January 10, 2017

And what a year it has been so far! I know we're only ten days in but can we just end the year now and call it good?! Ending the year with the state of South Carolina housing the College Football National Champions would be a great way for 2017 to go out! Even though I am a Gamecock fan, I am really proud of what Clemson has accomplished and glad to see the national title come back to SC! Coincidentally, last season I received a personalized jersey from their athletic department and just realized how symbolic the number turned out to be as it has been 35 years since Clemson last brought the title home.

The year got off to a good start as the Twisted Missus and myself went out to the Revel Event Center on New Year's Eve to ring in 2017. I found out just how much of a lightweight Tessa is as she was blitzed after just a few drinks. I did better as I padded myself with some tasty hor d'oeuvres (plus I was the designated driver).

This weekend we welcomed our first winter storm of the season as folks all over the Upstate got various amounts of snow and sleet. Unfortunately, we got more sleet than snow at my house but we had a nice little covering.

Enough of the snow melted by Sunday afternoon so the band (minus our singer) was able to get together for the first practice of 2017. I was surprised that we weren't quite as rusty as I had expected since we only jammed a couple of times over the course of the holidays. We even managed to capture an instrumental version of one of our songs via Facebook live. I would embed the video here but our guitarist has a bit of a potty mouth when introducing the video so you can check it out yourself on our Facebook page.