Headlines For Monday, April 17, 2017

The Rise Guys

April 17, 2017

6 am Headlines


A guy in New York has had more than 1,100 guys show up at his house looking for sex over the past seven months.

There's no one left on Earth who was alive in the 1800s.  The last person was a woman in Italy who was born on November 29th, 1899, but she passed away on Saturday.


7 am Headlines 


Last week, Carrie Fisher's brother Todd said Carrie would be in "Star Wars 9".  Well, he was wrong.  
On Friday, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy said Todd must have been "confused", because Carrie's not in it.

Surprisingly popular youtube niche: videos of hikers.

 You're most likely to shop at Ikea when you're 24, according to a new study . . . and you outgrow it at 34.  And you're most likely to go to Home Depot when you're 48 and Lowe's when you're 54.


 9 am Headlines


The Golden Gate Bridge is finally installing a giant net to stop suicides.

A manager at a Walmart in Maryland was shot during a robbery five years ago.  But after a long investigation, the cops and FBI figured out he was in on the plan.  Now he and the guy who shot him have been indicted on several charges.