Headlines For Monday, May 15, 2017

The Rise guys

May 15, 2017


6 am Headlines

A guy hires prostitutes to srip on his neighbor's porch . . . 75 different times!

A 30-year-old mom in South Carolina got arrested last Thursday for smacking her 6-year-old son after he made a Mother's Day card for his grandmother, but not for her.


7 am Headlines


In a  interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Sammy Hagar was once again asked about the possibility of a reunion with Van Halen.

 A woman who runs a topless maid service in Maine was busted last week . . . for stealing underwear.  She's facing shoplifting charges

Microsoft wants ransomware attack to be a 'Wake-Up Call'.


9 am Headlines


Here are the best adjectives to use in your online dating profile, according to a new study.  For women, they're sexy, honest, and confident . . . and for men, they're honest, intelligent, and confident.

 A guy in Portland, Oregon was busted for pleasuring himself in public earlier this month.  And he told the cops he was doing it because he, quote, "[effing] hates Portland."