Headlines For Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Rise Guys

June 15, 2017

6 am Headlines

Is The Amount Of Stuff You Have Normal? Are you a hoarder?
 Last year, a 71-year-old guy in Kansas robbed a bank because he said prison would be better than living with his wife.  But it backfired big time.  Because a federal judge sentenced him this week to six months of house arrest.


7 am Headlines

If you could stay with your husband or wife but divorce their parents and get them out of your life for good, would you do it? 

A politician in Tingsryd, Sweden is trying to get the local schools to start playing music in the bathroom . . . to cover up the sounds the kids are making in there so they won't be embarrassed.


9 am Headlines

A woman kept her husband’s dead body in bedroom closet for 2 years.

A new study found that if you need to shift gears and move on to something else, you should go wash your hands first.  The act of cleaning them tells your brain it's time to start fresh with a clean slate.