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A.K.A. Jimmy
A.K.A. Electric Jimmy
A.K.A. James McDonald

Nine is James McDonald. And James McDonald is Nine. Like Matthew, Jimmy grew up in Poe Mill, where you must fight or eat your way through childhood. He chose eating.

The three most important things to know about Nine are: He loves the Braves, he hates the Mets. He loves The Black Keys but doesn't care much for The White Stripes. He loves MMA and also boxing. He thinks George Strait is a real man and he thinks Kenny Chesney wants a real man.

He was born in 1984 and went a little crazy after reading 1984. Thus, he loves guns.

He was privately educated and then homeschooled, but derailed the entire pattern by never going to college.

He's been hanging around the Planet since he was 17 and he's been working for the station since he was 18. It's still the only job he's ever had.

He's known as much for his bad luck with women as for his love of hibachi steak.

He smokes anything that will burn. Well, not meth or crack or any of those home made hard drugs. So he smokes some things that will burn.

He is sometimes negative but often positive in his negativity. He confuses himself as often as he confuses anyone else.
He never thought he was as smart as everybody said he was but he acts like it anyway because he doesn't want to let those dummies down.

He also never thought anyone else was as smart as everybody said they were. They have since proven this while Nine tries very hard to avoid that embarrassment.

He has remarkably never been arrested and he's only ever been pulled over three times while driving.

Nine loves helping children and small animals. He would volunteer at hospitals and work with the elderly if he wasn't too lazy and self-absorbed to do so. He thinks about it. But he doesn't do it.

He grew up on rasslin and redneck things. He still secretly hopes the tests come back to reveal he's the illegitimate son of Dusty Rhodes. He's terrified of Ole Anderson to this very day and even more scared of the guy who stabbed him.

Snapchat: NinefromTRG