Headlines For Monday, June 2, 2017

The Rise Guys

June 12, 2017

6 am Headlines


Adam West died Friday night after a short battle with leukemia.  He was 88.  Adam played the title character on the "Batman" TV series in the 1960s, and he was also the mayor of Quahog on "Family Guy".

The cops and a Hazmat team went to Disneyland in California on Friday night after 17 people at the park were sprayed with a MYSTERY POOP.  They figured out it was from some geese flying over, and they reported that no one needed to go to the hospital.
Here are the best types of donuts, according to a new survey:  Glazed . . . chocolate frosted . . . Boston cream . . . chocolate with sprinkles . . . and maple.

7 am Headlines


A Man is Arrested for 'Doing God's Work' at Bonnaroo Music Festival
David Brady was allegedly selling fake drugs to concertgoers.

 A woodpecker woke Trace Adkins from his sleep last Friday, and he wasn't happy about it.  He got out of bed, naked, and put on only his boots . . . and then walked outside and killed it with a shotgun.