take a fall then you might try to lose so you would get all the attention. Don't get all I sown for a sea animal but things don't. Or gets through doing off the loser can't get batters out next time we do we don't know this for a worthy what the winner will also be the winner. Yes OK here it's where does where they're losers no losers losers you know why it is like we that would tennis and and and our nabbed and it's bowling and golf yes what do you wanna go hobby in the when you wanna go low gas and the opposite so I am bad about. That's what I'm saying then screwed snap callers today. That may you know Matthew OH MA FS CW follow me a follow Mack on Mondays. Snapped Jimmie at NI ND from TR GFO's. 674. Assists in any from TO RG 674. Now three grown back Slashdot. Org is just not frontier JFK. And mash Slashdot are open from insurance. Not at all hey let's look at this is good this brings back memories remain calm. Our first win to review their gem yes you and now you're lovely bride to be Sarah you've got what do you are you guys holistic. Are you hippies and what I would put yourself in a corner right now the hurricane natural. Natural they're just keep it some natural and days clinging that you make you're on the idea current world service. You make your own mouth wash. Penny can I thought she did though she went to the liquor store. We did a great golf cling yeah yeah he claims whenever clear yeah. Yeah that's like I bet you know if I was a little else thought I was trying to I saw you walking this back what could I ever clear I dug up PGA party tonight. Yeah clean all of it is clear there are good about that aren't terribly does random assaults. He had bath bombs now this is it's all slaves make you make so. So yeah lotion I am observing also emotion which is it not be available for purchase. Parents tell you wanna work I'm going to tell ya brochure I mean she's this great man I get. You've seen my issues over the years these cities which warm dry scaly skin on my hands an -- elbows and stuff now. An alligator bait geez you fix that remains in some quality sanitation. Right and I think everybody shields settled everybody still makes some and a we figure and make good lotion. And sells them better as the lotion and and stuff along those lines and it is important. What about here's one for. Tanning oil when the news release. Now panning for me dwell did you sense green sanskrit. We are you just four years old. You know who have come but what's okay maybe you admit some wind in your lifestyle. And I'm not gonna drag queen forums are about the end the holistic natural lashed out. What would what would one use in lieu of your run of the mill sun tanning lotion I got every reason Masset. I Coker all bull coming out all mumble like Coca metal as to what if you ball that you don't need to buy anything else known the American Heart Association is telling you it is good for you as a all the medicine they sell or Slorc. Really there there's issues port Florida and butter but not from colonel when he part nor are my cholesterol disagrees Udall. Yeah I'm glad these industries paying a lot of money. Unless there's got to be coming from right there there's going to be some manipulation going on certain. The reason I ask is I don't if he's seeing the national I would say hey man not only is our beer all right. That's a very natural you could quit their everyday chimp could stay severe or did she does best equipped and now there's been this whole movement not only would just. Digital advertising and also commercials there. There's say hey are you eating good food. Parent with a Coke in good food goes best with Coca-Cola like there's starting this whole you know branding finger of pet food you're eating is really good how much better would it takes for the cat yes well it's not just that. There's a new trends. All over the world that Coca-Cola while they're making money off found it quite sure they stand and we didn't. People are covering themselves and Coca-Cola instead of tanning oil before they go on the sun. Apparently. It is not very good view at all. It is not good for you now it's not just from an considered to be a color he or how Stacy that you're a state that if. I have fallen in the sand covered in there's nude tarred and feathered. My opponent big is this he's not one bit because you need outside covering Coca coal where is and flies was. Not just that the reason you price why 'cause where they Adam banana boat where they add as. Hawaiian tropic Panama Jack whoever the other ones are now. They say defeat caramel coloring in the Coca-Cola. Gives them an instant bronze seek. So you're not sure for your daily show well look here's what I'll call assess that the local first volley is not saying. Stop doing miss. They have put out this. Coke contains a lot of chemicals. None of which provide any kind of SPF protection. So you really just accelerating the chance of burning your skin and potentially even developing skin cancer down the line. It is not a good idea to use Coca-Cola as containing well. Pepsi. That decision but I think he's tired Coke or how well they also a little bit SPF protection from the sun but my. I don't know maybe three or four or five SPF little bit yeah a little bit. What does that led the biggest SPS he'd done box hundred. Published scale I don't amendments or verbal that kind of fifties to do it mama always get serves she could leave me in southern Paloma pay attention yeah. Yeah I knew I had a nice and nice read and know every year. See your basic claim Darren Manning stand pretty much yeah it's yeah it's not just that I would say nearly sticky. And dad. Flies are big trek into AEA in United States he lounge chair and all that crap yeah imagine when you gotta slow vote for a in the chair pledge when he appears like a marriage or study back. Some sound yeah found. Coca Cola's SPF four to six there's all at all British did that Kerry see all red raspberry seed oil. Actually found fifty. Just have a sun block him from the drugstore this isn't careful editing made from album. Chemicals and says it is natural Caesars is just all from Garrett Cesar red raspberry suits so so. Okay so to go back coconut oil is what you would use our leader probably I was doing you know whatever if that gets there wasn't. Probably carried cedar red raspberry seed a little about really going to be out of suddenly get burned. They may guess they make seeds are raspberry trader on the deadline. I mean I guess I had a similar thing I'm making good. Never heard of that before. I grow raspberries or she didn't. Just tell us that a bunch of in the middle coming Matthew Driscoll. That'll all ideas do you have to say who it is only three brands to Europe and the foot long sub is only like images alone and there's Arden and close. We are you platter renders a they never Australia and he got an era. I'll. Go out and spread on the dirt. Our sailors our plant tulips and gentlemen. What should we are gross loans or death is quite the green thumb ever there. And pick it. The moderate and and I've said this before on there and I remember back in the eighties when we relax sun came in America right where you didn't have your own individual tanning bed or even tanning beds. Except for like in big series. Mom mom and grandma may eerie and daddy I called her managed. Actually when I was younger opponent in any any any any any any meaningless debate. Com they were into it and entertaining competition mayor in any war. And I think they were like just talk and eliminated the church say hate. Let's age we can have beaten right wing Neeson can edge we don't wanna just go after banana Broder of Panama Jack or whoever. Or equate that poorly in our case. What was edgewood and have nice way or to the sweet lord above. Two things come to mind instantly that they used and it's well my grandma's dead. So big shock that my mom is still living in this I have a ten and does speak of at all anymore. I remember them going to ethnic beauty salon. To purchase. Our pershing pertaining pertaining to our parents that now they have the current sort of make it used that they're 20 I was just as a tanning oil eased after she can't lotion Joker. Lot of fun to go into a ethnic beauty salon with two white women asking for Afro Sheen really intimate that young age I realized did it. Pretty pumped right especially Armenian it was a different. Different then it would be now even more so yeah exactly now western Afro Sheen thing. Either at work today that a remember maybe they disseminate to about getting that from. Get handed Jesus paging tennis you gonna do your eyes are legal though undertaker right now there as a roll back. They used Motorola. Pastoral. Are not castle. Cash droll. Motorola isn't GTX ya I don't think they would they Britain is not a whole and they point they would let it set out in the sun for a little while to adapt not too hot but like we're felt good going on. And they would. A path it was Acadia. She'd worn out there. It's like robbing the motor oil law and tell me if you want to grease monkey it is your fantasy and scrap and covering themselves enough oil on them. Lay in there and do. Aaron my daddy can. Endless management had ports. Case. Peter we live right secretary apartment yes the Mac daddy says Arizona are good it hasn't this mama many of the way it is. He went upstairs to marry but feel the other answer. Anywhere voice and I say it isn't allowed to black women landowners Sunday the cupboards are hesitant they are my body not like it. Meanwhile back thirty years in years is 520 years ago announced where the first naked women song line there was a photo shoot Jenna Jamison did in the ninety's where she was covered admiral. Yeah it was she tanning or is it just as some kind of I adjusted naked portrait of her head and stuff has got hot passing once I that would mail you know they know yeah I had. Page ever use anything other then obtaining oil or tanning lotion I'm means all of violent and I've seen baby or mountain who maybe are. Yeah he's a worst sunburn ever because I was on and new beach she lets you know man Wednesday non and I had to take like days of this club it is that is completely burn a male. Yeah well on the lamb and ordinary. Unbelievably. Bad that I had to. I believe I'm better. And you yet though Charles thank era and outpacing their baby Olin. Bottles drink since I. Well he won her arms Rami Bakken and really affairs at noon and cannot go whale planes to address that sort of be shared get slime out of your current Dario has yet he's on the is Carolina paper notes excellent. You won't believe what my Los still uses for tan lotion free call yeah. 10774. Down below 93180774. To blow 93 read through the tech trend now. I met my grandmother also eat was some blogger must my grandma also used motor oral. Until she turned out to get calls Kangas how. Did you ever fear factor wafers and and a study to be done whether this doesn't combustion engine I read the ingredients on time. No I surround the solemn in my body. Really. I don't believe mayonnaise and I'm married and I do yeah I do believe this mama puts on real Jesus so there are moments equipment is old lyrics. Man I hope. What do you salad dressing the smell delicious when knowing grant Cramer was based himself and his top company is voter. And the family members and outside you only do either lived detaining. Bad not tent outside to an. Baby you'll want to also give just regular tanning lotion. The G news in the bed or outside but who can. OK any bad idea is not a who acted as Alou and and come and get a lot of their new rule. Actually says on Twitter Matt man I use a tanning militia in this I don't make but it's made with the coffee being its. And if I DG energy. A mile track that go on entertainment presenters thermal call me. Yeah I would love to have like coffee lotion that I can do is instead of you know second down all this caffeine in more does that does Lou but. They make a tanning lotion out of help seeds who. Well gosh. Unhittable tan lotion solar system yet how format. Now a lot bothered him. I bought it at all it is you know. Espionage Jess Jess the Dow hit a home run on Friday and you didn't hear it the instant replay is next. So the rise guys morning. I thought he 93 point. Freedom and it brought. I've got morning show good morning NCAA it is 832. I I normally. They'll pass these along to read these right here boy these right here won't make you remember. 33 years ago today. In 1984. The Chicago Bulls take Michael Jordan from the University of North Carolina. Third in the NBA draft. Who don't know who does no good against the music Google as the idea here people aged four. Jordan went third. I have who went before him. One album went on to be I think gay hall of Famer at least in the age fifty are NBA top fifty. I the and a guy was pretty nice never heard from again. Once things and in a way. Well the number one number two you won't get Portland trailblazers. I was going tea Rihanna pin number Jersey river samba oh yeah I emerald tribute question number one. Come on with your column or. Now those now for a 04 that was literally Patrick you know here he threw him. Israel and indeed got seeded team and all watching you fight for any inner. He's rockets. On yeah became sometimes it seems sometimes a team. Olajuwon Oz climate remains one of the most dominant and greatest of all time yeah. Certainly Charles Barkley was yes by the sixers and John Stockton march 16 to the jets this is why I can't. Her right below is still as lazy liberals who have seen it and Harry faster and then the reason I've never done cocaine in my life. All 31 years ago today 1986. Len Bias University of Maryland basketball started second pick in the NBA draft by the Boston Celtics. I confirmed that cocaine overdose on the first time ever they are doing cocaine you know and I remember that. And he announced they can because those conspiracy Reagan killed and just to get the war on drug vigilant here I just say now. They in watching that over and over again I was like. I ain't ever gonna do cocaine because I do. My heart will explode like Len Bias has been and never did not or would misspoke along bulldozing five. Not 83 RO Kurds or those that he thought it was the big pitcher in there you go before Jordan. No. Then attract special. So anyway that's that also. Cowboy a tweet question for years. And I we talk about Father's Day earlier way to know which bus hey did you go to forecast today. I think I must say I can't really do both reason more why. I'm skinny demo it's anymore. Oddly enough you know sort of leave them. So want to be in certain places Hearst and we know it is that time yeah. Some dude. Below well look that's what you love for their original picture ultimate you're myself. Not a good running else really is in order roof was closed he dined and who all over to Chile Chilean there. And I know a lot of people there and fox. Zero and one any longhorns path toward Lowell and police or a line in the war one when he threw down. As well I'll foot wasn't gonna say. Yeah just would you did we mention you earlier when she did. What did you do you do anything for your grandpa or heard you say would now that's not my dad dad dad that's you take care not took the modality. Again but he drove via. I myself girlfriend autumn. And Papa and a dead so we all went to on I'll hung around where the yes ma'am I'll turn it on Neuberger. The motion. How much Arnold air America but we weren't very broad blue. Monster originally concerned. Railing there I must saw you there it is. I went to Irish Chris downtown Greenville yeah. And I look down upon me actually when I went up. That's Ali that's on my allies will be homers marked. Because I pay for I think that there's actually I'm grateful that I've lost 2 o'clock and I. I think yeah. I'm not a father is this Sunday on Father's Day it's not a great still waiting lines weren't. I say let every one you don't Father's Day not just ahead. Gibbs telling me here very obviously an hour with children's little heavy didn't steal any bar any babies any energy and campaigning. But do you get happy fathers did your father and I can't say I'm not. By Aetna Madden NFL and a half hour ready the Demi can you ask. Maybe there they listen to this show back in the day and never heard the rebuttals. Never and I remember now there was we're I say I'm not are having kids in Maine and senator Hillary or she stays for. Dry well man. They town past I think he's you complement each other nicely her more of the new book. She's like. You've heard compliment to you as far as the complementary. Aspect that is like is standing ovation I have fifteen and then. When it your complementary. Aspect of hers like. Is the one guy trying to get the flat going. I can't just get caught going to have. Dynegy and all other. Is worth delaying it loses her ground and walk yeah you're cute tear he's not saying she's a pretty bent you know I. Back and that's what I said hey hey hey Sherri that brighten the format. And our ads and I dagger as he turns. Our reward is now I'm. It's going to be like the hey they're the two of them not so there are like a clips of loved. You know he is the son and she is a man. And when they're they're going to discover each other and if only for a split second here and then are however nervously. I know also in addition he. Now is it takes a while and Gooden I didn't do productive things don't tell me how long. How long we tell them out I don't run a stop watch nor look at the clock before NAFTA so I don't know how many innings of baseball I'm still a great big I mean probably I don't know who were. If things weren't. The whole thing the whole experience is tele plus thirty every. Inexperience Warner what do you what do you think you are some mega church but as what is it experienced colleagues in congress this digital media is did you mean McDonald he's there. Experience yes. Myself overloaded there and did you niece areas for the toll make love live at the wedding I'm not rule now rumors are stupid and there. I thought that's what we do this and that I can still ask why the yeah. I'm not they're not going to admit it was stupid on my own. I don't want to have sex at the way. Hey you might if I don't really mean yeah you're the size signed me here you take any exception to that the. Well I going yeah I don't see every handshake and a well. Let's slot I'm like god yeah. That beat and bang you generally coming up plus more on what you mean each other. It was awful bad day the only way after amputated below. I just ask the ER at the U plant say he made everybody laugh again the other day thank you in Europe. You know Jeff is like the chain smokers and fountains of he's not had changed numbers at their mix in other people's songs and stuff never did change brokers actually. Saying concerning for it came to call ya know. Jeff is also by the chain smokers of scans because here is when his greatest from Friday in he's not even own it a matter of fact. It's his grandpa I'm pregnant. Oh. God and are you bullish. Hello. Hello how are. I'll. Railroad. Brought. Your elbow. No matter who don't already know. No problem I'm not really debate you know. Hillary and oh. Yeah I like you bullish. I don't. On the New York. Hello dale and I am glad. I don't I am glad. Little. Yeah I had nobody I totally layered. So there's Lyman a lot of water and trying. Plot. How rocket programme between you Larry. You go to jail. So I just. Killed us didn't. Just like Dubai so in love and yeah it gives you know that they are you yeah yeah yeah tomorrow. You can't. All of all. It. So well. At the top. There are a lot. It. True. You can't bogged down by tomorrow. You're only you. Know Marat. A variety on all around. Our one tell. Eddie Guerrero. On the hill. Right on yeah I'll let you all. Are beyond my ball. What what are oral. Yet there are certain credit calm down a bar. Are well no I'm not getting. Shorter period. Sure well well well lock it. Out on bail. You know they'll run. Out there it would be good. Who. Tornado. You values talk about their cut our hair our public know that iron. You can't beat him bridge you Gail model laden probably enjoy a review our. All all. All. And this is the rest guys and mobile club I don't know Chris saviors of upstate morning radio and met. Engage in central LA the rise jags and 83 point three double play. I'm more into the morning CA it is 848. Presented tonight. I was singing the praises have. Knoxville Tennessee earlier how much how I get the downtown area of real cold. And so when asked me is that going to be your new retirement home button. And you know what the CM thirty forces. In 31 years were I retire I what I did previously said Savannah. But boy not cannot still thrilled not to Knoxville. Yeah not just this past and I haven't been there forever I saw me the world's fair thing you know there in gamecocks and amateur that was there. But it was okay it was on a scooter and rumor Amanda Knox Lemond. Who. Yeah Sherri hand. He got the world's fair and 82 and no one more here pal Merrill but I wasn't saying that the south was tough enough for years there. What do you tell yes and also talk about Knoxville again and then a completely forgot what I was gonna say. Always good this shouldn't be used for everything you don't have more intensive Alia thank you all. Well so I got a parking ticket and now thinking enemy you know I I just the skull is that more earlier premise short term memory problem here I am so that makes freedoms. Makes them sort of parking ticket and I was over the edge a hair's solace it's. My bumper like the metal are not the medal but the rubber things on the front of my bumper. Were iris. No but all I know. And a so I and say there Eaton at this place called as those Italian castle which is like old mom and pop pizzeria had been their ever mavs are great. I see that didn't meter maid and that was a day you don't just call him and meter Butler he was walking man looking at my. Car and and he even put out some gimmick to measure and a lack Alfaro is ever whatever moon they try to take in that I walk out there and he says he assures passage gays issue partner firm heidrick and I'm like well kinda he says not you or whomever and look that's not going give me a ticket. You know they gave it to me as 25 dollars and that. I throw away you know. What book I don't plan on going back anytime soon if I do all I'll face. I face it then I'll face the music now. Says they think Sears speeds they did not bark and no matter who weren't. I have a warrant in new York and I have a parking ticket there from 2003. It out you might. I don't maybe do you pulled over New York now they would shelf on your record yet it did anything I don't know me I mean I'm sure asked Holmes money but only the original warrant for his. There is New York City hammy unpaid parking tickets are New York City. What did you it's huge struggle to New York yeah. I hope she's whose time. Our reserves famous people and you broke when we're rid of playing cards and it was due in the notorious B judge yeah and the moon and biggie and hung in the body and again you know yeah Jodie Glaus GC was there aren't easy and it now I am a parked on the street. The first night up there are parked on the street in Brooklyn. And the next morning and there is there a dumpster there have been dropped all right I'm Robert Park and take it for her to do bucks. Hundred yard par today and I didn't pay a portion an area I think I kept his souvenir. Thought and sensation Kevin is true it up in smoke to wonder and a 150 dollars or any mouse only 25 but they really are legit and then towards an end in other words I don't have a warned that if I get pulled over and Knoxville. Knoxville and they they run much in my in my gamut they'll say. Here we go to burger marvel Warren DiMaggio want us elect credit like in other words I'm on the back for seven years really just a roadway you know I'll never back. Hit Karabakh has tried. I got a parking ticket and and ignored and and because you know my meter ran down I'm glad amber where in San Francisco. And my mom had a warrant. Our preference that's because it was Erica are. Just had to go to court and explain to the judge what I did. Did they charge you then you know what I don't pay is like hundred something. There have good breaks if you park on the road in San Cisco I has all the rose a lot the restaurant a commercial. Do you think historians clearly harder to as a teacher didn't and that has I had to explain to my mom has Concord and is going to be carefully at a war for an arrest. And. Don't get caught no I was talking to examine scream tickets but. I'm not as a decent sized talent. Yeah I'm. I don't Maynard. Our these is that city can get around issued warrants third parties to go and they do a lot of unpaid bargain tickets but nowadays a war though I think it's just like an ashtray that pops up when they run your fights. I don't fully believe. Do issue warrants are reserves why did they in order to remain different sorts tickets and that what gets you 42 hours in the clink tabloid. Don't try to pay the ticket they removed. For oh about eight is that there was some record six springs and think man these Phil Williamson boulevard an amateur career. I'm like why are there not here you know except through take off. And they simulate. They get those letter and the Kyoto went into a tournament and this and notice in the mail listen you know comes under so. Herself and really no an and that's what you did it and they didn't end just awaited. Point two hours of Bloomington. Hall encourage an important it. Loses loses speeding ticket whom post please see speeding and was like two years old is still being at a Bingham pot meet for par continue to. Bobby extradited to Tennessee so is it gave Berisha a very important it's a lot of places. Don't. Well here's hoping to not so does not hear from old. Bill Harlow told me that in the York city around his he knows some about it at our dinner if I ever get pulled over there again I might have to pay with interest. Yeah there's a lot of interest this points just normal fifteen years but just does his humor when you go back to New York City could never drive there again. And so that's another villages Cooper when I go back to Knoxville Murdoch's and a number Knoxville this isn't here Harvard ellenberger. Write myself as I. Very cool town not that they're doing a lot of work on because a lot of it's fallen apart but abreast of great. The rest of them tell you it's get. Crossing into it. People who don't drink or shop what do they go on vacation. My business and every vacation is senator around like Eddie Shore but I'm talking about behind it because it doesn't those places I mentioned. They have great restaurants and a wonderful shopping. I'm wondering right. Every frigate is like a Wal-Mart if you go to a destination type vacation town or whatever there is always always always going to be paying your outlet within walking this war everywhere as they certainly. And very disappointing if you don't know anything about muted anger outlet of tele here's a good text don't get me started on Tennessee they're the worst and trust me if there's any place in America the whole issue war over unpaid parking date is Blake into the half ten go back. Anger magna. Work with a fugitive of lol well yeah and that's all sides while is that they and his send out. You know they come to that Tennessee pride vessels and god yes a lot of sausage not nothing to do that at all well kinda all. I admit it's generic cop and Algeria. It is her pride wrestling. And already have to care Farmar us coming up that sport is good and yes yes and it and notice in my mailbox where the board of the wonders today's gunman who ignited at. This woman ever to we'll take a break which neighbor it asked the question the Russian woman to scatter Weiner which one or more and qualitative answer right after this. Doctors and the other Steve. Guys when he shouldn't. Racks.