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blanking blank blanker

This is not the usual blog you would expect from me but I feel pretty strongly about it.  With all the bad, evil things that have happened in this country over the past few years I feel it's very important to remember something.  The good far outweighs the bad.  It really does.  So while everyone is down in the dumps and gloomy - do the unexpected.  Something nice.  Everyday.  One thing per day.  I realize this might sound cornball or Fatboy would call me gay or a blanking blank blanker, but it works.  And I'm not talking about for your wife or your husband.  Sure they deserve something nice too, but I'm refering more to people who you think need it.  For instance on Monday I paid for the lady behind me's lunch at McDonald's.  I didn't get to see her reaction, but hell it had to be happy.  Probably mad her day.  Today I went to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy (diabetic meds nothing good) and I got to do it again.  The girl working the window accidentally dropped a dollar out of the window handing it to the person in front of me in line.  The wind was blowing hard and the dollar was gone.  When I got to the window she was looking for it outside the window and I told her it was only a dollar and it blew across the parking lot.  Almost like I was saying "it's only a dollar, no big deal!"  I didn't mean it that way but I feel like it may have come out that way.  She says it was gonna come out of her paycheck and looked like that $1 would really make a difference.  So I gave her a dollar out of my pocket and she looked like she was gonna cry.  She thanked me like I gave her $100.  It doesn't have to be about money either.  Tell the frumpy girl at work she looks pretty every once in a while or she looks like she lost a pound or 2.  One thing per day.  It will make their day and yours too. 
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12/18/2012 5:35PM
blanking blank blanker
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01/07/2013 12:40PM
Doing something nice for someone.
Everybody really nailed it with the toys for tots. In the spring everybody could have Rise Guys yard sale. You could donate the money to the abused woman and children. Thanks for making peoples days. It sure does matter!
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