Headlines For Friday, May 19, 2017

The Rise Guys

May 19, 2017

6 am Headlines


Chris Cornell's death was ruled a suicide by hanging.  He was found on the floor of his hotel room with some kind of band around his neck on Thursday morning.  The band had just played Detroit the night before.

A Pizza Hut employee in Georgia got into an argument with a coworker on Tuesday over the sloppy way she was putting toppings on pizza . . . and eventually he pepper sprayed her.  The cops have put out a warrant for his arrest.

According to a new study, only 77% of women under 24 now shave their armpits.  Just four years ago, 95% of women shaved 'em.  And the percentage of women who shave their legs has dropped from 92% in 2013 to 85% now.


7 am Headlines


CHRIS CORNELL's death has made a lot of people realize something:  We need to protect EDDIE VEDDER at all costs . . . because he's THE BETTY WHITE OF GRUNGE!

A carriage driver was taken to the hospital after a person in an orange dinosaur costume spooked horses in Charleston, Thursday afternoon.


9 am Headlines


 This "Alien" prequel takes place a decade after "Prometheus".  The colony ship Covenant responds to a distress signal coming from a planet where they find the unstable Prometheus android David and an army of Xenomorph aliens.

 A woman in England was on vacation in Turkey a few years ago and fell in love with the hotel manager.  They got engaged, but she recently looked at TripAdvisor reviews of the hotel . . . and saw LOTS of other women talking about getting-it-on with him.

Steve Harvey divorced his second wife Mary back in 2005 . . . but now she's suing him for $60 million.  Her claims against him include child endangerment, torture, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and "SOUL MURDER."