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The Other 23


So I'm now about 2 weeks into my own personal work out challenge with High Performance Gym, and I'm getting into the groove of the workouts.  Honestly I knew learning to eat right would be the tough part of this challenge, because I love eating the typical American diet:  pizza, burgers, fried chicken, etc.  I've been doing it for 29 years. 

Eating "paleo" is really where it's at.

As explained to me by Clay, "early man didn't always have access to big meals and an animal protein source.  Caveman didn't exactly bag a deer every day.  They forraged, eating small quantities of nutrient rich food constantly.  Walking down the trail, see some berries or nuts, eating them always to stave off hunger".  The science behind that is eating large meals spikes your blood sugar and your body says "something's wrong, I'm not constantly getting food, gotta store up some fat for later".  So we're essentially eating to get fat.  Eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours keeps our blood sugar and metabolism running at more of a straight line than a McDonald's arch.

That's where my focus has been lately.  I have to overcome my food addictions and train myself to eat more like a cave man.  I got this!  Besdies, once you get used to cooking quality meals for yourself, the food you get out doesn't taste nearly as good.  Getting in a hard workout is great, but it's what you do to and put in your body the other 23 hours a day that really make the difference!

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11/11/2013 3:26PM
The Other 23
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11/13/2013 4:38PM
the only easy day was yesterday
Excellent work my friend. You are getting through this trial period both with diet and exercise. Next week we ramp it up ever so slightly. Stay motivated and stay disciplined. One meal at a time and besides, you already lost 3 lbs!! That tells me your body WANTS to change. You're doing great.
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