Headlines For Monday, December 12, 2016

The Rise Guys

December 12, 2016

6 am Headlines


 A couple recently posted on Facebook about their new tipping strategy:  They put five $1 bills on the table and silently take one away every time their sever does something they don't like.  People's responses have mostly been very negative.

A woman in Florida managed to smuggle a lighter into jail last week by hiding it in one of her rolls of delicious body fat.  She used it to set a roll of toilet paper on fire in her cell, so she was charged with arson.


8 am Headlines


A Los Angeles radio station says former "Brady Bunch" star Susan Olsen has been fired after she got into an online confrontation with openly gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting.

A guy in Florida tried to steal a TV from Walmart last week.  He didn't realize there was a shop-with-a-cop event going on at the time, though . . . so some cops in the store quickly caught him and arrested him.

A guy from Australia found his bank let him withdraw unlimited money from his checking account . . . so he ended up taking out $1.6 MILLION and spending it on cars, strippers, and cocaine.  He was sentenced to seven years in prison, but he got out earlier this year after just five months when he appealed.


9 am Headlines 


 It seems like everyone in pop and rock wants to make a country album these days . . . and thHow much money did you make this year while pooping?  Based on an average American salary of $54,000 and an estimate of 10 minutes on the toilet at work every day, that's just over $1,000-a-year.
 It seems like everyone in pop and rock wants to make a country album these days . . . and that now includes Slipknot singer Corey Taylor.

  According to a new survey, the average man spends more than three weeks of his life waiting for his wife or girlfriend to finish shopping.  That's based on an average of about 23 minutes on every shopping trip.