2016 CAN SUCK IT!!!!

December 28, 2016

After a year of constant shocking deaths, both celebrity and close to home, starting with Lemmy one year ago today and ending with Carrie Fisher yesterday, I, like many others throughout the world, am ready for 2016 to take a hike. Alone! Early in 2016, we lost Alan Rickman which has been the one celebrity passing that hit me the hardest as he was someone at the top of my list of people I want to meet. I love every role I have seen him in not the least of which being that of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films. I even had Tessa get a tattoo of the butterfly version of his character from the Alice in Wonderland films, Absolem to honor his memory since she is working on a Tim Burton sleeve. Then, just two weeks ago today, Paige lost her husband, Chris (aka P1 Fireman) suddenly. That one hit home like no other as someone fairly close to me lost their spouse whom was close to me in age. And out of the blue at that. And that's just a few of the great many big name celebrities and people I know personally that have left us in the past year. I know people will continue to pass in the coming year, but I really need for it to slow down substantially.

On a brighter note, my Christmas was merry. Although Tessa had to work all night on Christmas Eve, she was able to help me and my brother, Anthony play Santa for our Aunt Pat. Back on Thanksgiving, we tried to watch a movie on her old school tube TV and DVD player but got a wicked hum throughout the duration of the film. So, that night, I hit Best Buy and got her a 40" LG LCD TV for only $150 plus a Blu-ray player for $50. I let Mom in on the plan so she planned a trip to the movies with Aunt Pat to get her out of the house so we could put the plan into motion. I printed up a letter from Santa and signed it accordingly and Tessa even picked up a bow to put on the TV once we had it all set up and ready.

After our mission was accomplished, Tessa took off for work and Anthony and I ran to his apartment for a few things then he took off for a Christmas party while I cruised around Simpsonville until Mom and Aunt Pat got home from the movie. Then I conveniently showed up with some rented Blu-ray movies and got a tearful hug from my dear aunt. That alone made my Christmas a great one. Although we could not afford lavish gifts like that for everyone in our family, it truly was a better feeling to give than to receive considering it was a need of sorts that we were able to fulfill. I mean, I know no one needs a television, but it was time for her to upgrade and join the 21st Century!

I was also finally able to give Tessa the Apple Watch I got her the day the Series 2 models hit stores. The woman never asks for anything but a few months ago she asked me if I thought people would chip in for one for her for Christmas because she would never dream of asking one person to get her one. She doesn't even remember that conversation but I locked it away in a filing cabinet in my brain. And, believe me, that paid off when she opened it and I heard her squeal like a joyful child on Christmas.

As for me, in addition to the Lovesac cupholder I found before Christmas, my wife got me all of the Circle of Dust remastered CDs that Klayton released recently which I had been wanting. Most of these are albums I have owned since high school and college except for Metamorphosis which a friend begged me to sell him over 16 years ago since he was an even bigger fan than I am. Now I just have to get the new COD album he recently released as well as the latest Celldweller and Scandroid albums he's also released fairly recently. That guy's been busy!