November 22, 2016

Well, as I am sure everyone knows by now, Metallica has just released their latest album, Hardwired...To Self-Destruct and it is AWESOME!!!! I actually just finished it on my way to the office this morning as I haven't had much time to listen between getting my new iPhone 7 Plus activated and set up and going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for the second time with some friends from church. So far, my favorite tracks early on are "Confusion", "Murder One" and I actually really dig their latest single, "Atlas, Rise!" And I love that they have finally written another Cthulhu-inspired song called "Dream No More" - the first (to my knowledge) since "The Thing That Should Not Be" from Master of Puppets 30 years ago. This album actually sounds like the same band 30 years later. I was not a fan of 90s Metallica (the Black Album was "meh") and, although they have made attempts to return to the original intensity of their 80s selves, the production of their last two studio albums has been terrible. St. Anger sounded like the drums were recorded in a tin can and Death Magnetic was recorded at such ridiculously high levels, it sounded like your speakers were busted at any volume! I think they hit the mark as best as could be expected with this one! I give it my Metallic-ized Twisted Todd stamp of approval!

While on the subject of heavy metal and keeping it alive as stated in the title, my band, Burn the Cynic has finally unleashed our first demo recording of "Revolution". I was very pleased at how brutal it turned out. Sometimes in the band room it's hard to make out just how heavy some of the tunes we are churning out really are. I am glad we got to capture the intensity that I think will define this band. Just check it out for yourself and rock out! Keep it BRUTAL!!!!