M-F 5a-10a

Matt "Mattman" Harris
A.K.A. Maffew

Maffew was born on October 28th (remember that date, he'll expect you to tell him Happy Birfday!)  After receiving his first hunting rifle at the tender age of 3 from his Daddy, many figured Maffew would wind up a celebrated hunter or fisherman. Who knew he would end up with a job where he could wear camo to work everyday that wouldn't involve a gun or fishing pole.
"The Bearded Heckler" loves and is very proud of his 9 year old daughter Grace. He enjoys South Carolina Gamecocks football, Indianapolis Colts football, ice cold Bud Select beer, driving golf carts, hunting, fishing, and waiting for his next encounter with a UFO (not necessarily in that order).
He will go to his grave believing farts are funny and if you disagree you are missing out.
Oh Maffew.

Snapchat: OhMaffew