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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

blame the media

Like a lot of you I'm really saddened by what happened in Aurora at the Dark Knight premiere.  I wish these pricks who want to die and leave their mark by murdering innocent people would just put a gun to their heads and end it all.  These scumbags are being romanced by the news.  The news.  The national, our locals, everyone.  They start dissecting this guy's life, what makes him tick, who were his friends, what kind of music did he listen to?  Who gives a flying blank?  These people are then worshipped by other loners.  And look at all the people talking about this guy, he's trending on Twitter - I could get that too!  And the women, they will write him in prison, ask for his hand in marriage, send naked pictures.  Seems even more attractive to these lowlifes.  "Women will wait to have sex with me now!"  So who do we blame?  Obama?  No.  Gun control?  No.  I say we blame the media.  Also Jeff Lewis Neal.


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07/23/2012 3:55PM
blame the media
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08/20/2012 11:53AM
Blank that blankers blankhole.
The media is the cause of half of every incident that ever happens. People are idiots and want to be on the news for anything. If we dont talk about it noone would do that stupid stuff. Blank him in his blankhole. P1 Zombie Killer
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